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Marry Me Harry.

Harry Potter, famous the world over, walked slowly in to his office. Taking a seat behind his desk he checked for any contracts that needed his attention. Finding nothing he began to peruse his parchment files.

One parchment in particular made his stomach twist slightly and a small lump formed in his throat. Today was not going to be a good day.

Harry cheered up when at five pm his best friend and co-owner of the chain of bookshops that were called Ron's Reading Rooms, walked into his office and asked if he was ready to go home. It was not often that Hermione finished work before him, when she did she always insisted on cooking their evening meal.

Harry enjoyed Hermione's cooking more than he did mother Weasley's and that was saying something. Hermione had been his best friend for ten years before he even found out she could cook. Then he only found out because she needed to find a place to live nearer to the office, and he lived alone in a huge mansion called Potter Hall.

He asked her to move in, pointing out that he would be happy with the company and that the house had a huge library and an unknown to him number of rooms, any of which she could choose.

It took Hermione just one week to make her decision and it was one week after she moved in that he first sampled her amazing abilities in the kitchen.

Now several years later he was again sitting in the living room and taking in the aroma's that were drifting in from the kitchen. Harry found himself thinking back to what had happened over the twelve years since leaving Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

The horcrux hunt to find and destroy pieces of the most evil wizard for centuries, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the golden trio, the three best friends, had completed the task against all the odds and they had done it in less than a year.

The final battle had taken place just three moths later. That was the day Ron had died, he had died saving his girlfriend and best friend from a killing curse. Neither Harry nor Hermione had seen it coming as they were fighting Voldemort at the time.

Hermione was heart broken when Ron died he had been her only boyfriend. Even to this day Ron remained the only boyfriend she ever had. It took a lot of time and patience and all the friendship and love he could muster to help her over her grief.

A year and a half later Harry had lost his wife Ginny, she had died in child birth as had the baby. Harry had been devastated; the one thing he had wanted from life was a family with Ginny. Hermione had been the one to help him to recover, that's when they had started the Bookshop, with Hermione's brain and Harry's finance they soon began to open more shops until they had a whole chain of them around the world.

With a sigh Harry put his memories to rest, reached over and picked up their copy of the daily paper. He usually read it over breakfast but had been running late all day so he had skipped breakfast.

Opening the paper to read he was confronted by a picture of a cute dark haired baby, on almost every page there were references to happy family life. With a tear in his eye Harry thought again about all he had been through to end the reign of terror and to make the world once more into a safe and happy place to bring up a family. After years of holding it in Harry's limit was finally reached and he began to weep, for as long as he could remember, years before he found out about the magical world Harry had wanted a happy family life now it was all gone, lost and beyond his reach.

He was unable to stop the flow of tears that fell down his face, even when he heard Hermione come into the room to see why he had not answered her call to dine.

Hermione knelt down and embraced him, he was her rock, he should not be the one suffering so much.

She begged him to tell her what was wrong, what was so very wrong that made the strongest man she knew cry so hard.

That night Harry let Hermione into secrets he had never before told, he finally told her of the beatings and humiliation he had suffered at the hands of his guardians for so many years, he told her of the starvation, how he stole food from gardens and shops to feed his empty stomach. He told her of his one desire, to have a happy family of his own. To have children running around making noise and having fun.

They dined an hour late that night, Hermione spent the evening sitting with Harry as he pulled himself back together.

Three days later Hermione called Harry in from the garden and asked him to join her in the living room.

He noticed straight away that she was nervous and she had a slight blush to her cheeks.

"Harry I have something to say, I want you to promise me you will not interrupt me for any reason whatsoever, do you promise".

Harry promised and sat back wondering where this was leading.

"I have been thinking about what you said the other night, in fact I have thought of little else since. I can give you a family; together we can create a happy family home full of happy children"

Hermione paused and Harry thought she had finished and so he spoke quietly.

"I'm sorry Hermione but I don't want to adopt, I wanted children of my own".

"Harry that's what I am talking about, we have been together since we were eleven years old, that's nearly seventeen years Harry, we know more about each other than most people who get married could dream of, we could have a family, I could have your babies if you want me"

Hermione sat down and waited while what she had said sank in.

Harry looked at his best friend and partner and for the first time since he was sixteen he looked at her as a woman, something he had not allowed himself to do since she started to date Ron.

She was about five foot six and she had a very nice curvaceous body, her breast were not large if anything they were slightly smaller than average but her narrow waist and perfect hips gave her a very appealing hour glass shape. He knew she was extremely good looking and amazingly clever and she was extremely sexy even though she did not know it. He decided that if he let himself go he could easily fall in love with her, he had just never allowed himself to think that way before.

Hermione shuffled in her seat, Harry's silence was beginning to unnerve her; she had spent the entire day building her self up to this proposal and now silence not a word. She was just about to run from the room when Harry spoke.

"Hermione since the day we met I never allowed my self to think of you as a woman, no I don't mean that the way it sounds, let me try again. I have been afraid to let my self think of you that way because I think if I did, I would fall in love with you. I always thought that simple friendship was what you wanted, if you want to become the mother of my children you will have to accept the fact that I may fall deeply in love with you, its not something I could do and keep my emotions under control"

Harry sat back in his chair and watched as Hermione stood and approached him.

"Harry I have loved you as a friend for all these years, but all this time there has been that little something extra, something more than friendship or sisterly love. I don't know what its called, It is not lustful like it was with Ron, its something that is constant unchanging deep and permanent, and I get jealous when other women look at you, I always have, I always will. So will you marry me Harry? will you give me your heart and soul? If your answer is yes then I will give you all the babies I can".

She sat down, then with a nervous giggle she said "besides I don't want to die a wrinkled old virgin".

Hermione held her breath as she watched him and waited for an answer.

"When would you like to become Mrs Potter, Hermione" Harry answered.