Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Steve Moffat, Mark Gatiss own Sherlock and his realm. I just own my computer,my version of Openoffice, and my sick fantasies. English is not my native language, please forgive the mistakes and the typos.

To help me to fight this hateful, and hideous writer's block that kidnapped my inspiration(and my will to write), the gentle and always caring Sherlollian fellowship on Tumblr offered, on my request, some prompts. Beware, my dear readers: the ratings may vary in future, and for the genre...well, probably I will have another collection of angsty one-shots in the future, but this one will be mostly fluffy, funny and romantic.

For iheartdramas on Tumblr, who gave me this prompt: "Sherlock and Molly play Jenga and Molly WINS!"

"Just say it, Sherlock"

"I refuse to accept the result"

"You refuse to accept what, Sherlock?"


"You can't even pronounce the words, can't you? Is it really so annoying, that I-"

"Don't. I told you before, you were obviously cheating. It's impossible for a human being who is unable to ride a bike without falling at the end of the trip, who burned herself while draining the pasta,who dislocated her ring finger while climbing on a kayak, to be able to acquire the physical and mental skills necessary to play Jenga, and to-"

"To beat you. Because that is what has happened. I beat you, and I suggest you to not underestimate my uncanny abilities again, Sherlock,because -umpf !"


"You've just fallen from the chair, Molly"


"Care to repeat your speech about your uncanny abilities, Dr Hooper?"

"I hate you"

"No you don't"

"It's true, I don't hate I don't like you either, right now"

"Uncorrected again. Do you need assistance, or do you prefer to remain on the floor ?"

"Remind me why I accepted to marry an insolent, sarcastic, insufferable man"

"Because you love me, obviously. And because I can't imagine my life without my extraordinary pathologist/Jenga champion"

"See?It wasn't so bad, to actually say the words. Jenga champion, I like the sound of it..."

"I hate you"


"Ok, I don't hate you. But I want to exercise my veto on Jenga. From now, no more Jenga here, at Baker Street. If you can put a veto on Cluedo, I have every right to-"

"Ok, ok! At this rate, you will ban also poker"

"Not if it's strip poker, Mrs Holmes"

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