It was noisy. So noisy that Helga could every so slowly feel a headache coming on. She tried to read her English Literature text-book for the tenth time but finally gave up. Note to self, she thought,Never try to study in the cafeteria during lunch... Sighing, she collected her things and decided to hunt for a new place to study.

It was early September and Helga had just started her first year at Hillwood University. It was located just near the edge of the city and somehow she had convinced, or more like tricked, Bob and Miriam to pay the extra money to allow her to live in the dorms on Campus. It wasn't easy but she was glad that she managed to get what she wanted. Even though it had only been a week since she came here, she already felt more relaxed. In addition to that, there was almost no one there that knew who she was, so she could let loose and not worry about the reputation she built up for the majority of her life. But she wasn't entirely out of the woods yet...

Walking a little longer, she discovered a small coffee-house nestled in between two of the campus buildings called "Lazy Java Beats". Looking through the window, she saw that it was nearly deserted. That ought to do the trick! Smiling ever so slightly, in she went and bought herself a cappuccino before plopping down on a red cushy sofa. Upon further inspection, she noticed that there was a poster on the community board that advertised in big bold letters: "SMOOTH POETRY NIGHT! Every Thursday at 9pm until Midnight. Supporting the local artists!" Helga just stared at it blankly the said cheerfully to herself: "Well I guess I just found my hangout place!" Then she finally began to study and make plans for Thursday, only two nights away.


Wednesdays were great. Helga had no classes so she could do whatever she so desired. But it was no surprise to her that she found herself at the coffee-house again. It almost reminded her of the little stage at PS 118 were everyone hung out and performed. She almost missed those days and, staring at the ceiling from the couch, started remembering how the gang started to change and grow up.

Harold changed the most. He stopped being a crybaby and actually went on a diet. He lost weight so fast that people almost didn't recognize him. Rhonda, still the most popular girl in the class (according to herself), was the first to notice though and they got together much to Curly's displeasure. But he still tries to win her attention. How that was working, Helga honestly didn't know.

Sid and Stinky are still best buddies, though they developed a bit of a wild streak. Sid somehow managed to get a motorcycle and Stinky a Jeep. They frequent the nightclubs now and try to get the girls. And Brainy actually got a part-time DJ-ing job for most places as well.

Lila started becoming less and less "perfect". She somehow got tied up in the wrong kind of crowd. Started dated Arnie actually and thank god for that. Arnie stopped bothering Helga at that point and Lila was now out-of-the-way.

Phoebe, her best friend, stayed mostly the same. Always the smart one and still kept her nose in a book at most times. She did however start dating Gerald near the beginning of senior year in High school. At that point everyone saw it coming. With the way they were always looking at each other, it was no wonder. Gerald did change some. With his skill for telling the neighborhood lore, he started writing and Helga actually ended up working with him for the school newspaper. Sadly for everyone else with the paper, there was never a single day when all hell didn't break loose. Though at that point, Helga couldn't call him "Tall-hair boy" anymore because he finally decided to trim it up a bit. Though she did still call him that, just to push his buttons.

Everyone else kind of scattered and did their own thing after that. High school tends to do that to people and it only gets worse as you get older.

As for Arnold though...Well, she hasn't seen him since they saved his parents in San Lorenzo. He decided to stay with them but he promised to write to everyone while he was gone. So there was this whole mess of getting everyone's addresses and numbers and such. Helga, however, didn't give hers. She was too heart broken to care anymore and decided that the moment the got back into Hillwood, she would lock away all feelings that she every had for him. It was dreadfully hard, but she somehow managed to do it after a year. She tried dating on and off but it never felt right to her. Anyway, now and then at high school she would hear some of the old gang talking about him from letters they got. But she never stayed around long enough to listen. If she did, everything would come bubbling up to the surface and she would break down into a sobbing mess. Her thoughts were interrupted suddenly with someone saying: "You've got to be kidding me! Helga Pataki?!

"That's my name and don't wear it out." She calmly said before turning her head toward the voice. She blinked a few times and stared at the person before exclaiming: "Gerald?!" She sat up with a start. "What are you doing here, tall hair boy?"

"Don't start Pataki", he said annoyed, "and not that it matters to you, but I'm a regular here." He left her briefly to grab a latte then plopped down in the chair across from her. Somehow they managed to learn to get along for the most part during the time they spent working on the school paper. "So what are you doing here?"

Helga quietly stared at him for a moment before thinking: What the hell. I am in university now. I have no reason to keep my walls up anymore...at least not all of them. "Found the joint yesterday, Geraldo, and I liked it. Besides, I am planning on participating in the poetry night tomorrow. It looks interesting."

"Mmm Mmm Mmm! Really...you doing poetry?" He didn't look convinced. "No offense, but you don't strike me as the type to write poetry." He took a swig from his drink then looked at her again. "So are you studying here or something? And why the hell are you being so nice all of a sudden?"

"There is a lot about me that you don't know, Gerald. And yeah, English Lit." She turned her face to look back at the ceiling. "As for my being nice, would you rather me go back to threatening you on a daily basis about punching your lights out?"

"No!" He said a little too quickly.

"Well there you go, Geraldo. Besides, people can change." She looked at him again and asked, "So how's it going between you and Phoebe?"

He chuckled. "No one changes that quickly, Pataki. And Phoebe and I are doing great. She misses you by the way. You really need to call her sometime."

"I wouldn't want to bother her. She is so busy with med school that I would be a distraction", Helga said simply.

"Either way", he said, "you should still call her. By the way, did you hear the news? I just got a letter from Ar-..." Helga stopped listening at that point because suddenly what Gerald echoed in her mind. "Nobody changes that fast..." And then she felt it. Inspiration. She shot to her feet, startling Gerald and started gathering her stuff.

"Sorry Tall Hair boy but I got to go", she exclaimed quickly.

"And why is that exactly?" he asked.

"Because I know what I am going to write for tomorrow!" She bolted to the door.

"But what about Arnold?!" He tried to say but the door slammed shut and she was already gone. He stared after her for a few minutes then said: "Mmm Mmm Mmm! That girl has some major problems..."

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