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3rd POV-Cybertron

On a distant planet in a small galaxy, not unlike the Milky Way, lives a planet named Cybertron. Even though Terran scientists believe that there couldn't possibly be another planet that supports life, they are wrong. The inhabitants of this peculiar planet in this spectacular galaxy are what Earth would label 'robots'. . .but on Cybertron they call themselves Cybertronians.

The Cybertronians are generally a peaceful people but there is always that one person who breaks the pattern; who is no longer happy with the weak and pitiful barely surviving on their planet. The person who cut through the peace like it was butter was a once peaceful Cybertronian named Megatron. But to understand Megatron you must first understand his history.

When Megatron was but a youngling his creators had another child to whom they gave the designation Orion Pax.

As brothers, they were thick as thieves; one was never seen too far from the other and if they were then you knew trouble was about to happen. Megatron was fiercely protective of his little brother. . .but then their creators died and they coped in different ways. While Orion gathered friends and family around himself, Megatron became a recluse who only wished he could bring them back. The brothers drifted apart and by the time they had realized this there was no going back.

Due to the lack of communication in their mourning periods the two no longer felt they would be welcomed in either brothers' spark; Orion believed that Megatron hated him because he didn't include him in is mourning process and Megatron thought that Orion resented him for abandoning him when he needed him most.

The brothers began avoiding each other always longing for the presence of their best friend. Soon they reached the age where it was time to begin thinking about how they wanted to live their lives.

Another large problem arose during this time period, the Council had finally found the descendant of the Primes. His name, you may wonder, is Orion Pax. Now, you may be thinking, 'So that means Megatron is also a descendant' but no. The Cybertronians have a sacred artifact made by Primus himself, called the All Spark. The All Spark is a massive cube that towers over even the tallest of Cybertronians. The cube is completely covered in Cyber-glyphs that are so ancient even the Primes could not comprehend them. It possesses a conscience and bestows life upon the world in which it resides. The children born of the cube still retain the genetic make up of their 'Creators' but sometimes the All Spark adds something extra.

In Orion's case, it added the Prime gene.

His name was changed to Optimus Prime and he became the leader of Cybertron; the world rejoiced but one lonely mech completely locked himself way and cried because he knew, deep in his spark, that his brother would never spare him another thought again.

As time passed Optimus became one of the best rulers Cybertron had ever seen; he ruled firmly, but fairly. Although, he couldn't fix all problems. Megatron, desperate for his little brothers attention, reacted terribly to the news of Optimus' success.

Megantron lashed out, slowly, gathering other Cybertronians who felt ignored by their fearless and devoted leader and started a small gang, they called the Decepticons. All the gang was supposed to do was gain Optimus' attention and it worked. . .for a while.

Optimus felt betrayed, all he had wanted was for his brother to speak to him again, he missed the older mech who had practically raised him. He had never wanted to be the one who bailed his protector and best friend out of jail. But it seemed like he was at the jail every orn, like a clockwork. Optimus Prime had never felt embarrassed by his older brother, he had always loved and looked up to him. But every time he went back to that jail and felt the weight of his peoples' stares on his back and heard the snickering and gossiping, Optimus lost a little more hope and embarrassment began to set in.

The last time the two brothers had spoken to each other, not as enemies, but as broken-sparked brothers, it was raining, they both remember this detail clearly, but over time their minds had warped the exact words of the conversation. If you were to ask Optimus, he would say that he had begged and pleaded for his brother to come home and to remember the wonderful timed they had as best friends. If you were to ask Megatron and he didn't immediately strike you down where you stood. . .well he would tell you that he had told Optimus that he loved and missed him and that he wished they could be brothers again but Optimus rejected him.

The only soul who truly knows what occurred on that rainy night beneath the stars, would be Primus.

After the 'rejection' that both brothers faced that night a war began. The Decepticons began to lose control and the only way Megatron was able to keep his leadership over them was to become stronger and meaner than them, to protect his little brother. Megatron's actions weighed heavily on his spark and he began detaching himself from the actions and felonies committed by his gang and himself. Soon after, it was as if a whole other Cybertronian was committing these atrocious acts against his brother's beloved world.

In return to the crimes committed by Megatron's ever growing gang, Optimus had to start his own army to keep as much peace as possible. They called themselves Autonomous Robotic Organisms or Autobots for short.

The war raged on and many buildings were burned to the ground, family bonds were torn apart, and friends turned on each other. It consumed innocent sparks and the planet in its rage. But that wasn't even the worst part of the war, soon the Decepticons were killing sparklings in an attempt to lower the Autobots' numbers. The All Spark refused to support life after this, all prayers for more children went unanswered and even the plant refused to grow.

The Decepticons grew outraged and planned to steal the All Spark but the Autobots knew the cube would never belong to anybody and in an attempt to save their world, Optimus Prime launched the All Spark into the depths of space. Megatron's processor had grown very corrupted over the cycles and went after it. The Decepticon leader was declared MIA after an orn.

Primus, the Cybertronian God, was utterly grief-stricken as he was forced to watch, solar cycle after solar cycle, as his creations, his sparklings, tear out each others' sparks and their optics dim. Most of them were sent to the pit and would never join Him due to their misdeeds.

Primus watched for over a vorn before he couldn't take it any longer; couldn't watch his children kill each other over a misunderstanding started by two lonely brothers. But his processor was so tired and guilt-ridden that the only solution that remained in His thoughts was to wipe out everybody and start anew. The Primes, the only companions he allowed himself to interact with, despaired at the thought of this and were adamant that his 'solution' could never be an option. Then they realized what they needed was not a new start, but a new perspective.

The eleven of them gathered in the unofficial meeting room and waited for Primus' arrival. Nerves bit at them a they worried over the decision that had been made, never before had they contacted an inferior race for help in this way.

A purple,swirling vortex suddenly appeared in the middle of the room and out of it stepped their God looking weary and tired, like usual as of late.

Primus looked away and stated, "If you cannot propose a logical solution in this meeting, it will be this last one. I can no longer take watching my beloved creations do this to each other this. . .civil war," he scoffed and began to look angry, "will not continue and if they cannot stop or if you cannot offer anything then there will be nothing remaining. Perhaps next time I should just take away free will."

Sighing again, Primus said, "Please, my friends, help me."

Their Creator sat at the table and motioned for the meeting to begin. Prima, the unelected leader of the Primes, stood up and stabbed his sword, Star Saber, into the table.

"Primus, as your first creation, I hold the utmost respect and love towards you. But, I will never allow you to do this. I speak for all of us when I say this, you are in no position or mindset to make a decision with this much impact." Prima stepped back, allowing the next Prime to step forward.

Another sword was stabbed into the table, to the right of Prima's sword. This sword, with the designation of Rhisling, belonged to Vector Prime, the guardian of space and time.

"We have decided, as a unit, that instead of coming up with solution to this war ourselves, we should look to an outsider, somebody wholly uninvolved in this war." He solemnly shuffled back and sat in one of the unoccupied chairs.

A mini-con shifted on its servos but did not step forward, this Cybertronian is designated Micronus Prime, the first mini-con. "Tactics are my forte Creator, trust me when I say this leads to the best possible outcome of the war and even the recovery after the fighting is over."

The only femme Prime jumped forward and slammed several weapons onto the table, the most recognizable one was the Forge of Solus though, a mighty war hammer indeed.

"Creator, you once promised me, in my time of need, that no matter where I was or what I had done, you would always be there for me. You have stood by your word many, many times. . .but now it's time to return the favor. We cannot continue watching as you blame yourself for the mistakes of your creations. Our solution may seem like a bad idea, but it is wise. Please listen before you criticize, we love you and wish only for this war to end."

Solus slid around her creator and hung onto his shoulders, energon tears leaking from her optics. Next, a Prime who shifted forms every couple of seconds, jumped onto the table, loudly declaring, "As the most heroic of beings, courageous of forms, and biggest spark in this universe and the next, you would be wise to heed this Amalgamous's words. It is not in our nature to seek out war and conflict, we must survive this to become a beacon of hope to the surrounding planets and galaxies. Your fear of this war must not control you, it cannot dissuade you from doing what needs to be done or from making unbiased decisions."

Amalgamous crouched down in front of his Creator, softly speaking, "Nobody is perfect, but the only thing to fear is fear itself. If you let it become your master then you give it control over your actions and if fear is the one speaking at this moment then I would like to know so that I can leave. I want to talk to you, sir, not your emotions." He sat back and motioned for the next Prime to begin speaking.

Prima and Alpha Trion, Quintus Prime, Alchemist Prime, Nexus Prime, Onyx Prime, and Liege Maximo spoke in unison, "We formally request the use of a human for the war. They must be innocent and untouched by war, they must be accepted by the All Spark, and finally, they must be female. Human males have turned out to be too volatile and untrustworthy in past Terran history."

The room was drowned in a tense, awkward silence.

Finally, Primus spoke, "Your words are sensible and I am forever grateful of your presence in my time of need. But who is supposed to find this human female? Me? I am far too busy and how would I know who would garner a unanimous approval?"

Solus spoke from behind him, "We'll take care of all your duties, Creator. Just pick somebody who you think fits the criteria the best and bring her here, easy."

"Fine, fine. I will try this, but know, if this does not work out as planned, I will not force myself to watch the war any longer."

Another vortex formed in the room and Primus stood up, detached Solus from his shoulders, and walked into it.

A collective sigh of relief filled the room as they looked at each other with hope in their optics for the first time in a while.

So now you know, Megatron was not expelled from his mother's 'womb' an evil dictator pit bent on killing his brother. He still loves his brother dearly, but that part of him has long been locked away.

The dark and malevolent leader that we all know and despise is only a portion of the man inside. He has worn his mask for so long, that he has forgotten the mech who used to live beneath it.

Five Stellar Cycles Later
3rd POV -Earth

Primus had been observing the Earth for a very long '5 years' as they called it, he had seen many things such as a 'Hurricane Andrew' that had caused a lot destruction and death, a 'blizzard' being called the Storm of the Century that had killed over 300 people and a law being passed that did not allow men and women who loved their own gender openly, into the military (which frankly baffled Primus, why strictly discriminate against the people who were willing to fight for the freedom of others?)

But so far Primus had not found one human female who fit the criteria set by his oldest creations. Sure he had found a few that had begun to fit it but after a few years of observation they had proved to be disappointing.

He would wait one more Earth day before he deemed the search a waste of time and went back to observe how his own children were doing.

The Earth slowly rotated around, the satellite he was hacked into, a constant watcher. He scanned the cameras surrounding another American suburb street one more time. Just as he was about to move on to the next street he noticed two small figures in the road. Primus wasn't sure why but he felt compelled to stay and watch, a couple of Earth seconds later and he realized why; a large blue Peterbilt semi was heading straight for the two sparklings in the road.

Primus felt his spark jump into his throat but he knew that he could not save them, there were too many humans around and he knew they were not yet ready for the existence of aliens yet. The femme youngling looked up and screamed before pushing her arms out and shoving her brother as the semi hit her head on.

Tracey Nichole Witwicky is a 7-year-old with matching chocolate eyes and shoulder length hair. Her younger twin brother name is Samuel James Witwicky. Due to the siblings' oddness, they found it hard to connect with other children so the became each others' best friend. The two best friends were in their back lawn

On this beautiful summer morning, Tracey turned around to pick up her favorite car, a back Hot Wheels with purple spirals, from the ever growing pile of cars. When she turned back around her brother had disappeared.

Groaning she slumped to the ground. "C'mooonn Sammy, can't you at least give me a little warning before you switch games again."

Silence filled the yard and she squinted her eyes menacingly, "Sammy get your fat butt out here, I am not playing hide and seek again."

Still, no response came from her best friend. Tracey looked up as if asking 'why me' and began checking all of Sam's favorite hiding spots. She began to worry though when they did not reveal a grinning Sam. Spinning around and placing her hands on her hips she addressed her mother, "Mama, I can't find Sammy anywhere."

Judy looked up and smiled, "Just look in the front Tracey, he probably though he would have a better chance there."

The brunette huffed and stomped up the path, "Well he doesn't, he sucks at this game no matter where he hides." Suddenly she was in the dirt next to the path, having slid on a little white plastic car. She stood, grabbing the car on her way up.

'Why is Sammy's favorite car on the path? Well at least I know he is in the front yard for certain now.'

She rounded the corner, fully prepared to search for him again but there he was, innocently crouching in the middle of the street.

"What are you doing, Sam? You know we aren't supposed to go in the road without mama or daddy."

Sam stood up and turned around to present his new friend to his sister. "Look, Nikki, I found a turtle. I'm going to name him Darth Maul because he tried to bite me when I first picked him up."

A deadpan look was all he received in reply because just as Tracey was beginning to answer she froze and snapped her head to the left. Then in a flurry of panicked motion she ran towards her little brother and shoved him out of the road, only having time to look up at the massive Peterbilt that hit her head on.

It seemed to happen in slow motion, her tiny body flying through the air as her neighbors screams and the sound of the semi's breaks filled the air. She swore, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a robot the size of the Empire State Building solemnly watching her. But then, it was gone and she was smashing into the asphalt, bones breaking on impact. The last thing she saw before her head slammed into the ground and the darkness consumed her was her mama and daddy rushing out of the house, screaming and crying out her name.

Primus grabbed the little femme in the split second of time it took for her to hit the ground and her to become unconscious. He opened the first transportation vortex in a long time and stepped through, coming out into the meeting room on the other side. He sent out a comm. to his creations, stating his return and the presence of the femme that would help them end the war.

They all arrived in less than a klick looking excited and hopeful. . .but then they saw the small figure in his servos.

Surprisingly, Micronus Prime was the first to react to the horrific state that the Earth child was in.

"I need boiling water, 15 towels, and all the Earth surgical tools you can find." None of them reacted, still frozen. "NOW!" The Primes snapped to attention, rushing out of the room while Micronus walked over to Primus and held his servos out.

The tiny body was placed in them an he turned around to see Prima setting a couple of towels on the conference table, he nodded to him in thanks and set the femme onto the prepared surface.

Two groons later, Micronus set the tools down. "I cannot fix her anymore than this or else the human medics would be very suspicious, I apologize."

Primus set his hand on the mini-bots shoulder, "I understand, my friend, I appreciate your hard work and time."

The giant mech removed his hand and walked over to the seemingly comatose body of Tracey. Gently, he picked her up and placed a kiss upon her forehead. From the kiss, radiated a violet light that slowly encased her small form. The Primes followed his example an by the time Solus had finished placing her blessing the light surrounding Tracey filled every corner of the room.

Each Prime had placed a different glyph upon her they each read, 'peace, harmony, love, savior, mother, power, healer, hope, balance, sister, friend, and Primus', glowing the brightest, said 'daughter' The purple light faded out of the room but the glyphs remained glowing, pulsing with her heart beat. Two of them were on her left ankle, two were on each wrist, two were placed on her inner thigh, two were on both sides of her belly button, and one, the one saying mother, was above her heart. Beside each glyph resided the symbol of the one who had bestowed it upon her.

Her once brunette hair was now darker and had several glowing, violet, streaks. In her eyes, blue and red flakes circled each other. And in her mind, memories of the war and before and knowledge of the All Spark, only to be activated if it was a dire enough situation.

The Primes gazed upon her sadly, watching as Primus took her back to Earth, only a nano-klick after she had been taken.

When Tracey woke up there was a blinding white light surrounding her, she moved to turn but found that something was restraining her.

She could see people in long white coats with masks when she opened her eyes. Turning her head downward she realized that wires and tubes were what were restraining her. A nurse, noticing she was awake, quickly grabbed an anesthesia needle and put it in her IV. Tracey turned to look at the nurse but black was starting to creep in at the edge of her vision, making the 7-year old panic.

She tried to scream but it was too late and the anesthesia put her to sleep.

When Tracey woke up again, it was to the sound of an annoying beeping and her mother's sobs. She tried to relax and go back to sleep but then she started remembering the events of yesterday; the big robot, the searing pain, the flashes of light and the woman in the white coat gave her a shot that made her go to sleep. Her eyes snapped open and she sat up really fast, jarring the multiple wires surrounding her and making the annoying beeping louder and faster.

Her mother, noticing she was awake, pushed the button to alert the doctor that she woke up. "Tracey! Oh honey, we're so glad you're awake." She managed to sob out. Tracy blinked and looked towards her mom and said, " Mama, wha-. . .what happened?"

Judy sobbed harder and her dad looked at her, with tear-filled eyes, and began explaining, " Well, you and Sammy were playing in the yard and Sammy went to go find a turtle in the middle of the road. You, being the brave little girl that you are went and pushed him out of the way of a semi. The semi hit you instead, Tracey I want you to know now that this may have some lasting effects and that you are still our wonderful little girl, okay?"

Ron only continued after Tracey nodded her affirmation, "The chemical discharge from the truck affected your appearance and the doctors say it may last forever. You also have a broken leg, wrist, a couple of large cuts on your neck, and you have some minor scrapes." Tracey took a few moments to process the words and said, "How did it affect my app-appe-apper… looks?"

Instead of answering her Ron just handed her a mirror. Tracey looked and noticed instantly that her hair had purple streaks and that her eyes were a very bright purple. Looking a little closer, she saw that her eyes had blue and red flakes in them. She also observed that her hair was a darker brown and when she looked down she saw that she had thinner fingers and had longer legs than before.

Tracey looked up and opened her mouth to say something but at that moment doctor knocked on the open door and stepped inside.

The doctor smiled and looked at his clipboard saying, "Well, Tracy, it seems you are one very lucky little girl. My name is Dr. Nathan Smith, but you may call me Dr. Smith or Nathan either one works. Now, getting down to business, it seems that you have a minor fracture in your wrist, broken leg, some cuts and scrapes, a strange looking scar on your back and wrist, and."

Dr. Smith looked bewildered before continuing slowly, "And you some of the metal from the truck went all the way through you lung and spine. We…we got the shrapnel out and you should still be recovering from that. But it says here that the wounds healed up almost instantly after the shrapnel was pulled all the way. May I say once again, you are one lucky girl to have survived this, without any blood transfusions being needed."

Doctor Smith, still looking quite bewildered, turned to Ron and Judy and said, "May I speak to you out in the hall for a moment, please?" Ron and Judy turned to look at each other before nodding and standing up to follow him out into the hallway.

Sam and Tracey were left in an awkward silence until Sam burst into tears, "I-I'm so s-sorry Ni-ni-nikkii I-I di-didn't me-an to." Tracey leaned over the wires and hugged Sam saying, "It's alright Sammy. I still love you. It wasn't your fault I decided to jump into the way of a truck." Sam still slightly sobbing hugged her back.

Sam pulled back after a while and handed Tracey a cup of water. She sipped the water slowly at first but realizing that it made her sore throat feel better she gulped it so fast she almost gave herself hiccups. When she finished the cup she sat it down on the tray and lay back down.

"Sammy can you lay down with me? I don't feel good." Sam thought about it for a minute before climbing up on the bed with her. Tracey held the covers back and cuddled up to her younger brother, yawning, "Nighty night Sammy." Sam looked up at her and replied, "Night Nikki."

Ron, Judy, and Nathan walked back in the room about 5 minute later and saw Sam and Tracey snuggled up on the bed. Nathan decided to go against hospital protocol and let Sam stay in the bed with Tracey, smiling slightly at the twins. Whispering quietly to Judy he said, "I'll let them stay together but make sure that when they wake up that he doesn't jostle her to much, those wires need to continue monitoring her and if that IV gets ripped out, it is going to be very painful."

Judy nodded and he left, shutting he door quietly on his way out and dimming the lights.

Judy turned and hugged Ron and started crying again, "Ron what are we gong to do? You heard what he said, she's never gong to be normal again and he said the chemicals might affect her brain."

Ron hugged Judy back tightly and whispered into her hair, "The doctor also said that it might just enhance her memory and make her twice as smart. She'll always be normal Judy, she's our little girl and that doesn't change. Sure, she's going to be a little different but it won't matter. You wanna know why?" Judy sniffled and nodded. "Because, she's our daughter, our baby girl, and if we can't believe in her she won't believe in herself. Believe in her baby, she's going to be completely fine."

Judy contemplated this for a minute before replying, "Alright Ron I'll believe in her. You're right she's our baby girl and she's going to be completely fine."

Primus watched from the sidelines and sighed, feeling guilty that he had almost ruined the little femme's life. But he also felt happy because he could feel deep in his spark that Tracey Witwicky was the best person he could have picked and that had a loving family willing to look past her different appearance and still love her. Primus turned and disappeared into another vortex, returning back to his domain and to watch the events on Cybertron play out.

Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that, a story.
-Marty Rubin


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