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I found a flashdrive in my room I lost two years ago and when I look at it I found something I had totally forgot about. THE NOTES TO FIVE CROSSOVER IDEAS I HAD IN HIGHSCHOOL! This was the first chapter to what would have been my first story, but I went so long without doing anything with it I forgot. Originally I planned to add this to the site on Halloween, but as it turns out I am running helping with a haunted house then.

Story Start. [Prolouge Chapter]

"Naruto... I love you." Naruto Uzumaki's mother Kushina Uzumaki said as she helped him defeat the Kyuubi to gain it's chakra. Unknown to either of them her being inside of him was awakening blood from the deepest depths of the Uzumaki Clan. A clan that was filled with Dhampire Ninja. The child of Vampire and Ninja.

"Mom, I love you too. Now lets do this!" Naruto yelled as he faced the Kyuubi once more. Only this time his body had undergone a change. His once blond hair had turned sparkling silver, and his blue eyes had taken on the appearance they did when he was under the influence of the Kyuubi's chakra. On the outside with his actual body the changes had happened as well, and Naruto could feel his strength increase to passed what he had in Sage Mode easily.

Naruto Uzumaki, had just become the first Vampire Ninja.

"Vampire! Heh, no matter! You will not defeat me Naruto!" The Kyuubi yelled as Naruto ignored the word Vampire. He had never heard of it before so he assumed that it was just another insult the Kyuubi was using against him.

"Naruto, lets do this!" Kushina said from deep within his soul as more chains came out the ground around them and wrapped around the Kyuubi, only for his to grab the chains and rip them apart. Naruto ran forward towards the Kyuubi and jumped up to deliver a powerful kick to the great beast. The result surprised Naruto when the Kyuubi was sent tumbling back from the raw power.

"Right Mom!" Naruto shouted as his eyes gained a light orange coating of eye liner around them and his red eyed turned orange with cross pupils. The strength Naruto felt in this new form was now TEN times the normal amount he got from Sage Mode. Naruto ran up and with one hand grabbed the Kyuubi by it's tail and started to swing the giant fox-like creature while slammin g it into the walls. Throwing the fox high up in the air while attaching his... Now even denser chakra to the Fox Beast's chakra he created a group of Shadow Clones that each held a Rasen-Shuriken in their hands. The amount of chakra control he now had since the change granted him near perect control over his monsterous reserves.

"Now Naruto!" Kushina yelled to him as the Naruto's all tossed the ultimate spinning balls of destruction at the fox before popping out of existance. While before the Fox may have survived with some of it's chakra left Naruto ripped over 99 percent of all the fox's chakra out of the great chakra beings body, making it take on a skin and bones appearance. Naruto let his New Sage Mode fade as the fox shaped chakra entity floated down to his level and traveled into his stomach. Once it was all absorbed his body was wreathed in a golden/orange flames while black swirl marks appeared on his shoulders and stomach and a magatama necklace pattern around his neck. Two horn-like hair protrutions came from his head as they mimiced the legendary Sage of Six Paths hair style.

The sketeal looked at the powerful form of Naruto and glared at him with what little stregth he had left.

"Naruto. YOU WILL NOT WIN!" The Kyuubi said as Naruto smiled gently, and showed some respect towards the Kyuubi.

"Even after all of this, you really are... an incredible fox." Naruto said as the even now powerful fox sent a large Bijuudama at him. Instead of stopping it and resealing the fox he decided to test his new strength by going back to his base form, with his now silver hair and red eyes gleaming with bloodlust he never knew he had. Cocking his fist back he gathered his dense power into his fist and punched the oncoming ball of death and sent it right back at the Kyuubi, who was to weak to dodge it.


The Kyuubi was stunned to see it was still alive as a red gateway landed on the Bijuudama and dispersed it. He saw the one that had saved him was Naruto with his hand on his stomach and rotating his hand.

"Naruto... Thank you!" The great Fox being said before he passed out and was surronded by red gates, sealing him once again as Naruto sent the fox a grin. Through that whole battle Naruto had learned something that could only be achieved by a person with no hatred for the one he was battling.

Naruto had learned the name of the Nine Tailed Fox... Kurama.

"Your welcome... Kurama." Naruto said as he turned around and saw the etheral form of his mother with a proud smile on her face. They shared one last hug as she started to disappear in glowing light.

"I love you so much, and thank you for being my son." The loving red head said as he gently cried onto the shoulder of her son, and before she disappeared to the afterlife she smiled at hearing his final words to her.

"Thank you for being my Mom." He whispered back as she finally vanished and tears rolled down his cheeks while smiling. Everything faded from view as he woke up in his meditating position to see a startled Yamato and Killer Bee, the Jinchuriki of the Hachibi.

"Naruto?" Yamato asked with an unsure look at seeing the new form Naruto was in, and the extremely powerful aura he was giving off set of alarms in his head. It was like being in the presence of a monster.

"Well would ya look at that, nine-o became a vampire brat." Killer Bee rapped badly after being informed of what Naruto was. Both Naruto and Yamato looked at the older dark skinned male with confused looks.

"Vampire? Kura... The Kyuubi said something like that when we were fighting. What is a vampire?" Naruto asked as Killer Bee shrugged, and both the other occupants of the room face-vaulted at his answer. Though Naruto felt something off about the scaled sword on Killer Bee's back. Even in his base form he was given the ability to sense negative emotions from being Kurama's Jinchuriki , so in a blur of speed he was behind the sword with his arm going through it.

"Gack! So you sensed me huh?" The person in the sword said before Naruto's new blood lust came into effect and he puched through the sword again, gaining surprised looks from those in the room and killing the man in the sword. Naruto paled slightly when he realized he had just taken a life, but soon got over it as he intsinctivaly licked the blood off of his hands and smiled at the pleasant taste of the metalic liquid.

"Naruto! What are you doing!?" Yamato yelled as he watched the Hero of the Leaf drinking the blood of his enemy. Naruto did not seem to hear him as he grabbed the sword off of Killer Bee and sank his larger new fangs into the blade and drank from both the sword and the person in the sword. Once Naruto had completely drained the being in the sword his hungry eyes turned to Yamato and Killer Bee. His desire for blood had increased from the first delicious tatse,a dn he would not be sated by just one victim. Yamato saw this and was about to attack Naruto before chains came from the ground around the silver haired teen, and a man with a white coat appeared from a black portal in the floor. The man seemed to be muttering to himself.

"When I had come here I had thought someone had managed to awaken Alucard, but imagine my surprise when I see a newly awakened Vampire. One with more power than even Alucard in his prime. Interesting." The man said as glowing eyes peaked out from under his hood. The sealing chains around Naruto had the calming effect as the boy lay motionless on the ground. The man was about to kneel down and pick Naruto up before the two shinobi in the room blurred in front of the prone boy.

"State your business here!" Killer Bee yelled in a rare moment of seriousness that had the man chuckling.

"I had sensed a powerful Vampire awakening and had come to check this out. You should really be more thankful to your savior since if I had not calmed that boy he would have gone on a feeding rampage that would have destroyed his whole country in his hunger... Or at least every person on this island." The man said while Yamato looked at Naruto in shock. The situation had just gotten more complicated than they had known.

"Who are you, and what is a Vampire?" Yamato questioned as he placed his hands in the snake seal and gathered his chakra in case this man was lying.

"My name is Mikogami, and a Vampire is a S-Class monster of high nobility and near unrivaled power reserves and physical strength. They feed off of the blood of any creature that is unlucky enbough to get in their way, and are the most battle loving species of monster in the world. The fact this one was a ninja before being a Vampire would put him in a class all his own. I was lucky to catch him while his body is still getting used to the new blood in him. Vampire's love drinking blood of human the most you know." The man said with a creepy tone, why Yamato grimaced at what the villagers would think about Naruto now that he was not human anymore.

"Why have we never heard of you before, fool ya fool?" Killer Bee asked while Mikogami chuckled his strange chuckle. This was the fun part of the explanation.

"Because, I exist beyond the border of the barrier of the Shinobi Country that seperates you all from the normal human dimension. Humans and Monster have been natural enemies for thousands of years, and like witches, Shinobi are considered border beings by many races. The young Vampire..." Mikogami started before Yamato interupted him with a dark tone.

"Naruto, his name is Naruto. Call him by his name." Yamato stated darkly since for most of his life Naruto was never called by his name. Even now he was only refered to as Hero of the Leaf and not by Naruto.

"Naruto here, is from a clan of being that have mated with Vampires to produce Dhampires I think. In most cases his blood would remain dormant, or he would turn Dhampire. Him turning into Vampire was a one in ten thousands chance. Interesting." Mikogami said as he teleported behind the men and over Naruto's body. "I apoligoze, but he is far to interesting to not have as part of my school." Mikogami stated as he placed a hand on Naruto's head and they both teleported away from the horrified ninja.

'... I am so dead.' Yamato thought with a grimance at what Kakashi would do to him over losing his favorite student. If Tsunade woke up soon he was even more dead, if that was possible.

[With Naruto - Next Day]

Naruto's eye's fluttered open as he woke up in a room he did not recognize, and he saw a letter next to his head. With his name on it, but he could also feel a weird weight on his chest. Looking down he saw a silver cross with a red gem that looked similar to the Kyuubi's eye on it, it was connected to a chain that went up to his neck. [Same as Moka, but no pearls on it. Just chocker and Rosary]

'Well this is weird. My mouth feels so dry for some reason. Maybe the letter will tell what was wrong.' Naruto thought as he grabbed the letter and opened it, to see what he thought was Kakashi's handwriting. He did not know that someone had gone in his head and looked at his memories to fool him.

Dear Naruto,

Sorry about the short notice info, but for the next four years you are being assigned a solo S-Rank mission to attend a School known as Yokai Academy. I am so sorry for not telling you this, but you are what is known as a vampire. A blood drinking type of powerful monster that is known for being savages in battle. As bad as it is to say, you are a danger to the village at the moment, and this school will help you control your new blood. I don't like doing this to you, and as soon as you finish school you can come back to the village.

As a Vampire you WILL have to drink blood in order to survive, but thankfully the very generous Chairman of the school has sealed off most of your new powers until you learn to fully control it. That Cross on you will hold back your blood until you remove it, but please only do so under when you feel the need to. I expect great things from you as a student of this school!

Be careful though, your new super strength can not be fully sealed off so learn to control how hard you do things.

From Kakashi Katake

P.S. Stay away from Silver Crosses and Water, since they will hurt or kill you if you are exposed to them long enough. Also, Sakura sayd not to be a block head.

Naruto grimanced at the letter, and if he had read it closely enough he would have realized that it was a fake. To bad for him was not the sharpest tool in the shed, and he did not realize that this letter was not from Kakashi so he just believed that he was assigned a new mission.

"So this is what Kurama meant by Vampire. As much as the thought of going to... school annoys me I guess I have to learn to control myself before i can be a ninja again." Naruto said as he stood up and looked into the mirror in the room. Because of the seal most of his features had turned back to normal, but his fangs were still much larger than normal. Not as long as in his full Vampire form, but longer than when he was human. His clothes now consisted of a plan white button up shirt, and green pants. On the floor he could see a gree jacket, and he shook his head. He was not going to wear that.

"Drinking blood though... actually sounds delicious right now." Naruto thought with a lick of his lips. He could faintly remember drinking blood that had tasted like Sushi before, but the memory was hazy. There was a calender in the room and he could see that tomorrow would be the first day of school, sonce it was actually marked on the calender. This actually just further proved the theory that Kakashi had been the one to send the letter.

At the thought of drinking blood his eyes turned into their Vampire form, while his hair stayed blond since the Rosary blocked most of his power. To bad for him it also sealed him off from 95 percent of his chakra. He was currently at the same level of strength when he fought Nagato, and he could not use Kurama's chakra period it seemed. That limited him to Shadow Clones, Rasengan, and Sage Mode... Plus his already super increased strength.

"I wonder if there are strong people to fight here?" Naruto asked himself as a new trait he got from awakening his blood came to the surface.

Look out Yokai Academy... Here come the first Vampire Ninja... Naruto Uzumaki.

Chapter End.

This was suppose to be my first story, so how do you guys like it. I had to change some parts of it to fit the newer info of both stories. Yes, Naruto is a Vampire, and most of his power and Kurama's power is sealed off from him. He can remove the Rosary any time he wants to if a condition is met, but he will feel blood lust when he dies until he learns to control it... or meets another Vampire that can help him. *Hint*

Sealed Naruto = Unsealed Moka for those that are wondering.

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