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The Enterprise was stationed in orbit around a moon, lit emerald from a natural occurring phenomenon. Perdi tuned out, not really caring what was going on down on the surface today. She wasn't going down this time, and she wasn't a biology science officer, so it held little interest for her. Her mind was too consumed by the captains speech a few weeks ago. Her heart broke a little more into the smallest of pieces, remembering how naive she had been that night.

Since then she found a new sense of self, but still, it broke her heart, that the one man she now had her sights on would probably never come back. Now that he had his crew, he had no need for Star Fleet. In fact, if he came back, it would probably be for utter destruction, revenge for what they had done to him and his people. She shuddered to think. On the other hand, she hurt, thinking he would just leave her with a son he never knew about. Just to be used for that one night. A relief. To be used, that thought hurt the most.

The day wore on. She had no duties to attend to, but sat instead in the dining hall, reading over a book, feeding mashed fruit to Eros, who took to these new flavors graciously. His eyes were large like his mothers, taking in the world around him, almost as if to commit it all to memory. He let out a delighted squeal, catching his mothers attentions. "Yes baby, what can I do for you?" She spoke softly, ignoring the looks of disgust she got from the few diners left. He gave her a broad gummy smile, making her laugh, imagining the babies gummy smile on his full grown fathers face.

Eros was in such a fit of laughter, and she could not understand why. He had never been so excited, or so happy before that she could remember. Perhaps he was entering into a phase, she sighed.

"Officer Diligo, report to the bridge. Officer Diligo, report to the bridge immediately." A stern Uhura called across the comm. Moving quickly, she returned to her room, placing Eros in his crib with a bottle as she usually did with bridge calls, and ran to the bridge.

She stepped off of the lift, "Officer Diligo, reporting." She spoke clearly.

The room was silent. Their eyes all face forward onto the screen. Shock hit her twice. A large dominating black ship in the distance. 'Could it be? No, that ship was destroyed!' The USS Vengeance loomed ominously ahead. There was silence, as they all knew in Deep Space, nobody would be able to rescue them. They knew the advanced weaponry this ship had.

They couldn't outrun it.

They couldn't outgun it.

They were at this ghost ships mercy.

"Captain, ve are being hailed." Chekov announced. James nodded to accept the contact, and waited for the face to appear. The bridge froze.

"Well well, hello again. Captain." A strong, proud and cold voice spoke.

"Hello. Khan." Jim replied bitterly.

"How do you like my new ship? My crew were very quick and efficient in putting this back together, don't you think? We even added some upgrades." He smirked.

"You only got your crew back a few weeks ago, how were you able to restore it?" Jim asked, fully puzzled, and perhaps speaking more to himself than looking for answers in Khan.

"You see, you only had a part of my crew locked away. After I located the first part of my crew, they set to work on rebuilding and upgrading the Vengeance. However, I knew that such a small crew would not be sufficient. So after 2 years of rebuilding and upgrading, and planning, my ship was ready, and the rescue of my crew was under way."

Jim nodded in understand, the idea dawning on him. "Well, we have nothing to speak of, so why did you hail? You have your crew, you have a ship, you have your freedom here in Deep Space."

Khan looked to the side, past Jim. 'And you, captain, have my son."

The bridge followed Khans gaze to Perditus, who had stood rooted in her spot. Not out of fear like the others, but out of sheer desire. His eyes, his lips, his hair. She had forgotten these little things.

"How do you know she has a child, Khan? Nobody knew until we were on board." Jim was growing angry, thinking he had overlooked something in his investigation.

"It is not something that you would be able to see, Captain. You bed any woman without truly paying attention to her."

"I didn't think my personal life was on trial here, Khan." Jim glare.

"Nor is mine, however you asked how I knew. I knew the moment she was impregnated, her scent changed just a small bit. It was bound to happen, as we had multiple opportunities that night." He stared into Perditus once more.

Perditus blushed, her sexual activities that night was being put on display.

"And what do you suggest we do?" Jim turned back to Khan, whose gaze had not left Perditus. He leaned heavily onto one elbow.

"I expect you to return my son to me." Khan sneered at Jim. Jim began to nod in agreement, happy to sacrifice something he didn't need or care for, the rest of the crew nodding in agreement. Horror struck Perditus' face however, the idea of not having her son hurt.

"And his mother." Khan finally added, glaring at Jim, who stopped, and turned slowly, meeting Khans gaze.

"You are asking me to give up the second in command to my medical team. I can not allow that," Jim clenched his jaw.

"Understand captain, what you are saying. You are willing to give up the lives of your entire crew, for the sake of one child, and one woman. A child, I can see in your eyes, that you hate just a small bit less than you hate me." He grinned as Jim swallowed his guilt.

"Surely, you remember the Vengeance. You remember I helped to build her. I know what plans you may think would work against my crew, but realize this is not entirely the same ship you ran into last time, and certainly not the same crew. So, be smart. Lower your shields, and allow me to extract that which is mine." His patience was wearing thin in his voice.

"Would you really fire upon us, knowing your child us aboard? Knowing that the woman who gave birth to him is here?" Jim stretched his arm out to Perdi.

"If that is how it must be, then yes." Khan spoke coldly.

"Jim, my son is NOT a bargaining chip!" Perditus yelled angrily.

"In times like this, ANYTHING is a bargaining chip, including your bastard love child with this murderer! I will NOT give up my entire crew for one child!" Jim yelled just as loudly. The stare down between the two was like lightning. The hatred that replaced their friendship was a stronger bond than they imagined.

She knew everything then.

"Captain, with all due respect, I must resign my position as Physicians Assistant and Secondary Medical Officer." Perditus straightened her demeanor. "However, for the sake of your crew, I will volunteer myself to take my son to the USS Vengeance." She gazed sadly at the screen. "Under good faith that the USS Vengeance, Khan, nor any of its crew members will cause harm or damage to the USS Enterprise or her crew." She watched as Khan sat back in his chair, contemplating her offer.

"I accept." Khan finally spoke smugly.

"Well I DON'T!" Jim looked back and forth between the two faces. He hated the fact that she had a child with Khan, but he didn't hate her. He could never hate a soft heart like Perditus, but his feelings had been clouded, and he now had to pay for his stupidity. He regained his composure.

"I do not accept your resignation. I will however, grant you your request to sacrifice yourself to the Vengeance under the conditions you put forth, they are not to harm our ship or our crew."

Perditus sighed. "You may not fire upon their ship or crew either." She spoke. Both captains nodded.

The screen went black, and Perditus left to her room to gather what little belongings she had there.

She held Eros on the transport pad, and waited for the gold rings to transport her to the transport pad on the Vengeance. When she opened her eyes once more, her surroundings had changed. They were darker, everything was darker, but before her, was Khan, in his formidable form as he had been the very first night. He stepped towards her, looking at the child she carried in her arms, his hand resting on his head. Preditus showed him the certificate of birth, that the child bared his name. At this, Khan smiled, taking the child into his arms. "Follow me." He commanded her. She followed blindly.

They walked down a long quiet hall, before a large double door opened before them.

"Oh, wow." She gasped, looking around. She had never seen a room like this on a federation ship. It was large, luxurious, grand. On one side of the room sat a setup for Eros.

"This would be the captains quarters, and yours as well." He looked at her and then to the door. Another augment had come. "Please, take my son to the learning annex, and do not bother us for the rest of the night," The man nodded, and turned away with the heir in hand.

"The learning annex?" She asked quizzically.

"Our son is going to be a fast learner, but everything that he will learn in the annex will be age appropriate for his abilities, trust me. Krag is very well with young ones, he will be our sons personal tutor and sitter. One of my best." Khan moved closer to her.

"Khan, I, don't know what to say." She sputtered.

He quickly closed the space between them, pulling her in, feeling her breasts heaving against his chest. "Tell me you missed the Hunt, tell me you missed me." Khan whispered hoarsely into her ear, causing her to melt.

Perditus could wait no more. She looked up, and made the first move to take his lips. A bold counter play by his quarry that he did not expect. He was caught off guard, but regained his composure quickly, pulling her in, brushing his hand across her exposed neck. Perdi moaned, leaning her head back, enjoying his touch. His lips gently scraped down the front, tasting every moment of it.

Perdi reached her hand down, gently pulling at his waistline, mewling as his hands gripped her buttocks, rubbing her back, and tugging at her hair. He growled, lifting her finally into a firm embrace. Her feet were swept off of the floor, as he set her down next to the bed. She wasted no time, removing her star fleet uniform, left in her lingerie, crawling seductively on all fours across his large cushy bed. Khan was rigid in desire, as he removed his clothes. There would be more time for foreplay later.

He pinned her under his weight, kissing her collarbone, grabbing each breast, gently squeezing, slowly exposing each nipple, giving them each a kiss, followed by a suck. He was startled to get breast milk, making a mental note not to suck to hard on the nipple itself, so he turned his tongue to the ariola, this drove her just as wild, as she thrust her hips into him, trying to grind, just a thin layer of her panties stopping him from entering her again.

He pulled her bra down, leaving it around her waist. His focus became her panties, as he slid them down, licking down her legs, and back up. Perditus cried aloud as she felt his tongue enter her center, and slowly circle her sensitive bud. He checked her wetness, and satisfied, re-positioned himself between her thighs, and just as unceremoniously thrust himself into her.

The pleasure was unbearable for Perdi. She gripped the blankets, moaning, her stomach clenching in desire and satisfaction. The same man was before her, inside of her once more. Khan gritted his teeth, she was still just as tight as she was the first time, proof to him that she had not bedded another man. She stayed true to him. His release was building quickly, as was hers. He had forgotten how good it felt to be buried in her wet velvety walls, to be thrusting into her as her walls gripped his shaft.

Khan set his hand on her lower abdomen, pressing down enough to put more pressure on her G-Spot with each thrust. This began her orgasm, as she moaned loudly, grabbing at his hair, letting out a long pleased cry, pulling, tugging at his cock with each thrust, begging for him to cum, begging for him to release. The pleasure was too great for him, as he fell over the edge, releasing himself as far into her as their hips would allow.

Khan fell to the side, as they both panted, still moaning from the residual pleasure. She enjoyed his hot load inside of her, as if it were still massaging her g-spot even though he pulled out. She sighed as Khan pulled her in close to him, feeling her heart beat against his chest.

"Khan, did it really take you 2 years to rebuild this ship?" She asked, her voice soft, a little sore from the rendezvous.

"Not at all. If Star Fleet can repair one ship in a year, Well, then we were able to repair this one in a year." He exhaled, almost laughing.

"I was just curious, because this ship was so far damaged... I didn't think it could be repaired to fast." She explained, hoping not to anger him by insulting his superiority and intelligence.

"Remember I helped build this ship. A crew of 60 of my crew is equal to a crew of 180 of a human star fleet crew."

"The scattered crew members." She whispered.

He held her tighter. "Correct. Once we came across the Vengeance discarded into space, we decided to tow it for repairs. Quite easy, really."

"Then once you had the ship, I take it you went after the crew members?" She looked up into his face, but he was gazing towards the ceiling.

"Wrong. I followed your trail." He looked down at her meeting her gaze. He rolled over onto his side, leaning over her, tucking a stray curl behind her ear.

"We no longer had access to where you were. We had gotten clips and snippets of information, until we finally got a lead. From there, we followed you, planet to planet. I could smell you on almost all of them." He leaned down, taking her lips, breathing deeply.

"Once we had your trail, I left a scout party here, and then returned for my crew. We waited before catching up to you again, fearing the high alert the crew would be on."

He reached down, spreading her lower lips, gently rubbing her sensitive bud again, as she took his growing length in her hand. A tear built up in her eyes. She slowly slid down, wanting to show him her appreciation. He scooted himself towards the headboard, looking down upon her as she slowly licked from the base of his hardness to the very tip, flicking it with her tongue, before wrapping her hot lips around it. Khan dipped his head back, feeling the suction of her mouth on his piece, willingly pleasuring him with her tongue. He grabbed a fistful of hair, guiding her head at the pace that he wanted it. She brought up her hands massaging either side of his hips, causing a tingling to build up in his system.

Perditus stopped. She wanted him again. She didn't want to finish him that way, not this time. She climbed on top of him, settling herself down on his aching shaft, taking control. He spread her thighs wide from behind, accommodating himself into her folds, still wet from their last session. Her long hair tickled his chest as she leaned forward in excessive pleasure.

"Oh, please Khan..." She cried, squeezing her eyes shut, bracing for another orgasm. Khan stared at her, his breathing now becoming ragged, here he was, so enamored by her body, that he couldn't help himself. Any stimulation she gave him put him close to the edge. It was only with self control that he was able to keep himself from falling over, and giving in immediately to her desires.

Perditus allowed her full weight to grind into him, little circles, allowing his tip to feel all around her walls. The stimulation to her loins caused her to buck suddenly, but Khan was not interested in letting her up. He grabbed her by the hips, hoping to keep her moving in the ways that drove him wild with fervor. He was on the edge again. She had already released her second orgasm, as her thighs jerked around his hips, moaning, almost crying in satisfaction. He pulled her down to his chest as he released his second, his cock throbbing, aching inside of her, this time, is release audible as he released a loud growl, much like he had their first night.

She lay there atop him, as he only tightened his grip when she tried to get up, so she made herself comfortable. He left gentle kisses along her shoulder, fingering through her hair.

"Khan, I'm so happy you found me. I can't believe you could actually smell me on those planets." She sighed, her fingers tracing patterns onto his chest, mindlessly.

He took a deep breath of her. "I am a predator, my dear Perditus. Perdi. You are my prey. I will follow your scent across the universe as need be." He kissed her cheeks. "I would follow your scent across time itself to reclaim you." His thumb gently stroked a cheek, as the other rested on her waist. "I have marked you, since our first meeting Perditus, you just didn't know it. You are mine, I will forever hunt you, and I will always come back, just like I said the first time, and just as I wrote the last time." He thumbed her lips.

This was all Perditus needed to know. She knew in that moment that she had made the right choice. That no matter what happened in Star Fleet, it would never give her the full satisfaction that his man beneath her did.

As Khan awoke the following morning, he stroked her honey locks, and smiled, kissing her shoulder. Her scent had changed slightly, and he smiled inward.

Would she be mad to know he succeeded in fertilizing her again?

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