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Okay, I know this probably isn't the best. The idea came to me and I wrote down the idea, but not the story. So I'm struggling to get this out. Plus, I didn't want Spike's dad to die. Anyway, thanks for reading.


Spike's personal phone rang again, and he looked down at the caller id to see it was his mom. He knew she would just keep calling if he didn't answer. ''Ma, you can't call-. What do you mean? Fog. No they're supposed to go home today.'' Spike could hear Greg in his ear. ''Ma, I can't-. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, as soon as I can.''

Raf walked up to Spike. ''Everything okay, man?''

Running his hand through his hair, he let out a long sigh. ''Yeah. My parents had some friends fly in from Italy. They were supposed to go home today, but their flight got canceled due to fog. Fog, for crying out loud. Pilots fly through clouds all the time, what's the big problem with fog?''

''The pilot can't see where to land or take off at - and flying through clouds isn't exactly recommended. What's the big deal with them staying an extra day or two?''

''The big deal is that my parents are trying to set me up with their daughter. Not subtly, either. I mean, I never realized how two people who have nothing in common, can 'have so much in common'. Oh, and Maria, the daughter, keeps giving me these googly eyes. Her and Ma are starting a wedding book, why I don't know, unless they have someone in mind to propose, because it's not going to be me.'' Spike huffed, trying to refill his lungs with air.

''Wow. Sounds ...'' Raf trailed off not knowing what to say.

''I'm sorry, buddy. I didn't mean to go off like that. I'm just real stressed. I was looking forward to them leaving today. To be able to wake up in the morning without Maria sitting in a chair beside my bed, staring at me and stroking my hair.''

''Wait, I thought you and Sam's sister were dating?''

''We are.''

''So your parents are trying to set you up, even though you're already dating someone?''

''Are you kidding? I didn't tell my parents about me and Nat.''

''Why not?''

''I wouldn't be allowed to date her if I did - she's not Italian.''

''Oh. So what did your mom say? How much longer are they staying for?''

''Two days. Conveniently, they managed to catch a night time plane. So we get to spend the full two days together. That, and I'm supposed to pick up some stuff at the store for dinner.''

''Spike, any news yet with the bomb.'' Greg asked trying to bring Spike back to the present. He knew his bomb tech was frustrated about something this past week, and now he knew. Venting is good - but disabling the bomb first was top priority.

''No, nothing. Sorry Boss. Hey Boss?''

''Yeah Spike.''

''Can I go home with you?''