A Wonderful Life

Part 1

He awoke in the early day, the sun illuminating his room. He managed to sit up and place his feet firmly on the ground below. With a soft sigh, he rubbed the tip of his long, gray beard. He looked around and noticed the comfortable silence of the room. A smile managed to form as he remembered what today was; the wedding of his first-born daughter.

He assumed that his other half had already woken up hours ago and was already preparing for this afternoon, along with the bride. His hand moved from his beard and up his square face, where he gently rubbed the wrinkles that had snuck their way on to his complexion as the years went by.

He happened to hear a voice outside the door, her voice. The smile broadened when he overheard her talking to their daughters. "He's been in the middle of this wedding for six months now, I think he deserves to sleep in," his wife said. Then he heard their footsteps fade as they walked farther and farther from the room.

He got up slowly, with the help of the side table near him. A light grunt made his way out of his mouth as he stood as straight as his old bones could handle. He made his way to the bathroom. He headed toward the bathroom, making a small detour to his window to look at the beauty of outside. Yes, he agreed to himself, today is a great day for my daughter's wedding.

Looking away from the window and headed his way toward the bathroom, he wondered what he did in his life to have such a beautiful wife, beautiful children, a beautiful life.

"Tenzin," a voice rang from behind him. He turned to face her. "Come, it's time to go," she said softly, offering a hand. And without complaining, like his siblings did way too much, in his opinion, he accepted the hand and kept the speed of his mother, as she was leading him somewhere. It could be important, or it could be just home. Either way, he trusted that wherever they'd be going, she'd keep him safe

They walked for a while. The surroundings around them were full of earthbenders and buildings under construction, some buildings complete, he noticed, but some were just now being built. They walked to a small, earthy house. His eyes of wonder, suddenly turning into knowledge, because he knew of the place where he was being led to. Not really knowing why his mother was taking him there, but he knew the place.

His mother lightly knocked on the front door. A man he wasn't sure he knew opened the door and invited them inside. He seemed friendly, but he was tall and very built; maybe, he was starting to recall, he's seen him in the metal building. Tenzin listened as his mother spoke to him in her kindly matter. It was hard for him to follow their words, and frankly he didn't really care.

His eyes began to wonder the room. Everything was made out of earth; the tables, the furniture... everything. As he gazed at the room, he noticed a small cradle-like object in the corner. The curious mind of the one year old wanted to know more about the object, so, he let go of his mother's hand and walked to the object.

Of course, he couldn't see the object clearly, for he was too small. But he wanted to know more, so he got up on his toes to try to get a closer look. Suddenly, he was lifted off the ground higher and higher, until he came face to face with somebody. It was the lady with the weird eyes; he smiled at her as she smiled back.

"I see you're curious to see who's in this cradle," she said to him as he looked down to see a small baby with black hair and beautiful green eyes, "Lin, this is-"

"Tenzin," she whispered.

He opened his eyes, looking at the person, then closing them again. A moment past and he opened his eyes widely in in shock, "Lin!" He placed his sheets higher so she couldn't see his sleep wear. "What - why are you here... in my room, on Air Temple Island? You should be home sleeping!"

"I couldn't sleep," she frowned; which made him frown. It hadn't been the same for her and her mother since... the incident. Actually, Republic city hasn't been the same at all since the Agni Kai Triad attacked downtown six months ago. It seemed longer. So many lives lost that day, including Lin's father, who fought brave and hard for his city... his nation, like so many of them did.

"..Well.." He sighed, not knowing what to say. "What do you want me to do about it?"

"You promised me that you'd take me flying on Oogi."

"Now!" He said surprised. "It's in the middle of the night!"

"Don't be a baby, Tenzin," she replied, crossing her arms. "Are you really going to go by your parents' rules all your life?"

"I am since I'm ten," he told her, "And because it's night-time!" He closed his eyes and covered his face with his blanket to try and avoid her stare. But still, he could feel her eyes on him, even if his face was covered and his back toward her. He angrily removed his sheets and got out of his bed. "Fine!" He said, seeing in the corner of his eye Lin cheering with joy; which made him smile... mentally, not physically. Physically, he was mad about getting up in the darkness of the night, but mentally enjoying her presence and the scent that lingers when she's around.

She followed him as he snuck his way out of the boys dormitory and outside where the Sky Bison and lemurs slept. He gently woke his Sky Bison, Oogi.

"One block around the city, then I'm taking you home," he said sternly as he helped her on the bison. She nodded her head.

"Oogi, yip yip," and with that, they lifted up into the sky.

"Should we be worried about him going on midnight bison rides?" Katara asked her husband as they watched their son fly his Sky Bison to Republic City.

"No, he's just being a-"

"Friends don't let friends make stupid mistakes," Tenzin screamed.

"So now every decision I make about my life is stupid," she fired back.

"No... just this one," he explained angrily. "He isn't good for you." He paused for a moment, then continued more calmly. "What I'm trying to tell you, Lin.." He reached for her hand.

"Don't," she pulled away. "You have no authority in telling me who and who I shouldn't date, Tenzin."

"I know," he agreed, nodding his head. "I just want to protect you from the bad."

"You can't protect me from everything, Tenzin, even I know that," she told him warmly. "I know you're concerned with my options in life and the choices I choose... but-"

"It's your life, I know," he finished her explanation. "And I'll let you make you're own decisions... but just don't go out with him. Please."

"Why?" She asked curiously.

"Because..." He leaned in slowly and softly kissed her lips, something he's been wanting to do for a while now. The smoothness of her lips felt nice between his dry ones; he was so nervous and excited about where this would lead them...or where it won't lead them.

"..Tenzin.." she spoke softly as he broke the kiss, shocked from his actions, but also... happy. "..I had no... I mean, I thought about it, but I always thought we... we're two completely different people." Tenzin frowned. "And yet it feels so... so right," she smiled up at him, who had a returning smile, before he leaned back in to kiss her once more.