Makoto had Haru pinned up against the wall of the hallway, kissing the lips that Rin had claimed as his. "Get the hell away from him!" Rin rammed into Makoto, knocking him to the ground.

"Rin!" Haru cried, running to him. Rin took Haru into his arms, embracing Haru.

"I'm sorry it took me so long."

"I was waiting for you, you know."

"I know." Rin smiled.

"You know, I'm still here." Makoto stood up and rubbed his cheek.

Rin pushed Haru behind him. "And can I ask why the hell are you here in the first place?" Rin glared at his old friend.

"I could be asking you the same question. Why are you here when you were the one who hurt Haru by having a fling with Nitori?" Makoto shot back.

"Oh, I see. You and Nitori had some shit planned to split us apart, huh? Well, it ain't gonna happen! Haru's mine!" Rin declared.

"He's yours!? I was here for him when you weren't! And now that you're back, he immediately goes to you! Was everything I did for nothing!?" Makoto ran at Rin, his fist aimed right at Rin's face.

"Watch out!" Haru jumped in front of Rin at the last second, taking the blow.

"Haru!" Rin caught him before he fell to the ground. "What the hell were you thinking!?"

"I wanted you two to stop fighting…" Haru stood up to face Makoto. "Makoto, I appreciate everything you've done for me until now. You've been the best friend I could ever ask for, but I don't and never will see you in the way you want me to. I've always felt something for Rin, even when he was away, and I'm just now realizing these feelings. Please don't take this away from me, Makoto. This is the first time I've ever wanted something this much."

Makoto was shocked speechless. This was the first time Haru had ever stood up to him. Understanding now that no matter what he said or did, he wouldn't get what he wanted. "Thank you, Haru. I understand now…I'll see you later." Makoto left, not wanting to be around them any longer.

(Haru's P.o.V.)

Haru was sitting in Rin's lap, facing him. His arms were wrapped tightly around Rin's neck and his head was resting atop Rin's. Rin had his strong arms wrapped around Haru. I love being held like this…Rin always makes me feel so safe and warm. I love him so much…

"Haru, let me look at your face." Rin pushed Haru back a bit. Haru turned his head so that Rin could see his injured cheek. His cheek was swollen and was a dark purple. Rin kissed Haru's cheek. "I'm sorry, Haru…"

"I'm sorry too…" Haru pulled Rin's face to his and kissed Rin.

"Haru…" Rin kissed his black-haired lover back. Their kiss was long and loving, neither wanting to pull away for air. Rin pulled away first, but went back to kissing Haru instantly. This time though, Haru was the one to stick his tongue in the other's mouth. Rin, of course, let Haru do as he pleased, curling his tongue around Haru's and gently nipping it from time to time.

Haru's lower half was feeling hot. He was becoming impatient and really wanted Rin to touch him. Haru began to grind his hips against Rin's, earning him a muffled groan from Rin. Rin grabbed Haru's hips and made him move faster, the both of them becoming hard.

Before continuing, they removed their clothing. Haru returned to Rin's lap, flinching when his erection touched Rin's. "You're rather sensitive, aren't you?" Rin whispered, licking the shell of Haru's ear. Haru shivered, moaning in response to Rin's question. Rin sucked on the nape of Haru's neck while his hands roamed all over Haru's body.

It feels so good…If only we could stay like this forever… Haru's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden pleasurable feeling to his lower region. Rin was teasingly running his finger up and down Haru's erection. "N-no, Rin! Don't-!" Haru begged; the teasing only making him want more.

"But you know you like it." Rin smirked, grabbing Haru's erection before stroking it.

"Ngyah! No, R-rin!" Haru dug his fingers into Rin's shoulders. Rin didn't do this last time, so this was a new sensation for him.

"You're so cute, Haru. I love it when you moan my name; keep it up and I'll reward you nicely." Rin's free hand reached around to Haru's ass, sticking in one finger while his stroking got faster.

"W-wah! Don't do both at once!" Haru cried. He couldn't handle it, being pleasured in both spots. But Rin refused to listen to Haru's protests. He put in a second finger and made his strokes harsher. "Rin, pl-please! I'm going to-!"

"Not yet." Rin removed his fingers and stopped his stroking. He grabbed Haru's hips and lifted him up. "Here I come, Haru." Rin pulled Haru down on him, although not too harshly. Haru mewled from the pain, still not used to the feeling. "I know it hurts, but I'll be making you feel good real soon." Rin assured Haru. He thrust his hips up and down, trying his best to accustom Haru to Rin's entering him.

It hurts…but I don't want him to stop. Haru also moved his hips to the same rhythm as Rin, wanting them both to feel good. The feeling of pain was replaced with pleasure. Rin's thrusting became quicker and harder, making it impossible for Haru to keep up. He felt so good, so lost in bliss that he didn't know what to do. He was so close to climaxing. "R-rin, I…I'm-!"

"I know, Haru…Me too-!" Both of them came at the same time. Rin removed himself from Haru, moving to a laying down position with Haru on top of him. "Are you okay?" Rin panted, trying to catch his breath. Haru only nodded, worn out. Rin ran his hands down Haru's smooth back. "I love you, Haru…I really do. I've wanted to ask and I know this is a weird time, but how much do I mean to you?"

Haru smiled, answering with:

"You're more important than swimming."