I've had to take a break from fanfiction all together for the last year, because of some things happening in my life. But now I'm back, and I have a story for you!

First of all, a thank you to Stephenie Meyer for creating all these characters and then for allowing us to play with them here.

Second, I really hope she'll never read this.

This time I'm going a little out of character – both mentally and shape-like, yahoo - and I'm also trying something I've been yet to try, which is keeping it all human. (Apart from that one exception. Ahem.) So, if you like silly little stories – who knows, you might like this one.

I don't own anything. I don't even own the story title – I stole it from a "120 Days" song.


It is common knowledge that opposites attract each other.

He was tall. I wasn't. He was warm. I wasn't. He was technical and logical. I so wasn't. He was always bright and smiling and cheerful, and it took him no effort what so ever. He was genuine. I could be genuine too, only when I was, it wasn't always so pleasant.

He understood them, while I had trouble understanding myself sometimes. It was impossible to not love him. The only one loving me was my own personal stalker.

It is common knowledge that opposites attract each other. That's some awesome luck, really.