Rin was so happy; he'd finally beaten Haru.

How's that, Haru? I finally beat you!

Rin walked out of the showers and headed to the soda machine that was down the hallway, sitting on one of the nearby benches.

"Matsuoka-senpai!" Rin's gray-haired kouhai pranced up to him, "Good job with your race! You beat Nanase-san!" Nitori smiled. Rin smirked, drying his hair off a bit with his small red towel.

"Of course I did. Now, go do well in your event, Nitori."

"Alright, senpai!" Nitori ran past Rin to get prepared for his event. He watched Nitori run off before leaving his seat to head for the stands. Suddenly, he heard voices from the direction he was heading.

"Calm down, Rei!"

"Aren't you worried about Haruka-senpai!?"


Rin looked up to see his old friends, along with that one guy with glasses he didn't know. "You guys?" The three of them looked at Rin, unsure of what to say to the guy who just crushed their best friend. Before they could say anything, Rin spoke. "Right, you're all swimming in the tournament-"

"Hey, Rin-chan…Have you seen Haru-chan?" Nagisa asked, cutting him off.

"Haru?" Why would he be asking me about Haru? More importantly, why would I care now that I've won?

"He hasn't come back yet…" Nagisa continued.

Full of pride, Rin laughed. "Was losing to me that big of a shock?" A bit pissed, Rei gave Rin a harsh glare. The hell is his problem, looking at me like that? "He was the one who said that he didn't care about winning or improving his time." Rin explained.

Suddenly, Rei realized what upset Haruka. "He's not upset about losing." Rei said, placing his hand on his chin, "There must be some other reason…"


Like you would know. You don't even know Haru, newbie.

Getting more and more pissed off by the second, Rin glared at Rei. "What else matters in swimming other than winning!?"

"There is more." Makoto butted in, "At least, Haru thought there was something more. That's why he wanted to race you."


"And I'm pretty sure you're the one who taught him what that something was." Makoto continued.

What? What is he saying? I taught Haru? Rin was speechless; he wasn't quite sure what Makoto was trying to say.

"When we swam in that relay in grade school, you-"

"What do I care!?" Rin interrupted, tired of listening to Makoto's preaching, "I beat Haru! That's all that matters." He stomped away, not listening to another word.

Back on the bus for Samezuka, Rin was thinking about what Makoto had said. He thought of how hurt Haru looked when he told Haru that he would never swim with Haru again.

For some reason…Seeing his face like that makes my chest hurt, like it's aching.

Rin was so irritated right now. And what pissed him off the most was that newbie acting as if he knew Haru.

That newbie, what was his name? Rei? Who the hell does he think he is? Just 'cause he joined their swim team he thinks he knows them better than I do…

Rin's thoughts were interrupted by his team returning to the bus. "Ah! Matsuoka-senpai, so this is where you were!" Nitori came and sat in the seat next to Rin.

Tch, and now I have to deal with him.

"Yeah, I didn't feel good so I came back to the bus." Rin reclined his chair and turned away from the younger boy, hoping that'd shut him up.

"Oh, okay…" Getting the 'leave me alone' vibe from Rin, Nitori decided to be quiet.

This is going to be a long ride home…

(Dialouge was taken from the anime and I do not take credit for that.)