Day 1

If there's any chance that Riddle wasn't lying, and that I'm connected to him somehow the way that Voldemort was to the diary, or to Harry, I have to assume he might try to use that connection against me, just as Harry was manipulated in our fifth year. I need a plan. I was lucky last time. I can't count on that if he ever finds me again. I can't ever be in his power again. I can't... [illegible].

Brainstorm defences


-books: easy to get, possible I don't want people to know I'm depending on them, sneak out of library? persuade Harry he should keep up practice and offer to take notes?

-teacher: asking at Hogwarts is dangerous - what might they see? same danger for meeting someone at Hogsmeade (not to mention danger of leaving the castle), but without practice, how will I be sure I'm getting better?

Destroy Riddle

-strengthen Voldemort: if he survives six months... no, can't do this. Impractical and wrong

-delay Harry: for six months, try to prevent Harry from making any final moves against V. Ostensibly because cautious, skittish

-reinforce Azkaban: probably beyond my power, but any changes since Sirius?

-kill? hopefully not possible, given Azkaban

-Dementor's Kiss: is there any chance, if his soul is bound to mine, I could be reeled in after?

-DADA: including a better idea of what he might try

Early Warning

-Of Riddle's escape: Would Dumbledore hide this from me? Probably. And it is possible to escape from Azkaban. Could he use my happiness as a snorkel? So he could stay sane whenever the Dementors weren't next to him? Do the Dementors move in regular rhythms? I could notice if I felt ill/evil/tired at specific time each day

-Of possession: note sleep patterns and dreams. Try to stay in sight of others, unless doing private research, and then make it clear what time I am expected back. Track mood swings, esp anger at friends.

-Of attack: Don't leave Hogwarts. Could parents be hostages? Any way to get Dumbledore to protect? Does Chamber of Secrets tunnel emerge anywhere?

I can't really take any measure of my baseline mood/temperament so I can note possible Riddle-induced divergences. I'm obviously in shock today, so I don't know what good it does to notice that I'm frustrated, frightened, and angry. That last could be his feelings bleeding over, but it could also be entirely natural. I can watch for anomalous mood swings, like Harry used to have.

Riddle and I were brought back separately, but I think I could tell when he was woken up under guard. It was right near the end of my time in the Headmaster's office, and I'd been selectively honest. My wand was broken, so there was no question of what I cast and it was clear I'd been tortured. I blubbered a lot (that was easy) and made it sound much more like I'd just done what Ginny had, with the arrogant idea of getting useful information out of Riddle. I tried to imply that he must have done whatever was necessary to resurrect himself by possessing me, so I wouldn't know exactly what it was. I could honestly say he had Obliviated me, after all. Dumbledore charmed my arm so the Dark Mark would be invisible to everyone but Moody.

But, at the end of the interview, when Dumbledore looked at me sadly and said "Is there anything else, Miss Granger?" I didn't feel ashamed, I felt contempt. It was just like when Riddle used the connection to enable me to cast the Cruciatus curse. I felt myself being glad that Dumbledore is so indulgent about students deceiving him that he assumes he can just imply he knows and they'll believe him. But he certainly hasn't intuited all that was done. The weaker and sorrier I looked, the easier it was to fool him, and I felt pleased.

So that's one instance of Riddle's feelings contaminating my own. I mustn't feel bad when this happens. I can't stop it (yet). I just must be careful not to be caught and to build up my defences just as Harry didn't. Starting with Occlumency.