'Cybertronian thoughts'

3rd POV- Cybertron

Once upon a time there was a gigantic metal planet called Cybertron. On this planet lived huge robots, called Cybertronians, that had lives, friends, and families. The Cybertronians used to live in relative peace until the day a Cybertronian with the designation of Megatron began to thirst for ultimate control. He started a huge war and helped destroy his own planet. His processor was getting more corrupted by each day until finally he was the complete depiction of evil.

Then his brother, Orion Pax, was renamed Optimus Prime to be the leader of Cybertron and a descendant of the Primes. Optimus Prime wished for peace and for their once great planet to rise from the ashes and start over again. But in order to do that he would have to kill his own brother. For you see, Megatron wanted a dictatorship with him as the leader. He believed it was his place to rebuild their planet with him having total control of all Cybertronians. Megatron fought his brother for control, forcing Optimus to choose between salvaging any piece that was left of his brother or to save his planet and all of the people in it. Optimus chose the latter choice, pushing any bond he and his brother might've had to the back of his processor and fighting Megatron.

As Optimus and Megatron fought the other Cybertronians were given two choices from Megatron, choose a side or be killed. Megatron recruited any Cybertronian willing to fight for their rightful place among the people of Cybertron and named them the Deceptions. Optimus, so unlike his brother, did not force the people against Megatron to fight in battle, they willingly came to him seeking refuge and vengeance against the Decepticons. They called themselves Autonomous Robotic Organisms, Autobots for short, and tried to save their beloved home planet.

Life-long friends turned against each other and families' bonds were destroyed. The war got worse though and it consumed innocent sparks and the entire planet in its rage; Megatron's rage. Megatron could not get enough power and he made to take the All Spark but the Autobots intercepted and threw it off the planet in an attempt to keep Megatron away. But alas it did not work, Megatron tried to follow it through space eventually crash landing on a planet called Earth.

The All Spark was sacred to Cybertron because it was able to create life within planets. An example of this would be most of the Cybertronians that inhabit Cybertron. It also held glyphs that showed a way to more energon, one of their main sustaining sources. Primus, Cybetron's God, was grief-stricken as he was forced to watch his creations, his children, extinguish each other's sparks viciously. He watched them decapitate each other, pull out vital wires, watched their optics dim, and watched half of them join the pit for their miss deeds.

Primus was so sick of watching them die and being unable to help, unable to change the fate that one power hungry mech had started. He could do almost nothing to save them from themselves. Primus knew that one day it would escalate until they destroyed the race of the Cybertronians completely. So, he consulted the Primes his most ancient creations and the only Cybertronians that he allowed himself to interact with.

The Primes had already been watching the destruction of the Cybertronians and had already come up with the best solution that they could think of. They told Primus that a younger, different species that had no involvement with their war might be able to help. Then one of the Primes stepped forward and said, "We also think it might be better if the person chosen is more innocent and neutral than our own race has proven to be." "I'll think on this. Than you my friends you have helped me and I am forever grateful." Primus replied, still shaken up over watching the war.

Primus, always true to his word, did think on it, their words going around in his head over and over again until his processor hurt. It took many, many years until he finally found a planet with a suitable species. But Primus was once again disappointed, this planet proved to be just like the rest, filled with a greedy species not able to fill the requirements for the one to be later he found this same planet, still with empty servos. Deciding that there was nothing more to lose he started searching around the planet again.

This time was different though, this time something caught his optics. When he turns he sees it's a femme sparkling with the biggest brown optics he has ever seen on one of the humans. The little femme is running toward a mech sparkling that is in the middle of one of the Earth roads picking up a green animal with a brown, square shell. The femme is screaming the name of the mech and when she reaches him she reaches out her small hands and pushes him out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. Instead of the mech getting struck the femme is and Primus just watches her fly through the air.


Traci Nichole "Nikki" Witwicky, a 7-year old with chocolate brown hair and eyes, was playing with her younger twin Samuel "Sammy" James Witwicky. They were playing trucks in the front yard of their house in Tranquility, Nevada and were being watched by their parents, Judy and Ron Witwicky from inside the house.

Tracey turned around to pick up her favorite one, a black car with purple designing. When she turned back around to continue playing with Sam though he wasn't sitting there anymore. Sighing, she stood up and started calling out his name, " Sammy? Sammy? SAMMY!? WHERE ARE YOU!?" Beginning to panic she turned around in circles looking for a glimpse of the bright red shirt Sam had been wearing.

Tracey was taking deep breaths to try and stay calm while she walked closer to the road. In the grass she saw flash of white so she walked closer to it. When Tracey picked it up she realized it was Sam's favorite car, a white car with black designing, which meant that Sam was close by. She ran closer to the road and saw Sam in the middle of it picking up a box turtle. She sighed in relief before screaming, "SAM! SAMMY MOVE!" Sam wasn't even paying attention to her so she threw all thoughts to the wind and ran as fast as she could toward Sam, only focused on saving her little brother.

She got to him and put her small arms out and pushed him as hard as she could away from the oncoming semi. Relief flooded through her body as she saw Sam hit the other side of the road and then pain as the semi hit her instead. Time seemed to slow down as her small, fragile body flew through the air and then hit the ground, the breath getting knocked out of her on impact. When she turned her head she saw Sam mouthing her name over and over with tears streaming out of his dark brown eyes, her mom and dad screaming, and the neighbors rushing out of their houses with horror filled eyes as they all realize what happened only moments ago.

Then an old voice spoke to her saying, "I shall not let you die child. You are the perfect choice. Unless of course you would rather die, would you?" Tracey wasn't sure why but she could understand the voice even though it spoke in a different language and she trusted the voice so she nodded. The last thing she heard before darkness consumed her was, "I am sorry child but this may hurt and you may have lasting effects from what I'm going to have to do to save you."


Primus looked toward the small femme and called for the Primes. It took less than a minute for the Primes to arrive, via portal.

The first thing Primus did was partially restoring her body so that it wouldn't bleed out before she got medical attention. Then they each took of a small part of their sparks and put it into her, undetectable to anybody and everybody that scanned her. After the last Prime put his spark into her, a bright purple light encased Tracey and when it released her she had purple streaks in her hair, the Primes' symbol upon her inner thigh, and Primus' symbol on her lower back.

Primus gazed at her in awe, for he had never seen this happen, then again this situation wasn't ever needed before.

Next, they all gave her some of their memories of the war and before it started to help her along the way. Lastly, they gave her the knowledge and gifts of the All Spark, only to be activated if the All Spark was ever destroyed. Her eyes opened wide, now bright purple with flakes of blue and red. Her new additions were all glowing brightly and she gained a swirl-pattered tattoo on her wrist with Cybertronian glyphs that said peace, harmony, love, savior, mother, and powerful.

They all gazed sadly at her before Primus took her back to Earth. All of this had happened within a split Earth-second so nobody noticed that she had been gone.


When Tracey woke up there was a blinding white light surrounding her, she moved to turn but found that something was restraining her. She could see people in long white coats with masks when she opened her eyes. Turning her head downward she realized that wires and tubes were what was restraining her. A nurse, noticing she was awake, quickly grabbed an anesthesia needle and put it in her arm. Tracey turned to look at the nurse but black was starting to creep in at the edge of her vision, making the 7-year old panic. She tried to scream but it was too late and the anesthesia put her to sleep in an instant.

When Tracey woke up again it was to the sound of an annoying beeping and her mother's sobs. She tried to relax and go back to sleep but then she started remembering the events of yesterday; the old voice, the searing pain, the flashes of light and the woman in the white coat gave her a shot that makde her go to sleep. Her eyes snapped open and she sat up really fast, jarring the multiple wires surrounding her and making the annoying beeping louder and faster.

Her mother, noticing she was awake, pushed the button to alert the doctor that she woke up. "Tracey! Oh honey, we're so glad you're awake." She managed to sob out. Tracy blinked and looked towards her mom and said, " Mo-mmy, wh-at ha-ppened?" Judy sobbed harder and her dad looked at her, with tear-filled eyes, and began explaining, " Well, you and Sammy were playing in the yard and Sammy went to go find a turtle in the middle of the road. You, being the brave little girl that you are went and pushed him out of the way of a semi. The semi hit you instead, Tracey I want you to know now that this may have some lasting effects and that you are still perfectly normal. Okay?"

Ron only continued after Tracey nodded her affirmation, "The chemical discharge from the truck effected your appearance and the doctors say it may last forever. You also have a broken leg, wrist, you have a cut on your throat, and you have some minor scrapes." Tracey took a few moments to process the words and said, "How did it effect my app-appe-apper… looks?" Instead of answering her Ron just handed her a mirror. Tracey looked and noticed instantly that her hair had purple streaks and that her eyes were a very bright purple. Looking a little closer, she saw that her eyes had blue and red flakes in them. She also observed that her hair was a darker brown and when she looked down she saw that she had longer fingers and was taller than before.

Tracey looked up and opened her mouth to say something but at that moment doctor knocked on the open door and stepped inside. The doctor smiled and looked at his clipboard saying, "Well, Tracy, it seems you are one very lucky little girl. My name is Dr. Nathan Smith, but you may call me Dr. Smith or Nathan either one works. Okay getting down to business, it seems that you have a minor fracture in your wrist, broken leg, some cuts and scrapes, a strange looking scar on your back and wrist, and." Dr. Smith looked bewildered before continuing slowly, "And you some of the metal from the truck wen all the way through you lung and spine. We….we got the shrapnel out and you should still be in pain from that. But it says here that the wounds healed up almost instantly after the shrapnel was pulled al the way. May I say once again, you are one lucky girl to have survived this, without any blood transfusions being needed."

Doctor Smith, still looking quite bewildered, turned to Ron and Judy and said, "May I speak to you out in the hall for a moment, please?" Ron and Judy turned to look at each other before nodding and standing up to follow him out into the hallway. Sam and Tracey were left in an awkward silence until Sam burst into tears, "I-I'm so s-sorry Ni-ni-nikkii I-I di-didn't me-an to." Tracey leaned over the wires and hugged Sam saying, "It's a-a-lright Sa-Sammy. I sti-ll lo-ve you. It is-n't yo-ur fault." Sam still slightly sobbing hugged her back.

Sam pulled back after a while and handed Tracey a cup of water. She sipped the water slowly at first but realizing that it made her sore throat feel better she gulped it so fast she almost gave herself hiccups. When she finished the cup she sat it down on the tray and lay back down. "Sammy can you lay down with me? I don't feel good." Sam thought about it for a minute before climbing up on the bed with her. Tracey held the covers back and cuddled up to her younger brother, yawning, "Nighty night Sammy." Sam looked up at her and replied, "Night Nikki."

Ron, Judy, and Nathan walked back in the room about 5 minute later and saw Sam and Tracey snuggled up on the bed. Nathan decided to go against hospital protocol and let Sam stay in the bed with Tracey, smiling slightly at the 7-year olds. Whispering quietly to Judy he said, "I'll let them stay together but make sure that when they wake up that he doesn't jostle her to much." Judy nodded and he left, shutting he door quietly on his way out and dimming the lights.

Judy turned and hugged Ron and started crying again, "Ron what are we gong to do? You heard what he said, she's never gong to be normal again and he said the chemicals effected her brain." Ron hugged Judy back tightly and whispered into her hair, "The doctor also said that it might just enhance her memory and make her twice as smart. She'll always be normal Judy, she's our little girl and that doesn't change. Sure, she's going to be a little different but it won't matter. You wanna know why?" Judy sniffled and nodded. "Because, she's our daughter, our baby girl, and if we can't believe in her she won't believe in herself. Believe in her baby, she's going to be completely fine."

Judy contemplated this for a minute before replying, "Alright Ron I'll believe in her. You're right she's our baby girl and she's going to be completely fine."

Primus watched from the sidelines and sighed, feeling guilty that he had almost ruined the little femme's life. But he also felt happy because he could feel deep in his spark that Tracey Witwicky was the best person he could have picked and that had a loving family willing to look past her different appearance ad still love her. Primus turned and disappeared in a swirl of shadows, returning back to his domain and to watch the events on Cybertron play out.