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"Commander Irvin Smith and Lance Corporal Levi, it is within the interest of the inhabitants of Walls Rose and Sina, as well as for the good of all mankind, to conduct appropriate experimentation as to discover the regenerative extent to which your charge, Eren Jaeger, is capable. As such, the court orders, under the responsibility of the Scouting Legion, that such experimentation be implemented within the month and that results be presented to the court with haste. Do you understand and accept the terms of these orders?"

Irvin, stoic as always, appeared silent a moment, thinking the matter over as he would with any decision, no matter how small. A concern dawned on him.

"Your honor, our primary scientist who would usually oversee any experiments on our division's behalf is currently collecting important samples eighty kilometers northeast of our base. It would be impossible to reach her or expect her return by the end of the month."

The judge, already collecting his paperwork, responded with ease, "The experiment wouldn't require anyone special to be carried out. Inflict an injury, time how long it takes to heal, write it down. Simple. I leave the matter up to you to find someone suitable. Any further questions, Commander?"

"No, your honor."

"Alright. Court dismissed."

Irvin and Levi left the courts together as usual. It was nearing midday and the sky was clear and agreeable, there were people moving about who could momentarily forget about the devastation mankind was facing, life was fleetingly at ease. This contrasted heavily with the state that Levi found himself in after the morning's court hearing. He wasn't happy, and the aura he was emitting was one in which Irvin found hard to ignore.

"…What's wrong?"

Levi looked up at the man, calculating. He couldn't help that he had formed a habit over the years of closely watching what was said to others; withholding information at the right times had benefited him in his younger years and now allowed him to appear cool and levelheaded. It was an unnecessary habit around Irvin whom held his esteem and trust. "They don't even think of him as a person. Any old dog could do the job and they couldn't give two shits one way or the other."

Irvin appeared thoughtful, "I agree. I wouldn't preferred that Hanji was on the job but I suppose I'll be able to find a volunteer-so long as they don't personally know the boy." He glanced at the corporal, "…You do understand the importance of the experiment itself?"

"Yeah, whatever. I've kicked the guy around myself a few times as you remember, he can take it whether you find it important or not."

The two arrived back at the base as the sun was setting; this gave Irvin an opportunity to speak to the troops eating dinner. Although hungry himself, he wanted to set plans in motion right away to begin experimentation; they were given an extraordinarily small time limit to work with. "Attention soldiers!" The room fell silent; this attested to the sheer respect each individual among the soldiers had for the commander. Irvin even caught sight of Eren, who was looked to be listening intently. "As you know, Lance Corporal Levi and I were summoned to a military court hearing held earlier this morning. The Scouting Legion has been given orders to be carried out by a soldier of any rank that would involve pain infliction. If any of you find yourself able and willing to volunteer for this special operation, which by no means would be an easy task, please see me in my office as soon as possible. Thank you."

With that, the commander started for his office; he knew it wouldn't take long for a few soldiers to express interest and he would have to pick the most able of them. He wanted someone who could take on the task and be as autonomous as possible so that he could return to his primary responsibilities. Hanji truly would have been perfect for the job if she were not far away on business already. He received several interested men and one woman by the end of the night, and after a brief interview told each that they would be informed of his decision in the morning.

Irvin chose a young boy, about 19 years of age, who had experience working briefly with Hanji as a volunteer earlier in the year. He didn't know Eren personally, understood the instructions well and had little to say on the matter which led Irvin to believe that he would not feel much personal anguish for the pain he would be required to inflict. He hoped his instincts had led him to the right decision, filed the correct paperwork and showed the boy to his workspace and equipment. His lack of reaction unnerved Irvin a bit, but then again Irvin surrounded himself with similar people (including a certain short corporal he could mention)-and they were the people he could trust the most. All that was left was to deal with was rounding up the person to be researched-Eren Jaeger. Luckily, since Levi was technically the one in charge of Eren currently, he was also in charge of debriefing Eren on the experiment and sending him to where he'd be staying for the next month. Irvin trusted that he would see to his responsibilities and was finally able to return to his other matters.

Eren walked beside his superior, toward an unattached extension of their unit's base-a small stone building with a large dungeon-like basement which sat west of the main building. They had been walking for ten minutes already, so it must have been at least a mile from the main building which he had previously dwelled. Eren was as pale as a sheet. He wanted to help humanity and shared their curiosity in wanting to know about his titan powers, however, he was still human and he was still scared. Levi had explained to him what the judge had requested and assured him that he would not die and that pain was temporary. Eren greatly appreciated those words and recognized that the corporal was trying to comfort him. He probably thought that Eren had developed some sort of pain tolerance in being subjected to such high amounts so often, however, the boy still felt everything fully and accepted his suffering as being necessary to the success of humanity. He wondered if he would be able to shoulder this coming pain similarly.

Shortly, they arrived at their destination. Levi, despite his earlier encouragement, seemed to be in a mood and said little to Eren as he spoke with the boy he'd be handing Eren off to. Much of their conversation involved Levi drilling him for answers regarding the experiments, making certain he knew exactly what to do. When Levi appeared to finally be satisfied, he remarked that he'd send a messenger every morning with food and any news that would come up and began to make his way back towards the main building-not before sending Eren one last glance and nod of his head. With that, Eren was left, silently and obediently, to be ruthlessly tortured and traumatized for the remainder of the month.

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