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Chapter 2: Spirits, Arguments and Suspicions

"After they left, I began to wonder about the creation of the Digital World. Which version came first? Is it ours? Or another one out there that we have no knowledge about? Or were they all created at the same time?"

~excerpt from The Complete History of the Digital World by Bokomon

"Thomas! Thomas!" a loud voice called, splitting his head in half. Thomas winced and opened his eyes to see Marcus standing over him.

"What's going on?" he muttered, standing up with the help of Marcus' outstretched hand.

"Don't quite know," the brunette responded. "Only thing I know for certain is that this is not the Digital World we are used to."

"How do you know that?" Thomas demanded sharply. His headache wasn't helping his mood at all.

"Look up," came Marcus' cryptic response.

Growling under his breath in irritation, Thomas looked into the night sky and saw and unfamiliar sight. There, in amongst the stars, as if it were the most natural thing, shone three moons: one blue, one red, and one yellow-green. Before Thomas could question his companion, a loud crash came from behind them. He whipped around and saw Agumon, Gaomon, some unfamiliar digimon and people running towards them. Hot on their heels was an enraged Cherrymon.

"Gaomon!" Thomas called, activating his DNA stream and holding his hand over his Digivice; headache forgotten in a rush of adrenaline.

"Sir, yes, sir!" his partner responded and quickly digivolved into Gaogamon.

Thomas ran towards the battling digimon; Marcus right behind him as soon as he had digivolved Agumon to GeoGreymon. They stopped beside the unknown humans and, Thomas suspected, their digimon partners. The Cherrymon proved to be no match for the two champion digimon and soon fell down. Thomas watched in curiosity as the Cherrymon didn't dissolve like usual. Instead it greyed out and changed into a shimmering blue and white stripped pattern that swirled around for a bit before disappearing into the ground; unraveling the digimon in the process.

"Are you guys ok?" He heard Marcus ask.

"We could have handled him if you hadn't butted in!" a white and purple cat digimon spat from its spot in the sole girl's arms.

"Gatomon!" the girl exclaimed scandalized. "They helped us out! You should be thanking them!"

The cat digimon, Gatomon, responded with a glare before hopping up on her partner's shoulder and turning her back.

"I'm terribly sorry about Gatomon's behavior," the girl said turning to face Thomas and Marcus. "She's usually not this nasty. I'm Kari by the way. As you probably guessed this is my partner, Gatomon. The blond boy over there is TK and his partner Patamon. Have you seen anyone else? We're looking for our brothers."

"We've only seen you four since entering the Digital World. Sorry," Thomas heard Marcus respond. He was still looking at the spot where the digimon had disappeared rather strangely. "I'm Marcus and this is my friend and partner Agumon. The antisocial guy is Thomas and his partner Gaomon is beside him."

"Tai, my brother, has an Agumon for a partner as well! However his doesn't have those red straps around his claws. One way to tell them apart, I suppose!" Kari remarked.

"Who are you?" Thomas addressed the last two strangers rather rudely. His headache had come back twice as bad it seemed.

"Name's Kazu. That's Guardromon, Kenta and his partner, MarineAngemon," the brunette responded quickly. "We're looking for our friends too. But I don't recognize this Digiworld. Ours doesn't have three moons."

"Now that you mention it, ours doesn't either," TK mused.

"And digimon have never done that after being beaten," Thomas murmured, still trying to wrap his aching head around what had happened.

A soft giggle drew their attention to a nearby tree. Thomas looked up and spied a figure sitting on a branch high up.

"Who are you?" Gatomon snarled, still acting very vicious. Her partner stared at her in shock and disbelief.

The figure jumped down and Thomas gasped as she floated down softly. As she neared the ground her descent stopped a few inches above the ground. The blond girl floated in front of them, smiling in amusement at their reactions. "I'm not trying to be rude or anything," Thomas started. "But what are you?"

The blonde's smile turned slightly sad before answering. "I am someone who once was," she replied cryptically.

"You mean you're a ghost?" Kenta exclaimed.

"In a way, yes," she responded softly. "I was once charged with protecting the Digiworld, however, my life ended in the human world without warning. I woke up here as a compilation of data. I am, in simplest terms, a soul connected to a group of data bits."

"Since this world is made out of data, shouldn't you be able to interact physically?" Kenta inquired softly.

"You would think that," she gave a slightly bitter smile. "My best guess is that since I don't have a physical body attached to my soul, I can't interact physically."

"That's kind of sad," Kari said.

"That's life for ya," she responded with a shrug. "Oh! Where are my manners? My name's Zoe, by the way. And welcome to the Digiworld that I was tasked with guarding. You're here to make sure that the Digital Universe and the Human Universe doesn't disappear for good."

A black haired figure leaned against a tree in the shadows. His eyes tracked a small group of six argue their way through the forest. A movement over his should had his tearing his eyes away to see what potential danger became attracted to their noise.

"They aren't a very cooperative group, are they?" a familiar voice chuckled and the alert teen relaxed a little. A younger boy drifted through the foliage to join him in the shadows

"What are you doing here Tommy?" he asked his visitor.

"Wanted to see how you were holding up Koichi," Tommy responded softly. "Since Koji is back in the Digiworld."

"I'm fine," Koichi snapped back, turning his attention back to the arguing group. "Speaking of Koji, why aren't you following him and Takuya?"

"They know their way around already," Tommy smiled. "Besides I think being back in the Digiworld will be enough of a mental strain for them today. No need for their dead friends to appear in front of them as well," Koichi snorted in response. "Anyways, what's up with your group?"

"The brunette with the Agumon for a partner, Tai, found everyone except Keenan, the black haired boy without glasses. Keenan is annoyed that everyone is following his orders without question and is questioning every suggestion that Tai makes."

"Shouldn't you step in now?" Tommy asked as they watched Keenan tackle Tai, transforming their argument into a fight.

"Unless a digimon comes that they are inadequately prepared for, I'll stick to the shadows," Koichi stated. "If the Digital Universe has any chance of survival, they'll need to learn how to take care of their disagreements themselves."


Keenan was furious and nothing Falcomon said could change it. It was fine with him that Tai had taken control of the group. But what he didn't like was how everyone followed the brunet without question. The glasses-wearing kid, Joe, his digimon partner, Gomamon, he could understand. Tai and Joe seemed to know each other already. But the other brunet, Takato, the two girls, Jeri and Suzie, and their partners, Guilmon, Leomon, and Lopmon, had just met Tai and seemed to trust his every judgment. Sure the guy was charismatic and had a way of alleviating people's fears – which he had done flawlessly when they first met and realized this wasn't the Digital World they knew – but Tai could not sense the dark aura coming from within the forest.

As Tai started to lead them even closer to the dark aura, Keenan finally snapped. "Don't you sense it?" he demanded sharply, causing everyone to stop and look at him.

"Sense what?" Tai asked, cocking his head in confusion.

"That aura that you are so conveniently leading us to!" Keenan's voice filled with fury.

"What aura?" Tai asked, his voice layered with what Keenan recognized as a slight mocking concern. "I don't sense anything? Are you sure you're sensing something?"

That last question ended the last shred of Keenan's patience. He launched himself at Tai and knocked him to the ground. The two quickly engaged in an all-out fight, causing their companions to step back and give them space. Keenan threw Tai off him and into a tree. The brunet got up slowly before murmuring his partner's name. Keenan barely had time to react before the Agumon swiped at the spot he was occupying. Without saying anything Falcomon launched himself at the other digimon and knocked Agumon back towards Tai.

Keenan activated his DNA and held it over his digivice. "Falcomon!" he cried and watched as his partner digivolved into Peckmon at the same time Agumon digivolved into Greymon. The two champion digimon clashed without any prompting form their respective partners. Greymon was by far bigger than Peckmon, but what Peckmon lacked in size he made up with in speed. For every one of Greymon's attacks, Keenan was proud to notice that Peckmon got in two or three. So involved with their battle they failed to notice a digimon approaching them. A large digimon landed in the middle of the clearing and knocked both sides against the trees lining the edge of the clearing.

"And here I was expecting a challenging enemy," the digimon spoke while the dust cloud from its impact started to settle. "But it seems the destined that were sent to save this world would rather fight like children. Well, that just makes my job easier. My Lord said to eliminate any children and without any of the Legendary Warriors with you this won't be enough to count as a warm up."

"Who are you? And who is you lord?" Keenan heard Takato demand as the dust cloud finally settled.

"Dynasmon," the digimon responded, spreading his purple wings. "And who I serve has nothing to do with eliminating a threat."

Keenan had managed to make his way over to the rest of the group and prepared to attack the digimon that he had once fought alongside of. Dynasmon started to glow. "Breath of Wyvern!" he roared and a gigantic wyvern headed towards them. Keenan squeezed his eyes shut and prepared for the impact.

"That was a close one," an unfamiliar voice remarked.

Keenan opened his eyes to see two people standing in front of them. He was about to demand who they were when he noticed a wall of ice and shadows erected between them and Dynasmon.

"Perhaps you should have acted quicker then," the younger of the two commented with a smile.

"You're supposed to be dead!" Dynasmon roared, breaking the wall with his fist.

"Sucks when your plans don't end like they should?" the younger boy grinned at Dynasmon.

"Well I'll just have to take you two out as well," Dynasmon growled, readying another attack.

"Do you really want to do that?" the older boy asked, his voice dangerously soft. Shadows were surrounding him and dark tendrils were curling away from his body. Shivers ran up Keenan's back as he stared at the newcomer. Whoever he was, Keenan decided right then that he never wanted to make this stranger mad.

"Fine," Dynasmon snapped as he rose a few feet in the air. "But don't expect this to be the last you'll see of me!"

"I'll make sure my brother knows of your appearance," he called out to Dynasmon's retreating figure.

"Haven't seen you use your element in a long time Koichi," the younger boy said as the shadows seemed to slip back into his body.

"Haven't needed to," the other boy, Koichi responded. "My name's Koichi, and this is Tommy. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"I'm tired," a young voice called from behind. "Can we stop now?"

Ryo turned to see Ai and Mako trailing far behind with Impmon in between them. Not very far in front of them was the brunette, Mimi, and the red-head, Izzy, whom he had met this morning. Leading the pack was the eldest of their group, Yoshi. She seemed to be a bit aggravated at Ai's request.

"Is she not used to dealing with children?" the person next to him asked.

He turned to look at the strangest, in his opinion, of their group: JP. He had introduced himself quite jollily and didn't seemed to be as surprised with how the Digiworld looked. His attitude towards the situation wasn't the only thing that rubbed Ryo the wrong way. His lack of a partner and how he dismissed having one so easily when he was asked and the way he moved had Ryo wanting to keep a close eye on the brunet. JP sometimes didn't seem to be all the way there at times. And Ryo wasn't talking mentally. There were times when Ryo turned his head to look at JP and could see the landscape behind him slightly. However, JP hadn't made any threatening actions, so Ryo decided to keep his observations to himself and just keep an eye on the partnerless member of their group.

"I'd say so," he responded to JP question, before turning his attention to Ai and Mako. "Come here you two."

The two siblings walked towards Ryo without another complaint. Ryo picked up Ai and set her on one of Cyberdramon's shoulders and Mako on the other.

"Both of you hold on tightly," Ryo instructed.

"What about me?" Impmon demanded.

"What about you?" Ryo smiled.

"Don't I get a ride?"

"You're a big, bad digimon. I think you'll survive some more walking."

"But I'm tired too," Mimi whined. "And hungry."

"We're nowhere near a place to rest," Yoshi sighed.

"If we keep heading that way we should reach a town," JP stated pointing slightly left of the way they had been going before they had stopped.

"How do you know that?" Palmon, Mimi's partner, asked wearily.

"There's train tracks over there," JP shrugged. "I figured they must eventually lead to a town of some sort."

"Prodigious!" Izzy exclaimed suddenly and all the group turned to look at him. "I've been trying to sync my computer with this Digital World and managed to get a kind of map. JP's right. If we head that way we should reach a town soon."

Yoshi nodded and headed off in front again. Ryo cast JP a quick look. It made sense that there would be a town along the train tracks, but he couldn't have known which way to go, unless it was just a lucky guess. "Are you tired JP?" Ryo asked suddenly.

JP looked at Ryo in surprise. "I suppose so," he mused. "But I'm used to walking around so probably not as much as other people. How about you?"

"A little," Ryo replied before turning his attention forward. It was true that JP wasn't obese, but he wasn't the fittest person he knew. Ryo shook his head slightly. JP hadn't given him any reason to dislike him to distrust him, yet he continued to do so. Ryo sighed softly and prayed that nothing bad was going to happen related to JP and his inability to say anything about his suspicions.

They soon reached a town filled with friendly digimon. Everyone was invited to eat and rest for the night. However Ryo noticed that the digimon paid close attention to JP. More so than the rest of them. JP also didn't seem to be eating much. Which was strange because JP seemed like someone who would decline food. However, Ryo soon forgot about his suspicions and enjoyed the yummy food and warm bed.


That night Ryo was woken by a huge boom. He looked around and noticed that everyone was still in the room except for JP. Concerned he tore out of the house and slid to a stop at the sight in front of them. JP stood in the middle of the town facing a huge pink digimon. Lightning struck the space between the two and the strange digimon backed up a step, however, JP seemed to be unconcerned with the close proximity of the lightning strike. Ryo was about to step forward and lend him a hand when the other digimon spoke.

"This is far from over," she growled. "You won't always be around to protect them." The pink digimon sprang into the clearing sky and was soon out of sight.

"JP are you alright?" Izzy asked stepping around Ryo.

"Yeah I am," JP responded with a grin. "I'm really grateful for whatever chased her off though."

"I wonder if it was the lightning?" Izzy guessed. "She sure jumped away from that strike. But why didn't you?"
"Lightning's just never scared me," JP shrugged. "It's always fascinated me."

Ryo didn't quite accept JP's answers but he let it slide. It wasn't that JP wasn't telling the truth. In fact, Ryo was sure that everything he said was the truth; just not the whole truth at times.

Matt groaned and sat up. Next to him lay Gabumon. He nudged his partner awake and noticed a crumpled Sora a few feet away. Once Gabumon opened his eyes, Matt went over to make sure Sora wasn't hurt from their unorthodox trip. He knelt down by her crumpled form and shook her shoulder.

"Matt?" she questioned once she opened her eyes. "What happened?"

"Don't know," Matt helped her to her feet. "I just woke up and you're the only one I've seen so far. Hopefully everyone else is doing alright."

"We should walk around and see if anyone is around," Biyomon said as she and Gabumon walked over to their partners.

"I hear some noise coming from over there," Gabumon pointed to a gap in the trees. "Sounds like a city would if we weren't in the Digital World."

"It can't hurt to check it out," Matt agreed.

He took the lead and stopped once they broke through the tree line. Below them stretched a town made out of metal. Out of a few building rose smoke and others fire. The city bustled with digimon going from one building to the next, or simply strolling down the streets.

"I don't think this is the Digiworld we know," Matt mumbled to himself.

"Hello!" a voice called out and the Digidestined of Friendship turned to see a black-haired boy and orange-haired girl running towards them. Each one of them had a digimon near them. Once they were within talking distance, they slowed down and the black-haired boy spoke.

"I'm guessing from your reactions you aren't familiar with this version of the Digital World either," he said sounding a little disappointed. "My name's Henry, and this is my partner Terriermon. That's Rika and her partner Renamon."

"I'm Matt. This Gabumon, Sora and Biyomon," Matt responded. "And what do you mean by this version."

"Well first off I've never seen you before in the Digital World I know. And second you wouldn't have stopped so suddenly once you saw the city if you had. Also, I've never seen anything like this at all in the Digital World," Henry explained.

"Stop being so friendly Henry!" the girl, Rika, snapped. "We don't even know if he's a friend or not!"

"They've got digimon partners Rika," Henry argued.

"And? That means next to nothing. Anyone could be traveling with digimon and not be partners."

"Rika –" Henry started but Matt cut him off.

"You're right. We could be enemies. But seeing that we're just as surprised about that city as you are I'd say the chances that we aren't enemies is pretty high," Matt smiled.

"Is that a train?" Sora spoke up, pointing.

"Looks like it," Rika said shortly.

"We should go check it out," Sora remarked heading down the hill towards the city without another word.

Matt headed after her. Not liking some of the looks and whispers that the digimon gave them as they passed. They reached where the train had pulled into the city fairly easily. Matt blinked in surprise as a teen stepped out of the car without batting an eye at the city. He, in fact, ignored looking around and turned his attention to the top of the train.

"Takuya," the long haired teen called out. "Say goodbye to the Trailmon so we can see if Bokomon is here still."

A muffled voice came from atop the engine and a brunet slip down the side of the train. "This place hasn't changed at all," the brunet – Takuya, Matt assumed – looked around.

"Who are you?" Matt looked over to see Henry's partner, Terriermon, hopping over to the strangers.

"I don't remember seeing a Terriermon in the Flame Terminal before," the other teen muttered, looking around and locking gazes with Matt. "Or other people for that matter."

"Oh lighten up Koji," Takuya said lacing his hands behind his head and walking towards them. "Name's Takuya and doom-and-gloom over there is Koji."

"I resent that remark," Koji groused as he approached.

"Then don't act like it," Takuya snapped back good-naturedly.

"So who are you?" Koji ignored his friend as looked right at Matt.

There was something in his gaze that made Matt want to step back a good five feet, so he introduced himself quickly. "I'm Matt. That's Gabumon, Sora and Biyomon, Henry and Terriermon, and Rika and Renamon."

Koji nodded in greeting. Matt noticed that Takuya had drifted off during the introductions and was studying something on the wall intently.

"Hey Koji, come look at this," he didn't pull his eyes off what he was studying.

"I see you've found the Warrior's Engravings," a digimon remarked as they went over to Takuya.

"Warrior's Engravings?" Matt questioned. "What's that?"

The digimon gave Matt a disapproving look before explaining. "Many years ago, our world was almost destroyed by an evil digimon. We were saved by a group of children wielding some of the Legendary Warrior's spirits. After this world was rebuilt, we noticed these markings. The digimon living here at that time asked around to see if any other places had these markings. So far these are the only markings in the entire Digital World. They make great tourist attractions when they glow. However, the only ones that have ever glowed were the markings for Fire, Light, Darkness, Wind, Thunder and Ice. The last time they glowed was about two years ago. The markings for Wind, Thunder, Ice and Darkness glowed brightly for a few days and haven't glowed since."

"Why only those markings?" Henry piped up.

"The stories say that those were the elements that the children wielded. However, no one knows for sure," the digimon replied before disappearing without another word.

"Two years ago, huh?" Takuya remarked, almost sadly.

Matt looked to see him tracing a mark softly. Koji standing behind him with an unreadable expression on his face. As his hand passed over one mark to trace another, the passed over mark suddenly began glowing red. Koji reached out to grab Takuya's hand and brushed another mark that suddenly glowed white. Matt noticed that both of them looked at the wall in shock before they were being pushed away from the wall by a horde of excited digimon.

"What was that?" Matt asked once they were away from the wall.

"Don't know," Koji responded with a shrug. "Takuya, you alright?"

The brunet was staring at his hand with wide eyes, before turning to meet Koji's gaze. "We need to go to Bokomon's house."

"Are you alright Takuya?" Koji asked in concern.

"You didn't…" Takuya trailed off.

"I didn't what?" Koji frowned.

"Nothing," Takuya said brushing past his friend. "We need to get to Bokomon's house fast."

"Is he ok?" Sore asked Koji as they headed after the slightly dazed teen.

Koji didn't respond at first but frowned at Takuya's back before sighing. "I suppose only time will tell if he is."

I just couldn't leave the Frontier characters that died out of my story. As such they are "ghosts" like how Zoe explained. If you're still confused as to why their presence is different that what happened to Koichi in the series I'll explain. Basically, in my mind, it's their bodies that made them physical. Koichi's mind was still connected to his body, since he was just knocked out/in a coma in the season. Here they don't have any body to make them physical. However, like JP demonstrated, they can appear solid. Zoe just seems more spirit-like since she holds the spirit of wind.

Hope every enjoyed the chapter! Hopefully my updates will come more frequently than they have been!

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