Chapter 17: Arrivals

Annabeth kicked through the bushes of the woods, cursing under her breath at the shrubbery. "Percy!" she yelled out. Around her, she could hear other kids yelling out his name as well.

It was early the next morning, and Percy was still missing. Dinner had been melancholy last night, and the rest of it was somber as well. When the campers rose and still there was no sign of Percy, people started to get really worried. Chiron said he had run off into the woods, so the campers began to search.

Annabeth cursed again, knife in her hand, slashing through undergrowth. A sick feeling had settled in her stomach. The woods were especially dangerous, and they didn't know half the stuff that could be found here. Even for a demigod as skilled as Percy, there was no telling what they would find.

"Annabeth!" someone yelled out her name. Annabeth looked up, peering through the trees. Clarisse stumbled out of a bush, cursing loudly. "We've started from the southern edge of the forest and sent over half of the campers in a net from there. We combed the entire area, and there's no sign of him." Annabeth felt her heart sink a little lower. "That means," Clarisse added quickly, "that we need to start moving north. We still have half of the woods to cover." Annabeth nodded.

"Right. Right." She said.

She turned to the left and began walking forwards, kicking aside the growth even more ferociously. A nymph popped out of a tree nearby, frowning and ready to deliver a lecture, but one look at Annabeth's face and she melted back into her tree.

A scream rang out from the right, one of terror. Annabeth and Clarisse shared a look and went barreling off in the direction of the scream. They crashed through a bunch of bushes, glancing off of trees, before bursting into a clearing. Silena Beauregard stood next to Zeus's Fist, hands on her mouth, eyes wide. "Silena, what's wrong?" Clarisse asked, drawing her sword. Silena shook her head, backing away from the rocks.

Clarisse advanced on the rocks, peering around them. Her face looked uncomprehending at first, but then it turned into one of horror. "Oh gods no." She whispered. Annabeth walked up, her heart slowly entering a free-fall.

"Clarisse, what-?" Then she saw the body.

The boy was lying on the ground, arms and legs spread out. His head lay in the middle of a pool of blood, and more covered his forehead. She could make out a hole in his forehead, which was the source. She very nearly vomited right then.

The boy was Percy.

"No." she whispered, running over to him. All around her, she could hear other campers arrive, but she ignored them. She knelt on the ground by Percy's body, grabbing his head. "Percy? Percy, come on, talk to me. Percy? Please, no, you can't be dead, not now." He lay unmoving. "Oh gods, Percy, NO!" Annabeth screamed, tears flowing down her face. "You…you can't die. Not….Please, stay with me. Stay for me. Percy?" She knelt there, tears flowing down her face, hugging Percy's lifeless body tightly to her chest. She stayed there for a very long time.

Line Break

The funeral was held that night. A flag with a trident was made, and Percy was wrapped in it. That night, the bonfire was lit purple, a dark, deep, somber purple. The flag, with Percy inside it, was placed on the fire. The flames surrounded it, slowly burning the cloth to ash. They stayed there for a while, watching, nobody speaking. The fire eventually burned away. And when it did there were gasps of shock rushing about the campers.

The flag had entirely burned away, and where they expected to be ashes of the body, there was nothing. It was as if all remains of Percy's body had just…vanished.

The campers speculated on it for a while, and eventually went back their cabins, heads low. A cry came up from the beach. The mass of kids rushed to it to find a boy lying in the sand, with blonde hair and a small scar on his lip. He was in an unfamiliar purple shirt.

One of the Apollo kids fed him ambrosia, waking him up with a series of coughs. He sat up, opening strikingly blue eyes. "Who are you?" Chiron asked.

"My name is Jason." The boy said.

At the exact same moment, far across the country, something happened.

In a place called the Wolf House, a boy with jet-black hair and eyes like the sea woke up.

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