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The cold, blustering winds racketed against the stainless steel sheds that surrounded Privet Drive that night but if one was asked they would simply tell you that nothing was out of the ordinary and that it was simply a 'unexplained incident', there was however one individual that seemed not to accept the term that the neighbours and own family had used many times. He was a thin, spectacled individual whom had almond – shaped green eyes, messy raven locks and of course his less-than-adequate body size. You see this boy was no ordinary individual, he was in fact Harry Potter a young wizard whom was due to start his Second Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in a few weeks, but even in Wizarding circles Harry was unusual because when he was merely a year old a dark sorcerer known to many as Lord Voldemort came to murder him, for circumstances that are unknown to anyone the spell that Voldemort had cast rebounded from where it originated resulting in Harry surviving with nothing but a scar and as Harry realized last year at Hogwarts came with some quite exponential fame from the Wizarding World for saving them from a horrid shell of a human's actions. Yes Harry Potter's life remained 'strange' right down to a T, the young wizard wasn't in the best of moods in his current position because he was staying in Muggle suburbia with his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and cousin Dudley who weren't the sort of people who tolerated things they saw as 'Unnatural' or 'Freakishness'. So naturally Harry had refrained from burdening them with thoughts of the storm because he felt as though it would sound totally stupid of him to say to the Dursleys' "Oh I think the magical world is calling out to me" or "D'you know those storms we've been having are wishing for me to return to the Wizarding World",

Another reason Harry had refrained from saying anything was in accordance with his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, he had of course asked them to write last year but neither had dropped a single letter to him, he only assumed that they were either too busy to write, or in Ron's case it had simply slipped his mind. Funnily enough he vaguely remembered the youngest Weasley brother saying something along the lines of inviting him over for a part of the summer. Harry sighed deeply 'Maybe they'll just apologize when we get to Hogwarts'.

Moments later he caught Uncle Vernon's voice drifting up through his bedroom floor, "Boy get down here! We're discussing the lay out and rules for tonight!"

Harry sighed again 'Uncle Vernon's stupid dinner party I almost forgot, he could at least remember that it's my birthday today guess that's a bit of wishful thinking on my part'.

Harry Potter was strange for yet another reason he hadn't really ever celebrated his birthday or even been to a birthday party, in fact the only reason he knew was because Aunt Petunia had told him so he could actually remember how old he was. He trudged out of his barren bedroom equipped with only a simple chest of drawers, cheap single bed, and four by four wardrobe. The contrast between the young wizard's bedroom and the rest of the room left some questions for his treatment in the Dursley home, the hallway to the stairs featured three doorways other than Harry's which led to the upstairs bathroom, Dudley's bedroom, and finally his Aunt and Uncle's on suite bedroom, the hallway carpets were an exquisite beige that looked as though it had come from the finest wool plantation in all of the world. Adorned on the white coloured walls were various picture frames holding images of Dudley, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, or just the whole Dursley family together, one constant occurrence with the pictures was the absence of Harry no matter where one looked his face or features hadn't been present for any photographs at all. He nervously took one step at a time it was an almost instinctive action to keep away from Vernon Dursley's lecture for as long as possible. Knowing that his Uncle was not to be tempted on this day made Harry resume his normal pace and enter the main part of the lower story. What he entered into contrasted nicely from the upper level, the kitchen had cream rectangular tiles parting slightly near the window in order to accommodate the four-burner stove, a grey two door food pantry and finally the very fancy silver plated fridge which Uncle Vernon had purchased while Harry was away at Hogwarts last year. The cupboards and shelving of the kitchen held a quiet elegance giving off the feeling that it quite exceeded the level of exquisiteness that belonged in a common muggle household, they ran from the left-hand side of the stove top all the way to the entranceway of the small room giving Petunia (in reality Harry) lots of room to prepare the family meals. A sink was inserted near the window giving Harry's Aunt Petunia easy spying access and an excuse if she was ever caught watching her 'Atrocious' neighbours going about their daily activities. The Dursley's Dining Room/Living room was layered from end to end in red velvet carpet, a large circular table surrounded by cushioned oak chairs leaned against the furthest wall, and two T.V. sets were going simultaneously the only logical explanation for the two television sets was that Dudley had complained to his parents that he didn't want to miss his shows while he was eating. The living room also held the home of Uncle Vernon's liquor cabinet and Aunt Petunia's various ornamental cabinets and finally a plush sofa and two armchairs. On a lone wall panel sat a boarded up grate instead of a fireplace which had been sealed off after the Dursley's bought gas heating.

"Vernon" Petunia nodded toward Harry upon the latter's entrance.

"If you can't control that bloody bird it'll have to go" Vernon began.

"But she's bored" Harry tried to explain "If I could only let her out for an hour or two…"

"What so you can send messages to your freaky little friends?"

"I haven't had any messages from any of my friends, not one, all summer" Harry answered pessimistically.

Dudley just brushed past Harry roughly "Who'd want to be friends with you?"

"I think you'd be a little more grateful, we feed you the food off our table, even gave you Dudley's second bedroom purely out of the goodness of our hearts" Vernon said but then continued in another tone entirely – taken almost word for word from the Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Film.

"Right when the Mason's arrive Dudley you'll be-?"

"Waiting at the door to take the Mason's Coats" said Dudley.

"Good and you?"

"I'll be in my bedroom making no noise and pretending I don't exist" said Harry in a monotone voice, he had rehearsed this speech so often he found it taxing.

"Petunia you'll be -?"

"In the lounge waiting to welcome the Mason's to our home".

"Excellent and you boy?"

"I'll be in my bedroom making no noise and pretending I don't exist" Harry repeated a second time.

"To right you will, this very well be the day I make the deal of my career and you will not mess it up!"

The doorbell had rung, Harry was quickly ushered up the stairs and vaguely heard Dudley asking if he could take the Dursley's guests jackets. Harry reached his bedroom door, slowly twisted the door knob trying desperately to avoid its creaky hinges when all of a sudden his jaw dropped. Someone or rather something was bouncing up and down on his bed laughing erratically, and it was with a very intense effort on his part that Harry managed not to shout out. The creature had large bat – like ears and large green eyes the shape of tennis balls.

"Who are you?" said Harry.

"Dobby sir, Dobby the House Elf".

"I don't want to be rude or anything but this isn't exactly a good time for a house elf to be in my bedroom".

"Dobby understands sir, but Dobby had to come here to help Harry Potter he had to warn him".

"Warn me? About what?" Harry asked of the little elf.

But Harry immediately realized he had said the wrong thing, Dobby rushed over to Harry's chest of drawers, pulled back and started to repeatedly slam his head against the second and third drawers simultaneously. (AN: Finally this story will seem like an original fanfic rather than just a retelling of Chamber of Secrets). Harry was so focused on trying to get Dobby to relent on inflicting pain on himself that he did not notice a swirl of dazzling sapphire blue infernos cascade onto the end of his bed.

'Enough Dobby you shall not harm yourself while I am present'.

Dobby spun on his heel, he gasped upon seeing the creature that had just appeared in the small bedroom of Number Four, Privet Drive and bowed deep in respect. Harry just stared, he really wished that this day wouldn't get any weirder.

"A Phoenix? But your colour is Blue?"

The Phoenix chuckled deeply at Harry's words but addressed him nonetheless 'Mr. Potter I am a Royal Blue Phoenix, I have guarded this realm for many centuries, originally I was the magical familiar to Lord Emrys, yes I was Merlin's Phoenix".

If it were possible Harry's jaw would have just landed smack bang on the floor but he just settled for letting it drop as far as he could.

'But my role goes further than that, Merlin and I were Hogwarts Founders' teachers, they were apprenticed to us before the Wizarding Academy was established, I witnessed the creation of Hogwarts and even assisted in some of the magical warding, you may be too shocked to ask at the moment but I'd like to keep the shocking recurring to say that I am now your familiar as you are the last descendant of Merlin, making you his heir'

Harry's jaw would have dropped further at that comment if it could but he took a breath to steady himself and said "so the letter that Dumbledore gave us at the end of last year with the option to resort wasn't a usual occurrence he just wants to see who is going to be in the new Emrys House?'

'Yes, Hermione Granger, The Weasley Twins, Ronald Weasley and yourself are only a few of the names who opted to be resorted this year'

"Could you teach me like you taught the founders one day?"

'I will be starting your lessons this year Harry but for Merlin's lessons I will just have to pass his memories on to you'

"How long would that take Lord Phoenix?"

'Harry we are equals now since we are familiars, please just call me by my name it's Novae, and the transferral usually takes around a single night of sleep, I sense that Dobby wishes to talk to you, I shall return when you are ready, simply call my name and I'll come to you".

The swirling sapphire flames reappeared to once again whip the Phoenix through time and space.

"Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year!" exclaimed Dobby abruptly.

"But I belong in your world at Hogwarts, It's the only place I have friends".

"Friends who don't even write to Harry Potter?" Dobby asked a little too innocently.

"Well I expect… hang on how do you know my friends haven't been writing to me?"

"You mustn't be mad sir Dobby hoped if you thought your friends had forgotten you, you might not want to go back to school sir" Dobby reluctantly withdrew a pile of letters bound with rope from his pillowcase looking extremely guilty.

"Give me those Dobby now!"


Dobby spun round, he sprinted from Harry's room without a second glance all the while Harry charged him down in hot pursuit. Dobby halted just before the kitchen door, he glance to tonight's dessert a large sugared violet with cream then back at Harry before snapping his fingers.

The dessert silently rose about four feet above its serving dish.

"Dobby NO!" hissed Harry "Please don't do this, they'll kill me!"

"Then Harry Potter must say he's not going back to school!"

"I can't Hogwarts is my home!"

"Then Dobby must do it sir for Harry Potter's own good".

Dobby snapped his fingers one more time, the dessert made a small lurch and began to float gently along the air, Harry followed it a little later raising his hands to appear to be the one using the magic. The Dursley's gaped at him, Harry lowered his hands as the dessert splattered over Mrs. Mason covering her from head to toe in the dessert.

"I'm sorry that's my nephew he's very disturbed he doesn't like meeting new people so we kept him upstairs to avoid any problems".

Harry wheeled on Dobby but the elf simply snapped his fingers and vanished with a thin crack!

Seeing the glare on his Uncle Vernon's face prior to leaving the room again Harry knew in the pit of his stomach that this wasn't the end of it and he wasn't going to forgive Dobby for a very long time. Harry arrived at his room and suddenly remembered his important task tonight so perhaps for a good thing all thoughts of Dobby the house elf were eradicated from Harry's mind.


'I am ready Harry'

it was weird to Harry that the Phoenix hadn't returned but he did climb into bed and get ready to sleep despite the strangeness of the situation.

The last thing Harry heard that night was a musical trill and a cry of "Oerci di Perunum!"


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