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Chapter – 6

Live in the moment

It was finally the end of the last class, all the students cheered in excitement, some random student cheered, "Finally, the weekend." The boy who cheered got smacked in the head real hard by Mr. Kakashi, who pointed out that it was hardly Wednesday. The boy looked away in embarrassment and rushed out the door. Kakashi just sighed at the boy's enthusiasm.

Meanwhile as soon as class had ended Gaara had rushed out the door to look for Hinata. After the incident with Sasuke, she had not attended classes and she was missing ever since.

Gaara frantically made his way into Neji's class looking for him. Neji who was deeply engrossed in his book looked up from it to meet Gaara's panicky eyes. Neji rose up in alarm; he promptly asked Gaara what the matter was.

Gaara bowed his head down in regret and slowly spoke, "Hinata… I can't seem to find her." Neji grabbed onto the red-haired boys collar and brought him to eye level and spoke with a voice that could easily be identified as: anger, "Where is she?"

Gaara put his head down again and slowly answered, "I don't know. She's been gone since lunch."

Neji raised his hand from his collar and almost punched Gaara on his face, but Tenten stepped in at the right moment and stopped him.

Neji glared at Gaara with a look that could kill. If looks could kill, Gaara would have died multiple times that very minute.

"What happened?" Tenten said while holding Neji back, she was trying her best in calming the older cousin. Usually for Tenten this would not be a problem, but knowing Hinata is involved, nobody dare have an opinion. Neji could kill for his baby sister. (A/N: Neji sees Hinata as his little sister, rather than a cousin)

Class had ended a while back, but the classroom wasn't entirely empty. A certain dark haired boy sat, sorting out his thoughts.

'Was she crying, because of me? Why?' these questions clogged the mind of this boy. Sasuke Uchiha... The Sasuke Uchiha, the ruthless, heartless, good looking, bastard, actually cared about someone. More importantly that someone was a girl, who was none other than our very own Hinata Hyuuga. 'No... She just seemed normal' he tried convincing himself, 'and she wasn't aiming for me or even my affection. Unlike most girls, she wasn't trying to rape Me.' he finally concluded. 'Yes! That's the reason I'm concerned, concerned like I'm for Naruto.'

A thought bubble formed over Sasuke's head. 'You're a pain in the ass Naruto.'

'Yeah... Maybe I don't give a shit about Naruto.' he reminded himself.

He was thoroughly frustrated; he got up from his seat and walked out of the room, not before glancing at Hinata's bench. Something tugged at his heart. Somehow Sasuke felt responsible for making her cry and also miss classes.

Sasuke aimlessly wandered around the corridor. He passed classroom after classroom. All of them seemingly empty, until... He came across a classroom, 'not so empty'.

Usually Sasuke would walk past such a classroom, but the occupants of this classroom were rather interesting. So Sasuke stopped in his track and moved closer to the door, in order to listen or as he would say observe. Now, Sasuke wasn't a peeping tom, 'peoples despair is important, in order to rule the world.' he reminded himself, as to why he was standing here in the first place.

"Where is she?" Neji asked sternly.

"I don't know. It happened in a flash. I didn't have time to react" Gaara said regretfully.

"Where did you last see her?"

"She was with me till lunch. But then..."

"But then?"Neji asked questioningly.

Sasuke paid close attention to the conversation, hoping to find out Hinata's location. 'By the look of it, they don't know either.' he facepalmed himself.

"Naruto and Sasuke appeared out of nowhere. Sasuke said something", Gaara said sounding unsure, "it probably upset her. I don't know."

"Uchiha Sasuke?" Tenten asked doubtfully.

"How many other Sasuke's are there in the school?" Neji asked sarcastically.

Tenten rubbed the back of her head, while sticking out her tongue, "I was making sure."

Sasuke shook his head in disbelief, 'and to think Neji is a genius.' Sasuke decided that this was pointless; he turned to his heel and started walking away. Just then, Neji spoke, "Gaara did you forget?!"

Sasuke stopped in his trail now, trying to fully concentrate on what Neji had to say.

"Did you forget the reason?" Neji said again, this time sounding even more serious, if that was even possible.

The room had gone silent; Sasuke slowly peeked in to look. He was met with the sight of Gaara with his head down and slowly shaking it. Almost as if, gesturing a yes.

Gaara slowly spoke up, "If it weren't for Hinata, I would not be alive."

Sasuke was utterly confused. 'Was she a bodyguard or something?' he wondered. 'Nah! That's impossible, everyone seems to be protecting her,' he reminded himself.

Tenten was the one to speak up this time, "I know she saved you, but who did she save you from?"

"From myself!" Gaara said.

"Uh... How?'"

"It was the night of the 2nd July", Gaara slowly started, "It was raining, the hospital terrace was a slippery place due to the rain, I had been standing on the railing."

Tenten raised a hand to her mouth, 'I-I-impossible.' she said, horrified.

"It's true... I had nothing to live for." Gaara said sadly, "I had been standing on the railing, looking straight down at my doomed fate. I had no reason to live, my father tried to kill me, just because I was different. I looked different. Unlike my brother and sister, I was considered a demon. Everyone hated me. I paid no heed to it, but when my own family tried to kill me, I had no reason to live."

"Just when I was about to jump, the door of the terrace opened. I didn't really care." Gaara spoke, while Tenten looked on with horror, meanwhile Sasuke sweat dropped at the grueling flashback.

Gaara continued, "I decided to look back one last time, in a way I was saying goodbye to a world that was unaware about my presence. I saw a beautiful girl dancing in the rain. She was wearing hospital clothes, just like me, but she danced like there was no worry in the world. For that moment I had forgotten the reason why I had wanted to die. For her that moment was hers and nobody could take it away from her."

Tenten looked at Gaara with surprise, while Sasuke could feel his heart race.

"Our eyes met. Her eyes... It was then I realized, that this girl had seen hard times and maybe even worse than me. Her eyes held emptiness. Like she had lost something and she was hurting, but at the same time her face was deceiving the world. Her face smiled like she had no worries, while her heart cried."

"Her gaze was hypnotic. I didn't realize I had gotten off the railing... I was standing in front of this goddess. I just had to stretch my hand and I could reach her."

Gaara had a smile on his face, a genuine smile. Tears started to well up in Tenten's eyes. Sasuke couldn't seem to find the strength in his feet; he sat down and placed his back to the door. As if trying to support the weight of what he had just heard.

"I have been in love with this goddess of life, ever since." Gaara said sadly. "But, even I know that she isn't someone I could have."

Tenten appeared confused, "what do you mean?"

"She likes someone else. More importantly, she is true to the person she likes." Gaara replied distantly.

"Where do you think she went?" Neji cut in.

"Her special place, probably."

"And where would that be?" Tenten asked doubtfully.

"Nobody knows." Neji stated blankly.

'That's helpful!' Sasuke cursed mentally.

Sasuke got up and decided to leave, 'I gotta find her myself.' he decided.

Sasuke frantically looked into every classroom. He ran out to the front gate. The playground, the staff room and every possible place he could think off. He still couldn't find her. He was out of breath and Hinata was out of sight.

He leaned against a tree in order to catch his breath, ''who knew finding a girl was so much more?'' he asked to no one in particular.

He wiped sweat off his forehead and looked up at the setting sun, and then it hit him. Sasuke ran back into the school. He hurriedly made his way up the stairs. 'She has to be there.' he thought mentally, 'those idiots back then must have rubbed off on me.'

He ran up another flight of stairs, and finally arrived at his destination. He pushed past the terrace door and came face to face with the dark haired beauty, who was quite startled at the sudden appearance of an intruder.

Her eyes widened when she realized her intruder was none other than Sasuke Uchiha. The cold bastard, who was the reason behind her being MIA.

Her expression had changed from a startled one to that of a stern one. She turned her back to the Uchiha and ordered him, "Leave me alone!"

Sasuke couldn't believe that the girl, for whom he had been looking all over campus, had been within legs running reach. 'Hinata Hyuuga you troublemaker, you had everyone worried.' he sighed to himself gladly.

The next thing Sasuke did was unthinkable, he walked close to Hinata. He stood there behind her, taking in the scent of her long hair that was flowing his way, due to the wind.

He moved closer and wrapped his strong arms around her. Hinata was taken aback by surprise. Normally she'd be angry, but her heart was racing and her face was beet red. She couldn't quite tell, why.

She quickly turned behind to meet Sasuke's coal eyes. Sasuke had a smirk on his face at Hinata's reaction.

Sasuke moved closer to her face, Hinata turned a brighter shade of red and she took a few steps back. Sasuke moved closer. She moved a few more steps away. Sasuke moved closer. Hinata's retreat was short-lived when her back met with the terrace wall. Sasuke moved in closer and put both his on either side, building a lock to not let his victim escape. ''Gotcha!'' he said playfully coming close to her face.

Hinata had finally reached her ultimate boiling point. Her face was so hot and red. She did the most obvious thing there is. She fainted.

Sasuke was on time to catch her. 'Geez! This girl is going to be the death of Me.' he cursed himself, 'but for now, I shall live in the moment.'

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