Dean woke to a warm cocoon of tangled limbs and feathers. The sunlight that was streaming persistently in through the window informing him he'd slept till morning.
As his mind began to piece together his current position it took him a moment or two to figure out which limbs were his and which ones belonged to the body curled beside him. Dean raised himself partially off Cas' still bare chest to gaze down at the angel in his arms, contentment rolling through his psyche.

Cas' face looked tranquil, his eyes closed, long eyelashes fluttering softly against his cheeks. Dean leant forward and placed a chaste kiss to the corner of Cas' mouth. "You awake?" He murmured into the skin.

Cas smiled shyly at him as he flickered his eyes open, "Yes." Cas' smile grew as he took in Dean's face above him, "Hello Dean."

Dean grinned back as he placed his head on the pillow next to Cas', quite content to lay next to his angel for awhile, "Mornin' Cas."

Cas rolled over to face him properly, one hand coming up to rest over Dean's waist, the other tracing light fingers around Dean's jaw and over his cheekbones.

"How did you sleep?" Cas asked quietly.

Dean beamed, "Better than normal. I could get used to this." Dean motioned to the wing that was still wrapped around him, as he absentmindedly ran his fingers in and out of the feathers. The appendage had been more than enough to keep Dean warm.

"Good," Cas stated. The angel leant forward to press a kiss to Dean's lips quickly, "So it was satisfactory?" Cas paused, "You know, the events of last night."

Dean chuckled, "You're asking me if I liked the sex?"

Cas blushed, averting his gaze, but nodded.

"Hmmm," Dean made a contemplating sound, "I suppose it was adequate."

Cas opened his mouth to state that Dean should have thought it was more than adequate since he was sure the hunter had almost passed out after climaxing, but he noticed the smirk on Dean's face before he started, realization that Dean was just teasing him sunk in.

Cas rolled his eyes and mumbled a disgruntled, "I'll teach you about adequate."

Dean laughed quietly again, "That's very mature Cas." Cas gave a huff but his expression soon cleared, his eyes still gazing fondly across to Dean. "So you'll keep these around right?" Dean gave a gentle tug on one of the longer feathers he had in his grasp.

"As much as you do not have a problem with me having plumage Dean, I think it would make walking down a street slightly too conspicuous."

Dean pouted but rectified his meaning, "But when we're alone?"

"I will allow my wings to manifest whenever you see fit." Cas shrugged his shoulders moving the feathers around, "I'll admit having them like this feels less constricting. But that doesn't explain why you seem so fascinated by them."

Dean shrugged, "They're awesome," he said simply. "We didn't get to talk about it much last night, but do you feel ok? Is everything back to normal?"

Cas nodded, "My system has completely averted to its original state, everything's fine."

Dean chewed absentmindedly at the inside of his cheek before continuing, "You ate dinner last night."

Cas smiled, "I have never required sustenance Dean, however I might have developed a certain fondness for some of your particular food groups. Eating is rather enjoyable at times, and since it doesn't affect our vessels in any negative way there is no harm in it. If there was I'm sure Gabriel wouldn't be able to consume as many sweets as he manages to."

Dean nodded, grinning, "I like it when you eat."

"I had noticed," Cas smiled.

"And sleep." Dean added as an afterthought. Dean picked up one of Cas' hands with his own, twirling their fingers around together. Dean placed a kiss to the back of Cas' knuckles. "I'd been meaning to ask. Even before all of this, and not to make a situation awkward or anything, but Jimmy's not still floating around in there is he?"

Cas chuckled, "I suppose I never did explain Jimmy to you. You have nothing to worry about, he has been gone for quite some time."

Dean nudged at Cas to explain more.

"It was after Lucifer caused me to explode." Dean grimaced at the memory. "When I was put back it was minus Jimmy, he was sent to find peace. The connection I had with this vessel became stronger as soon as I was the only occupant. It was probably that reason why the witches curse was able to affect my mind so much. Whatever happens to this body effects me more now than it would have when Jimmy was still in residence. Not many angels have ever connected themselves so solely with such a destructible essence."

The two of them fell into a comfortable silence as they continued to run softly prodding hands over each other's bodies, or in Dean's case, wings. Dean couldn't quite fathom that he had somehow managed to achieve everything he wanted; Cas, his perfect angel, wrapped in his arms with no intention of leaving.

Cas was absently tracing his fingers around Dean's tattoo before he let out a deep sigh, "Dean, there is something I do need to tell you."


"You'll be mad," Cas warned.

Dean raised his eyebrows, "I doubt it Cas."

"It involves Crowley," Cas continued, his eyes rested firmly away from Dean, though he kept his hand paused over Dean's heart.

Dean perked up a little more at that and recalled, "This have anything to do with why you were telling me to stay away from him?"

Cas nodded glumly, "I know I've entered into a mistake, but if you could keep in mind that I made the choice when I thought I was out of options. I mean, Sam was in the pit, you were trying to live a normal life, my siblings were all in quarrel."

Dean picked Cas' chin up so he could look into blue eyes again, "Cas? Did you make a deal with Crowley?"

Cas nodded, his eyes still downcast, "I am truly sorry Dean. I know I have to fix it." Dean stayed silent. Cas began to feel uncomfortable, "I'll leave."

Dean grabbed Cas firmly before he could get any ideas about fluttering off, "Don't be stupid Cas." Dean sighed, "You're right, we'll just have to fix it." Dean smiled softly, "Although I think from now on you should consult with me before any important decisions need to be made." Dean's brow dipped in thought, "Besides, you're an Angel. If you break a deal with a demon what are the consequences? It's not like he can steal your soul. What's the worst thing that could happen?"

"Invoking the wrath of the King of Hell could potentially be problematic," Cas stated.

"Pfft, King of Hell. I've faced worse."

Cas began to regain his smile, "So you're truly not upset?"

Dean shrugged, then looked slightly concerned "I'm just so thrilled about this…" He gestured between the two of them, "Us. That you probably could have told me you'd resurrected Lucifer and I wouldn't be overly distressed."

"Thank you Dean."

Dean pulled Cas in for a kiss, their tongues lightly teasing at each other. "Anytime Cas. Although like I said, big decisions, consult with me."

Cas grinned and nodded.

"Also," Dean added, "No Crowley talk is ever to be permitted in bed again. So not the way to turn a guy on, Cas."

Cas rolled his eyes, "Duly noted."

Dean went back to running his hands over Cas, pausing when he reached his ribs and felt Cas squirm slightly. Dean repeated the motion, with more intention this time, Cas squirmed again.


"That feels uncomfortable Dean."

Dean sat up a little straighter, his attention peaked, "Cas are you still ticklish?"

"What? No!" the angel sounded insulted at the insinuation.

"You so are!" Dean laughed, launching himself on Cas before he could escape.

Dean used all his skills he'd mastered from being an older brother to soon have Cas in a fit of hysterics under him. Cas could barely produce any legible words in an attempt to make Dean stop.

When Dean finally collapsed worn out beside him neither one of them could wipe the grins off their faces. Cas curled back up into Dean's side, his head resting over Dean's fast paced heart.

Dean snorted to himself as he recalled some of the strange events he'd had to deal with over the past few days. Events that had defiantly caused an emotional roller coaster that Dean had never believed he would be man enough to deal with.

Cas raised a questioning brow at Dean's sound of humor from above him.

"Just thinking," Dean responded, "About the fact that you totally had a complete emotional breakdown."

Cas scowled, "I can hardly be held accountable for my actions Dean. I had the mentality of a child."

Dean laughed, "Seriously though, you had a meltdown on the hood of a car."

Cas withdrew his hands from Dean's body to fold his arms tightly across his chest. "It is not funny Dean." Cas pouted, "Besides I had excellent reasoning."

"You had an absolute tantrum," Dean grinned.

Cas rolled over in defiance, his back now facing Dean firmly. Dean had to duck slightly so his head wasn't swiped by the side of a fast moving wing.

Dean gave another chuckle. He moved up behind Cas, winding his arms around his waist to pull Cas' back flush against his chest, tangling their legs back together.

Dean pressed his lips against the back of Cas' neck, before moving his head next to Cas' ear. "You know, emotional breakdown on the hood of a Chevy," Dean pecked at Cas' soft skin again, "I think that qualifies you as an official Winchester."

Cas couldn't hold back the grin that split his face at Dean's words. Warmth spreading to fill him whole at Dean's adoring tone. Cas turned to look over his shoulder, finding Dean's tender green gaze watching him softly. For the first time in his existence Cas was certain that he was where he was meant to be. Still grinning like a maniac Cas leant forward and sealed his lips with Deans flawlessly.


The transition between travelling and hunting without Cas and now with him was almost faultless.

Sam being the one to pose the only complaint when Dean shoved his brother into the back seat of the Impala, stating that the change would do them good when really he just wanted to be able to keep his hand firmly twined with Cas' as he drove. Motel room stops also had them booking two adjoining rooms instead of their usual one with two queens. As supportive as Sam was, he didn't fancy hearing any nightly activities that his brother and there angel wished to partake in.

Everything else had gone smoothly, Cas' abilities being much more of an assistance than a hindrance when it came to ganking monsters.

It took just under three weeks of the new arrangement of incorporating Cas into their lives before the trickster managed to track the three of them down, looking to check in on his baby bro, Balthazar following closely in tow.

Dean, Sam and Cas had been set up in a motel in south Wyoming, case information spread all around them. Sam and Cas arguing faintly whether there most likely suspect for the attacks on the state was a ghost or a demon. Dean had stopped listening too closely to their words awhile ago and was flicking his way slowly through television channels before the distinct sound of wings came from the corner of the room. The two angels appearing before them wore beaming faces and held mischief in their eyes.

"How ya doin' Cassie?" Gabriel asked, leaning over to ruffle Castiel's hair where he was perched on the corner of the bed.

At the same time Balthazar drawled, "How are our lovebirds?"

Cas and Dean ignored them both firmly as Sam chuckled.

"Sammy!" Gabriel exclaimed with another grin, adding a wink for good measure.

"Whatever you two want, the answer is no." Dean said firmly, turning back to face the television.

"Now that's no way to talk to your no doubt future brother in laws," Gabriel smirked, plopping himself on the couch next to Dean. "The way you two are making at it you'll be hitched before we know it."

Dean rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say Gabriel."

"We just wanted to come and make sure you weren't depriving our Cassie of anything," Balthazar declared, "Can't have you going back to your old denying ways."

"Exactly," Gabriel turned to look at Cas, "Is he pleasing you sexually Cassie?"

Gabriel hooted his laughter and Balthazar smirked as both Dean and Cas went bright red.

"Get out! Both of you," Dean commanded to no effect.

"Oh calm down Dean-o. We're just teasing." Gabriel chuckled again.

Dean stood up and moved away from the ridiculous angel, going to seat himself next to his own less bizarre one. It was times like this that Dean was glad he managed to snag the only seemingly levelheaded angel this side of heaven.

"We actually had a job for the three of you," Balthazar affirmed, "if you're up for it that is."

"What is it?" Sam asked, finally taking some interest in the conversation.

"There's a nest of vampires, their numbers growing steadily, and leaving quite their mark over in Chicago."

"And you can't take care of it yourself?" Sam asked suspiciously.

"Oh you boys know how I don't like getting my hands dirty," Gabriel stated slyly, "Well dirty with monsters anyway."

Sam and Dean exchanged a glance before agreeing, "Suppose we could take a look since you lot are still a bunch of lazy dicks."

"After we're finished here of course," Sam added.

Gabriel smiled at the three of them, "Well, you do happen to have one of our best and brightest siding with you now. A little help here and there would seem only fair."

"You want to trade Cas out for services?" Dean almost growled.

"No," Gabriel stated fairly, "I just need a reason to come check on him every known again. Ensure you're still treating him right."

"Gabriel," Cas began, "You know that is not necessary."

"Well then what can I say. I'd simply be bored without you."

Sam, Dean and Cas all sighed heavily. They knew they were fighting a losing battle when it came to fending Gabriel and his already made plans off.

"Well thanks for everything Gabe. We'll get on your little vamp problem. You can leave now." Dean waved his hand.

"What! No way! You may have a short memory but I'm also here to collect on that date I was promised with the three of you!" Gabriel stated loudly, a cheesy smile once again plastered across his face.

Dean jumped to his feet, Cas and Sam looked on in a state of concern, as they were both certain that Dean was going to be the one coming off second best, as the Winchester finally tried his hand at tackling an over exuberant, cackling, arch angel.