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Eren's injuries were extensive and his time getting treatment dragged on for hours. Stubbornly, both Levi and Mikasa refused to budge an inch from where they waited, simultaneously trying to be a support for Eren and show each other up. The silence dragged on uneasily; Mikasa, left to her own thoughts and curiousity burning, was the first to break it.

"…Do you know exactly what…went on…?"

Levi continued staring at the same speck of dirt on the floor—he hated a mess. He hated them, no matter how big or small, and would always clean them up regardless of the effort it would take. Eren's mess was different from a few specks of dirt, unfortunately. Torture has a way of changing a person permanently. Levi knew this fact first hand, he had tortured plenty of people while in the Corps and indiscriminant of gender, age, rank or any trait under the sun—torture would end with the birth of a new, different person (or their death). Levi wondered if Eren's torture would change Mikasa as well.

"You don't want to know." Levi had never gotten along well with Mikasa and he had always been one for facing the truth, ugly or not; however, in the moment, he found himself wanting to protect her from the answers to that question. She clearly wasn't satisfied with his answer, judging by her dramatic scoff and turn of the head. "I wouldn't have asked if that were true. I'll just talk to Eren about it when he's out if you're going to be difficult."

Levi was not on-board with that. "Eren was broken. He was shattered down in a dark room by an insane, sadistic man so badly and so thoroughly that his body can't bear the touch of another human being. Every inch of his body has learned that any touch, no matter how gentle, means pain and that he must get away from it. He cannot control this—it's in his veins, the fucking cells of his skin! Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Heavy tears were welled up in the crevice of Mikasa's eyes, she refused to let them fall. She saw her options for what they were: be strong for Eren and make those responsible pay. "I get it, I won't ask him…" She went silent for a few moments, trying to think clearly. Levi appreciated the silence, and it ended too soon. "…I'm going to go fill Armin in on what's happened. He'll understand what's right to do for Eren, without getting lectured." She sent another small glare his way, but this one held no malice. "Please, if you could do one thing for me. I'll never ask for another favor again just…get me a picture of the man responsible. I can't rest until he's dead."

Levi could empathize with that, though he wasn't feeling 100% agreeable with her demands. "I'll get the picture. But…" Mikasa's face hardened. "…bring him back alive, if you find him and are able. I'm also itching to get my hands on that shit and know a few torture techniques myself. It'll be worth your while."

Satisfied, Mikasa gave a small nod and left to find Armin. Levi made a mental note to get Böse's picture from Irvin, hell, he may as well make copies to make wanted posters. Levi meant what he said to Mikasa and would dedicate all of his extra time towards finding the man; however, he knew all too well that things did not always go as hoped. Their world was proof of that.

After waiting and brooding for some time longer, Levi heard the quiet approach of the nurse and Eren, both looking as tired as Levi himself felt. Her voice was as quiet as their footsteps, Levi could only make out bits and pieces of what she was telling Eren. "…no more apologies…when you're ready…stay safe and…" She ceased talking as they made it to where Levi was waiting, his eyes were on Eren. He looked…better, but still not good. At least Levi knew now that his wounds were properly treated.

The nurse regarded Levi with kind, somewhat surprised eyes. "Levi? I hadn't really been expecting you to stick around this long. I was able to treat what I could of Eren's injuries, the physical ones…" She looked down. "In time they will heal. The mental wounds…those ones are trickier. I let Eren know that I will talk to him when he's ready and assured him that you and his other friends would be there for him as well, right?"


She smiled. "Good. I'll leave him in your care then. I gave Eren a goodie bag with all he will need for upkeep. Make certain he takes the supplement pills I gave him every day."

Levi nodded. The nurse turned once more to Eren before leaving. "You're in good hands, Eren, and you're strong."

Levi, now alone with the boy and in want of some rest, gestured for Eren to follow him towards where they would be sleeping. On the way, Levi stopped a subordinate and asked her to alert the cooks that he would be wanting his meals delivered to his room for the time being. Eren must have been lost in his own thoughts during this exchange, as he was surprised to find himself walking towards the doorway to his captain's room. "Sir…I can't…aren't I supposed to sleep locked up?"

Levi fought off a glare. "As if I'd have you sleep in that fucking dungeon downstairs after what you've been through. I can keep a close eye on you in here anyway. And Eren?"

He stopped and hoped his gaze was as earnest as his next words would be. Eren gave the older man his full attention.

"No one can tell me what to do with you anymore. Not Irvin. Not Mikasa. Not the fucking king. I'll turn on them all before I let something like this happen again. So forget, brat…you're safe now. I promise.