Kendall and Logan; Age: 6

"Mommy are we going to hockey practice today?'' Little Kendall asked.

"Not today sweetie. The blizzard outside blocked off the road.''Mama Knight sadly explained. Kendall frowned, upset that he wouldn't get to see his friends for a whole day. Well he probably wouldn't have seen James anyway since he was at his dad's house for the weekend and Carlos, who was staying with his grandparents. But there was still Logan. The two had become very close over the coarse fo the year. He came over to the Knights house almost everyweekend, mostly because his father worked late and his mother passed away a year ago from Lukemia.

Jenniffer absolutly loved Logan and felt sympathy for the young child. Lately when she would drop Logan off at his house his father reacked of alchohal and Logan seemed to be keeping something from them, but Jennifer never pushed the chiled to tell her and always welcomed him to their humble aboad.

Kendall walked over to the window, watching as tons of snow fell from the darkened sky. "Stupid weather.'' Kendall mumbled as he climbed up the window. Suddenly a shrill cry rang through the small home. Mama Knight immediately headed up the stairs to the new baby's room. Kendall's sister Katie had just been born about two months ago. And while yes he loved her with all his heart, he hated the crying.

Kendall huffed again and continued to watch the snow as his eyes scanned the small area outside. Suddenly something caught the blonde's attention. Something was moving toward his home. It was smaller than an adult, but bigger than any animal that lived in his small hometown. As this person got closer they became more clear. Kendall gasped when he realized who that person Kendall jumped off the window seat an ran to the front door, yanking it wide open.

"Logie?'' Kendall asked as he snagged Logan's arm and brought him into a tight hug.

"Logie what are you doing?'' The blonde stared down at his shorter friend. concerned that Logan was out in the cold all by himself. Logan looked up at Kendall worried eyes and blushed. Now that he thought about it, the idea seemed silly.

"K-kenny, I um I d-don't feel to good.'' Logan squeaked.

"Where's your dad?'' Kendall questioned the now shivering boy.

"H-He had a lotta w-work to do.'' Logan replied shyly. Kendall nodded his head and studied his best friend. His cheeks and nose were a bright red, his hair was tossled and uncombed like he had just gotten out of bed, and he had a lot of red dots across his fare skin. Kendall gently helped Logan to the couch and wrapped him in his favorite blanket.

"Hold on I'll be right back.'' Kendall quickly ran up the stairs and into Kaite's room where his mother had put Kendall back to bed. She looked down at her son with confussion. Kendall gestured for her to follow. Jenniffer complied and followed him down the stairs. As soon as her eyes landed on the bundle wrapped up on the couch, she went straight into mama Knight mode and rushed over to Logan kneeling beside him.

"Logan, sweetheart what's wrong?'' She asked in a calm voice. Instantly Logan's face turned red again as he spoke quietly.

"I d-don't fe-el to good and m-my daddy i-isn't home a-and I'm r-really itchy.'' Logan whispered, shoving his head under the blanket to hide how ashamed and embarrised he felt. Mama Knight smiled warmly and lifted the blanket from his face.

"Don't worry about it sweetie, I think you have the chicken pox. Let me go get some medicine and a thermometer so I can check your fever.'' Jenniffer stood up and left the two boy to find the things she needed.

Once mama Knight had dissapeard from the room Kendall climbed up the couch and sat near his friend. Logan looked over at Kendall, fear evident in his eyes. Kendall frowned wondering why he looked so scared.

"What are chicken pox.'' Logan's small voice asked.

"Well, they're these small dots on your skin and they make you itch a lot.'' Kendall tried to explain.

"A-am I gonna d-die Kenny?'' Logan tightened his grip on his blanket. His body began to shake more.

"No no, I've got them before and My mommy made me feel all better and I know she can help you too.'' Kendall replied, hugging Logan close to his body. Logan buried his head in Kendall's chest and relaxed when he felt the rise and fall of his chest.

Finally after a few minutes mama Knight returned to the two with some Kalimine lotion and a thermometer then began instuctions.

"Alright Logan I'm gonna put some of this Logan on your skin so it will stop itching and take your temperature.'' explained gently. ''Kendall Go upstairs and get some long sleeved pajamas and bring them to me.'' She instucted. Kendall dashed up the stairs to retrieve the requested items while Jenneffer helped Logan out of his clothes than rubbed the lotion over Logan's body.

"Here mama.'' Kendall handed the clothes to the red head and helped Logan into them, chuckling seeing the pj's stretch far beyond Logan's arms and legs. Mama Knight carefully picked up the small boy and carried him to Kendall's room.

"He can sleep in my bed mommy.'' Kendall said, bouncing up and down. Jenniffer smiled down at her son's generousity. She placed Logan in Kendall's bed and tucked him in. Then made a small palet on the floor for Kendall. The blonde looked up logan one more time before he to fell into his own dreamland

Kendall awoke suddenly out of a light sleep and looked around the room to find what had awoken him. Even in the dark he make out something squrming around in his bed. Kendall quickly got up and walked the short distance to his bed. His little heart broke when he heard painful whimperes escaping little Logan's mouth.

"Logie?'' Kendall whispered. Logan continued whimper and moan.

"Logie wake up.'' Kendall began shaking his shoulder.

"'m s-sorry. I-I'll b-be good.'' Logan cried. Tears streamed down his face as he whimpered again. Kendall couldn't take this much longer.

"Logie it's just a dream. It's me, Kendall I'm right here.'' Kendall said gently. Instantly Logan's eyes shot open. His breathing was quick and shallow. More tears streamed down his face as he frantically reached for Kendall. The blonde jumped on the bed and wrapped his arms around Logan. The sick boy buried his head into Kendall's neck, seeking comfort. Logan sobbed more feeling worse from his horrible dream.

T-there g-gonna get m-me.'' Logan cried, shaking like a leaf in Kendall's arms.

"Who Logie, who's gonna get you?'' Kendall asked very concerned.

"Them. The m-m-mon-sters.'' Logan hiccuped and sputterd more, terrified to the core.

"Logie no one is gonna get me. Not with your Knight in shining armor.'' Logan relaxed a little and glanced up at his friend.''

"W-What do y-you mean?'' Logan croaked.

"I mean, my last name is Knight and my mommy always said that knights in shining armor would always protect the people they love and I love you don't I?'' Kendall asked.

"Y-Yeah.'' Logan replied.

"Right I love you as much as my mom and Kaite.'' Logan's eyes grew to saucers at hearing that. Kendall loved him that much.

"R-really.'' Logan asked finally calming down.

"Of course. now to protect you I will sleep up here tonight so no one can ever hurt my logie.'' Kendall explained as he and Logan slid under the covers.

"But won't your mommy be mad?'' Logan asked shyly.

"No, she loves you too much.'' Kendall replied. Logan croockedly smiled at him and rested his tired body in Kendall arms, letting his head rest on Kendall chest while Kendall ran his hand up and down Logan's back, just as he had felt his mom do when he was scared or sick.

"I love you my knight in shining armor.'' Logan whispered, feeling sleep take over his body once again.

"I love you too my Logie.''

The next morning When Kendall's mother when to check on Logan she was not at all surprised to find Logan practically on top of Kendall sleeping peacfully. She smiled and gently closed the door, deciding to wake them up later.

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