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Two things really quick: I re-watched 'Keep The Peace (1&2) the other day and realized Dean's girlfriend's name is Mira. For some reason I thought it was Myra, so I apologize if I confused anyone. Two, I was wondering if anyone could write a Dr. Toth/Dr. Laura pairing. I think it would be very interesting, to say the least, but I'm not that good with writing romance. Anyway, on to the story. Thanks for reading.


''Soph, babe, I gotta go to work, alright. I'll see you later.'' Ed softly nudged his wife to tell her goodbye before he left.

''Hmm.'' Sophie rolled over and looked at the clock. 2:45am. ''I didn't think you had the early shift this week.''

''I didn't, but most of Team 2 caught the flu, so we're working a double.'' Ed leaned down a gave her a quick kiss. ''I love you.''

''Love you too.'' She watched him walk out of the room before grabbing his pillow to snuggle with. She had just gotten in a comfortable enough position to go back to sleep in when she heard an ear piercing scream. Jumping out of bed, she ran down the stairs and to the laundry room, where she saw her husband standing against the door leading to the garage, as if preventing someone from getting in.

Ed was mumbling to himself and breathing hard. ''What's that thing doing in there?''

Understanding dawned on Sophie and she walked over Ed to try and calm him down. ''Ed, honey, just breath, it's okay.''

''What's it doing here Soph?'' He demanded, still struggling to catch his breath.

''Dad? Mom? What's going on?'' Clark asked worriedly, standing in the threshold of the laundry room.

''Clark, go back upstairs, now. Lock the door - and make sure the windows are shut!'' He shouted the last part at an already retreating Clark.

''Ed, honey, calm down, okay. Listen, why don't I go get your car, pull it out in the driveway, and you can get in out there. Alright, no need to go in the garage.''

''Can't we just throw it out?''

''No. The Johnson's will be back later to pick it up. Just go through the front door and meet me in the driveway.'' She pulled his keys out of his hand and gave him a slight push toward the laundry room door. Then she went out into the garage, cranked his car, opened the garage door and pulled it out to where he was standing.

''Thanks Soph. I'm sorry if I scared you.'' Ed said, giving her a tight hug.

''It's okay. I should have warned you,'' she kissed him on the check before pulling away.

''Can you check on Clark for me? Make sure he didn't call the cops?''

''Yeah. You better go before you're late. Be safe.'' They shared one more kiss before he got in the car.

''Love you,'' he said, after rolling down the window.

''Love you.'' Sophie waited until he turned the corner before going back into the garage and shutting it behind her. She walked over to a small cage near the door and unlocked the latch. Reaching inside, she pulled out a fluffy white cat and cradled it close to her chest. ''Sorry about that. He's not real fond of cats.''