Home Coming

After a few years of silence, Yuu Narukami finally makes his appearance back in Inaba after a more than unlucky life. Having been reduced to nothing, Inaba is all he has left as he goes down Memory Lane to accomplish one last wish in his true home. Will the others find him in time, or will their chance to see their leader and friend slip through their fingers?

Chapter Eight

The days went by relatively quickly once Yuu had finally awoken, cheating death by about a fraction of an inch. That didn't mean he was any less different than before, but what he did notice was the multitude of people that had flooded his room after Nanako threw her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. He had no words to describe how guilty and disgusting he felt as he watched the teenage version of his little Nanako cry into the flimsy nightgown he had been put into. Everyone seemed to talk at once, questions coming from every direction, though he sat there mute in his hospital bed, unable to comprehend it all.

A voice broke through all of them, one of the nurses demanding order as a doctor made his way into the room to check his vitals. The nurse then ushered all in the room out, as if herding a group of lost sheep, though they all complied, even Dojima and Nanako.

"...That's a pretty crazy group of people you know," the doctor said, striking up conversation as he wrote some things down on a clipboard, pushing up his spectacles as he glanced at the gray-haired man. "...Mm…" He managed to mumble, staring down at his hands that seemed to grow more useless by the second. "...Well...if they care about you this much then...I hope you'll come to understand that doing this to yourself is only hurting them too...but then again...what do I know? I'm just a doctor," the elderly looking man said, before his wrinkled face fixed itself into a warm smile, which caused Yuu to swallow hard, knowing the man was right.

After being left to his own devices, he looked around at the cold, empty room staring back him, realizing that the chaos from before had been a relief from this solitude he'd grown to know these past few years. He realized...he hated it. But most of all...he hated himself. For becoming weak, for burdening his loved ones, for even thinking that he could find some sort of happiness by coming back here. It only dirtied the happy, precious memories he'd been able to make here. But...maybe they wouldn't ask...he could go back to the city and be a nobody again and never bother them ever again. He…

Yuu's mind continued to go around in circles for the rest of the night before he finally snapped out of it when the door to his room opened once again, this time only Yosuke entering. Yuu could see the man's eyes were red and his jaw was tight as they stared at each other, the silence between them deafening. "...Yuu...how are you feeling?" He asked, sitting down in the chairs next to his bed. "...Fine." His answer was simple and vague yet that didn't seem to faze the other. "Ah...that's good...so...you met my kids right?" Yuu looked at him carefully, nodding in agreement. Yosuke seemed to smile at that, chuckling lightly. "Yep...the Junes kid finally got himself a girl...though it is only Chie...haha." He laughed again at that, the atmosphere still a bit tense though starting to warm up as Yuu smiled slightly as well. "I knew you'd both eventually see that you were made for each other," he said, his first real sentence since he'd woken up.

Yosuke looked up at him and grinned a bit. "Well...in hindsight I guess you're right...but our kids are a bunch of troublemakers! They remind us of ourselves way too much!" He laughed again, Yuu merely nodding, his smile growing slightly. "Mm...you all seem happy...I'm glad." The other nodded, before looking down, a perplexed look on his face before he looked back Yuu, a rather serious look on his face. "...Why'd you do it?"

It was Yuu's turn to look away from the other, his smile gone as he knew the question would've come up eventually. "...You never called or anything the first few months and...we even tried to send you snail mail...but your address always changed so...we were all worried." His hands clenched into fists at the other's words, his stomach feeling like it was starting to tie itself into a bunch of knots. He thought back all those years when he was forced to shut off his phone because the bill was too high and all the calls and texts he had missed. Even the mail, he hadn't gotten a single letter since he was constantly on the move. How many had he missed? How many hours had these people who knew him as their 'leader' and friend spent to try and contact him. The thought made his heart ache in his chest.

"Yuu...what happened?"

The question startled him out of his musings, though he could only shake his head. Yosuke exhaled harshly before repeating himself, though sounded much more insistent. "Yuu, what happened while you were out there? What couldn't possibly driven you to...th-this?!" He was angry now, frustrated over how he couldn't understand why his best friend, his partner had disappeared and then come up again, only to try and leave once again. "...Did you get sick of us?" Yuu looked at the other and immediately said, "No! I mean...that's not it…" "Then why didn't you say anything? Why'd you leave us in the dark?"

The question was simple, yet Yuu found that he couldn't answer, not without breaking down in front of him, which he wasn't ready for yet, if at all. "...It's complicated." "Complicated? What the hell is so complicated about coming to us if you were in trouble?!" Again he couldn't answer, instead looking down before sliding out of of the bed and ripping out the needles that in his arms. "I'm leaving." Yosuke was there in a flash, trying to hold him back and keep him from doing so and yelled, "What the hell do you mean?! You just woke up from a coma you dumbass!" The commotion seemed to draw the attention of a few outside, the door opening to reveal Kanji and Teddie. "The hell's going on in here?!" "Sensei!"

He tried to fight out of Yosuke's grip, realizing he had grown pretty weak compared to the other, which annoyed him to no end. "Let go!" "Hell no!" He ground his teeth before using all of his energy to push the other off, which seemed to work but the action had caused him to lose his balance and fell backward. He was ready to feel glass and the pain that went along with it since he was falling with enough force to break the giant TV behind him, but was confused to find he was still falling. Before he realized it, the entire room was gone with the surprised shouts from Yosuke. As he turned around, his eyes widened to see a sight he thought he'd never see again, black and white assaulting his vision before he hit something hard and everything went black.

To Be Continued

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