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Jinx was evil. She definitely was. Joining the Hive 5- well, technically 6-, destroying the Titans, putting them out of a home. Yep. That definitely qualified as criminal activity. But she did have a heart under all of that…pink. And all hearts deserved to be loved. Hearts deserved to be cuddled and kissed and touched. A certain green changeling could help her out with that. At the moment, though, she was doodling unicorns in her sketch pad, stomach down on her bed. Her room, surprisingly enough, wasn't pink at all. It was dark purple with lavender décor hung up in a few places. The drapes were dark. Everything was dark.

"Hmm…you're looking quite nice Electra Fire Embera…quite nice indeed…" She giggled, pressing the tip of her perfect-pink-Pegasus gel pen. How completely OOC of a villain. But nobody hated unicorns. Not even Slade. The unicorn was perfect; a giant flowing electric pink mane, a horn the length of a…stick (?), and a beautiful lengthy tale that rode circles around that My Little Pony Stuff.

"Dude! Hey there Jinx." She whipped her head around to see Beast Boy, a member of the Teen Titans, standing in her doorway. He was wearing jeans, a purple t-shirt, and a smile.

"Dafuq are you doing here!? Coming to beat me up again?" She growled, throwing her sketch pad at him, her eyes shining dark-dangerous-pink. He held up his hands, spreading his long green fingers in submission, shaking his head ferociously.

"No no no! Just came here to say-" She squinted her eyes.

"What!? What do you-"

"I just-"

"Leave me alone!" She tried to throw a pink-sugar-heart at him, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Who could ever hate that face? Those adorable green eyes? Those…perfectly kissable lips? Not even Jinx.

"Here." There in his hands lay a Stephanotis. The delicate white color reminded Jinx of a wedding dress she wished to wear one day. It was so innocent looking, the complete opposite of Jinx. The stephanotis was delicate, airy…it seemed like it didn't experience life at all. As if it just…appeared. Jinx was hardy, a downer, and had definitely experienced life- she had the scars to prove it. Her eyes kept watering at the flower, her lip trembling and breathing increasing. The only other guy who had ever given her a flower was…Kid Flash. He was interested in her romantically. This innocent little kid couldn't be interested in such a girl like her. Could he? Oh…Jinx longed to sum up everything she was feeling in a delicately formed sentence…

"What the hell is that?" She spat, eying the botanic with animosity. Beast Boy simply smiled, chipper as ever.

"It's a… stephanotis I think." She huffed and rolled her eyes.

"I know, dip; why are you giving it to me?" He laughed.

"You deserve a little luck." He winked as Jinx feigned a blush.

"Uh…thanks…" Beast Boy nodded, switched into falcon form, and flew away, leaving the flower on the floor in Jinx's room. She couldn't stop herself from running over to the spot, delicately cradling the flower, and placing in the vase, right next to the fiery red rose that was gifted to her by Kid Flash. She stared at it a while longer, comparing it to the red rose plunked next to it. The rose was fiery and ignited something inside of her; something passionate, something fiery, something…sexual. But the stephanotis…it made her feel…safe. It ignited something softer in her, more delicate. And she liked that side of her.

"You deserve a little luck." His voice echoed in her head. She blushed and shook her head.

"Maybe…just maybe…"

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