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Ch. 15 Something

"Our little Latina Princess returns", Kurt teased as I plopped down next to him on the couch.

I rolled my eyes and spared him a look of disdain as I flipped through the channels on tv. Kurt snorted at my lack of reaction before leaning into me. I turned my head and eyed him warily.

"You're invading my personal space", I snapped and Kurt rolled his eyes.

"I bet you wouldn't mind Brittany all up in your personal bubble", he taunted as I grinned impishly.

No, no I wouldn't...

Kurt laughed at my dreamy look but at the sound of our front door opening and closing, he turned away. I swiveled my head around too and saw Rachel trudging over the threshold with her dress clearly inside out with a jacket to poorly cover it. I rose an eyebrow at Kurt in question but he just shrugged as if to say 'Hell if I know'. I frowned at that and decided to indulge Rachel for once.

"How's it going Berry?", I asked casually and the brunette visibly jumped.

She nearly gave herself whiplash as she turned her head violently in our direction. Kurt and I looked at each other oddly before turning back to the fidgety brunette. She resembled a child whose hand was caught in the cookie jar.

Uh what the fuck ?

"Were you... Were you out all night? You and Finn back on?", Kurt questioned and I frowned some more.

They broke up?

Rachel looked pained.

"Uh no... we- I mean yeah I was out but I crashed at a friends house because we all know how terrible of a drinker I am...", she tried to joke but it didn't sound like one. "Um... I'm just going to lay down...", she mumbled before walking down the hall to her room.

I stopped watching the brunette's retreat and looked back to my other roommate. He was still looking at Rachel's now closed door with a concerned look. It was a minute or two later when he turned to me with a perplexed expression.

"Weird...", he states and I nod.

"I had something to discuss with you but now I think Berry needs us more than I do", I say absentmindedly as I look back to Rachel's door.

"No no, this is not Glee club anymore. The melodramatic Rachel Berry show can wait especially when it involves my idiotic step brother so what's up?", Kurt finished.

I eyed him warily before sinking back into the couch and sighing.

"It isn't really a problem... I just don't want to fuck up Kurt. I always fuck up...", I mutter and Kurt pats my knee.

"Okay drama queen I thought I said that the Rachel Berry show could wait", he taunted and I sneered at him which only egged him on more. "Ooh there's my feisty el diablo!", he kept on much to my displeasure.

"Kurt!", I warned and he just rolled his eyes.

"Look, you're an amazing person when you want to be. Whatever it is, you won't screw it-"

"Of course I'll screw it up, she asked me to meet her parents!", I cut him off but Kurt barely bats an eyelash at my outburst and retorts simply.

"Damn she works fast", he joked and I shoved him.

"I'm serious!", I retorted and he huffed.

"Me too, how long did it take for Anna to get you to even talk on the phone with her parents again?", Kurt brought up and I groaned miserably just rethinking that memory.

Worst conversation ever in my life...

"Thats besides the point", I stated exasperatedly.

"Yeah? Then enlighten me Santana, what is the point?", Kurt scoffed.

"Her parents don't know...", I started and Kurt cocked a confused eyebrow.

"Don't know what? that she's gay? So what? Come on Santana, grow a pa-"

"No no no! not that Kurt!", I say in irritation as I pinch the bridge of my nose. "I'm talking about her cancer. They have no clue about her condition, she hasn't told her family anything and she wants me to go with her to Florida for Thanksgiving so she can break it to them", I finally admit and Kurt eyes me seriously. "I mean yeah she gave me a couple of days to think about it but the thing is I'm worried you know?", I mumble.

It's quiet for awhile and for second I think Kurt isn't going to comment but he finally shakes his head and flicks my ear harshly. I hiss at him angrily as I rub my abused flesh but he just glares right back. I am confused beyond words.

What the hell was that for!?

"Gosh! that's it Santana? You stupid girl", he snorted whilst I frowned. "Hey, don't pout!", he scolded and I shot him a glare. "...honestly you are hopeless... what on earth do you need time for? there's nothing to think on. Of course you should go you moron! She's your girlfriend and she asked 'you' for help with something she couldn't fathom doing on her own! ...Brittany doesn't look like the type of woman to ask for help lightly", Kurt explains and I actually have to agree with him on the matter.

Brittany didn't like asking for help. She told me once before that it was nothing personal but simply that since she was called stupid all her life she tried to be as independent as possible. It was frustratingly understandable.

I'm an idiot...

"You're an idiot...", Kurt mirrored my thoughts exactly and I winced. "...but now that I've settled your non-problem you need to go find out what's bothering Rachel", he said as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"What, why me?", I complained.

"Because! Deny it or not, Rachel has gotten way closer to you than she ever has with me since you moved in. Especially after Brody left", he answered sincerely with not a hint of anger or resentfulness in his tone.

A pregnancy scare can do that...

I didn't say my thoughts out loud though, I simply sighed.

"Besides let's face it, I judge too quickly so she sure as hell isn't going to open up to me so easily", Kurt joked and I sighed again.


"Come on, go find out what's wrong with Rachel then! go accept your girlfriends invitation to her impromptu road trip and be her knight in shining armor", he ordered and I saluted.

"Sir yes sir! Sergeant Anus!", I say jokingly before scrambling away from his swatting hand.

I run over to Rachel's door as he throws a pillow at my back. I laugh and stumble into Rachel's room without knocking. The brunette whips her head over to me in alarm but relaxes upon seeing me. I sober up and walk over to my suspiciously guilty looking friend. I take a seat next to the disheveled brunette and raise an inquiring eyebrow.

"So mind telling me what's up?", I ask her blatantly because what's the point of beating around the bush.

Lets get this over with and be done with it...

"I did something really bad...", she begins to say only to start crying and I blanch.

She's crying... like really crying. Not like 'ow I stubbed my toe' crying but hard down sobbing. The crying someone would do if they accidentally killed someone and would be going to jail for the rest of their life for manslaughter.


I tried to come up with an idea or solution to all this mess. I mean, I didn't like to claim the hobbit all the time but Rachel is my friend and that meant she was family. I took care of my family, even if it was against the law.

"Do I have to call my cousin Ricky?", I asked her seriously and Rachel stopped sobbing enough to stare at me wide eyed.

"God! no, there's no... body that needs 'disappearing' Santana", she says in between breaths as she tries to calm herself down.

I frown because I'm quite perplexed. I'm reading all of Rachel's signals wrong.

"Okay then what the hell Berry!? you're acting like you committed a crime!", I snapped and Rachel snaps right back.

"I did! I slept with someone who wasn't Finn!", she admitted disparagingly and my eyes twitched.

What!? that's it...

Rachel must've saw my facial expression because she began pacing.

"I know it's not cheating because we're sorta kinda broken up but I still feel guilty because I liked it! I liked it a lot, but I don't remember who the... guy... was it a guy? yeah it had to be...", she scrunched up her face as if she was trying to remember just a smidgen of things that went down.

When she was fed up of trying to wrack her brain for any type of clue or memory, the waterworks began again. I let her vent, cry, sulk and when she was spent, I listened to everything she could remember than let her fall asleep because that's just how Rachel and I worked. I didn't judge, I just listened with a keen ear and gave her my brutal honesty when she asked of it.

The things I do for this imp...

I sighed again as I tucked the exhausted brunette in and left the room to go see my blonde while Rachel probably dreamed of hers.

(Brittany's Apartment)

I came here to tell Brittany I would go to Florida with her but instead of seeing my blonde when I knocked on her door, I was met with Sam; who was blonde but the wrong blonde. I didn't even get a 'hello' out of my mouth before Sam began lecturing me.

"No sex Santana", he began and my mouth nearly hit the floor.

What in the world is he-

"I know you and Brittany have your afternoon dates and things get... Honky dory-", he trailed off a little and my eyes narrowed.

What the fuck is honky dory?

"-She was pretty woozy today and threw up twice. I think she should take it easy alright? so keep it in your pants", he berated me and I had half the mind to give him a cup of snix juice but I reined my inner bitch and nodded since he was just worried. "Good. After you left Brittany practically high dry yesterday with no answer to her proposition, I don't think she needs you making her feel any worse", he said with a glare and my eyes narrowed.

Oh I take it back! A tall glass of snix juice is coming right up!

I visibly bristled before snapping on Sam.

"Two things! One, what the hell is honky dory? I mean really Sam, where did you pull that lame ass saying out of?", I sneered at him but he gave no answer. "Second you do not get to patronize me about 'my' relationship", I stated vehemently as I poked his chest. "I did NOT leave Brittany high and dry yesterday. In fact, as I vividly remember; 'I' went to chemotherapy with her, 'I' cleaned up her throw up when she was sick AND 'I' helped her take a bath. 'I' made sure she got some rest, 'I' convinced her to tell her family about the cancer! Which is why I'm here! To tell HER that I thought it over and I WILL go with her to Florida! I didn't answer yesterday because she just caught me majorly off guard, totally understandable", I growled at him. "I did NOT however come here to listen to what YOU think about MY relationship so get out of my way McFat Lips or I'll explode you!", I finished angrily and Sam grinned.

The glare I was shooting at his head intensified at his amused look.

"What!?", I snapped and he grinned all the more.

"I'm happy you're going with her", he responded easily and I rolled my eyes.

Of course that's all he heard out of my rant...

"Yes yes, now move Trouty Mouth", I demanded and the boy stepped aside.

I began to walk past him but he grabbed my shoulder. I turned to him quickly and readied myself to spew out another dose of Snix juice but his sad expression stopped me.

"I didn't mean to offend you before, it was a test... an ill planned one at best", he said sincerely and I huffed. "-I'm just worried okay? so seriously take it easy with her today. Please", he pleaded and all the irritation I had disappeared as fast as it came.


"Okay", he grinned then he pushed me towards Brittany's room. "Cool, well she's in the shower so go wait in her room", he said as he closed the front door then headed off to his own room but not before I noticed he had a dark red nearly purple mark on his neck.

Hmmm... Rachel said he was a blonde. I wonder...

I shook my head at the thought because it was too coincidental then entered my girlfriends room. I took a seat on her bed and waited for my blonde to show; which didn't take long. I think I sat there for barely eight minutes when her door craned open and she walked through. She was threading her finger through her damp hair as she walked in with her towel, so she didn't spot me right away but when she did, she threw me a beautiful smile.

"Hey", she greeted and I waved idiotically.

I couldn't for the life of me form an intelligent sentence. My thoughts were filled with less than appropriate things as my eyes rove over what could be seen of her pale skin. She snorted in amusement as I stared blatantly at her body.

"You like what you see?", she taunted and I valiantly tried to look away from her chest.

"Hmm?", I murmured and she chuckled as she unfolded her towel.

I gulped inaudibly as she let it drop to the ground with a quiet thump. Her eyes gazed at me with unconcealed hunger before she walked over to where I was seated. She nudged open my legs with her bare knee and I just gaped at her as she stood before me.

"Take me then", she breathed and I had to swallow the groan I felt would slip past my lips.


"Britt... Sam said-", I abruptly stopped my own words at the fiery look Brittany threw at me

"Why is everything Sam says law? Are you fucking him ?", she asked blandly and I blanched.

"No! I-", I stammered but Brittany halted my sentence with a firm kiss.

My mouth went slack for second but after my initial surprise faded, I reciprocated. Before I could get carried away, Brittany broke the kiss. She stared at me with an impish grin etched onto her features.

"Well good, then forget what Sammie had to say and fuck me", she murmured into my ear as she straddled my hips.

"I want too but you're supposed to be taking it easy, me fucking you isn't taking it easy", I moaned out as she rocked her bare hips into my clothed stomach.

"But I'm horny now", she groaned seductively. "It's been like two days", she whined in a way that caused a smile to take form on my face.

"It's been barely twenty four hours Britt Britt", I corrected but Brittany ignored me.

"Please", she begged into my ear and I wanted so bad to give in but I didn't.

I shook my head no and Brittany whined again.

"I feel better, I swear", she mumbled as her mouth latched onto my neck. "You always make me feel loads better", she broke away from my neck to whisper sinful things in my ear.

Uh fuck...

I fell back onto the blondes bed with her looming over me. She continued her assault on my neck and I sunk further into the sheets, my eyes pressed firmly shut. I wanted nothing more than to grip Brittany's body to me, flip her onto her back, and have my filthy way with her.

Fuck... Why did I give myself visuals

Brittany's hands made themselves at home up my shirt and I groaned. I mentally screamed at myself not to give in though I knew I was failing, my resolve was crumbling with each caress and Brittany was delighted at her imminent victory. She made a tutting noise and continued her assault on my traitorous body.

"I have to tell-", my voice trailed off as she peeled off my shirt. "...Brittany I made up-", my voice stammered again as her fingers slipped into my jeans.

I gave up speaking.

"Oh don't stop on my account, do continue", she teased as her fingers made their way into my panties.

I let out a harsh breath and sunk further into the sheets.

"You're evil", I whimpered as her fingers stroked my sex and Brittany laughed.

"Who me?", she asked innocently as she dipped her fingers inside of me and my breath hitched.

"Yes you", I moaned out as she languidly pressed into me then pulled out in a moderate pace.

"Couldn't be", she said with a sly grin that I didn't bother worrying about.

Then who...

As if reading my mind Brittany grinned all the more before going about having her dirty way with me.

(Later that Night at Ambrosia...)

Today was karaoke night but so far I was having a great day, a fantastic one. All day my dimples were on display for all to see and I didn't care who saw me smile. I, Santana Lopez got laid quite a few times earlier today and nothing could ruin my post-orgasmic bliss. So I continued to work all night with a smile on my face as I waited for my last fifteen minutes of my shift to end.

"You really don't listen do you? You're glowing so bright right now and it's been hours since you left", a voice said from my right and I stopped wiping up the spilled vodka to look up.

Sam sat in the stool in front of me with an amused glance.

"Look in my defense she was in towel and she came onto me", I began. "I can only endure so much Sam, what did you want me to do? Scream rape?", I scoffed at him but he simply put his hands up in surrender. "...The first time, I really did try to tell her no but she jumped me, and when she finally let me speak and I told her I'd go to Florida with her, she jumped me again... not that minded", I explained with a rakish grin but Sam cleared his throat.

"Okay... but I suppose I was asking for too much huh?", he chuckled. "Honestly though, I'm not here to berate you", he says with a shrug and I raise an eyebrow.

"Then why are you-", I started only to get caught off by Holland on the microphone.

"Alright ladies gentlemen we're starting off our night with something a little slow... Here's our new Casanova. Sam Evans!? Come on up!", Holland called and I snapped my eyes onto Sam's now retreating back.

What. The. Hell.

Cat walked up next to me and leaned on the bar table. I laughed as she whistled at Sam up on the stage. He gave the crowd a lopsided smile as he held the microphone.

"Hi again, I'm Sam", his voice boomed over the crowd and girls made cat calls. "Sam I am... and I don't like green eggs and ham", he joked as I scoffed.

He has no game...

"Oh the cutie is back, he's such a catch", Cat gushed from next to me and I rolled my eyes.

"Sure...", I snorted.

If you like a lame guy who does impressions

"...right well lets get this show on the road", Holland announced as the song title came on the huge screen and the music began to play.

"Something in the way she moves...
Attracts me like no other lover"

My eyes widened at Sam's smooth vocal chords, and Cat threw me a victorious look. I scoffed at her devilish grin and focused on the boy on the stage that seemed to be searching for someone.

"Something in the way she woos me...
I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe in how"

I was mesmerized.

Jesus he can sing!

I sort of felt like swooning while listening to Sam. His voice was heavenly and I continued to gawk stupidly at the blonde on stage like every other girl and guy in the bar. I nearly felt tempted to go up and sing with him but Cat's annoyed growl made me focus on her.

"Ugh! here we go again!", Cat sneered in disdain and I turned my head to see what she was staring at.

It was Rachel, she had walked in with a contemplative expression on her face and I rose an eyebrow. I turned back to Cat and nudged her with my arm.

"What's gives? Dion said she could come back", I queried and Cat rolled her eyes.

"Yes, but after she came in super wasted with her show tune buddies yesterday and made a complete ass of herself, I'd hoped she'd be too hungover to show up here tonight... Ugh I so cannot deal with her massive ego", Cat complained and I trailed my eyes back over to my roommate.

Hmm she was here last night and apparently so was Sam and he's blonde and has a hickey... Oh the possibilities

At my revelation, I had the most immature urge to grin wickedly, drum my fingers on one another while whispering 'excellent' like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons but I contained myself. Instead I searched for someone to takeover my station and my eyes fell on little Nicky.

"Hey Nick!", I called over to the boy pretending to do work.

He sent me a fake smile that would put a politician to shame and I chuckled. I looked at the clock that said my time here was up then threw my rag at him. I watched as he scrambled to catch it before I hopped over the counter.

"Man the bar!", I demanded and his smile dropped to form a pout. I laughed at the lazy boy and turned to the redhead in front of me. "And keep an eye on him Cat, my shift is over", I whispered to her and the girl winked at me.

"Sure thing".

I gave her an appreciative look before glancing around to find my roommate again. It took awhile but I finally spotted her talking to a blonde haired girl in the back booths. My eyes narrowed irritably as I watched how close the blonde was getting to my tense friend.

"Who the hell is that?", I pointed to the blonde across the masses and Cat looked in the direction I was asking.

"Quinn, num nuts!", Cat deadpanned and I frowned.

"Quinn bleached her hair?", I asked perplexed and Cat patted my back.

"I'll excuse your retardedness to the fact that you barely work any night shifts anymore but that's Quinn's natural hair color. Remember boss man told her to wash that gunk out and she finally did yesterday", she explained with a shrug but my confusion didn't go away.

"But how does she know Rachel?", I asked in befuddlement and Cat shrugged.

"She was chatting your roomie up all yesterday at the bar when she came in plastered. Rachel told Quinn her smarminess reminded her of you then they really hit it off. Ugh I was more than happy to let them talk away as long as I didn't have to hear another Celine Dion song request. Thank the heavens for Fabray. She took one for the team last night", Cat sighed happily and I looked up to find Quinn and my roommate but they were gone.

Ugh... Whatever, those two want to be friends not my problem. I have to tell Dee I'm going to go on a little trip and I need to pack.

With my thoughts clear I headed to Dion's makeshift office to tell him I was going on a short leave.

(A Week Later...)

We reach Florida around six and the minute we step off the plane, Brittany takes charge. She finds our luggage when the time comes then drags me out of the airport to find a cab. She is practically vibrating with excitement at the fact that she is home whereas I'm one second from imploding into a ball of anxiety. She had luckily slept the whole plane ride while I fretted. All I kept thinking about was the possible outcomes of our visit. I was regretting agreeing, I was regretting coming.

Her parents are probably going to slap me...

My negative thoughts plagued me the whole walk off the plane ramp to the baggage claim; it only halted when Brittany rested her hand on my back and guided me to the pickup area with our things. Her warm touch all but vanquished my ill thoughts and lulled me into a fall sense of security. I rubbed my eyes sleepily and yawned into my hand as we waited for a cab to pull up. We waited and waited, and I don't even remember closing my eyes but I remember peeling them back open at the feeling of being prodded. I blinked blearily, not really understanding my surroundings for a second but after awhile I caught my bearings and tried to straighten my stance. I felt the prodding again and blinked. Figuring it was Brittany who nudged me, I yawned again and gave the blonde my attention; only to see her gesturing her hand to the oncoming cab car.

"Where to?", I ask when the cab pulls up in front of us but Brittany stays silent.

She shoots me a conspiring wink before opening the door for me with an equally suspicious grin. I roll my eyes at the blondes antics as I get in and wait patiently as she puts our luggage into the trunk then slides into her seat next to me.

"Hello, where will we be headed tonight?", the cab driver asks politely and I look at my blonde.

"Comfort Suites, the one a couple minutes away from here. You know it?", Brittany asks with a smile and the driver cocks his head.

"Yes I know it, but no offense to you lovely women... It's just that that place is pretty pricey seeing that its real close to the airport. Its to capture tourists... You sure want to stay there?", he informs us and my blonde shrugs.

"No offense taken. I know it's terribly pricey but luckily for me, my cousin owns the hotel and he also owes me practically his life", she said with a chuckle. "-but thanks for the concern. You're too kind", she says simply and the cab driver makes a pleased sound before pulling out onto the road.

I look at Brittany with wide eyes and she snorts.

"What?", she asks amused.

"You never talk much about your family...You're loaded aren't you?", I ask her suspiciously and Brittany throws me a perplexed expression. "You're rich", I clarify in amusement and Brittany laughs.

"Maybe just a little", she says nonchalantly and I'm not sure if she's serious or not.

I raise an eyebrow at her in question but she doesn't say anymore. She looks out the window with a grin and I huff indignantly. I want to question her but my tired mind wins and I fall asleep.

(The Next Morning...)

It's not cold in Florida like it is in New York but there's a chill to the air that causes just the tiniest of goosebumps to appear on my skin. Though my skin might beg to differ, I don't feel cold at all. I have my own personal heater. Brittany has me wrapped up in a cocoon of her long limbs and slender frame. She holds me tight and I simply settle into her even though I know we need to get up.

She's just so comfortable...

I close my eyes for a few minutes more to relish the security I feel but when my arm begins to tingle from its captured area under the blondes head, I'm forced to try and untangle myself from my venus fly trap of a girlfriend. Brittany doesn't appreciate my pulling away from her and she grumbles her displeasure into my neck. Her grip on my waist tightens more so than before as she spoons me. I smile unconsciously at the possessive way she holds me but now that she's coincidentally pushing on my bladder, I realize how much I need to pee as well as shake some circulation into my numbed arm. I stiffly wiggle my arm from under Brittany and she protests all the while.

"Babe I have to pee", I tell her quietly and one of Brittany's eyes cracks open. "I doubt you want me to pee here", I whisper sardonically and the blonde releases me with a chuckle.

"You wouldn't dare", she grumbled as she rolled onto her back and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

I crawl out of bed with an amused look adorning my face, before padding over to the bathroom and shutting the door to relieve myself. When I finish, I wash my hands thoroughly with the decent sized hand soap the hotel services provides to make sure I'm clean. Not that I am a germaphobe like my old high school counselor; Emma, but being informed that Brittany could very well perish from something minor as a cold didn't sit well with me, so I tried to be as germ free around her as I could. I even kept a mini bottle of hand sanitizer and little alcohol napkins in my purse now.

No need to take any risks...

I proceed to brush my teeth and wash my face then get out of the bathroom. Brittany is sitting with a pout on her face, complaining about how early it is when it's nearly noon. I grin at the blondes child like antics and make my way over to her.

"Come on, up and at em' Britt Britt, you promised your mom we'd get there before two and we're still a little over a half an hour away", I informed her and the blonde huffed before pulling back the sheets. "Hey if you get up now, we can shower together", I say whilst wiggling my eyebrows lecherously.

Brittany's pout morphs into a smirk. She gestures towards the bathroom with an outstretched hand.

"Lead the way squirt", she said impishly and I blushed.

"Ugh! Brittany you said you'd never mention that again", I complained and Brittany simply sent me a sly smile.

"But it was so freaking hot, can't we try again? I'm sure I can do it in two minutes this time", she suggested as she walked over to me.

I blushed hotly in embarrassment.

"I can't believe I'm about to say no to an orgasm", I said bashfully and Brittany laughed.

"Then don't, let me make you feel good", she says seductively as she stands right in front of me and I look down.

She would make me feel good, very good...

My cheeks burned in embarrassment.

"Ugh no way... You top me way too much", I admit and Brittany chuckles.

"I take my victories wherever I can", she boasted as I rolled my eyes. "But come on I really want to try to make you squirt again. I'll let you do anything you want to me", she suggested and I thought it over

Hmm anything...

"Teach me how to do it to you first and then you can try out whatever you want with me after", I conceded

"Fair enough", Brittany concedes as she walks me back towards the bed. "...but first we need to get naked", she whispers into my ear when we reach the foot of the bed.

I can do that...

Her fingers loop into the waistband of my sweatpants then drags them down. I step out of my pants and watch as she gets rid of her boy shorts. She stands up straight and I throw her an impish grin because she's gone commando. Brittany rolls her eyes with a snort then goes about tugging off her tank top. I follow her lead and take off my own shirt as well then wait for further instruction.

Brittany climbs onto the bed and lays on her back with her legs spread eagle. She sits up on her elbows and crooks her fingers in a come hither motion till I get on the bed.

"What now?", I question eagerly and Brittany grins as she pushes my head low.

"Now touch me, get me wet", she commands and I happily oblige her.

I settle between her legs and aim to dive right in to her core but her hand grips my hair back. I look up to her curiously and she stares at me with lustful eyes.

"Slow", she instructs. "Make me burn", she finishes huskily and I nod again.

"Yes ma'am".

I kiss her inner thighs as I use my fingers to toy with her clit. Brittany bucks her hips up with a low gasp and I just grip her thighs firmly. I press an open mouth kiss to her sex and relish the sound of her whimpering, but I don't stop there. I press the flat of my tongue into her velvety walls and trail it up and down languidly inside her till she's bucking feebly against my mouth. I chuckle a little and it causes Brittany to shudder violently but I'm not deterred. I listen to the sounds spilling from her lips. Feel the undulating of her body as she tries to keep it together and groan.

"Don't stop", she gasps.


The harsh panting and low keening noises she makes are like music to my ears. I focus on her reactions and use the sounds she makes as encouragement to further pleasure her.

"Oh god!", she calls.

Brittany's hand grips my hair aggressively when I close my mouth around her clit but I ignore the tugging on my scalp. I continue to lick and suck every soft spot within Brittany that I can manage to reach without letting go of the hard little nub I've captured. Brittany cants her hips up erratically and I let her ride my tongue even though I'm sure my jaw is going to pay for the excessive exercise later.

"Ugh Santana...", Brittany calls as she continues her nonstop withering and I feel a smirk blooming on my face. "-ah! fingers, inside now!", she grunts and I release her clit to press my fingers inside her.

Oh fuck...

She's beyond wet and I slip into her with little to no resistance. I groan at how unbelievably sexy that is and move up to kiss her lips. She allows it, and I swallow every moan and hiss she makes as my fingers start up an never-ending in and out thrusting motion. Brittany clutches me to her and I find myself using my body to put more force into my thrusts.

"Shit!", she curses as she breaks the kiss. "Oh fuck...", she groans and she clenches her eyes shut.

"Are you coming?", I question and Brittany doesn't answer.

She looks like she's fighting off her orgasm. I watch as her eyebrows knit together in concentration then after awhile she eventually opens them.

"Find it", she moans after I add a second finger.

"What?", I husk into her ear before leaving kisses to her neck.

"My spot", she clarifies and I suddenly remember I was supposed to be learning how to make her cream herself terribly.

"Then what?", I question and Brittany moans again before she answers.

"Keep stroking it until I gush", she orders and I again happily oblige.

Oh yes, I was going to make this girl see stars...

I now understand why Brittany was all too pleased with herself the first time she made me cum so hard. I'm quite satisfied with what went down in the hotel room and there's nothing that could ruin my good mood.

"We're here", the cab driver announces and I am pulled out of my thoughts.

I look towards the window to see Brittany's childhood home but what I see causes my jaw to practically fall off its hinges. I stare up at a grand house with large gates and beautiful trees covering the nearly unbelievable green grass in front of me. I unbuckle my seatbelt slowly and just gape at the nice mansion like house as Brittany pays the cab driver. It was only two stories but it looked enormous.

Yeah she's freaking rich...

Brittany closes my mouth with her hand and I shoot her an indignant huff. She laughs at me humorously as she gets out of the cab and I follow suit, ready to snap but a very loud screech is heard from in front of us. I snap my eyes forward just in time to see a light brown haired teen barreling out of the house at full speed in our general direction. My instincts are screaming at me to shield the blonde and I move to do so but Brittany stills my movements with a look, and in turn lets herself be tackled to the ground. I mean literally tackled. to. the. ground.

That has to hurt...

Brittany doesn't cry out but I'm sure she feels some type of discomfort. Especially where the cancer lays hidden underneath her skin.

"Christ Andy! I missed you too but jeez...", she groaned as she patted her sisters back. "Ugh! stop being a monkey and meet my official girlfriend properly", she says with a grimace.

I smirk at the title because Brittany once told me all her previous relationships were never serious.

"Official", the younger teen gasps and she practically lurches to her feet to inspect me. "She's a looker that's for sure", she compliments me politely with a lopsided smile that I can't help but return.

"Thanks, you're a pretty thing yourself", I compliment right back and Brittany's little sister blushes a dark red.

Ooo she's nothing like Brittany, no confidence at all

"Oh no just leave me down here to rot while you flirt with my jailbait of a sister", my blonde calls dramatically from the grass and I snort.

I bend down and kiss the pout on Brittany's lips until she's grinning cheekily. When thats all said and done, I pull her up onto her feet; being mindful not to grab Brittany's hips to roughly.

"There you go your highness", I scoff and Brittany's makes a faux haughty noise.

"It is your majesty to you Ms. Lopez! I am your queen after all", she corrects and I laugh.

"All hail the queen-"

"You two are nauseating, please stop", Andy complained much to our amusement. "Andy", she introduced herself with a hand out.

"Santana", I answered as I shook the teens hand.

"Huh... I never met someone with that name", she states and Brittany grins evilly as she wraps an arm around her sister.

Andy shoots her an insufferable look that is dutifully ignored by my blonde.

Here it comes...

"I'm glad she was able to pop your name cherry", Brittany taunts and the teen groans.

"I see New York hasn't changed your crassness... God your disgusting, lets go inside", Andy glowers as she helps me with the luggage.

Brittany just beamed at her sister before aiming to get her luggage but I batted her hands away. She was being a perfect actress but I knew her hip was probably throbbing after that tackle. She looked at me like she wanted to complain but I gave her a daring look.

Go on blow your cover...

Brittany kept staring at me for a long moment before pinching the bridge of her nose irritably. Without saying a word she marched forward and I followed suit with our things in my hand, trying hard to ignore Andy's probing glance.

"Where's Preston? or mom and dad?", Brittany questions as we enter the nicely furnished home and Andy simply points to the backyard.

"Preston is picking up something at Auto's, Lana is lounging by the pool with mom and you know dad...", she trailed off and Brittany nodded. "I've been waiting by the door all day for you to come home. Tristan gave me a call and told me you'd been shacked up at his hotel all day. I was hoping you'd come home bright and early but I can see you two were probably fooling around", Andy accused and I snickered at the flush Brittany had adorning her face.

"I don't know what you are talking about", Brittany lied as she opened the door to her house.

"Sure...", Andy mumbled as she walked right after and I followed.

The minute I stepped into the house I whistled at how luxurious the house was inside. The place was plush and well furnished with a very spacious open feeling. There were two large staircases on opposite ends of the house and a hallway beyond that that lead to a grand window; where I could see the beginnings of a pool.

"Sheesh and I thought I was living the high life in Lima... Your place is amazing", I muttered to myself but the two sisters heard me loud and clear.

Andy beamed at my praise but Brittany looked disinterested. She seemed lost in thought so I stopped gaping at my surroundings to focus on my suddenly quiet girlfriend. I nudged her side lightly to get her attention and she blinked. She sent me a reassuring smile that I was wary to return till she linked her pinkies with mine. Her eyes subtly looked down to her hip and I understood clearly, I gripped the small digit of her pinkie with my own and canted my head in the direction I believed her family was.

"Come on let's meet the parentals", I said with faux cheer and Brittany snorted.

Let's get this show on the road...

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