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Oh, and the ages: (do note that Naruto is older than in canon here, after all, this is AU and he's paired with FemItachi)

Kimimaro - 8 years old

Naruto - 5 years old

Izumi - 7 years old

Sasuki - 3 years old

Haku - 7 years old

Bone Deep

written by Steal-yo-Lunch and GaleSynch


He became aware of the pounding laughter as it reverberated throughout the small, underground prison. How many years had it been - how many years since he'd seen the outside world? The answer remained unknown. He couldn't remember the last time he was embraced by the ethereal source of light.

A curtain of spiky white hair draped itself over his forehead. He grew irritated. His right hand shot up, flicking the mane aside. Why? Why, why, why? What did he do to deserve this? Why wasn't he allowed to laugh like the others? Why did he have to stay imprisoned deep within the clan grounds? It's not like he did anything wrong.

Was it his hair? Maybe it was the dots that sat atop his forehead? Once every two days they provided him with nourishment. It was cruel, but at least he had some form of sustenance. He grew angry in his brooding, unintentionally producing a small, wrist-thick dagger. It was crudely sharpened, but it would do the job if need be. He didn't have any parents, or any legal guardian for that matter. Not that he remembered. Maybe it was the brown haired man that gave him food?

Nah. That guys hair was brown, his was white. He often dreamed of breaking out - becoming a free bird, flying away into the happily ever after. Naturally, the hundreds of explosive notes that littered the wooden bars stopped him from doing so. The nature-made barrier wouldn't but up much resistance against someone such as himself - a freak.

Well, he wasn't a freak. He was just... more evolved. Yeah, that sounded right. He was just here because everyone was jealous of him - of what he could do. He fed himself the same lie, constantly. Because having just that small bit of closure was better than questioning his very existence. When were they going to let him out?

Who was he? His head throbbed with pain - his hands clutched at his temples.

-Bone Deep-

"Let go of me, you bastard!"

His legs lashed out in kicks as his arms flailed around, completely missing their intended target. The 'bastard' snarled down at him, his visage of disgust almost radiating.

"Use it - use it again, you little shit!"

He shook his head, adamantly refusing. Who did this bastard think he was? No-one told Kaguya Naruto what to do! He was forced back by a harsh kick. His ribs creaked as he tumbled across the dirt. Naruto snarled, his right hand flicking out. 'Bastard' was forced to dodge as a barrage of white, non-reflective projectiles zoomed past his face. The malicious grin that sprung anew did nothing in deterring the boy. Naruto sprung forward, white, club-like structures sprouting from both arms. Both became a blur as he directed them in an elaborate array of thrusts, all of them missing their mark.

A hand grasped around his throat, lifting him from the ground. He let out a choked gasp as his flailing limbs came to a halt. The 'bastards' predatory eyes roamed him in interest. "You'll do just fine."

-Bone Deep-

He jumped with fright when the cage doors were opened, only to shut seconds later. There was a dull thud, followed by a small whimper. He brought the dagger up, intent on defending himself. He gasped in surprise when a humanoid shape crawled towards him. There wasn't much difference between the two - One had blue eyes, the other had forest green. His tongue lashed out, coating his overly dry lips.

"W-who... who are?" Who are you? The question remained uncompleted. He cursed himself. His voice was cracked - weak, by every stretch. The boy seemed to understand his intentions, though.

"K-Kimimaro... who are you?" His voice was surprisingly soft.

"Kaguya... Kaguya Naruto."

The boy - Kimimaro, gave an absent nod. This boy - he had white hair. He had two dots. Did he do something too?

"How... how come you're down here?"

The boy seemed startled at first, before lowering his head. His hand stretched out as Naruto watched on in fascination. The skin stretched at first, before parting way - making room for the small, dagger-looking object. Naruto gasped as he inspected it. This boy - this boy was like him!

He watched as Kimimaro retreated to his own corner and started hacking away at the cobblestone wall. Naruto didn't hesitate to approach him, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, he felt the bones beneath shifted as Kimimaro jolted. He nudged Kimimaro 'till the older boy was looking at him and swept his hair out of his face, revealing the two red dots on his forehead.

"You... you're just like me..." whispered Kimimaro in awe. "Are you... are you my brother?"

"No idea," Naruto shrugged but then a grin split his face. "But since we're the same, yeah, we could be brothers."

The smile Kimimaro offered Naruto was both heart wrenching and heart warming.

-Bone Deep-

With Kimimaro's arrival, Naruto didn't feel quite as lonely anymore. At first, it was hard for Kimimaro to open up to Naruto, but over time, he did, pouring out all his thoughts, past and dreams to the younger boy. Naruto found that he could empathize, he'd suffered the same, after all. With company came confidence. It didn't take long for Naruto's dream- to be freed of this prison - to rekindle.

He spoke of it, telling Kimimaro - he officially dubbed the boy as his brother - and waited impatiently for the older boy's opinion.

"I don't think we'll be able to escape in the near future," said the pale boy, a thoughtful frown creasing his brows. "And even if we rioted and managed to break free of this place - by the way, we don't even know our way around - where will we go? What will we eat if those guards hadn't fed us food? Where will we stay? What will shelter us from the cold winds and snow of this land?"

He looked pointedly at his 'little brother'. "Well?"

Naruto scowled, pouting as he crossed his arms. If Naruto was the one who charge into things mindlessly, then Kimimaro was the one who planned things out for them. They were like that, balancing one another nicely. If one was in trouble, the other would help. Naruto found that he liked it this way, they were like one body, he was one arm and Kimimaro was the other. Yes, he felt that closely connected to the boy even though it had only been weeks since they met. Hey, an enemy of an enemy was a friend!

"You don't have to be so pes- pessitic- something-"

"Pessimistic," offered Kimimaro kindly, smiling softly at his brother's speech impediment.

"Right, pessimistic" - Kimimaro noted that the boy was pronouncing the word wrongly anyhow - "have some hope! Good things come to those who wait."

"How ironic. You're the most impatient person on the earth. Can you wait, little brother?"

Naruto flushed.

-Bone Beep-

Despite Kimimaro's pessimism, it didn't dampen Naruto's spirit and optimistic nature - not one bit. He was impatient, as his brother said he was, but he was lively and enjoyed keeping his hopes up. And that was what he did, he whispered excitedly of their escape - ignoring how Kimimaro would roll his eyes every time. Evidently, the older boy didn't believe in such crap.

They had a little scuffle about it - but it wasn't something Kimimaro wasn't able to mend, he won Naruto over when he offered the younger boy training. He'd seen the outside world, more so than Naruto had. His mother - or, their mother, since they were supposed to be brothers - knew a lot about his ability and had trained him in secret before she died.

Kimimaro's mother was beautiful, and the woman had passed on all her traits to her son - especially the pessimism. Naruto wasn't like her at all - which made Kimimaro doubt that they were even brothers - but he was fiery, passionate and stuck to his every word. Just like the man who was supposed to be their father. Naruto had his personality, but fortunately, the boy was of good influence. Kimimaro wondered what their mother would think of her younger son.

"Naruto," called the taller boy, placing a hand on his brother's shoulder, tired of hearing their wonderful and completely impossible escapade. "don't you think it's time to stop holding onto those impossible dreams? Why don't you concentrate on your training instead?"

Naruto bristled angrily.

Was his brother implying that he was weak? He growled. "No one mocks my dreams - not even you, brother! I swear, someday I'll get the both of us out of here-!"


Jumping, Naruto whirled around - while Kimimaro merely glanced up - to see who had interrupted their conversation. Naruto was mildly surprise to see one of his jailers - well, that was what Kimimaro called them, he thought that they were their servants since they regularly brought necessities, after all - stumbled in, having unlocked the bar doors.

He was covered in dirt and blood, gasping for breath. Kimimaro narrowed his emerald eyes in suspicion, placing himself before his brother protectively. The bone of his wrist twisted, ready to strike should any harm fall upon them.

"What do you want?"

Naruto allowed himself a shiver. He'd forgotten how terrifyingly cold Kimimaro could be; his brother had always bowed down to his whims, never protesting and only reprimanded him a little - gently. He didn't know his brother could muster such a cold, murderous voice.

The brown-haired man fell back into a bloody gurgle. It made Naruto sick and fascinated all the same.

"Enemy.. attacking - help... bloodline purge..." He slumped forward, collapsing onto the ground. Kimimaro approached him cautiously, circling him before landing on his back nimbly, placing a finger to his neck where he knew pulses were. There was none. He glanced at the man's eyes, merciful enough to shut them over, offering a semblance of peace.

It was nothing new to Kimimaro. He'd seen a lot, his mother had shown and taught him many things before she'd passed on. He glanced at Naruto's curious expression.

"What's wrong with that man?"

"He's dead."

Naruto was fascinated. "Dead?" he echoed excitedly. "Oo... that sounds badass. What's it like?"

"It means you cease to exist," Kimimaro answered sadly, parroting what his mother had said when he asked her the exact same question. "For us, we'd never see one another again if we died." Naruto's excited expression went down the drain when he heard that, to be replaced by horror as he rushed his brother, hugging him tightly. "It's okay," the taller boy soothed his hair, using his most comforting voice to speak. "I won't let one of us die. We won't die. I'll protect you."

Naruto swallowed, he looked up with a new determined light in his eyes.

"No, we'll protect one another. We'll be free now, he left the door unlocked, that means we can run, Aniki!" His blue eyes were bright with hopes of the future that Kimimaro would hate to see disappear. "I'd need a new goal in life then. And you know what? It'd be to protect you and all my precious people!"

"You only have me," said Kimimaro, slightly put out that Naruto might replace him with someone else. "You already have me. Who else do you need?"

"Dunno'," the little boy said, shrugging his shoulders. "But all I know is that we're getting out of here now! Come on, Aniki!" He tugged insistently on the older boy's hand, dragging to the entrance of their prison - it was all they had known for majority of their short lives. Kimimaro almost felt sorry to leave the place he considered quite nice - nicer with his little brother there. It was more comfortable than his last prison.

He hesitated before he took a step forward, out of the cage.

Hand in hand, the brothers ran, promising themselves to never step foot in there again.

-Bone Deep-

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