Roy and FemED Fanfic

Summary: Ed was returned from the other side of the gate, but it came with a price. His gender was changed into a female. Al was in shock, but he easily accepted his 'sister'. Winry was extremely pleased that she had another girl to talk to. When he returns to Central, and sees Roy and the others.

Roy and Ed are now married, what will happen during their marriage?

Chapter 1

Edward Elric-Mustang sighed as she cleaned the house (Yes I am referring Ed as a she^^). She smiled as she remembered when Roy and her had gotten married, and sometimes can't even believe that he was changed into a girl.

Ed stopped when she heard the door open.

'' Ed! I'm home!'' Roy's voice sounded through the house.

She smiled.

'' I'm in the kitchen!'' She shouted back.

Roy walked in and embraced his wife from behind. He leaned down and kissed the back of Ed's neck.

'' How was your day?'' Ed asked, not turning around.

'' Same as every day, paperwork, lunch break, then more paperwork.'' He answered, his tone telling Ed that it was very boring.

Ed smiled and shook her head.

'' Let me guess, Hawkeye forced you to do ALL the paperwork at gunpoint.''

Roy rose a dark eyebrow.

'' Yes.''

'' Well, you are Furhur, you have to do your work.''

Roy sighed and held his wife.

'' I know..shorty.''

She turned and glared at him.

'' You really want to piss me off right now?'' She growled at him.

'' No, not really.''

She turns back to the stove.

'' Hmph, cocky bastard.''

Roy smirked.

'' Isn't that why you love me?''

Ed rolled her eyes.

'' Well, I guess that means I don't love you when it comes to when were in bed.'' She retorted in a teasing voice.

Roy remained silent for a moment.

'' Ed, weren't you supposed to go to the doctor's today?''

Ed sighed.

She has been throwing up for the past three weeks.

'' Yes, Roy, I did. He said he will call tonight when the results come in.''

He rested his chin on her shoulder.

'' Hopefully he will call soon. I'm really worried about you.''

Ed couldn't help but smile at her husband's concern.

'' Don't worry so much. You'll get grey hairs if you keep that up.''

Roy rolled his onyx eyes.