At the moment this is just the very short prologue as i am a very slow writer this combines rotbtd and my own world/kingdom called Stellesara and yes i know its a bad name

Prologue: My story begins as most do, with the person they are about doing something crazy, stupid, or in my case a combination of both but hey I was young stupid and powerful.

Chapter 1: the jump

I knocked on the bronze plated door of my sisters cabin revelling in the breeze "it's a bad idea!" my sister said as she opened the door "you don't even know what I'm gonna say" I protested as she leaned on the dark birch door frame looking at me with a glare of accusation "you're wearing your bloody wing suit and we are on an airship at this point ANYTHING you say besides 'I 'm gonna go back to my cabin' is a bad idea" she spouted out like a fountain "god your perceptive" I said mockingly "what tipped you off that I'm wearing a wing suit? Was it the wings?" I grinned as the vein on her forehead threatened to pop, pissing off my sister was one of the few joys in my royal life and I was soon to be enrolled in a boarding school, so I was taking the chance while I could, "I swear I would kill you if you weren't my brother" she spat out through her gritted teeth, wow I was good at annoying her, "well I'm just going to take this baby on a test run so I thought I would let you know" I said as I turned and walked to the railing, her glare was gone in an instant and her expression became fearful "WHAT?" she nigh on screamed "you almost died the last time you tried to use that thing" I frowned remembering the time I had crashed headlong into an airship balloon sinking both my traitorous uncle and myself. But then I grinned "eh occupational hazard besides I added stabilizers this time" I said to her astonished expression, did I forget to mention I wasn't aiming at the balloon when I hit it. Anyway I was growing tired of the conversation so I activated the stabilizing fins on my legs and forearms and jumped off the airship as my sister screamed. "YYYYEEEEEAAAGGGGHHHH!" I yelled as I dived, It was time to fly so I flipped the gear-switch that released the wings, as the latches released the frame the stabilizing fin on my back sprang up and the bottom half flipped down to my knees increasing the wingspan considerably then the wing frame reached elevation and extended until the cloth of the wing-suit was pulled taut and I levelled out, I was still going fast but I had slowed down considerably from my free fall, "THIS. IS. AWESOME." I shouted to the wind in a voice like thunder, I glided down and began looking for my new school. "hey there it is" I angled my flight so I was pointed at the school grounds, I looked down to make sure my stabilizers were still working and looked up again and bam, the last thing I saw was a startled expression and snow white hair before I crashed into some flying chick with a staff.

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