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The whole base was on lock down. Nobody could enter. Nobody could leave. Perditus Diligo had nowhere to go so it didn't bother her much. What bothered her the most, was the man she had had contact with aboard the Enterprise was now missing. She shook her head with a scoff as the images flashed across the screen, blaring the breaking news coverage. Chewing her thumb nervously, she shook her head, remembering the attack on the officers meeting that led to her former captains death. The near death experience as they were assailed by the formidable Admiral Marcus and the USS Vengeance.

That had been almost a year ago. Instead of putting Khan back into cryostasis, the council decided to put him under lock and key, leaving him for examination and study. 'If only they knew, he was not the one being studied.' She thought, as she left her spot in the living room to get ready for a night on the base.

Perditus showered, dried and slipped into a pink halter dress. She didn't know WHY she allowed her crew mates to talk her into buying it. It was nearly backless, with a low draped scoop neck to show her ample cleavage. If she didn't know any better, she would say her underwear provided more coverage, but she was in a certain heat, and her confidence got the best of her for that night. Her honey curls were pulled into a loose ponytail that hung over her left shoulder, and her makeup done lightly. She never cared to cover her features, only enhance them. Strappy heels made her long legs even longer, as she finished with her jewelry, grabbed her clutch and left her flat.

WARP was the club that operated on base. It had become a hot spot now that most crews had been grounded until further notice. As soon as she stepped in, the heavy thumping of the bass hit her, feeling it echo in her blood. She quickly spotted Uhura, Chekov, Bones, Scotty, Jackson, Sulu and Jim. Sulu motioned over the bobbing heads of patrons for her to join them. With a smile she weaved through the crowd, but an uneasiness in her stomach, as though someone watched her.

"Hey Perdi, finally you join us!" Jim smiled broadly, showing his white teeth.

"Yes, sorry, I got caught up watching the news. I just, can't get over that." she shook her head in response.

Uhura passed her a highball glass and a shot glass. "One Plutonium 12, and a shot of local whiskey." She smiled.

"And you drink it lass, before Chekov here decides to finish it for you." Scotty smirked, grabbing Chekov by the back of the neck playfully.

Chekov was heavy lidded, having already drank his fill for the night. "I-I'm good, I von't drink yurs. Yet." He swayed.

They laughed at the young mans expense, and fell into conversation. After an hour give or take or playful banter, Uhura and Spock went to the dance floor, while Jim skirted around two young women at the bar. "Well, looks like he's working his magic again." Bones looked around, with a disinterested look.

"Why not work your magic, McCoy?" she smirked, sending a sweet smile, having been attracted to her friend for quite some time.

"No thanks, I don't need any more relationship problems. One divorce under my belt was enough to turn me away from the dating scene for a while yet." He said, barely making eye contact with her, looking around, scoping out the club. Her shoulders slumped as Bones got up.

"Besides, I have to report for duty in the morning at the hospital, so I don't need any company tonight, not with the base floozies at least." He shook his head. "Goodnight guys, see you around." He shook their hands, and left.

Perditus looked at the table. Jackson, and Sulu were knocking back shots. Chekov and Scotty left together, thinking nobody knew their secrets. At least someone was getting loved tonight.

She looked out at the dance floor. "Letsh go, I'll, I'll dance wif ya." Sulu said, following her gaze, taking her hand and leading her out.

She did was she could to enjoy it, moving her body, swaying her hips, grinding into him, hoping to elicit some sort of biological response that she was desirable. Had she really slumped so low, she needed confirmation from a drunken pilot? She didn't care at the moment. Even negative attention was still attention, right? Sulu was a miserable dance partner. All he could do was hold her hips, and sway back and forth, grinding his hips into hers, without even enough energy or sobriety to hold his head upright. Perditus turned around with just enough time to see him begin to dry heave.

"Oh god!" She cried barely able to get out of the way of his projectile vomit. Sulu could just stand there, swaying in his spot, way too drunk to walk alone. She could only do what her medical and nurturing instincts told he to do. Take him home, tuck him in, leave him water and headache medication. The uneasy watched feeling flooded her again as she put an arm around Sulu, and dragged him from the club.

It was slow going getting back to his flat. He had wanted to go back to the club, go swim in the bay, go for a drive. Things she could not in good conscience allow him to do. "Sulu, come on, you are far too drunk to do much." She sighed.

"I'm not t-too drunk to play bed beastss!" He laughed loudly, slurring. "Get mea women, I'll tearum'part." He laughed at his own musings.

"Well Sulu, you have a woman here, but you are far too many sheets to the wind to do anything to me." She smirked.

Her statement was only met with laughter. Heavy laughter. "Oy, you're a woman bcuz you've got a pussy, but you're not a fuckable gal, Perdi. You're a motherly, brotherly, hang with the dudes type... All of Star Fleet knows that" He soaked himself back into his laughter. She stifled her tears, her pride and ego bruised. The confidence she had in the beginning of the evening was now dashed.

"You can stop laughing any time now Sulu." She gritted through her teeth as she finally entered his room.

"I would, but, the thought, haha, the thought of you with a guy is just, hilarious." He collapsed in a shivering pile on his bed, unable to quell his humor.

"What makes it so hard to believe I could have a guy?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes, as she helped him out of his shoes.

"Perdi, you have the saddest eyes of star fleet. You probably have the coldest heart in personal matters. But when we look at you, it's like, just a friend. Girl next door, one of the guys. There is a stigma about you, no guy wants you, it freaks them out." He leaned back in bed, his sobriety returning a little bit

"What do you mean, it freaks them out?" She frowned, hurt.

"Well. You're no Uhura... and your eyes are pretty freaky looking. Besides, its like, who wants to admit to having sex with the school g-geek? The school nerd." He fell into a state of deep snores.

Perditus cried softly, knowing now why she had spent her years alone in Star Fleet. Perhaps this was why she had always been alone. Never so much as a kiss, never so much as a second look. In all her attempts to attract a mate, she now knew why. Her humanoid species had been designed to mate, that was her driving force. Ideally, their mate would be perfect for them, but, she was growing into a point of her conditional longevity, where she was willing to settle. Hell, even Cupcake would have sufficed. She put Sulu into the recovery position, just in case he threw up again in his stupor, and placed the water at his bedside. She had always heard of honesty coming out with alcohol, and tonight seemed to prove it.

The pain of her loneliness only made her night worse as she felt alone all over again. All her life, alone. Dumped by family, living place to place solely on her street smarts and whatever money she could scrounge up. A scholarship was the only way she managed to become a P.A. Now, in her heart, all she wanted was to know that she was capable of being loved, of being desired, wanted, needed. That she would be a prize to someone one day. But literally, for the life of her, the need for intimacy was a stronger driving force.

Perditus began the long walk back to her own flat, tears trailing over her freckle kissed cheeks, pouring solemnly from her large violet eyes. She pulled a tissue from her clutch, wiping away any smeared eyeliner, breathing in the salty air. Her eyes scanned her surroundings. She felt watched, as she had all night, but the streets were empty, as she stood just out of the light of the streetlamp. She turned and continued in the direction of her home.

The keypad accepted her ID, and her door slid open. The lights were dim in her home as she rounded the corner to her room. She let out an audible gasp, as strong arms lifted her thighs, pinning her roughly against the wall. She barely had time to register what was happening. Intense blue eyes met hers, as she struggled to come to her senses. "K-Khan?" She questioned aloud.

"So you do remember me. Good." He glared.

"Of course I remember you, Khan, how could I ever forget you." She spoke uneasily. She shifted slightly yet seductively between him and the wall, but he did not lessen his grasp on her thighs.

"I told you I'd see you again, did I not?" He breathed against her skin like ice. Indeed, he had spoken this, upon the last time they met.

'Get Khan ready for transport.' Captain Kirk spoke over the com from the bridge. As one of the medical officers, it was my job to ensure he was in fit condition for transport. I scanned him, as he laid on the biobed, barely aware I'm sure, of my presence. The doctors were busy tending to other patients, and the nurses wanted nothing to do with him. He could die a thousand deaths for all they cared. I was a physicians assistant for the care of people, good bad or otherwise.

My hands worked his body, feeling for any tenderness, or breaks that may have gone unnoticed or unreported by those who thought of him as less than deserving of care. As my hands worked their way up his side, his eyes snapped awake. He had been restrained with the best restraints aboard the ship, but he still struggled against his bonds.

"Shh, shh, it's alright Khan, please, its okay." My voice was as gentle as I could make it, to soothe the savage beast in his heart.

I leaned over him, my curls hovering over his neck, my hand willfully stroking his cheek, my fingernails gently dragging through his hair, behind his ear. "I'm Perditus, I'm taking care of you for right now." I spoke, looking into his eyes.

"You will take care of me long enough to send me to hell." He laughed. "What duality, save to kill" He held my gaze. I could not deny that.

"I do not wish death upon you, Khan." And I did not. He had killed, yes, but could I blame him if the roles were reversed? If I had such conviction as he had towards the lives of his family and crew, would I kill for them? Yes. "I only wish to treat you, to make you well." My hand falling to his arm, mindlessly stroking.

"Ha." He spat. "A filler for your void." He lay his head back. "Your desperation is so strong, it reeks off of you. Keep me helpless here, so you can feel needed, feel important. You are prey." He chuckled, feeling my hands leave his body.

Our eyes never left one another, and it killed me inside, because I knew it was true, and now so did he. Khan.

"I will let the Captain know you are well for transport." I stepped back, a soft sad warble to my voice, as my throat wanted to clench up to cry.

"Do that. But rest assured I will be seeing you again." He smirked evilly as I stepped back with my PADD held to my chest like a pathetic shield for my emotion.

"Please, Khan, I don't know what you need of me." I spoke, looking away from him.

"What I need of you? Don't elevate yourself to something so special to believe that I have a NEED of you." He spoke dryly. "However, you do have something that I WANT." He added.

Khan remembered her gentle hands on his body, and it set off the predator within him. She was his prey. The remnants of her skin touching his tasted delectable, and her scent now, as she came into ovulation, drove his most basic primitive desires. He took a deep breath from her neck.

"Khan, please..." She trailed off, a new heightened desire growing within her. She needed him. She needed his touch. Not just to quell the insatiable primitive desire for sexual gratification, but because if she did not, she was doomed to die young, as all of the unmated did of her species. That was her conditional longevity, mate or die.

His hands began to massage her thighs, lifting the short skirt of her dress higher, exposing her rounded buttocks. This is what he had been waiting for since he first felt her touch. The patience he had to learn the pattern of his guards, to break out of his prison, to track her down, stalk her, and finally now, take his prize, his prey. She gently ran her fingers down his chest, undoing each button on the way down. Their breaths became ragged as palpable desire fell between them.

Kahn pressed his hips firmly into hers, letting her feel his erection beneath her. He reached a little higher, pulling her panties aside, allowing himself to grind right between her lips, fitting himself into her crevice. She leaned her head back, biting her lower lip, a thrilling sensation washing over her. She felt his lips crash upon her neck like waves on a storm torn beach. There was a hunger in him that she wanted to fulfill. She was in ecstasy when he startled her. Peeling her from the wall, he tossed her like a doll onto her bed, watching her bounce.

"Stay." He commanded, stopping her as she made to get up. She complied. His shirt came off, followed by his bottoms until he was naked before her, erect. She stared in awe, bringing her knees up to her chest. He moved quickly to her, making short work of her flimsy dress, drenching the newly exposed skin in kisses, his tongue delighting in her taste. Her pheromones drove him mad with hunger. Every drop he tasted of her just fueled his voracity.

She was at a loss, not knowing what to do with this animal who had her under his thumb, besides comply with his demands and desires. She could sense the readiness flowing off of him, as his sweat began to gleam in the dim light, reflecting the silver light of the moon that streaked through her window. Her hands settled on his strong shoulders, as her breasts heaved under his lips.

He sat up, pulling her by the ankles until her hips were at the edge of the bed. There was little between them other than moaning, groaning and sighs.

"This might hurt." He snarled. With little care, he plunged himself into her. Her back arched in pain, a cry piercing the room. He held himself in her, before beginning his rhythm. He didn't care that she cried under him. The pain would subside, and the pleasure would take over. He barely stopped. He just held her thighs to him, her ankles in the air, watching her hold her breasts as they bounced with his incessant pounding.

She filled with desire, a happiness, knowing that here, a man, a real man wanted her. He had the balls, or the stupidity, to take her. She was made to feel like a woman, but at what cost? Deep inside, she felt he wasn't making love to her. Khan never would make love to her.

Khan, the man, the animal, was taking what he claimed as his. He was providing them both a release of their carnal instincts. This was sex, pure and simple.

She arched her back again, feeling a growing pleasure build up in her abdomen. Khan began to pump harder, responding to her increased cries and moans. She began to writhe underneath of him, but he held her firm, feeling her walls slick and tighten around him, signaling her release. She shot up, crying, whimpering as he continued. Her head resting on his shoulder, arms around his neck as he continued relentlessly. A mix of the blood from her broken hymen and juices stained the sheets beneath them.

Khan lifted Perditus from the bed, using her weight to slam her down onto his cock, as if driving to impale her at every thrust. Her breath became irregular as she attempted not to choke on her own passion. Guttural cries erupted from both of them, as he began to quicken the pace. She was ready once more. This apex predator was showing her body why he was at the top as he slammed her down into the bed again without missing a beat in his thrusts. This time he positioned himself above her, holding her wrists pinned to the bed, nipping her neck, biting her shoulders, tonguing where he left marks, massaging her skin. The auto lights turned off, leaving them in only the moonlight, reflecting off of his pale skin. Sweat glistened off of them both, their lust evident on the sheets.

In the final thrusts, Khan pushed himself with all of his weight as deep into her as he could, forcibly rolling her hips up to accommodate. He let out a yell between a man and a beast roaring. His body erupted in goosebumps, shivering, panting like the spent predator that he was. He had been fucking his prize well for nigh on an hour, but his strength would return, and the night was yet young. He stayed above her, letting the last of himself drain into her core.

She writhed beneath him again, taking his seed.

They lay that night in comfort, something he allowed her as a gift for being such a willing prey. At the first hints of foggy dawn, he sat up, gathering his clothes. It was time for him to go back on the lam. He completed his goal for the night, having successfully fertilized her, after waiting an agonizing year to do so. Her scent had changed every so slightly as he took a deep breath of her neck, smelling her hormones on her. With luck, it wouldn't take another year for him to come back to her, to remind his prey who has staked claim over her body. Who knows, he may even come back tonight, taking her multiple times in multiple ways. That remained to be seen.

Perditus awoke suddenly, seeing the remnants of gold rings standing at the foot of her bed. Her heart sunk tragically. What a stupid girl she had been. Stupid and naive. But alas, sex and love would always be two different things in her life. She rubbed her stomach gently, sighing at the events of the previous night. She wanted him again and again. In her heart, though she knew he would never love her, he was the one that would always make her feel desired, and fulfill her needs. She smiled at the thought.

When she got up to clean herself, she caught a small white paper left on her bedside, in firm handwriting was written her answer.


Rest assured I will be seeing you again. Very soon. Let the hunt begin.

- Predator

Another A/N: Okay, this was like, a 45 minute write up, straight from my mind to the site. I know things can be better explained. Sorry if there is more fore-story than actual sex, but that's how I tell my sintimate stories. Give a little background, or a lot.

Periditus = lost ruined abandoned

Diligo = love, prize