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(Author Notes) I really enjoy crossovers. Sadly there are not very many of them, and much much fewer good ones. To me a good crossover can be the most entertaining of fanfiction. However, the author needs to be skilled enough to combine two worlds that can mesh well together, and do it in a way that stays true to all the characters and balances plot. An author can of course make small changes but too much too fast can disorient a reader and cause them to lose interest. I speak from experience from being disappointed after a good story shoots itself in the literary foot. That is one of my main goals to avoid with this story. So anyway please enjoy my work.


It had been a month, a month since he had woken up and found himself lost: with no idea where he was and barely recalling who he was. His name was Naruto Uzumaki he was sure of that, but after that things got hazy. He was 16 years old, or was it 15 after all he couldn't remember his birthday; but 16 years of life seemed so short when he felt like there were experiences at the edge of his memory that would indicate him being much older. He was pretty sure he was some kind of warrior; he had no problem remembering fighting styles and militaristic training that seemed second nature to him, he just couldn't remember where he learned it. He had friends, and a family he just could not remember their names or faces. He couldn't even remember what he was doing a month ago, but felt that it had been something important.

Now however, he was in a place that did not even feel familiar. He had learned that he was in a city called Tokyo, in the country of Japan. But almost everything about this place seemed foreign. The landscape wasn't familiar, the buildings were unlike anything he could recall, the cloths, the technology, such as the things he had learned called cars were odd. The entire city smelled wrong, the air was foul and even the people smelled odd. It was like a ghost of a memory, he just felt that he did not belong with the people here.

He had spent the month gathering information and trying his best to blend in. It really did not help that when he had first awoken he was naked and his entire body felt sore and funny, his body still felt odd but he could not really say why. He luckily was able to stay unnoticed until he had stolen some clothing; after that some fast fingers as well as some orchestrated luck had earned him some of this nations money. With the money acquired finding food wasn't a problem afterward. Thankfully Tokyo did have ramen he would never forget about that, if anything it tasted even better than he remembered. Much of the local food was very common to what he recalled and the language was similar despite that much of the jargon was different.

He'd been sleeping in parks when the weather was nice and if it was rainy then he would find a love hotel. The love hotels were the only hotels that did not require identification so it was the only place he could stay: even if it was embarrassing and a bit disturbing when he heard the other residents.

His lack of memory and identification did cause quite a few problems, like when the local law enforcement tried to get him after he had violated something called a curfew.

(Flash Back)

Naruto wasn't entirely sure why he was running; he didn't do anything, heck the officers might even be able to help him. Sure he didn't have any ID like the officer had asked for and he did not want to answer questions that he really did not have answers for. However, It just felt like running from authorities was something he did

A flash of memories caused him to stumble, as he got an image of himself running from men with odd masks on.

"STOP RUNNING YOU BRAT!" Yelled one officer closely being followed by his partner.

Naruto regained his footing as he picked up the pace, steadily putting distance between himself and the officers. "Oh yeah that defiantly feels familiar." Thought Naruto.

Darting into an alleyway Naruto zipped around obstacles hoping to shake off his pursuers.

"Right, left, right. DEAD END!?" Naruto thought incredulously. "Who makes a stupid alley like this."

Looking around there was no easy escape, there was a door with no handle and windows that were closed and too high to reach. It looked grim as he could hear his pursuers noisily making their way towards him. He couldn't go back and he couldn't climb out.

Suddenly Naruto grabbed his head as a mans uninterested voice echoed in his head. "Climb a tree. There's just one rule, no hands. You will train until this becomes second nature."

In his mind's eye he could see a younger boy with black hair that was oddly styled to look like a duck's butt run up a tree only using his feet. More memories assaulted him, he could not remember the boy's name or his face but he knew him. Something about the shape of a fan on the back of the boy's shirt seemed important

"Uchiha?" Naruto thought; that seemed right for some reason.

Regardless Naruto knew what he must do. Sprinting towards the wall Naruto set his foot and began to run vertically up it. Yes! He remembered this. He used his body's internal energy to make himself faster and stronger, and let him do super special awesome things.

"Chakra, or was it Catra? Well whatever it's called, I'm flipping amazing!" He thought with glee.

Naruto made it to the top right as the officers rounded the corner.

"Where did that blond punk go?" One officer gasped. "He went this way right?"

"Yeah I thought so but now I don't know." The officer responded with a sigh oblivious as their target looking down own them with his hands on his hips. "Whatever I doubt he is worth our time, lets go get something to eat before everything closes."

Naruto looked triumphantly down at the officers as they turned and walked away without looking up. He might not know much about where he was, and he had no idea how he got here. He might only have a few clues about who he was but he knew he was a bad-ass, and that was a great place to start.

(Flashback End)

Naruto was currently on top a roof of a small building pondering what he was going to do with himself. He had gathered a good amount of money through a variety of means, now he just needed to know what to do with it. He needed some identification; If you wanted to do anything important in this nation it required several forms of identification, and the best he had was a library card.

He did not want to say hidden forever, and he needed more information. Naruto really did not know all that much about the world he was in; he might even have to go to school, he thought with a shudder.

Above all else he wanted to remember. His memories always seemed to be so close right at the edge of his mind, like if he concentrated long enough it would all come back. However, they never did, the small things he did recall were just flashes of images or things that did not make sense without the right context. Naruto sighed as he tried to remember his past while he pondered his future.

That's when he smelled it. carried on the wind was a different smell. He had never smelt anything similar since he got here and he couldn't place where he recalled it but something about it smelled familiar.

Naruto got off the roof, taking a seemingly death defying jump, the smell was coming from the nearby residential district. Keeping his nose up he steadily tracked the smell down, shifting though multiple smells to focus on his target Naruto's sharp-.

"Is that ramen?" Naruto's mind sidetracked after detecting the scent created by the food of the gods. "No Naruto bad, you can get food later concentrate."

It did not take long for Naruto to track down the scent. Under a street light, in a small parking lot attached to a little apartment building was a short school bus with a man leaning against it. The man was wearing a crisp uniform with a peaked cap that shadowed his eyes, and the smell was coming from him.

Naruto got down from the fence he had landed on and decided to walk down the block and pass by him to see if he could figure anything else with a closer look. Naruto could guess that he was the driver of that little bus but nothing else, he hoped getting closer would tell him more. He was just entering the small parking lot when he felt it, like a breeze on the hairs of his arm.

The Bus Driver had a strange energy coming from him, it reminded him of his own chakra but it wasn't exactly the same. Now that he was closer he could smell him more clearly, he did not smell like the other people in the city, but he couldn't say why but something about his scent smelled familiar.

Naruto was just about to pass by and think of something else when his plan was interrupted.

"Hey kid." The Bus Driver called out as he held up a large cigar. "You got a light?"

He did actually, something about having a quick way to create fire felt like something he should have so Naruto had bought a nice silver lighter. The spiky haired blond only paused for a second as he decided on what to do. Well he didn't have any new plan coming to mind and running could ruin any chance to get information.

"Yeah sure." Naruto replied, pulling his lighter out, preparing himself for anything.

The Bus Driver leaned down and took several puffs igniting his cigar on the open flame. "Thanks. So what's a kid like you doing out here? Shouldn't you be getting ready for bed or causing petty vandalism at a time like this?"

"Heh, who says I'm not on my way to do one of those two things right now?" Naruto quipped.

"Hmm I suppose that could be true." The Bus Driver said after taking a long puff on his cigar. "Why don't you stay a bit and keep me company, it's a bit dull here by myself."

"Well why are waiting here by yourself?" Naruto asked.

"I have a friend that went on an errand, he's too lazy to drive himself." The Bus Driver said without a trace of humor in his voice. "He said that he would only be a few minutes, that was an hour ago."

"An hour, aren't you concerned that he got lost or is in trouble?"

"Lost maybe, but I doubt he's in trouble; he can be a really scary guy." The Bus Driver stated. "Anyway he had to do something for our school."

"Oh yeah? You work at a school? That would explain this dinky little bus." Naruto said patting the small yellow bus.

"No need to disrespect the bus. Besides its a special school we don't need a big bus."

"Oh a special school. I think I heard a thing about short buses." Naruto said in an enlightened tone.

"Not that kind of special school." The Bus Driver said with a sigh. "Its a special place for kids your age, it can actually be a pretty scary place. What school do you go to? You look like you would be in your first year of high school."

"Yeah. He heh." Naruto laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "I'm not going to any school this year."

"Oh I see did you fail the entrance exams or something?"

"Yeah something like that." Naruto said not wanting to go into any details.

"Hmm, tell you what you seem like a good kid maybe I can pull some strings and get you into Yokai Academy."

"I don't know." Naruto replied. "I'm not sure I even want to got to school."

"Here take a look at this." The Bus Driver said as he pulled a package seemingly from out of nowhere. "Its not good for a youngster like you to not have a good education."

Before Naruto could even open the sizable package the Bus Driver spoke again. "Oh look there's my friend."

Naruto turned and saw what looked to be a priest in white striding towards them. He got the same feeling similar to chakra from him, but he got a much stronger feeling from him. He too smelled like something he should remember, different from the Bus Driver but similar none the less.

"Took you long enough." The Bus Driver said, as both of them got onto the bus. "I was just telling this youngster about Yokai Academy."

The priest stood on the stairs of the bus and said in a ghostly voice. "You should really come to Yokai, its a very good place to find answers."

Naruto knew there was a secret meaning to what he just said, and he was about to demand answers when the doors to the bus closed.

"Hey what did you mean by that?" Naruto called through the door.

"Come to Yokai I am sure you will find plenty of answers." Naruto heard through the door as the bus pulled away.

"Do you think he will come?" The Bus Driver asked. "It was fairly surprising that he showed at the bus after all the time you spent looking for him.

The Headmaster did not say anything as he looked out the front.

"Are you sure he was the one that caused the disturbance a month ago? Sure he seemed a little odd, but I though he felt like a human. Are you sure that you have the right guy?" The Bus Driver continued to ask. "You know you don't need to do that mysterious thing with me right, its kind of annoying?"

"I am sorry my friend, I can speak, I am just thinking." The Head Master finally answered. "I trust everything will go as I have predicted and I agree; he did feel human that is what makes him so fascinating. I am sure Yokai Academy is in for some interesting events soon.


(Author Notes) So I have had this idea jumbling around in my head for a while now. The Rosario+Vampire series and Naruto have the ability to go so well together and while I have seen a lot of good crossovers with the two of them I always see ways that authors can mix the worlds together in a better way. So I decided to at least start this story if for no other reason than to get it out of my head.