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Chapter 1

Max's POV

I drag myself out of bed to get ready for school.

I always hate starting a new school in the middle of the year. I'm always the odd one, even if I start school when everyone else does. I hardly ever make friends.

I sigh at my thoughts.

After getting out of the shower, I pull on my dark washed jeans, a red tank top, and my black converse. At the last-minute I decide to pull a brush through my hair. I lose the brush a few times in my matted hair but eventually, get all the knots out.

I'm about to leave my room when I remember a crucial part of my outfit. I shrug on a black baggy hoodie.

I rush out of my room and into the kitchen, almost colliding with my mom. "Oh, I was just about to go get you. Breakfast is on the table." She says.

I smile widely and run to my seat. I scoop out six pancakes, a pile of eggs, and eight pieces of bacon with a glass of milk.

I'm finished in less than five minutes and out of my seat.

I give my mom a peck on the cheek and sprint out the door, grabbing my book bag by the stairs.

I walk into the building and try to ignore the stares and whispers. I make it to the office and plop into a seat because I see the secretary arguing with a boy with strawberry blond hair.

He says something and I assume he won the argument because he smirks and slump into the chair next to mine.

The woman lets out a huff and picks up the phone, dialing a number with a scowl.

"Who pissed in her Cheerios this morning?" I laugh.

"And who might you be?" the boy turns to me and looks me up and down. "Cause can I just say, you look fiiine."

"Excuse me?" I ask in surprise.

He starts laughing. I look at him incredulously. "Whats so funny?! I don't get it!"

He extends his hand while trying to control his laughter. "Iggy Walker. Pyro, cook, blind guy."

I look at him suspiciously but take his hand anyway. "Maximum Ride. Girl who wont hesitate to snap your arm if you call her anything other than Max."

His smile widens.

"You must be Max." the secretary appears at my side.

"Obviously." I say under my breath. Iggy snorts.

"I'm Mrs. Sampson and her is your schedule. Let me know if you need anything." She turns to Iggy with a scowl. "As for you, I couldn't get in contact with your parents."

He smiles smugly. "Told you." Her scowl deepens.

"Back to class." She snaps.

Iggy and I stand up and I follow him out of the office. "So what did you do?"

"I blew up a Biology table." He says cockily.

"I've done that before." I say. "Except I was at home and I was trying to make pancakes. Lets just say, we didn't have a kitchen for a month.

He laughs. "Know what? I like you. I'll have to introduce you to some friends of mine."

"Sure." I smile. I decide I can trust him for now.

But then a random thought occurs to me and I freeze. "Hey Iggy?" I ask.

He stops too and turns his sightless eyes to me. "Yeah?"

"First period hasn't even started yet. And you blew up a table?"

He smiles at me. "Exactly." He sweeps his arm toward my upper back. "Come on. We have to-"

I twist just in time to keep him from touching my back. Unfortunately for me, his hand lands on… something else.

I squeak and slap his hand away quickly, my face heating up.

"He he." He laughs nervously. "Why was your back squishy?" He was almost hesitant.

"That wasn't my back." I say through gritted teeth.

He flinches and his face turns red. I roll my eyes even though I'm slightly embarrassed. "Oh…. Sorry."

I sigh and grab his wrist, just noticing the empty hallways. "Come on. I don't know where my first period class is and I don't want to be late." Just as I finish that sentence, the bell rings.

"Crap." I mutter.

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