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By: Emmithar

Rating: Pg-13 for minor violence

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Summary: Young Aragorn is desperately trying to fit in with his new home and family, yet seems to fail every time. When an attack happens to one of his friends can he prove himself in order to save him?

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Chapter one: Night fears

Estel shivered slightly, hidden beneath the heavy blanket on his bed as the wind rattled the trees outside. He could hear the rain drumming on his window as a flash of lighting lit up his room for a second, before settling back into darkness. Aragorn hated being on his own. It had been almost a year since he was taken to Rivendell to stay, and he felt ashamed that he was still frightened to be alone at night. For the last several weeks he had crept into Elrond's room, where the Elder Elf had soothed him back to sleep before carrying him back to his own bed. He was tempted to do the same thing tonight, but inside him a thought nagged at his mind. He did not want to anger his new father by waking him every night. Slowly he took a deep breath and drew the covers off of him. "I'm not afraid." He whispered, his voice wavering.

Thunder rolled outside as the room lit up once again, and Aragorn threw the covers over his head once again. For a while he stayed there, but his fear grew, and without further thought he slid out of bed, dragging half his blankets onto the floor. He walked quickly over the cool carpet, careful not drag his bare feet on it. He didn't want to wake everyone.

He pushed his door open. Lingering for a moment in the hallway, as if trying to decide where he was going, than moved briskly over the nearest door. Standing on tiptoes, he was barely able to reach the handle to the door. With some effort he finally got it to open and walked inside. The door closed behind louder than he wished it would, and for a moment he stood near the door, watching to see if anyone had waken. But all was silent despite the wind and rain, and in the dark room he was able to make out the figure in the bed. He moved over to the bed quietly. "Elrohir?" he whispered.

Elrohir had awoken when he heard the door open, and when his name was called he turned a sleepy look toward the young human who stood near his bed. "Estel, what are you doing out of bed?" he asked softly, raising himself up slowly on one elbow. The young boy dropped his gaze, his hair falling in his eyes. "I got scared" he said softly, his voice barely audible over the pounding rain. Elrohir's demeanor changed as he sat up, worry and concern on his fair face. "Want me to get father?" he asked softly.

Aragorn shook his head. "He might get mad." He said softly. Elrohir laughed slightly, "Father won't be mad. I can wake him if you want. Tis is no problem." But once again he shook his head. Elrohir sighed softly. He knew father had been up with him for the last few weeks, and he understood why the young boy would not want to wake him yet again.

"Estel" he said softly, waiting till his brother lifted his head so their eyes met. "Want do you?" he asked, smiling softly. Estel fumbled with the front of his night wear, "Can..can I sleep in here tonight?" he asked hesitantly, stuttering slightly. Elrohir's smile widen, and he nodded softly. "Of course you can." He pulled back the covers so the boy could scoot in.

Aragorn hurried in as another burst of thunder and lighting struck. He laid his head upon the pillows as Elrohir covered him with the blankets. "Go to sleep now, Estel." He told him quietly as he began to sing a lullaby. In moments he had fallen asleep. Elrohir checked to make sure his brother was asleep before he too, fell into a deep slumber.