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Ch. 1Instant Crush

I was brought to consciousness by my two roommates whisper shouting in my room. I clenched my eyes shut and turned my back on them because I knew what they were doing. They were trying to lighten up my mood and get my mind off the fact that I Santana Lopez was dumped, and horribly I might add. I understand they're concern I really did but...

No no no...

Rachel's bubbly voice rang through the quietness of my room. "Rise and shine! Santana".

I kept my eyes firmly shut and my body curled within myself. I didn't have to work today, I paid my rent on time, and I chip in for groceries now so they have nothing to hold over me. I refuse to wake up, they can't make me.

"Santana this is unlike you. You've been moping around for a week! Its time you caught some sun and a bath", my lively roommate's voice boomed into my ear.

I growled irritably and aimed to cover my head with my sheets but they were pulled from my possession. I opened my eyes and gave my roommate a pointed glare, but he simply scoffed and stuck out his tongue at me.

"Santana move it now!", he ordered and I groaned in annoyance.

"Why can't I be depressed in peace", I whined and Kurt plopped down at my bedside.

"What kind of friends would we be if we let you mope around for another week", he said gently and I scoffed.

"Good ones", I huffed with a glare but Kurt looked at me seriously.

"We're really depressed that you're depressed Santana. You liven up the place with your sassiness, we can't deal with you being so run down to the ground", he confessed and I softened my glare. "...because of this fact, Rachel and I are taking you out so come on, up up!", he chirped and I groaned as I rolled out of my sheets.

As I did so, I made sure to clamber all over Kurt as I got off my bed and onto my feet. He complained petulantly but I didn't care. He wanted me up so I was up. I didn't spare him or Rachel a glance as I headed straight for the shower.

(A Half Hour Later...)

When we pulled up to the park I thought we were just parking there and walking over to something more extravagant, but nope we were here for the park. The park that I pass everyday to go to the coffee shop across it. The same park I see the very same runners trekking across a path through the place as I drive by for work for the past two years! I grumpily get out of the car and cross my arms against my chest.

A park. They took me to a stupid fucking park. Really...

I cursed myself again for moving to New York with Berry and Porcelain as I watch them excitedly chat about there classes ahead of me. I could not comprehend how listening to them yammering all day was supposed to help me cheer up. I removed my gaze from the two with a sigh and trudged along after them with my hands shoved deep into my petticoat and my eyes glued to the floor. I didn't want this. I didn't want to take a stroll around central park, I didn't want to be up. I wanted to keep being sad for myself.

"Oh I can feel the bad vibes from here... Satan cut it out! Anna was a complete bitch any way. You ladies argued like rabid dogs... The relationship was completely toxic", he huffed and I pouted.

"We loved each other", I protested and Kurt scoffed.

We did love each other for most parts of the relationship when we weren't at each others throats. I mean Anna just kept talking about future this and future that sometimes and it ticked me off because we were still in the present. How was I supposed to know where'd I'd be in ten years? I can't see the future and I didn't want too.

"Right... and this Michael Kors bag is completely fake", he countered with sarcasm dripping off every word.

I frowned. I didn't like his patronizing tone so I did what I did best when threatened, I snapped.

"Argh! Go get me some coffee sparkles! I'm going to sit on that bench we passed", I grouch and Kurt and Rachel just laughed as they headed off to a vendor.

I angrily stomped back to the bench we walked pass earlier by the pond and plopped down. I let out a big annoyed sigh and instantly deflated. Everything sucked right now, being single was so tedious and my friends wouldn't let me wallow. Things couldn't get any worse.

They can...

Shut up! Who side are you on!?

I let out another frustrated sound because I was arguing mentally with myself. Gosh I must be a wack job. I sighed again and nearly sunk into the bench in absolute despair.

"Wow that sounded super depressing", a voice said off to my left and I looked up.

My eyes fell on a beautiful blonde. She wore an over grown tank top that barely clung to her lithe frame with sweats and matching shoes. Her body was skinny but toned from what I could see on the sides of the tank top. I blinked after some time and realized I was staring so I looked away much to the blondes amusement. She took a seat next to me and crossed her legs, letting out a sigh as well. I rose an eyebrow at that.

Was this girl mocking me?

She grinned at my expression and I frowned slightly because I didn't understand what was so grin worthy. I crossed my arms defensively and she let out a snort. Her grin turned into full on beam and I felt my brain struggle to figure out what the heck was running through her mind.

"What!?", I questioned with hostility when I couldn't deal with her secret smiles anymore and she just shrugged noncommittally.

I uncrossed my arms and gave her a disbelieving look and she snorted again much to my annoyance. After a few seconds she burst into a fit of giggles and even though it was at my expanse she was adorable. Her laughter was so light and infectious that I felt my lips turn up slightly. She stopped laughing after a moment and looked at me with a smile.

"Sorry you just got so defensive over nothing and it was really funny, I didn't even have to say anything", she said easily and I narrowed my eyes.

This girl is unbelievable...

"So what's with the sighs Debbie?", she questioned offhandedly and I shot her a confused glance. "You know... Debbie downer", she clarified with a sly smile and I laughed at her silliness.

"I'm not a Debbie downer I just really don't want to be out and about", I shrugged.

She canted her head to the side and watched me closely. I had to avert my gaze at one point because I felt like she was looking into my soul.

"Whoever they were totally wrecked you", she said simply and I bristled.

"You're extremely blunt", I snapped and she rose her hands in a placating gesture.

"Oh it was recent. Sorry kitty, retract the claws... I get it, sore subject", she apologized and I seethed quietly.

If it were anyone else I'd go all Lima Heights on their asses but for the life of me I couldn't truly bitch at this girl. I just crossed my arms grumpily and let my head fall back onto the top of the bench. I closed my eyes and just tried to breathe for awhile and my company was quiet as well.

"You know...", she began and my eyes opened and glanced in her direction irritably. "Heartbreak can be interesting in ways. Food tastes worse, music gets better, and life seems shorter. It's a journey really, but in all honesty you have to remember that if someone doesn't want you, they don't deserve you", she stated it like it were a fact and I felt butterflies erupt in my stomach.

She didn't know me at all to make any assumption that I was worth the trouble yet she gave me the benefit of the doubt effortlessly. This girl was definitely something else entirely... I found myself smiling at her without even noticing and she mirrored my expression.

My gaze softened as I looked at her. "You're a freaking Yoda", I complimented and she threw me a perplexed look.

"No no I'm Brittany", she corrected seriously and I couldn't help the laugh that slipped out.

She gives like this amazing relationship advice but gets confused by a saying.

She kept looking confused so I just brought out my hand for her to shake. "Heh, nice to meet you Brittany", I decided to switch up and she laughed as she took my hand in hers and shook it.

I couldn't help the smile splitting my face so I didn't, and she didn't comment that we were still shaking hands after a minute passed, but someone else did...

"Hey Satan who's your friend?", Kurt said as he rolled up without Berry attached to his hip.

I let go of Brittany's hand and looked to my roommate with a scathing look. His lips curved up wickedly so instead of making an ass of myself I ignored his question with a question of my own. "Where's wannabe Celine?".

He let out an unattractive snort as he handed me my coffee before sliding down onto the bench as well. "Oh Finn called", he informed me and that's all I needed to know.

They were probably off somewhere serenading each others pants off, like the lame losers they were...

I turned to give Brittany an apologetic look for the rude interruption, but she was gone. Something within me kind of didn't settle that she didn't say goodbye but I eventually just got over it. I turned back to Kurt who was looking at me curiously. I didn't spare him an answer and just stood abruptly.

"Let's go, I had enough sun for today", I complained far more irritably than I was before.

Aw you like her!

Shut up! Don't even...

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