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"Oh crap!" Lucy screamed as a strange monster with green scales and black eyes ran after her. He stood a good twenty feet tall, and for some god awful reason, Lucy had taken this job on her own. She didn't tell Natsu, Gray or Ersa about it because she didn't think she needed them this time. However, it seems not all of this job was written in the papers. There was nothing about a murderous raging monster on the loose or she would have begged the others to come. Now she was running through the forest with trees crashing all around her.

"Man why did I need to take the higher paying job? I should have known there'd be a catch!" She cried as a tree nearly hit her from behind.

"Youch! way too close for comfort!" She ran even faster until she practically ran face first into a stone wall.

"Great! Just my luck!"

The monster was close and Lucy had no choice now but to summon someone. She'd need her strongest spirit for this one.

Yanking the key from its ring, Lucy twirled it with one hand and twisted it in the air, calling the words to summon Leo. A simmering shape appeared and solidified, until Loke stood in front of her. He flashed one of his dazzling smiles as he pushed up his glasses.

"Hey Lucy! How's it going?"

Lucy's eyes were wide with fright as she pointed at the monster ahead, "Let's make small talk later okay? I think right now we have a problem!"

Loke's eyes followed where she pointed and his eyes narrowed, "Yeah, I'd say that's a problem. Stay back Lucy!"

Lucy shrunk back into the stone wall and chuckled without humor, "Yeah, no problem!"

She closed her eyes, hoping her most trustworthy spirit would defeat the ugly creature. If not, she's in trouble!

A deafening roar echoed through the trees and Lucy cracked one eye open just as a large, clawed pay swatted at her, throwing her several feet with a few, deep cuts that would definitely need stitches.

"Lucy!" Loke cried as she lie there. She moaned in pain and ripped her shirt off, grateful she wore a tube top under it, and pressed it against the bleeding wounds. Loke's eyes burned in a deep determination as he saw her lying in a small but building puddle of blood. He attacked the creature with all his might until he finally knocked it unconscious. He didn't hesitate. He rushed over to the bleeding wizard and looked over the damage.

"Oh crap! We need to get you help!" He looked around and cursed under his breath, seeing nothing nearby. He scanned the area and his green eyes found a nearby cave. It'll have to do for now.

Loke returned his attention to his bleeding companion and spoke softly, "I'm going to pick you up now. Try to keep pressure on that."

"Yeah I'll keep that in mind thanks," She retorted sarcastically. Loke brushed off the comment as he gently lifted her up bridal style, cradling her against his strong chest. He pressed her against him harder than necessary in an attempt to keep the blood in, but all it seemed to do was soak in his shirt. Biting his lip in frustration, Loke rushed to the cave and ducked in. He gently lay the blonde on the soft ground, gathering some leaves to cushion her head.

"Thanks Loke," She whispered weakly with a soft smile that lit up her brown eyes. Loke took her shirt from her hands and quickly ripped it up s he could tie it tightly around her body. He even shed his own jacket to cover her, noting her obvious paleness. What more can he do?

A weak grasp on his forearm stopped him a moment as Lucy looked into his green eyes. She let the barest hint of a smile grace her lips as she looked at him in a way that said... goodbye.

"It's okay. You don't have to save me. This was my fault."

Loke felt a tightening in his chest that he'd never felt before. He grasped her shoulders tightly as tears threatened to show, "No Lucy! I must protect you with my life! You saved mine! I need you Lucy!"

Her eyes gleamed with unshed tears as she shook her head, "I saved your life because you didn't deserve to lose it. But you have to understand. You saved me too Loke." Her grip on his arm tightened, "You showed me that my broken heart that my Mom left can be fixed. Thank you." Her words were a whisper now as her eyes drifted shut. Pain crashed on Loke as he watched. He shook his head and screamed.

"No Lucy! Wake up!" He rested his forehead against hers as his tears finally fell, "I love you." It was a whisper, and he knew she didn't hear it, hell it might have simply been words out of desperation, but in the moment, it felt so... real.

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