Journey to the Pit of Carkoon

Leia sitting by Jabbba's side, sitting on the base of his mighty tail, her rear silk skirt flowing down the back of Jabba's tail, Jabba felt Leia's tight, round buttocks against his tail,as her front silk skirt went down in between her legs exposing them. Beside her sat two Jawas next to the scantly clad princess as well, one of whom was fanning her mockingly before the Hutt and his men.

Jabba kept Leia on an extremely short tether while he was slowly going down Leia's naked back with his finger against her spine, who gazed at his luscious prize. Jabba got to her birthmark on her lower right back his finger went in circles around it as he found every part of Leia attractive. The guards, men, and guests spoke of his impressive domination of the princess. Leia looked at them with a look of giving up. Leia felt the cold metal chain against her naked back as Jabba played with it reminding her where her place was. The princess gulped as she sat on Jabba's tail, which was surprisingly firm. Since she knew it was packed with several layers of powerful muscle necessary to propel the Hutt on and off his throne and able to move, but due to his laziness stayed on his throne. Leia could feel the Hutt's life force firing through his nerves and twitching muscles, running from the base of his tail where she was sitting.

Salacious hopped on Jabba's tail next Leia. Leia found Salacious revolting ever since Jabba captured her a month ago. She hated that he was always next to her groping her and mocking her and not letting her sleep at night. Right when he got beside Leia he started running his finger from her ample round, tight buttocks, to her waist slowly moving up to her tight stomach up to her navel going around it a few times, then working his way up to her bra. Leia hated it, she felt like a piece of meat. Salacious stopped and started talking to Jabba to which Leia could not understand but they both looked at her lustfully, but she knew it was about her.

As the party continued, Jabba took a sadistic pleasure using Leia as the star attraction during the trip. The Hutt took great pride in showing her off. Leia sitting on Jabba's tail looking down at her legs, as no matter what she did trying to cover them with the silk would move. The experience reminded her of a time when she had been forced to sit in front of guests as they admired her beauty at a gathering in Alderaan. As Bib played with her ponytail, the memory only became vivid. She remembered there had been one servant that spent so much time doing hair, the servant stroked her hair with a brush, only to find another tangle. The bikini she wore was nothing she's ever have worn in her life.

If it wasn't bad enough she did not like the way she appeared. Instead of the innocent appearance of a princess, Leia looked like a whore. Instead of the wealthy princess tended to by her own servants, she was reduced to the lowest social rank of them all... a slave. Far from the concealing dresses she wore, her gold bikini left little to no imagination. And it left Leia exposed. After all those years of service to the Rebel Alliance, she faced a possibility that she might spend the rest of her life as Jabba's slave. Bib finished touching Leia and flung the ponytail over Leia's shoulder.

Hutts were well known for the way they dressed their slaves to enhance their appearance, but the outfit Leia wore... its only purpose was to expose every inch of her beauty. The gold brassiere it didn't comfort her as it covered the top half of her breasts as the bottom of her breasts are exposed as it accentuated them showing cleavage pushing them together like a push up bra, as the bra cups only covered half her breasts. The brassiere left her back, shoulders, belly, and even her upper curves of her hips completely exposed, while also exposing her birthmark on her lower right back, as a pair of thin black strings ran across her back in an X shape, from her shoulders to under the opposite arm, holding her top in place, and was a little loose, but likely that was the idea.

Jabba had her hair done in a rather big bun pulling her hair back from her face as it was held in place by two gold hair clips that resembled a crown showcasing Leia's status as a princess, and from the bun her hair was done into a long braid secured by a gold hair fastener that dangled suggestively across her shoulder going down to her navel, which symbolized she was a tease, to be shown off.

Leia was also given gold earrings to wear. They had a curious triangular shaped that met at the bottom. Leia had make-up put on her, which included dark red lipstick which symbolized she was a woman with overtly feminine power, on her lips, mascara and eyeliner, plus a bluish eye shadow and plenty of blush on her cheeks, all emphasizing her feminine beauty and sensuality.

The most embarassing aspect of all, however, were the skirts, or...was it even enough to constitute such a word? The lower piece consisted of two wide gold crescent moon Chastity plates covering her front hung suspended just above her pelvis and top half of her buttocks, which were joined together by hip fasteners, loops of gold which formed and open oval, providing a tantalizing view of Leia's flanks which were a bit loose. Leia found it absurd that Jabba had such an expensive outfit made especially for her. Leia did not like the design on the front plate, which portrayed a uterus and ovaries. It was as if the very thing meant to conceal her nudity symbolically exposed her for all to see.

Leia also disliked the upper arm band as it resembled a snake which was a symbol of rebirth and favorite slave to Jabba, the second was an armlet with a hole in the middle which carried significance in the Huttese culture and also.

Leia wore some peanut-colored skin boots, which were made from the hide of a Jerba and outlined with gold. She hated how well they went with the rest of her outfit, but they did keep her feet warm.

When she became Jabba's slave she wore a gold collar to match her gold bikini. The collar had a loop extension where the chain was attached. The collar itself was made specifically for Leia and fit tightly around her neck, Thus even when Jabba wasn't pulling on her chain, Leia could still feel the collar around her neck. The collar's constant presence instilled a slave consciousness in Leia.

The outfit was uncomfortable. The purple Lashaa silk flowed to just about her ankles. Resembling a split-skirt, they didn't conceal much beyond her inner legs, but exposing her legs at the same time and the sides of her butt cheeks, Leia wore nothing underneath, leaving her exposed underneath, with only the silks being her coverage covering only the ultimate regions of her womanhood - barely - and tracing a hint of privacy down the centers of her legs on either side.

An announcement was made over the sail barge's intercom; they were halfway to the Pit of Carkoon. Everyone cheered as Leia was giving up in her mind about being rescued, sitting there half naked, chained to the vile Hutt sitting on his tail. Jabba licked his lips and yanked hard on Leia's chain in excitement. The princess watching in helpless terror, with her lower body on Jabba's tail, he curled it up more so she was more comfortable lying back, she lay on his body, next to his right arm as her body was twisted a bit to the left exposing some of her naked back. Her rear silk now on Jabba's curled up tail, flowed horizontally across his tail exposing her butt cheeks. The front silk remained dangling in front of Jabba's tail exposing her legs as she had her right leg dangling off the base of his tail and the other on his tail but with her knee slightly off it, lying back in the z leg position.

Leia watched the crowd cheering as Jabba's hand found its humiliating destination her shoulder and rubbing the part of her back that was not against his back and then back to Leia's shoulder. She closed her eyes in abhorrence for a moment, with a worried face; her cheek was on Jabba's flesh while feeling the cold chain. Leia giving up, Jabba moved his curled up tail further in, forcing Leia to move her upper body next to Jabba's sluggish armpit, but still lying in the z leg position. Her naked back now fully against Jabba's body. Jabba admired her scantily clad body.

The part of having so many people staring at her which really agitated Leia was the face that so few of them were human. The Gamorians were absolutely repulsive to her, which made it uncomfortable to watch as they stared in her general direction. All of Jabba's men and guests found her alluring.

Salacious spent the next several minutes focused on Leia, the little creature was determined to harass the scantly clad Leia. Salacious pointed at something on top of the ceiling above her and Jabba, but she refused to look back. She felt something wet and slimy brush across her left shoulder... she thought it was Jabba, but Jabba had he hand on her right shoulder. Reacting to the disgust of having saliva slobbered on her body, Salacious took the opportunity to sneak up on a distracted Leia. Staring at the thin black string holding the top in place, Salacious couldn't resist the chance to take it off.

Sensing the creature trying to take it off, Leia knocked him away. Having failed to remove her top, and with his eyes fixed on her, Salacious realized she couldn't do anything about it, Salacious started his advance, moving his hand closer to Leia's exposed butt cheeks, Leia lying still lying on Jabba put her hand into a fist. Leia's collar abruptly pulled back around her neck choking the poor princess. Leia gasped for air as she hated being put on such a short leash. Choking and gasping for air, Leia grabbed her collar with her two hands trying to pull it away from her neck. Despite her effort Leia continued fighting against the collar, just wishing she could break herself free.

Once Crumb realized he was safely in Leia's reach, he groped her naked leg and butt cheeks. Jabba's newest most prized slave grasping the collar around her neck, She stared at Jabba as he pulled on the chain more. Crumb unfortunately had a sick sense of humor, enjoying her humiliation, as she knew Leia wanted to kill him, but also that she was on a leash. Crumb simply laughed at her misfortune.

Leia gave Crumb such a virulent look, which only got more intense as he began laughing, while he moved his hand underneath her front skirt. Seeing such a creature that took joyous pleasure at her expense.. Leia wanted nothing more than to hurt the little monkey lizard as he groped her.

Suddenly Leia felt that tongue again on her navel. Between Crumb and that tongue, Leia moved her upper body further up Jabba's now her upper body lying in front of him as her lower body was slightly turned the opposite way, exposing part of her back once again. It was then she realized it wasn't Jabba. The long tongue was hanging from something right above her. She looked up and found a creature hanging from the ceiling, unaware that it was a sapient creature called Ghoel.

Jabba stopped pulling on her chain and moved his hand inside Leia's bra touching her firm breasts, Leia had been lying against Jabba as she did not have leverage to pull away from him, because he constantly pulled her chain. Actually enjoying her humiliation, Jabba chuckled as the scantly clad slave princess lied on his back, slowly starting to give up. Looking down onto Leia "Ghoel has a wicked tongue, my beautiful princess. He only licks people he likes... Which means he must like you."

Leia thinking to herself, lustfully liking me, oh how she hated her outfit. Leia found it difficult to maintain her composure in the presence of a giant slug that handled her like a piece of meat. She wasn't willing to have a close friend die because she was too embarrassed to wear a gold bikini and be Jabba's slave girl for a month.

Unfortunately, it made her predicament that much worse. And the more Jabba touched her, the more resentment she had towards Han. Jabba's stubby hand began to descend to her stomach, feeling those stubby fingers rubbing her tight stomach, going around her navel, Jabba was saying something but Leia could not understand him. The guests looked Leia's molestations. Leia had shown false obedience on several occasions since her introduction to her new life.

She heard stories of the Hutts enslaving woman at sixteen years old, forcing them to be his entertainment and his personal slave girl, with no sympathy towards them only treating them like property and saleing them off and buying new ones.

Jabba spoke very passionately to her in Hutteese. " Now, my princess, all well be well as soon as your powerful friends are executed." Laughing at her demise. Leia wanted nothing more than to get away from Jabba. She just remained silent as she lay there with part of her body on Jabba's curled up tail and her upper body against Jabba's flesh by his armpit, with her lower body partially twisted exposing her rear for everyone to see.

Knowing he had Leia's interest, Jabba patted the side of her face in an affectionate way. As his palm touched her left cheek, Leia hating every moment of this. Jabba noticed the way Leia's face scrunched up and thought it would be amusing to continue patting her cheek to great excess.

The gesture wasn't the least bit hurtful, but it drove Leia to the most extreme levels of annoyance as he did it to great excess. Moments enduring the Hutt's palm against her cheek. Leia's face began turning red, and Jabba chuckled from the amusement.

Having lied against Jabba for while on his throne. Leia closed her eyes desperately sought to regain her composure. With no idea what Jabba had in store for her, all that she could do was recuperate from the incidents of psychological trauma. This was no doubt the most unpleasant experience she had ever gone through and what have to endure, and Leia knew she needed to accept what was probably inevitable. Being Jabba's property meant that she could be violated in any way at any moment, from what she had experienced this past month.

It wasn't fear so much as dread that went through her mind. Leia knew she would have to live through this hellish place, yet couldn't know for certain what condition she'd be in after it was over. The problem pleasing Jabba did nothing to help Luke's rescue effort. She cringed inside, deeply regretting freeing Han and getting caught. Maybe Jabba might have captured her in any event, but at least it wouldn't have been due to any fault of her own. Ever since the capture she couldn't stop cursing herself for falling into such an obvious trap.

Jabba loosened his grip on her leash, he gestured to her to sit in front of him on the throne. The princess shuffled in her place on the throne, on the pillows provided her by Jabba, sitting in a submissive position, she felt his tail brushing against her naked leg, she didn't bother adjusting the skirts, letting the rear skirt flow across Jabba's tail, while the front skirt draped over the throne with her leg on top of it. While the party on the sail barge continued, Jabba had had at least ten business dealing, On two occasions he ordered the guards to take away some visitors for the execution. Leia sat miserably as they would hysterically plead for mercy in front her.

Jabba was lastly approached by Mara Jade the dancer that appeared to her and Jabba at the palace; who put on her best innocent dancing girl face for him. "Your Exaltedness?" she timidly spoke. Jabba's head turned to face her. I'm Mara, your Exaltedness. One of your dancers. Mara discussed Leia's fate with the mighty Hutt.

"You worry too much, Mara," Jabba mused. "I doubt the Empire would mind if I had the princess."

Leia sitting on the space she had available on the throne glanced at Mara, as she knew she would be safer with Jabba than the Empire. Jabba kept her on a tight tether.

"You don't realize how much they want her," Mara explained." Almost as much as Skywalker. You shouldn't risk angering the Empire over a mere woman."

"She's no mere woman, Mara." Pulling on Leia's chain to the crushing point, as Leia is pulled back slowly, her stomach tightening. She's a princess from Alderaan. Leia craned her neck to avoid falling back, but the pressure on her throat was too much, and she shut her eyes in pain. And it's not like there's a lot of them left out there now," Jabba chuckled. Loosening his grip on the chain as Leia fell back into place.

Leia stared down at Mara's feet as Jabba Spoke. She couldn't even look at her in the face, so ashamed at what she had become this past month. What had Luke thought of her, knowing what she had willingly done with Jabba? More importantly, what would Han think if he saw her like this?

Mara sighed. " You'd be better off handing her over to the Empire and collecting the bounty."

Bah! Jabba shouted, Leia felt the hairs on her neck rise at this as a fearful memory echoed deep in her brain. Leia started to turn to Threepio, but then Jabba tugged violently on her chain; she was caught off guard, and it was only her outstretched hands that managed to stop her from falling onto Jabba's bulk. Behind her, Jabba snarled that there would be no bargain, and in pain, Leia straightened, glaring hopelessly at Mara. Jabba rubbed Leia's shoulder as she slowly got back up.

Bib Fortuna stood next to Leia, looking at her, wide eyed, silently disagreeing.

C-3PO translating for Jabba. The great Jabba the Hutt says you are to leave him now," C-3PO spoke. " He says a landspeeder will be placed at your disposal, and that you are not to be seen here again."

Mara found it useless to try and influence Jabba. She noticed the scantily clad Leia in misery, as Leia gave her a quick glance back. Mara realizing Jabba is right in keeping Leia in that she deserves the rightful position as Jabba's slave girl and that he would humiliate her more than the Empire can do, just by keeping her in the bikini, chained to the neck, with the life of servitude. Mara humbly bowed and thanked the Hutt, leaving them.

Mara, "Thank you Master Hutt, I believe she is better off in your position anyway, than in the hands of the empire."

An announcement came on the intercom saying they are an hour away from the Sarlac Pit.

Jabba stroked Leia's back as she sat there submissively. Jabba jerked the chain; Leia closed her eyes, looking back at Jabba in annoyance. Leia wanting to see her friend one last time before they left her life, but still hoping Luke's plan will work. But Jabba kept her close not let her leave.

Jabba looking at Leia. Speaking in Hutteese. Bib Fortuna translating for Leia, lifting her chin up, "The great Jabba the Hutt says you can go see your friends one last time," Leia smiled. Jabba gestured her to go watch them. Bib moved aside. Leia slowly got up, standing beside Jabba, as he kept her on a very short tether. Speaking, " Your friends will die and your powerful friends with no longer be here beautiful Leia," Jabba laughed sadistically. Leia turned her head giving him a quick glance of anger and dispair.

Jabba placed his left hand on Leia's back, relishing it's touch as his drool ran down his mouth. His hand moved down from her back to the princess's soft, round, tight buttocks, which then he gave a small squeeze, As he did this Leia came to realize what would be in store for her if Luke's plan failed. Knowing full well what she had been put through this past month.

Jabba loosened Leia's leash giving her more leeway of what the chain allowed her. She moved forward of the throne slowly getting off as Jabba gave her more slack. As the princess walked away from him, he admired her scantily clad body; The swaying of her Lashaa skirt as it exposed the sinuous movements of her hips and rear, and her naked back, licking his walking in between everyone who had taunted her, looked at her lustfully as she walked to the window. Ree- Yees walked in front of Leia stopping her.

Wrapping his right arm over her shoulder holding her close to him as the other arm roamed her half naked body. "I shall enjoy seeing you more often once your friends are executed. Leia looking at him with a face of disgust, not understanding him. She knew all his men found her attractive and wanted their way with her but Jabba wouldn't allow it as she was his and only his. Ree-Yees lastly putting his hand in one of the bra cups caressing her firm breast. Leia closed her eyes fighting the sensation that ran through her, as she was nothing more than a slave having been humiliated since the day of her capture. Opening her eyes the alien creature let her go, Leia walking away, he managed to reach underneath her rear silk skirt squeezing her rear before she left his sight in the crowd.

Leia walked to the slatted window, that was off to the side and not directly across Jabba's view, but more or less Jabba could see her. Leia reached with her left hand at window frame of the opened window gripping it with her hand. Through the slatted window, she could see the small skiff carrying her friends out of what has to be their doom.

Behind her, she could hear the Hutt chuckling to himself. At one point, he tugged on her chain, which made her flinch and look back at him in annoyance. Simply grabbing up a blaster and frying the overgrown slug wasn't going to be good enough. Not enough punishment for what he'd done to her and her loved ones, let alone the pain and degradation he's caused for her. Not only should he be the one to die out there, she thought, but also learn a new definition of pain and suffering.

There was a small group of guests gathered around Leia admiring her lustfully, as she stood by the window. Ortugg one of Jabba's Gamorrean guards drooled as he looked up and down her body; The breeze from the opened windows slightly lifted her rear skirt, exposing her rear. Jabba jerked her chain, glancing back at him.

Ortugg couldn't hold it in anymore, grabbing Leia putting both hands over her shoulders holding her from behind, Jabba noticing pulling on her chain slowly, causing Leia to choke as the force of the chain was going against the force of Ortugg holding her. Ortugg moved his big right hand from her lower back starting from her birthmark, slowly going up, while smelling her, then moving on to her shoulder rubbing it, enjoying her smooth skin. Leia helplessly holding on to her collar with one hand as it dug deeper into her throat gagging her. Moving to her brassiere groping Leia's firm breasts slowly; she couldn't do anything to stop him as she had of her arms held by his and the other on the collar. Ortugg moved his hand to her tight stomach feeling it as he had the temptation to take off the two pieces of her bikini right there, but knew Jabba wouldn't allow it as she was his. With his index finger went around her navel, Leia struggling to breathe, choking and grasping the collar for air.

Leia thought to herself, she didn't deserve this humiliation, but she couldn't do anything about it as she might have to accept the face she will become Jabba's slave permanently after the execution if Luke's plan fails. Hating that Jabba had made her wear this bikini that was specifically made for her, exposing her for all to see, chained to the neck, made out to be a whore, the molestations from Jabba and his courtiers.

Leia closed her eyes, as he moved his hand down her her front plate rubbing her pussy. Trying to ignore the sensation, she moaned as he rubbed it slowly. Lastly moved his hand to her rear messaging her tight, round, smooth cheeks.

Jabba stopped pulling on Leia's chain, but enjoyed that the fact that his slave was further being humiliated and that his men enjoyed her. Shouting at Ortugg, "Let her be!," Letting go of her. Leia without looking back at Ortugg or Jabba looked back out the window, catching her breathe. The group around her still stood there enjoying the view she provided.

Moments later, the drunken Jabba pulled on the chain again, with all his force, propelling her body backward, causing her to gag on the collar. She managed to turn so she could see what was coming, not that she wanted to. She just managed to leap onto Jabba's dais. She stopped short of running right into Jabba, throwing her hands out to halt her progress, and poised to push herself away. There was a sudden cold sensation on the back of her left shoulder, which forced her closer. She had noticed Bib Fortuna standing close by the last time she looked back, so she assumed it was his hand that kept her in place. She arched her back to keep her face as far as possible away from Jabba's, but thanks to his majordomo's efforts, it did not help her. Jabba grinned lecherously at her, and began to speak,"Soon you will learn to appreciate me lovely Leia."She could not make out what he was saying, and Threepio was nowhere around to translate. He picked up a goblet of wine from the table beside him and held it up to her lips, his hand over her shoulder pushing her closer, Leia put her right hand on his big chubby hand, that contained the drink, Jabba tipping it so the liquid ran into her mouth, she swallowed it as quickly as she could. Jabba's hand moved to her waist, as she was forced to continue drinking. Jabba's guests looking at the scantly clad Leia. The taste, acidic and unpalatable as it was, stayed on her tongue for a second. The Hutt caressed her face and back with his hand once more.

Bib interrupting Jabba letting him know they were just a few minutes away. Jabba slacking her chain, Leia stood next right by Jabba's side; keeping the chain taught. Feeling her collar pulled back against her neck, feeling his hand stroking her naked back during the time remaining to the Pit of whole procession began to slow down, and soon Leia could see what surely be the Pit of Carkoon, and the long tentacles of the Sarlaac waving menacingly out of it.

The next few minutes passed without any torment from Jabba. Leia had a feeling he was saving the worst for later, Leia standing next to him on the throne, keeping a her on a short tether. Threepio was summoned to Jabba's side and picked up the microphone. Threepio had apparently been told beforehand what to say. Telling Threepio to speak.

There was a slurping sound behind Leia, and Jabba tugged her chain, a silent reminder of her place.