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Chapter 2!

I checked for brain activity, and that's when he died, his mind just went black. Nothing. Like a vampires, and a vampire is died.

I felt someone touch my shoulder, "Sookie?" It was Eric. But I didn't move, I couldn't believe it, Sam was dead. Dead! How was that even possible?

"Sookie, lets go."

I turned on Eric in anger, "Yeah let's just go. What about Sam? Huh? Do we just leave him?"

"It is almost dawn. And I don't want you out of my site. Alcide will help Sam. You've had a rough night, you need to rest."

I grimly agreed. By the time we had gotten to Eric's, I was exhausted. We went down into Eric's basement where he usually slept when the sun came up.

And when my head hit the pillow I went out cold. My sleep was filled with dreams.

Dreams of vampires, of werewolves, shapeshifters, of fearies. My head just kept going around and around. Dreaming of Sam dying over and over, and then everyone I knew, everyone I loved started dying in horrible and horrific ways.

I woke breathing heavily. I looked beside me and Eric was gone, then I heard the basement door open and Eric was beside me.

"How are you feeling?"

"Eric, the Cluviel dor. It's gone! I remember putting in my purse before I left to go to the werewolf execution. And when I looked into my purse it was gone!" I was panicking, so many people, bad people, wanted the Cluviel dor and not for good reasons.


"Some one has taken the Cluviel dor."

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