As you know this story has now come to an end. I am making a consistent effort to refine and redistribute it in a more cohesive design point now that I've matured slightly as a writer and person. I do think the premise of this was good and I'd like a chance to further refine it. I will be going back and reading through all the reviews that have been made on this story, now usually I wouldn't mention that as I usually only read them as posted and take them on board heading into future chapters but it was a good five-six years ago when I did this and I kind of reacted how all new writers do. But that aside, I'm going back through them and compiling a list of the things that I need to take away from this initial experience to help me with pacing, overloading plot-twists (let's all agree that was one of my worst tropes ever) and the multitude of crossovers within crossovers.

If, you're one of those who like me enjoyed the premise but also felt there was something in particular that you feel I could improve in, my Private Messaging on this site is always open and I welcome a discussion. Please don't come if all you want to do is hate on something I wrote five years ago. Also, new scenes and ideas that didn't take place in the original but you wanted to see? Hit me, I'm interested to hear your opinions on how we can make this better the second time round. Do be aware that I have no intentions to make any alterations to Harry's pairing as it sets the tone for a lot of the story.

Basically, I've hit a stump in my recreation of this and am in desperate need of some help here.

Thank you all once again and look forward to hearing from those who take an interest.

Also, on another note. Please leave me some reviews on stories you think are worth reading. I'm taking a break on the writing side of things (Posting I mean as I'm still working away at all the stuff I've got in my mind). I'm not too fussed on pairings or whatever but please.

- Stories without Character Bashing (Seriously, it wastes valuable time for more important things. Discrediting characters just it's one of my pet peeves)

- Novel Length (One Shots aren't for me.)

- Make sure you like them. If you don't like them, how could you expect me to?

Until Next time then folks!