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The never-ending battle. That's what Clark had called it.

And minutes after the battle of their lives, Batman saw that he was right. Darkseid's invasion had threatened the entire World, eventually all of existence. And the only thing that had saved Earth was the Justice League. And Lex Luthor.

Now with Darkseid and Lex Luthor both gone, the remnants of the Secret Society were on the run. Atomic Skull, Killer Frost, Star Sapphire, Volcana, Bizzaro, Toyman, Giganta, Evil Star, Heat Wave, Cheetah, and Sinestro. All of them extremely dangerous foes individually. Together they were a force to be reckoned with. They were collectively responsible for destruction and mayhem all over the world.

They didn't stand a chance.

You can run. But you can't hide. You can't fight. And you can only run so long.

"Mister Terrfic, give me a sitrep on their locations", Batman said as he pursued the fugitives on foot. He pressed a button on his belt and it blinked rapidly for a few seconds before dying out.

"Already on it, Batman. They're moving as a group towards the harbor. Sinestro and Star Sapphire have the grounded ones up in the air and they're moving fast."

"Hmm, their type aren't known to stick together in desperate situations."

"I guess they realized they have even less then no chance by themselves."

"We've got all the manpower we need here. Send a team to where Luthor brought back Darkseid. Make sure every piece of Braniac is collected and destroyed. And if we can find any survivors or Lightray, bring them in. The rest of the League, have them finish up with the cleanup. Then have your people see if any members of the Society are left and bring them in."

"Got it Batman. Sending a Javelin and Rescue Transport now. And when you take down Luthor's cadre, the rest of them should be easy pickings."

At that point, Batman saw a small black dot on the horizon and moving fast. "I should go, Batman out." Superman lowered from the sky and flew next to Batman as he ran.

"What was all that about Bruce?"

"Just finishing up all the loose ends."

"If you say so."

"I'll get airborne Clark and you take it from here." With that Batman extended his hand and grappled to the sleek black jet above his head. The canopy opened and Batman dove inside.

Superman shook his head and grinned ,"Showoff." He tapped his communicator and said, "All points, this is Superman."

"I want our fast flyers save Lantern to hit 'em from up high and keep them away from the civilians."

"Green Lantern, you take the rest and set up at the harbor. We'll box them in and make it quick and clean. But don't underestimate them and don't get careless. Let's go."

The various heroes rushed to their stations and the chase began in earnest. After all of this time the League was a well-tuned fighting machine. They wouldn't let him down.

Naturally, Superman led the charge in the air with the other founding members, save Flash and Green Lantern, in formation behind him. With them were Steel, Dr. Fate, Captain Atom, S.T.R.I.P.E, Stargirl, Booster Gold, Fire, and Red Tornado.

As they flew above the ground, dozens of citizens saw strange shadows on the ground. They squinted up into the sun and saw the flight of their heroes. Crowds spontaneously burst into cheer at the sight of them as they flew by.

"Justice League Rocks!"

"Go get 'em Superman!"

"You're the best Wonder Woman!"

"I love you, Batman!"

"GO Green Lantern!"

A heavily audible sigh was heard and a voice loudly said, "For the Last time! I am not Gre-"

"Knock it off, Booster" came Batman's voice over the channel.


At that the entire formation burst out into laughter, even Booster Gold, and Superman swore he could hear Batman let out a little chuckle. I don't hear that too often. Even with these ears.

They quickly settled down however. They had a job to do. After a few seconds they found their target.

As the crowds cheered at the sight of them, they cowered and screamed as the Secret Society passed overhead. Evil Star, Volcana, Star Sapphire, and Bizzaro took up the rear. Sinestro had the rest on a glowing yellow disk and they were desperately trying to run towards the harbor.

When Evil Star turned his head and shouted something, they picked up even more speed.

The heroes steadily gained ground on the fleeing villains, despite their struggle to remain ahead. Eventually they were almost right on top of them. They realized this and acted even more desperately.

They attacked.

Sinestro reversed the polarity of his field and turned it into a shooting platform. Atomic Skull, Killer Frost, and Toyman let loose with deadly blasts or projectiles that mostly missed. Volcana, Star Sapphire, and Evil Star did the same. Bizzaro however stopped completely.

"Me am going to save the day. Me am help Justice League so bad guys not get way." He rocketed towards Superman who with the rest of the League had avoided the attacks.

He barely saw Bizzaro coming and tried to dive under the charging clone. He was not quite fast enough and the mass of the raging Bizarro clipped him and stunned him for a second.

Wonder Woman shouted, "Kal!"

Superman grunted and recovered shaking his head to clear his vison. He was in time to catch Bizarro's next punch and twisted his arm. As he screamed in agony, Superman turned him around and then held him a chokehold, "Keep going! I'll deal with him!"

Wonder Woman nodded and sped off with the other Leaguers. No sooner had he finished saying it when Bizzaro whipped back his head. The strike caught Superman in the nose and his grip loosened for a second.

Long enough for Bizarro to wrench free and turn on Superman and deliver a titanic hit that knocked the Man of Steel head over heels through the air. Bizzaro charged forward to hit him again. But Superman dodged the punch and unleashed his own upper cut on Bizzaro. A massive boom cracked the air like Thunder as Bizarro flew higher into the clouds.

Superman flew up to meet him and saw Bizarro right himself. They flew on the same level and regarded each other from a few yards away.

Superman stared directly at him, "I don't want to hurt you Bizarro, but I will if you give me no choice."

"Me want help Superman. Me am help Superman by not fighting."

"Have it your way."

With a tortured roar Bizarro flew at Superman. With calm discipline Superman did the same. Both outstretched their hands into fists as the two Titans collided.

The massive shockwave created a great burst of wind and sound that knocked the other flyers off their balance, both hero and villain even a half mile away. Wonder Woman looked back with worry but Batman flew by in his Batwing shouting, "No time! We gotta go!"

Wonder Woman turned and followed. The villains had gained their senses first and took off. They continued firing wildly behind them and never came close to hitting the heroes.

Eventually they closed distance again and Star Sapphire fired a violet beam towards them. Stargirl charged her Cosmic Rod and blocked the beam in brilliant white light. Volcana turned into a corona and fired a wave of flame at the whole formation.

Even Wonder Woman couldn't block that. But Fire could fight fire. The Justice Leaguer's green radiance flew forward and enveloped the wild flame. There was a brief and harsh struggle until Fire overtook the errant flames and snuffed them out.

Evil Star's blast sped towards Booster Gold, but the hero from the future erected a golden barrier that stopped the blast cold. Hawkgirl laughed, "You'll get a tap for that!"

With a war cry she charged at Evil Star and leveled her mace. She swung down with her might and the blow would have surely knocked the villain unconscious. If not for the sudden violet and yellow barrier covering him.

He smirked as Hawkgirl growled in frustration and started hitting the shield again and again to no avail. The barrier covered all of the villains as they came ever closer to their destination.

Wonder Woman, Steel, and J'onn added their strength in battering the barrier. The rest of the airborne Leaguers followed suit with their own attacks. They longed to tear the barrier apart and put an end to this now. The harbor was in plain sight now.

Even the powerful Sinestro and Star Sapphire started sweating and wavering under the assault. But then Sinestro grinned. He straightened and said calmly, "Now" suddenly, a black shape rises out of the waves and a flurry of bright shapes flew towards them.

Missiles. Wonder Woman shouted, "Take them out of the sky!" STRIPE, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Captain Atom, Fire, Red Tornado, and Batman cut loose. Missiles, Flames, wind, and pure energy battered the projectiles as they advanced.

Several of them blew up in the sky without ever reaching them. But more and more kept coming and the villains were making good their escape. Captain Atom blasted another missile and said, "Where did they get THAT?" Dr. Fate vaporized a warhead and said, "The Society must have some of it's resources still intact." Wonder Woman activated her comm-link, "Lantern, are you in position yet?"

"Not all of us. Flash is there already but we had to stop and help civilians on the way. But we'll be there in five."

"See what you can do about that sub."

"Can do, Princess. Green Lantern out."

Finally, the missiles broke the gauntlet. Four speed right for the airborne Leaguers. Hawkgirl flew forward right at one of them. As it bore down on her, Hawkgirl raised her mace in front of her and screamed.

And as her mace hit the warhead, the missile simply fell apart. At her side, J'onn flew by and phased through the missile tearing apart it's inner workings and causing a destructive shutdown. Wonder Woman drew her lasso and caught the missile.

Spinning around she threw the projectile high into the sky, where it exploded of it's own accord. The barrage of missiles thinned out as the other Leaugers kept pouring it on.

But in the commotion, the last missile flew near the group. But the others were too busy with destroying the missiles, keeping them from the League and the city below. Batman saw that all of the magazines on his jet were empty.

"I'm out. Only one thing to do." Batman accelerated near the missile and it veered to follow him. The two raced across the clouds, and Batman tried deploying his flares.

But it stayed on him. It inched closer and closer. Batman slammed the ejector button. And the missile hit the Batwing. The Batwing was consumed in a ball of fire. Wonder Woman screamed, "BRUCE!" She flew towards the inferno and faintly saw a descending dark shape. She waved at the rest of the team who were on her heels, "GO! Get them! I'll get Batman!"

With only a few moments pause, the team turned to pursue the ones who may have killed one of their friends. Hawkgirl led them in a furious and beautiful rage of battle, her mace shimmering with electricity and her face split in a grimace.

Wonder Woman sped towards the falling shape. It fell faster and faster. Out of her reach even at her top speed. Wonder Woman reached for her lasso and tried to catch it. It looped around the falling chair but the seat fell faster down.

But the man on it jumped and stretched his hand. He caught it and Wonder Woman steadied him and pulled him closer. Batman held the rope with one hand and Wonder Woman held him face to face.

Batman said, "I usually use my own. But thanks."

Wonder Woman grinned, "Such a man with words. Come on, let's get back to the fight." With her carrying Batman, the pair raced to catch up with their comrades. Said villains were now in the harbor and their salvation was at hand. The airborne team was still several minutes behind.

The escaping villains sighed at the sight of the sub and smiles and laughs were had around. It was entirely short-lived. For they looked closer and noticed that the Sub had been laid on it's side on the bare concrete with the hatches welded shut.

The Green Lantern, Flash, Metamorpho, B'wanna Beast, the Question, Hawk, Dove, the Creeper, Vixen, Black Canary, Green Arrow, the Crimson Avenger, Vigilante, the Shining Knight, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hourman, Wildcat, Gypsy, Commander Steel, Vibe, Ice, Elongated Man, and Zatanna all stood in front of the sub.

They stood in various poses with weapons and powers ready, eyes locked straight ahead at the villains. Green Lantern folded his arms as his ring glowed, "We're giving you this one chance to turn yourselves in. But if you don't want to like usual, go ahead."

And they did. Atomic Skull roared and fired a massive green blast at the Justice League. It washed over a solid green sphere and it stood firm. Killer Frost, Evil Star, Star Sapphire, Sinestro, and Volcana added their own firepower to the blast.

It stood firm. Then the shield blew apart in a green flash and knocked the villains on their backs. As they shakily rose to meet the heroes, Green Lantern floated into the air and said, "Get 'em."

Vibe stomped the ground and caused a tremor that unsettled the villains once again, all except Giganta who was growing to the size of a parking garage. Sinestro said, "Giganta! Keep them busy! Evil Star and Sapphire, open up the sub and let our men take them!"

Giganta walked forward towards the League, and doubtless would have done unpleasant things to them. Until Ice froze the ground and Giganta lost her footing, where she tripped over an outstretched Elongated Man. She fell forward and into a punch by a blue whale powered Vixen.

The giantess flew back and her comrades scrambled out of the way as the ground shook in a tremor to rival Vibe's when she fell. However, Giganta had occupied their attention enough that Evil Star and Star Sapphire opened up holes in the beached vessel.

And out came a hundred or two of armed Society troopers. Out of a giant sliding hangar bay came a couple dozen hovercraft. Leading the way were Tsukuri and Livewire two of the missing in action Society members. The enemy troops rushed forward, firing laser weapons and yelling.

Green Lantern shielded the League from their fire and said, "Take 'em out!" The majority of the heroes rushed forward and met the enemy mooks in close quarters. The rest focused their attention on the meta-villains. Green Lantern flew up to occupy the hovercraft away from his teammates.

Tsukuri was a master of martial arts, but her men were another matter entirely. By the droves the Leaguers were beating them into a pulp. Hawk and Dove worked together, tag-teaming enemies and covering each other with familiarity born out of brotherhood and experience. Their enhanced speed and strength got the better of dozens of enemies at a time.

The athletic B'wanna Beast and Creeper flipped around the battlefield and grappled enemies into submission or threw them into larger groups of their cohorts. No man could so much as land a punch on the pair and got twisted arms or busted rubs for their trouble. Wildcat, Hourman, and Commander Steel opted to knock the lights out of every enemy they saw.

Green Arrow, Crimson Avenger, and Dr. Midnite mixed hand-to-hand skills with gadgets that disabled enemies with all manner of technology as well as their fists. Green Arrow's shots always found their mark and Crimson Avenger's special weapons left enemies shaking in electrocution or choking on gas. Dr. Midnite's bombs covered groups in pitch-black smoke while he skillfully took them out with the aid of his natural night vision. Vigilante used specially modified laser rounds and shot enemies by the half-dozen in a manner of seconds. The Question's faceless visage was a nightmare as he cut a swatch through them with his fists.

The meta-powered Vixen and Black Canary used their powers to great effect, performing feats that no normal human could have accomplished. Black Canary used her sonic-scream to great and terrible effect like on an entire group of troopers before they could deploy a heavy machine gun. They fell to the ground clutching their ears and screaming. Vixen used the power of the tiger, to run around the battle and maul enemies with both strength and agility. Often they ran in terror for her eyes were that of a tiger and her battle cry was a roar. They never got far before being dispatched by someone else.

Even the non-imposing Gypsy was out of their league. Her bare feet stepped quickly and lightly around the battle, and her bare hands found weak points and disabled enemies with speed and skill. Whenever one would try to shoot her she would turn invisible or blend into her surroundings. While they stared around confused she would knock them out. For large groups she used stunning hallucinations or phased through enemies knocking them out. The only other villain fighting among them besides Tsukuri was Cheetah, and she was not enough to turn the tide.

The Shining Knight however had a fight on his hands. The Arthurian Knight found himself in single combat with Tsukuri. Their swords flashed and sparked in quick succession. The Knight had reach and strength along with his magic blade, but Tsukuri had greater flexibility and speed. She would often dodge Justin's blows and try to slash him only to be pushed back by Justin's own sword. The two were evenly matched in ability and experience but as they wore on Justin's stamina would have won the day.

But Tsukuri was a criminal. And criminals hardly played fair. Justin made to slash her chest but Tsukuri produced a pouch from her belt and opened it and swiped the contents across Shining Knight's eyes. Sand blinded the Knight temporarily and Sir Justin missed his stroke. Tsukuri swept his legs and planted her foot on his chest.

Tsukuri raised her sword and said, "No hard feelings."

The other Leaguers were having their own problems. Ice was facing off against Killer Frost and the two sent ice and snow projectiles against each other while sliding around with their powers. Vibe used his sonic powers to crush Killer Frost's constructs and keep the edge on their side as well to assist Metamorpho. Who used liquid and solid elemental forms to stop Heatwave, Atomic Skull, Toyman, and Volcana from doing the same to Ice's creations. Elongated Man struggled and stretched to keep Giganta down while the giantess tried to wrestle free.

Zatanna's magic battled Livewire, Sinestro, Star Sapphire, and Evil Star all at once and she was on her own. She redirected their blasts turning them into sprays of mist or feathers. She fired her own blasts of energy and used debris to throw against them. Flash kept their attention off of her by speeding around and pounding on their barriers when they erected them to block Zatanna.

But she was tiring. A split-second hesitation after she blocked one beam allowed Star Sapphire to knock her down. Flash carried her away before Sinestro could fire his own blast but Evil Star fired a beam that blew up behind Flash and sent the pair flying through the air. They landed in a heap when the four villains floated over them.

Livewire grinned and said, "That's all folks."

Meanwhile, Green Lantern was having trouble with the hovercraft. With most of the heroes dealing with the super villains and the rest with the mooks, he was by himself. He made his own fighter jet and engaged in a dog fight with the craft, blowing them out the sky or dodging their missiles.

Then one caught him and the construct failed. He spun around in the air and blocked another missile. When he regained his senses he saw that the hovercraft surrounded him and were spinning up gatling guns. One of the hovercraft had a speaker, "End of the line, Green Lantern."

Then the cavalry arrived. A ghostly shape flitted amongst the ships and they exploded. A crackling mace made short work of many others as Green Lantern redoubled his efforts. As Tsukuri's blade came down a bat-shaped object flew through the air and knocked it out of her hands. It was followed by an Amazonian fist that knocked Tsukuri into the beached sub. Another punch sent Cheetah flying into Tsukuri who had got onto her knees.

Killer Frost's sculptures of ice were suddenly melted by green fire and she fell towards the ground and landed on Toyman. Ice raised her hand and a column of ice sent them into the air and landed on top of the rising Tsukuri and Cheetah. Volcana, Atomic Skull, and Heatwave's flames missed Vibe for they were blown back along by a red typhoon of wind. The trio collided with the quartet who were getting to their feet.

Giganta finally broke free of Elongated Man and rose to her feet. Until missiles hit her in the gut and a hammer knocked her face. She stumbled back in time to see an unconscious Bizarro fly towards her face. Her eyes widened and the two criminals flew into the sky and then fell down. Giganta's size shortened but when she and Bizzaro landed on top on the rising heap of villains, pain was liberally given to all.

And before Liveweire, Sinestro, Star Sapphire, and Evil Star could fire, gold rays, purple beams, blue blasts, and red lasers knocked into them. The four of them were blasted out of the air and with such force that they fell on top of the growing pile of villains who were just standing up.

The rest of the League finished mopping up the henchmen. A couple hundred men lay groaning and moaning on the ground. They clutched injured limbs or broken ribs, and others tried to crawl away only to collapse in pain. The Leaguers hardly had scratches.

As their leaders finally got to their feet they saw red boots. And then Superman was before them, none worse for the wear. They readied themselves for battle. But then they saw that in the air around him were Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate, Steel, STRIPE, Captain Atom, Booster Gold, Red Tornado, and Fire.

And then they noticed that Ice stood on a tower of her namesake, Metamorpho was in a rock solid form, the Shining Knight had called his flying steed, and Elongated Man had stretched to be as tall as a building.

And finally they saw that on the ground Batman was side by side with Flash, Vixen, Hawk, Dove, Creeper, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Hourman, Dr. Midnite, Vigilante, Crimson Avenger, Question, Elongated Man, B'wanna Beast, Zatanna, Wildcat, Vibe, Gypsy and Commander Steel.

Three Dozens heroes stood ready before them with the ruins of their forces surrounding them. And all of those heroes were barely touched and ready to fight even more.

Batman stepped forward, narrowed his eyes and said, "Try it."

The villains stood still and stared ahead. They had their powers and weapons ready, the League was the same. Then Sinestro's yellow aura went out, Giganta shrunk down to size, and one by one they stood down.

Batman nodded, "I thought so. Lock them up." The League came forward and weapons, armor, and equipment were confiscated. Several minutes later the police showed up and had special containment equipment for all of them.

The League watched the villains get carted off. Superman clapped Batman on the shoulder, "Not bad for a day's work." Batman smiled, "Not at all." Suddenly, the radio chattered.

"This is Mr. Terrific to Metro Tower Team. Good job on the capture mission."

Batmann said, "If you say so, Mr. Terrific. How are things on your end?"

"The heavy-lifting and relief around the invasion sites is mostly finished. We've identified a few pockets of surviving Society members."

"What about the Braniac sweep?"

"That's where things get interesting. I'm pulling all available members back to the Watchtower. You should come see this."

"Alright, Batman out."

Superman said to the rest of their team, "You heard the man, prepare for transport. Let's see what they've got for us up there. A few moments later, clusters of the heroes shimmered and were transported to the Watchtower.

And the adventure continued.

There it was, Chapter 1 of my story. Don't worry it's not all going to be action, I just believe in starting with a bang. And it'll be smaller teams, much, much smaller from this point on. See you all again soon!