HRE had kissed the love of his life, Italia! It was somber and joyus at the same time, as he had to leave for the warfront that moment. Tears had streamed down both their faces as they hugged one last time. "Don't worry," he said, "I will think of you every day, and when I come back we can both become the almighty Holy Roman Empire and we will live together forever my love!" Italy cried openly as she said, "I love you Holy Rome, I always will!" He squeezed her to him in one last hug as he said goodye, then turned to go. " NO, PLEASE! I don't want you to leave, I love you!" Italy cried. It felt like she was stabbing him with a knife sharper than anything ever created. The farther away he got, the more the blade twisted and dug in deeper, and he was dying. He could barely stand it. He forced himself not to turn around as her screams grew more frantic. He was off to battle and he knew he just couldn't let a little thing like love distract him. But he wasn't able to dislodge the blade, so he did what he had never done before and promised he never would; he cried and he didn't care about anything but getting back to his sweetheart, Italia. 3