Home Coming

After a few years of silence, Yuu Narukami finally makes his appearance back in Inaba after a more than unlucky life. Having been reduced to nothing, Inaba is all he has left as he goes down Memory Lane to accomplish one last wish in his true home. Will the others find him in time, or will their chance to see their leader and friend slip thorough their fingers?

Chapter One

The train slowly crawled to a stop as it pulled into Yasoinaba Station. The ride had been smooth overall besides the fact that it was nearly empty by the time it came to this particular station. In the back near the window, a familiar patch of silver, bowl-cut hair with a pair of steel grey eyes made it's way out of the train, stopping for a moment to take in the area around him.

It hadn't changed one bit. Even after ten years, everything seemed the same, from the dirty metal benches to the broken vending machine next to the bathrooms. There were still hardly any people besides a rather old looking man sitting on said benches. Stepping outside of the station, it was almost as if he never left.

Yuu smiled. Inaba really was old-fashioned and never really made the effort to get with the times, but that's why he loved it. It was a diamond in the ruff so to speak, and this place held so much more meaning than any other place in the world his parents had dragged him to over the span of his life. The people he'd met, the things he'd done, the lives he'd changed...it's what made this place so memorable.

He reached inside the pocket of the plain trenchcoat he was wearing producing a half-full packet of cigarettes, pulling one of them out and putting it between his lips. After retrieving his lighter from another pocket, he lit it, breathing in before letting out a puff of white smoke. Yeah, he was a chain-smoker. Ever since things sort of went to hell back in the city. His mind wandered as he walked, thinking back on how he'd hit rock bottom so hard his head was still spinning.

It was about eight years ago when everything went to shit. His father, being the proud man he was always worked every chance he got and eventually, his body couldn't take it anymore. Mother nature just decided he was trash on a whim and he died of a stroke while working late one night. Yuu had just finished up his second year of university when it happened, and the shock was too much for his mother to handle. She quit her job and wallowed in self pity for god knows how long. Now without any means of paying for tuition, he decided to drop out of school despite his mother's protests. They still had some savings left and his mother needed him.

Of course the woman could take no more and died only a few months later of an anxiety attack, leaving him to scramble to pick up the pieces and try to put back his life as best he could. The problem was that having only a high school diploma under his belt and no degree made it hard to find work besides part-time jobs that only paid minimum wage. To make matters worse, he found that the savings that had been used for taking care of mother eventually ran out and he was forced into downsizing...as in selling everything he owned, including the house.

The loss of his parents and his life all in the span of about a year was enough to make him sink to the very bottom. The next few years came and went and somewhere along the way he ended up getting caught up with a bunch of loan sharks that his mother had borrowed from, claiming she'd borrowed money around the time his father died and never paid it back. That's when everything was taken away. After running for his life and somehow scraping up enough money to get them off his back, he found himself riding a train to Inaba.

It seemed like the only logical place to go to since there was nothing left for him outside anyway. How long had it been since he'd talked to them? Did they still remember him? He shook his head, lighting another cigarette as he walked past the school he remembered so well in his second year of high school. The countless study sessions and the all-nighters before midterms...he missed those days.

The school was empty, it being summer break and all of course, giving him time to just be. After leaning on the wall to Yasogami High and playing inside his head the days when he used walk up the road into these gates with the people he always held so dear, he dropped his used cigarette and lit another, heading toward the Amagi Inn.

It only took a few minutes to get there, yet he couldn't help but smile when he looked up at the humble inn. Stepping inside, he quickly walked up to one of the workers, slightly disappointed that he couldn't see the raven-haired girl herself but shrugged it off. She was busy being manager and all, no need to give her grief by forcing her to come and say hello. After being escorted to his room, he laughed to himself when he was given the room the boys had shared long ago. He could still feel the bruises...

Sitting down by one of the tables, he proceeded to watch the screen of the off television in his room, nothing showing after midnight but not being able to help himself from hoping.

The Midnight Channel.

The one thing that brought everyone together and what helped everyone become the people they always should have been. Helping them face their shadows, their unwanted selves, he couldn't help but smile. The only thing he could think of whenever they went in to save someone was how he could help them. Bring them peace and help them accept the person that they truly were. Accept the truth...

To Be Continued

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