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Chapter 10

Paul Karofsky looked around the table at the various smiling faces and bit back a sigh. It wasn't often that one sat down to eat with one's son's boyfriends. Two boyfriends, he mused as he watched Dave grinning at Kurt even as he reached behind the slender singer to stroke a finger down the back of his other boyfriend's neck. Noah Puckerman, Paul thought dazedly, who would have thought?

A gentle nudge brought his focus back to the woman at his side and he felt a huge grin take over his face. To say Bella La Grace had not changed from the assertive girl he knew in high school to the assertive woman she was now would be a huge lie. Watching her smile up at him now with that sly little twinkle in her eye made his heart skip a beat but he valiantly ignored it. It was too soon to be thinking what he was thinking – but he did enjoy the time he had been spending with Bella… oh yes!

Bella watched Paul's slightly pensive face morph into a wide smile as he turned his attention back to her. She had a pretty good idea what was going through his mind. She, herself, had been a little stunned to see her beloved and only nephew with two boyfriends. Two jocks at that, she shook her head mentally. Having had a weakness for jocks herself when she was in high school, she very much appreciated Kurt's taste. David was a big, handsome boy and just as kind-hearted as his dad, despite whatever issues he may have had in the recent past. As to Noah Puckerman – whew, that boy was a firebrand; she had no doubt, even if she hadn't seen some evidence of it when he would sneak kisses from her delighted nephew.

Now it was Bella's turn to focus as Paul tapped his water goblet gently with a fork to grab everyone's attention.

Kurt, his cheeks flushed from the very public attentions of his boyfriends who were seated on either side of him, looked at David's dad expectantly. Paul had been surprisingly okay with their situation and Kurt counted himself one lucky boy to have two men such as him and the awesome Burt Hummel as father figures.

Dave glanced up at his dad, a smile widening on his face because he knew the look on his dad's. It was the same one he would have every Christmas morning when he would watch Dave pull the brightly-wrapped gifts toward him as he tried to decide which to open first. Oh, yes, his dad had some seriously fun announcement to give now.

Burt and Carole watched the three boys straighten up in anticipation and then Carole glanced over at Finn, seated beside Rachel, of course. She knew all the kids were excited about New York and their immediate future, but she couldn't help feeling a pang of sadness at the thought that they would all be leaving at the same time.

She felt Burt give her arm a soft squeeze and knew that he'd picked up on her fluctuating emotions. It really was great that the kids had all got into the schools they wanted but, as she sniffed surreptitiously, she could only hope they wouldn't neglect her and Burt back home.

"Okay, people, it's that time!" Paul grinned as he watched all the young people straighten up, almost quivering with excitement, because they knew what was coming. He had made no bones about the fact that he, Burt, Carole and Bella would be setting them up for their college life in 'the greatest city on Earth' (according to one Kurt Hummel) so they were quite ready for the unveiling now.

Kurt clapped his hands and did what Dave thought of as his trademark happy wiggle. He suppressed a grin even as there was a little twitch in his pants. A happy Kurt was such a turn-on, and he winked at Puck who was grinning at the boy, too.

"Oooh, I know what Aunt Bella's giving me already!" His light, sing-song tone caused the others to chuckle before Bella mock-frowned at him.

"And how would you know that, sonny-boy?"

Bella quirked an imperious brow at the boy, who only giggled and then waved a slender hand dismissively.

"I've only been admiring your luggage forever, so I know what you must be giving me!"

Her faintly disgruntled look caused the others to laugh as well and then she smirked. "Ah well, if I'm that predictable, I don't suppose you want the other gifts, too…"

The group burst out laughing at the way Kurt's jaw dropped before his bottom lip poked out.

Paul intervened before more drama could ensue and waved his hand at the hovering maître d' before turning to the others.

"Alright, you guys, this is the thing: we have no idea what you boys – and Rachel – consider dire necessities but Burt, Carole and I have come together and decided you all should get new cellphones, iPads, etc."

The boys erupted and Rachel squealed, clapping her hands in unconscious imitation of Kurt's earlier action. Paul and Burt slid packages with the devices' information in front of each of the kids, grinning at the loud thanks rumbling around them.

They all tore into the packages and began comparing and contrasting the devices they each got. Paul watched as his son leaned in closer to his boyfriends and he shook his head a little sadly. It was such a pity that David's mother just couldn't get her act together enough to realize what an amazing son they had.

He shook the faint melancholy off and turned to Bella who, in turn, cleared her voice loudly enough to break through the kids' fascination with their gifts.

"Okay, not to be outdone, you will find, waiting at the house, luggage for all of you. Here's the info," and she leaned forward to slide envelopes to each of the kids. She sat back and waited.

"Aargh, yes, I knew it!"

She laughed as Kurt pumped his fist in the air victoriously before breaking out into laughter. The others chuckled at his behavior but then stared in awe at the glossy brochures, depicting the luggage and accessories they were all receiving from Bella.

Kurt jumped up and hurried around the chairs to fling his arms around Bella's shoulders in a tight hug.

"Thank you, I knew you'd get it!"

Bella patted his back affectionately as the hug ended and he scurried around again to show Carole the brochure for his Louis Vuitton luggage set and Ralph Lauren carry-on. They giggled over the pictures of the elegant travel set, causing Burt to roll his eyes at Paul before turning to the other kids.

"So what fancy stuff did y'all get?" A gleam showed in his blue eyes that matched the small smile on his face at the way the kids were so absorbed by the brochures.

Finn grinned widely and held his brochure up so the picture showed. "This says 'Globetrotter'…" and he broke off as Puck held his up, too, showing the same picture.

Dave grinned, flexed an impressive bicep – to the wide-eyed interest of his boyfriends – and announced: "And I got Samsonite!"

Laughter erupted again as Kurt blushed and Puck covered his mouth, a faintly heated look in his eyes as he stared at Dave.

Carole chimed in, trying to shush the others. It wasn't exactly necessary, for there were very few patrons besides themselves still having lunch. It was nearly two o'clock, after their long, leisurely meal.

"Guys, I just want to say I had great pleasure helping Bella pick out the next set of gifts and they are actually here." She tilted her head towards the waiter who had been standing by since Paul first gestured to the maître d'. Now he stepped forward with a large tray weighted down with several elegantly-wrapped gifts.

He set the tray down in front of her and she took up the first one and handed it to Rachel. Then she handed gifts around to Puck, Finn, Kurt and finally Dave. They sat silently, subconsciously waiting on each other to open their gifts. Eventually, Bella snorted and yelled, "Go on, already!" and they tore into the poor paper.

The gasps from the new graduates were like music to Bella's ears and she looked over at Carole and winked. "I think they're actually speechless."

Immediately Finn let out a loud whoop and held up his gift, his eyes wide as he laughed. "Wow, thanks, Aunt Bella. Wow!"

He showed off the elegant gleam of his new Omega Men's Seamaster Automatic Chronometer Watch. "Can I go diving in this? It says I can!"

There was teasing laughter as he stared with big, hopeful eyes at Bella but it was his mom who answered. "Finnegan Hudson! There is no way you will be doing anything of the sort in that watch. It's for dressing up!"

Bella chuckled but winked at Finn who didn't look too sad at his mom's admonishment. "I'd ask the same thing, too, kid. That's a fierce watch."

Finn had strapped it on and kept staring at it but he nodded in agreement. "You guys are the best!"

Bella laughed again and looked at the other strangely quiet kids. She raised an eyebrow and asked, "What?"

Kurt looked at her with a tiny smile on his flushed face. "I think I'll be spending the whole afternoon bouncing up and down thanking you!"

The others chuckled but agreed, Puck looking at Bella with something like awe. "Yeah, this is an awesome piece of hardware, Bella; thank you!"

He held up his wrist to show off his watch, a Hermès Dressage Chronograph H1925 that looked rather sexy, in Kurt's opinion. Kurt showed off his Movado Watch with Diamond Bezel and stainless steel bracelet. He was already planning what ensemble would best showcase this gorgeous gift.

Dave nodded at Bella and thanked her, too, holding out his watch that was still in its case. The Tag Heuer 500 Diver watch had brought the same thought Finn had had to his own mind. "This is really fantastic; Bella thanks… and I promise not to dive in mine."

Laughter again seemed to signal the reappearance of the maître d' who was accompanied by a waiter who went around refilling their water goblets. The happy family gathering was good business for the restaurant as the other patrons seemed to be enjoying their happiness vicariously. That could only mean good word-of-mouth… not to mention a huge tip in the end.

Burt looked down the table and realized one teen hadn't chimed in and now he smiled gently at Rachel.

"Hey, Rachel, you okay down there?"

That served to draw everyone's attention to the strangely silent Jewish diva and she startled as she raised large dark eyes to stare around at everyone.

She lifted her gift, that she had been holding in her lap and they could all see that her gift had come in a long flat box. They heard her sniff softly before she smiled tremulously at the rest of them. Then she opened the box again and showed them her gift.

It was a beautiful Piaget watch in rose gold, obviously vintage and it glowed in the soft lighting of the restaurant's dining room. The watch was stunning for its obviously hand-crafted elegance and the tiny diamonds and rubies around the casing twinkled as they all leaned forward to look.

"Wow, Rachel, that's beautiful!"

Finn's words were echoed by soft murmurs from the others and Rachel smiled wider as she looked at Bella and Carole.

"Thank you, so much. I wasn't expecting anything like this… thank you!"

Bella smiled at her and Carole nodded. She looked at Bella first before disclosing: "We were at a loss, trying to find something really feminine. When the owner of the store heard us talking, he showed us a special display that he said came from an estate sale. That lovely little watch was made in 1940, can you imagine? And it's just as gorgeous as the day it was made."

They all nodded as they watched Rachel staring at the really lovely piece. It had such personality and Kurt could imagine her dressed for a theater premiere, the watch proudly displayed on her wrist.

"Think about it, Rach; that's like old-world glam for when you're on the red carpet!"

Kurt's words brought her head up and a blush to her cheeks. The others laughed and nodded and then the conversations fragmented as everyone took a break to sip water or eat the last of their desserts. Fifteen minutes later, Paul once again drew their attention to him.

"Okay, guys, there are a couple of other things we have to go over but I think we've been taking up space in here for waaay too long."

They all grinned at him and nodded, Burt stretching a little as he pushed back his chair. He helped Carole to stand and then said, "Yeah, let's head back to the house, people."

Finn leaned down and dropped a quick kiss to Rachel's dark hair and she smiled happily at him.

Everyone chattered as they climbed to their feet, making sure to gather up all their important papers, before strolling outside. Paul took care of the bill, with Bella lingering as she looked back at him.

She felt this odd warmth in her chest sometimes when she looked at the tall, strapping man Paul had grown to be. A part of her wondered, inevitably, what her life would have been like if she'd taken a different path, but she shook it away. Now she held out her hand as he came toward her, pocketing his credit card and the receipt as he came.

Paul slid an arm around her shoulder and hugged her to him briefly. He dropped a quick kiss on her hair and then let her go to head outside into the afternoon sunshine. Soon they were all piled into the various vehicles and heading toward the Hummel-Hudson residence.


Kurt sealed up the last box and placed it on the floor. He looked around the room. All that was left was his outfit for tomorrow and toiletries. He sighed softly.

"Hey, what's with the sigh, Princess?"

Puck and David were loading up the moving truck and they had decided to start with Kurt's stuff, since he had the most.

"It's nothing really, Noah. I'm just feeling a little nostalgic."

"Babe, it's not like we won't be home for the holidays." Dave smiled as he ran a finger gently down Kurt's cheek.

Kurt stood up and wound his arms around Dave. "I know, I know – it's just going to be weird waking up in a new place, even if it's a fabulous place."

"Princess, you're still going to have us and Finn and Rachel even. You won't be home-sick."

Dave pulled them both closer and hugged them. "Come on, we still have to get to Puck's and load up."

"Where are we spending the night tonight?" Kurt asked as he handed the last box to Puck.

"I'm thinking it makes sense to just stay at Dave's since that's the last place we're loading up." Puck looked over at Dave and raised an eyebrow.

"Sounds good to me. We've been back-and-forth between here and your place all week. I heard my dad talking with Burt and Bella and they said something about breakfast with all the parents in the morning." Dave lifted two more boxes and headed for the stairs.

"Oh, that's right. I heard Finn say he was stayin' at Rach's tonight. He's already packed up his stuff in their truck and they are loading her stuff tonight. I guess her dads wanted to have her home one more night." Puck laughed.

After several hugs and teary goodbyes with promises to see Burt and Carole in the morning, the boys headed to Puck's to start the process over again. At least Noah had everything already packed and his duffle bag was ready. They even managed to get out of there quickly since his mom and sister were meeting them for breakfast with everyone else.

Dave called ahead and ordered pizza to be delivered and the boys pulled up at Dave's the same time as the delivery guy.

"Good timing, Muffin," Puck smirked.

Dave growled back softly, "Don't start, cupcake."

Kurt laughed at them both loudly as he grabbed the pizzas and gave the kid a generous tip. He pushed open the door and called out, "Anyone home?"

Paul called back from the living room. "In here."

Kurt put the food on the table and sank into the couch cushions. "I am so tired of boxes already," he sighed.

"That good, huh?" Paul chuckled. "Are you boys all done?"

"Kurt and Puck's stuff's in the truck already. I just need to add my stuff and we're done." Dave had grabbed some plates before heading into the living room and sitting beside Kurt.

"That was quick!" Paul raised an eyebrow as Noah entered the room with a couple of six-packs of beer. "How did you get out of Nora's so quickly?"

Puck handed Paul a beer and sat down. "We had Kurt distract her and Sarah while we loaded up. Then it was a matter of grabbing my bag and telling her we're all meeting up in the morning."

"Uh huh, and that worked?"

"Well, sometimes with ma it's best to not give her too much time to think about things."

"Yeah, that much I remember." Paul accepted the plate from Dave. "Do you guys have any plans tonight then? After you're done loading up that is."

"Not really," Kurt downed half his beer. "We went to all the farewell parties earlier this weekend. Azimio texted me earlier, so he might just come over here and play some video games. He's the only one not leaving until next week."

Paul was about to say something when the doorbell rang. He got up and answered it.

"Finn? Something wrong son?"

"No, not really. I just – I'm hoping the guys are here?"

"Of course. Come in, we're having pizza."

"Thank Grilled Cheesus!" Finn muttered.

"Finn?" Dave looked over at him. "What's the matter?"

Finn crumbled to the floor near Kurt. "Rachel's dads were driving me crazy. I told them Kurt texted me and he needed help with some heavy lifting, just to get out of 'family dinner theater'." Finn shuddered.

"Poor Frankenteen." Puck laughed as he tossed Finn a beer.

"Well, the guys are having a night in, video games and all that. I understand Azimio is showing up, too, at some point, Finn, so you might as well just hide – umm, hang out here." Paul smiled at them. "I have to go change – movie date tonight."

"Cool, Mr. K, thanks." Finn grabbed some pizza. "Tell Aunt Bella we said hi."

"Will do!"


After eating and cleaning up, the four boys loaded all of Dave's boxes into the truck. Azimio showed up just as they were finishing.

"Aww, and here I was ready to help ya'll."

"Yea right, Z, who are you kiddin'?" Dave punched him in the arm.

Z just laughed. "Maybe. Are you ready to get yo' ass whooped at CoD live for the last time until Christmas?"

"Dream on, fucker!" Dave shoved Z playfully.

"I'm going to take a shower and change first." Kurt announced.

"You need some help, Princess?" Puck picked Kurt up and headed for the stairs.

"No!" Finn shouted. "Everyone showers by himself; otherwise you'll be up there all night!"

"Nice cock block, Hudson!" Azimio laughed.

Puck set Kurt back on his feet and shook his head at his best friend. "Dude! What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing, Puck. You know as well as I do, if you go up with Kurt, Dave will go, too. I'm not – no offense – sitting here with Z while you three are all wet and soapy and stuff."

Azimio choked on the beer he was drinking, nearly spitting it all over Dave. "What the fuck, Hudson?"

Finn blushed. "Yeah, probably coulda said that different but you get the point," he mumbled.

Kurt giggled. "Okay, little brother." He kissed Puck on the cheek and headed upstairs.

When all three had showered they joined the other two and started up the game.

It was sometime around three in the morning when Paul finally came in the door. He stood in the living room in shock for a moment before he reached in his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. He quickly snapped a few pictures, laughing to himself, before sending the pictures out to several people.

He shut the television off and headed for bed. They all had to be up in a few hours for breakfast. Hopefully he would be able to take a nap once the boys hit the road.


Finn was the first one awake and he quickly sent a text to Kurt telling him he would see him at the restaurant before heading back to Rachel's.

The door shutting woke Dave and when he realized they'd fallen asleep playing the game, he chuckled softly. Puck was lying across his chest and Kurt was curled up on his other side. Dave ran a hand across Puck's bald head. Truth be told, he missed the mohawk already but Kurt thought the new look would be more sanitary and professional in the kitchen.

Noah stretched into the caress and smiled. "Morning, babe," he whispered as he tightened his grip on Dave.

"Morning. I'm pretty sure Hudson woke me up when he bailed out of here just now, you probably could go back to sleep, though."

"Nah, I'm up now." He ground his erection against Dave.

"Don't even think about it, Puckerman!" Azimio growled. "I may be cool but I ain't that cool – I damn sure don't wanna see that shit."

Dave and Puck laughed, waking up Kurt.

"What time is it?" he mumbled, stretching a bit.

"It's a little after seven, Fancy; you probably should get up since you take a little longer than the rest of us."

"Mmm." Kurt rolled over and kissed Dave and then Noah. "Good point."

"And that's my cue to get outta here." Azimio hauled himself off the floor and stretched. He bent down to pick up his phone and noticed some missed messages. "SON OF A BITCH!" he bellowed.

"What's wrong?" Dave reached for Z's shoulder.

"YOUR FATHER!" Z stomped over to the stairs and yelled, "Just you wait, Mr. K, just wait! Someday I'll get payback, you'll see, no NFL tickets for you when I'm a big football star!"

"Azimio, what are you yelling about?" Dave looked surprised when Kurt started laughing hysterically.

"Oh, my Gaga, David! Check your phone, baby!"

"Fuck! Please tell me Mr. K didn't send them to everyone!" Z was getting worked up.

"Dude," Puck smirked. "You and Hudson, that's hot man."

Dave grabbed his phone off the table. There were four messages from his dad. He opened the first and gasped. Apparently when they'd fallen asleep, Finn and Azimio wound up cuddled together on the floor. Paul had snapped two pictures of them and two of Dave, Puck and Kurt.

Dave looked up at his best friend. "Dude, how come I didn't know you liked to be the little spoon?"

Puck and Kurt dropped to the floor laughing and Dave could swear he heard his dad's laugh from the top of the stairs.

"DEAD!" Azimio bellowed. "ALL OF YOU ARE DEAD TO ME, YA HEAR!"

Dave couldn't hold back his laughter anymore.

Just then Z's phone started beeping. "Shit! He sent them to my ma!" He glared up the stairs. "You're a cruel man, Paul Karofsky," he hollered before storming out of the house.

Paul finally came downstairs. He was wiping his eyes and laughing.

"Dad!" Dave tried to catch his breath. "That – that was epic, dad, really. Did you send them to Finn, too?"

"Yup, and Carole, Burt, and Bella, along with Z's mom and Nora. I figured everyone could use the laugh. I was going to send them to the Berrys but I don't have their numbers in my phone."

"I got you," Puck said as he quickly forwarded the pictures to Rachel, Hiram and LeRoy.

Kurt wiped his eyes. "Okay, okay, we really gotta get moving. Everyone, get changed and then we'll load up the last few items. Goodness knows how long this breakfast is going to take and I'd like to be on the road before eleven."

Breakfast was every bit the ordeal Kurt feared it would be. All the tears and double checking was working on his last nerve. The only relief came from the moments of teasing Finn about the pictures.

For the most part, Finn took it good-naturedly. "Hey, at least I was the big spoon," was his constant reply.

They finally managed to get on the road about thirty minutes later than Kurt had hoped but, all things considered, it was kind of a miracle and he wasn't going to complain. They planned to follow Finn the whole way. Kurt figured if they kept him in front there would be no way to lose them when he exited for one of the hundreds of stops Kurt was sure Rachel was going to want. Burt originally suggested one of them drive with Finn but no one wanted to be stuck on such a long drive with Rachel. Maybe if it was just Kurt and Rachel in one truck it would've been fine, but Puck and Dave vetoed that idea.

Eleven and a half hours later, the two trucks pulled up in front of the high-rise in Manhattan. Despite the late hour, the five of them were pretty excited. The doorman directed them to park the vehicles around back by the service entrance, they could unload in the morning, and the area was secure.

The group made their way up the elevator to the tenth floor. When it opened there was a small foyer with floor-to-ceiling double doors on the other side. Kurt pushed open the doors and gasped.

Rachel's squeal quickly followed as the two held each other by the arms and jumped around. They were both talking so fast and making all these squeaking noises. Finn looked worried until he looked over at Dave and Puck. The boys were both wearing identical expressions of amusement and affection as they watched the two bouncing divas.

Puck caught Finn's eye. "Dude, don't worry. They'll calm down in a day or so. Until then, we'll just use ear plugs or something."

Dave rolled his eyes and punched Puck in the arm softly. "Knock it off. They're excited and happy. It's cute."

Rachel ran up to the boys and started pulling on Finn and Dave. "Come on! You have to see the view!"

She pulled them toward Kurt who was still bouncing in front of a wall of glass. He grabbed Noah and Dave's hands, pulling them closer.

"Look, babies, we did it – we're finally here!"

Dave had to admit the view was pretty awesome. It overlooked the park and part of the skyline.

"Wow," Finn grinned as he held onto Rachel tightly. "This is amazing."

"I knew you'd like it, Finn." Rachel leaned up on her toes and kissed him softly.

"We should find our rooms, Princess," Puck whispered as he kissed Kurt's temple.

Kurt nodded and dragged them both down the hall. "Night, Rach, night Finn!"

Kurt recognized the furniture he helped Bella pick out and he quickly pointed out Dave's and Noah's rooms before dragging them into his own and kicking the door shut.

The three of them jumped on the bed and stretched out. "Now this is amazing," Dave chuckled.

"I thought you'd like it." Kurt smirked as he rolled onto one side of Dave. "I made sure to order the largest beds for all three of our rooms so no matter where we ended up; we would have plenty of room."

"Genius, Princess, pure genius." Puck curled up on the other side of Dave. He reached out and took Kurt's hand and entwined their fingers together before resting them over Dave's heart.

Dave tightened his arms around each of them and dropped kisses on both of their heads. "Good night, you two. I love you, Fancy, and I love you too, Cupcake," he laughed.

Puck bit Dave's shoulder while Kurt laughed. "You're lucky I'm tired, big guy, or I'd show you who's a cupcake." He placed a kiss over where he bit. "I love you both. G'night."

"I'm the luckiest boy in the world," Kurt grinned. "I have an awesome new home in the best city in the world and I have two very sexy, very loving boyfriends. I love you, Noah, and I love you, David. We're gonna be so happy here." Kurt's thoughts turned to buying this lovely bed as he drifted off to sleep.


Kurt stood with his head tilted to one side, eyeing the massive four-poster bed in the showroom. He hummed and then side-eyed the figure beside him.

"So, what do you think – too much?"

Dave suppressed a smirk as he pictured the three of them making the most of the huge expanse of bed in a few days.

"Nah, I think it's just right. In fact, I think we should get the whole suite. I like the look."

Kurt's mouth dropped open and he turned fully to look up at Dave whose eyes were twinkling as he stared at Kurt's expression. He leaned forward and lowered his voice.

"If you don't close your mouth, I'll take that as a challenge… or invitation." He chuckled as color swept over Kurt's cheeks. The brunet closed his mouth with a snap and then shook his head.

"David Karofsky, I didn't know you knew anything about interior decorating!" A pleased expression replaced the look of surprise and Kurt nodded decisively before he turned around again, this time looking for Noah.

The tanned jock was supposed to have been looking at the beds with Dave and Kurt but had become distracted by an armchair that looked sturdy enough to take two full-grown men. Kurt looked back at Dave and with a little wink, moved over to sneak up on the other boy.

Coming up quietly behind Noah, he slid his arms around the jock's waist and giggled when he felt the muscular body jerk. Puck looked down and over his shoulder at Kurt's grinning face.

"Hey, Princess, waddaya think about this chair, hmmm? D'you think two of us could, uhm, use it at the same time?"

Kurt gazed at the chair and then narrowed his eyes at the lascivious look on the other boy's face.

"We would have to get it in leather… don't you think?"

Puck looked puzzled for a second and then his eyes cleared as he held in a bark of laughter. "Oh, yes, all that sweat… and other stuff, right?"

"Riiiight," Kurt drawled as he turned his head to indicate where David was still standing near their choice of beds. "Anyway, come and look at the one David and I like." He tugged Puck towards the other boy with a grin.

Puck looked at the bed Dave and Kurt liked and nodded in appreciation. He had never actually seen a king-size bed before except in commercials, not even when they had done that mattress commercial a couple of years back. The size was kinda intimidating but as he glanced at both Dave and Kurt, a huge grin overtook his face.

With a rebel yell, he suddenly launched himself onto the bed, jostling what looked like dozens of unnecessary pillows and cushions, and sprawled on his back, laughing out loud at the startled looks on the others' faces.

"Noah, what are you doing?!" Kurt's voice squeaked almost up into the range where only dogs and maybe bats could hear him but Dave simply laughed and shook his head.

"Puckerman, if you get us thrown out of this story, Fancy will never forgive you," he warned, even though he was fighting back chuckles.

"Aww, don't be such a prude, Princess. Can't you picture us on this thing?"

Kurt paused in the act of taking a deep breath to launch into a diatribe. Actually, as he looked at the way Noah's jeans bunched and creased at the crotch as he pretended to make a snow angel on the bed, a faint blush overtook him again. Damn, that boy was fine and he was all theirs, he mused to himself. He found himself chuckling along with David but he shook his head.

"Yes, yes, you savage, I can picture us on it, that's why I chose it, duh!"

Dave slipped an arm around Kurt's slender waist and pretended to nudge him towards the bed. "Yeah, Fancy, why don't we try it out – just to see if we fit, huh?"

Kurt looked up at him and then back at Noah, clearly hesitating. Suddenly, a little voice just seemed to whisper "why not?" With a little giggle he nodded and then slid up onto the bed; it was a little higher than regular beds so in the act of climbing up, his butt was a perfect target.

"Ow! David, you animal!"

Kurt's screech had the two boys laughing like hyenas but Kurt just pouted and narrowed his eyes, one hand going to his backside that Dave had just pinched. Still, there was a gleam in his bright blue eyes and both his boyfriends knew he wasn't in pain.

With Kurt on one side of him and Dave on the other, Puck folded his arms behind his head and stared up at the exposed beams of the store's ceiling. They laid there for a bit before he asked, "So, what do you think? Is there room for fun on this thing?"

He turned his head to look at first Kurt on one side and then Dave and chuckled as he watched both boys moving their hands over the fancy comforter. There was, indeed, room for the three of them, even with his and Dave's size taken into consideration.

Kurt sat up, ignoring the looks of the other customers in the store and nodded enthusiastically. "This is great! I knew it was the right one the minute I saw it."

Puck sat up, looking at the spacious bed and nodded. "Yeah, I can't wait to christen this bad boy."

Dave, rolling over unto his side, agreed but had one more question. "Just one other thing: whose room will get this beast?"

Kurt slid off the bed, a knowing smirk on his face. "Gentlemen, I suggest you think on a grand scale. Every bedroom will have a king-size bed. Remember, Aunt Bella has given me a credit card just for furnishing and appliances?"

His voice got a little sing-song at the end but the others could understand. Giving Kurt free reign over decorating a high-end flat was like Rachel getting a chance to choose the lead of any Broadway favorite.

Puck nodded and rubbed his hand up one of the supports of the bed's canopy. "So, if I wanted, my bed could be one of those cool sleigh ones?"

Kurt grinned, an indulgent look on his face. "Uh-huh. In fact, you boys get to choose the style of your own bed and the color of the bedding, too. I won't interfere, promise."

A little chuckle escaped Dave who finally slid off the bed himself. "So why were you so excited that we see and like this one in particular?"

Kurt got a heated look in his eyes and he ran the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip, immediately snagging both boys' attention. His voice softened to a purr and he quirked one eyebrow, pretending to look down his nose at them.

"Boys, boys, we simply haven't had much time to explore all possibilities, have we?" When they looked at him, puzzled, now, a giggle slipped out before he sobered slightly. "You know I have over a dozen scarves, right? Some of them are silk and… very strong."

He paused as one after the other, enlightenment dawned in their eyes and Kurt nodded with a wide smile on his face now. "Yes, you're seeing the picture, right?" His voice growing sultry and leaning forward so that the other two had to lean in, too, he continued. "Imagine me lying, naked, spread-eagle, nothing but scarves at my wrists… and ankles… totally at your mercy…"

There was the sound of a gulp and Kurt didn't know who made it but he flushed in satisfaction at the heat in his boys' eyes.

Oh, yes, no matter how heavy their school schedule would get, he would see to it they got in enough play time, the three of them. He nodded smugly and turned back to run his hand over the silky feel of the duvet, ignoring the way his boys had to adjust the front of their jeans.

Furniture shopping was fun, yes, but he couldn't wait to move onto buying the linen for the apartment. Mmmm, Egyptian cotton sheets were just the thing he had in mind and with a waggle of his fingers. He summoned the others and strutted off, well aware that both boys' thoughts were on much more enjoyable activities than towel-shopping.

End flashback

The next couple of days found the five friends unpacking and getting settled in. Kurt and Rachel often took off to explore for food and miscellaneous items they needed; both coming back home flushed and excited. Finn thought they would get tired of it but Puck told him not to count on it.

The second week found the group visiting their various schools together and getting their shopping lists of needed items. Kurt helped Rachel pick out comfortable dance-wear and shoes. David and Finn didn't need much beyond new trainers and athletic-wear. Noah, on the other hand, need complete chef outfits that Kurt was giddy over shopping for. He even spent time tailoring the uniforms a bit to fit Noah's guns better.

By the time school started they all had their schedules memorized and knew witch trains they needed.

The first Monday of school they all stood on the train platform. Rachel's train arrived first and she kissed Finn and hugged the other three tightly.

"Wish me luck!" she called.

"You don't need luck Rachel," Kurt commented. "Just show them how it's done."

Puck was the next to leave.

"That's me, babe." He kissed Kurt. "I'll miss you," he whispered.

Puck fist-bumped with Finn. "Have a good first day dude."

Finn grinned. "You too man."

Dave grabbed Puck, lifting him up into a hug. "Be good," he murmured into Puck's ear.

"Baby I'm always good." Noah kissed him hard. When he pulled back he stared into Dave's eyes. "Remember what we talked about, okay, no hiding who you are. Fuck 'em if they can't handle it, it's not your problem. Make sure you own that hockey team."

Dave blushed. "Thanks Puck. I love you."

"Love you too, big guy. Text me if you need anything, promise."

Dave nodded and grinned. "Go, before you miss your train. Have a good day."

Kurt's train arrived at the same time as Dave and Finn's.

Kurt hugged Finn first. "Have a good day, little brother." Then he pulled Dave into a hard kiss. "I love you Hamhock, and I'm so very proud of you."

"I love you too, Fancy. Go make some awesome clothes. I'll see you tonight."

Kurt skipped over to his train and turned back one last time. "Behave! Both of you!"

Finn and Dave just laughed as they entered their train.

Dave turned to Finn. "You ready to do this?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, I guess. Do you think they'll have a glee club we can join?"

"We?!" Dave arched an eyebrow.

"Come on bro," Finn whined a little. "You wouldn't leave me hanging, would you?"

Chuckling Dave replied, "We'll see Hudson. Let's just try to make it through day one without getting lost and then we'll see."

"Thanks man." Finn squeezed Dave's arm before leaning back in his seat. "I'm so happy we're all together, it's not so scary, you know."

"Ya, I know what you mean. The four years feel like more of an adventure than something scary." Dave rubbed his hands together. "I can't wait!"

The end