Author's Note: Hey guys, what's up? During my last weeks of summer vacation (I'm now a sophomore in high school BTW), I've been inspired to write this. It's obviously based off of Dangan Ronpa, so that's why I used the "Super High School Level" term for the talents. Another reason is because this takes place 2 years from Best Wishes (so everyone's about high school age now). I also came up with the name Tao Academy from the Unova's own legendary Tao Trio (Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem). I was going to wait until I finished the second chapter to upload this, but I changed my mind. So with that, enjoy my new story!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon or Dangan Ronpa.

Cilan looked at the sheet of paper with a feeling of great anticipation as he approached the large building. Recently, he had been accepted into Tao Trainers' Academy for the Elite and Gifted, a private school located in Lacunosa Town for elite trainers like himself. He first heard from the school when Cress and Chili had been accepted the previous week (though Cress had gotten his letter two days before Chili got his). For the fifth time, the now S-Rank Connoisseur's excited eyes had skimmed the same words:

Dear Ex-Gym Leader Cilan of the Striaton City Gym,
You and 14 others have been humbly invited to attend Tao Trainers' Academy for the Elite and Gifted. Those who graduate from this exclusive Trainers' School are almost guaranteed to have successful futures. Once you receive this letter, you will be bestowed with the title of "Super High School Level Connoisseur".
Sincerely, The Headmaster.

"Hmm, 'Super High School Level Connoisseur' has quite a savory taste to it," remarked Cilan, "I like it! Alright, it's School Time!"

With a determined smile on his face, Cilan put the notice in one of the pockets of his rolling suitcase and entered through the doors. However, he suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion overcome him as the air suddenly filled with a strange gas.

"Wow..." slurred Cilan groggily, "This is quite a sickeningly sweet... aroma..." He then fell to the floor with a thud.

Cilan opened his eyes to a chalkboard with different status effects and their explanations written all over it. He then leaped from the desk he was sitting at it utter surprise and looked all over the classroom.

"How on Earth did I get in here?" pondered Cilan, "All I remember is walking into the school, and that's it. I wonder what time it is..."

The ex-Gym Leader began to dig into his backpack to look for his Xtransceiver, but much to his shock, it wasn't inside. He then noticed a small electronic device resembling a Kalos Pokédex and pressed the power button.

"Greetings, Cilan," the device said in a light female and slightly robotic voice, making Cilan jump a little, "I am your PokéID, which serves as your Trainer identification, map, calendar, watch, and even schedule."

Cilan's PokéID then flashed to the date and time, which made his emerald eyes go wide in shock. The current date was the day after Cilan had arrived at the school, which made him very worried.

"Impossible! How long was I out for?!" He gasped.

The S-Class Connoisseur turned around to the windows... or at least where the windows would be. All he could see were three large metal plates bolted to the walls.

"Strange..." pondered Cilan, knocking on one of the plates, "This is pure titanium alloy. Why on Earth would someone want to bolt the windows down?"

However, Cilan was immediately cut from his thoughts as a shrill, young, and childish voice rang throughout the mostly barren classroom.

"Attention, attention!" the announcement belted, "Will all students report to the gymnasium at this time? Repeat, all student to the gymnasium!"

Quickly gathering his brown backpack, Cilan scrambled out of the classroom, only to suddenly crash into a female figure.

"Oh, my apologies, Miss- Iris?!" chirped Cilan with a bright smile on his face, "Is that you?!"

"Yeah yeah, that's my name, don't wear it... C-Cilan?!" Iris piped up as she recognized her old travelling companion.

"The one and only~! I didn't know you got accepted into Tao Academy too! Do you have a title as well?"

"Yeah! Apparently I'm now a Super High School Level Dragon Tamer! What's your title?"

"Following my rise to an S-Class Pokémon Connoisseur, I am now known as a Super High School Level Connoisseur~!" exclaimed Cilan flamboyantly, "Oh, such a glorious taste it has!"

"Even after two years, once a kid, always a kid I guess..." Iris groaned, "Ah! We still have to go to the gym to meet the others! Come on!"

Iris then grabbed Cilan's wrist and rushed in the direction of the gym according to her own PokéID's map. When the two finally got there, they were surprised to see some quite familiar faces (and a few they didn't seem to know). Among them were Cilan's older brothers Chili and Cress, his "rival" Burgundy, Iris' rival Georgia, their old friends Bianca, Cheren, and Dawn, Ash's rival Trip, and last but not least, their best friend Ash Ketchum himself.

"Cilan! Iris!" exclaimed Ash as he excitedly rushed over and hugged two of his old travelling companions, "Am I glad to see you two!"

"Ash!" beamed Iris, "It's nice to see you too! What did you get accepted as?"

"I'm a Super High School Level Battler! I guess it must be for all the Gym Battles I've won over the years! What's yours and Cilan's talents?"

"Why, I'm a Super High School Level Connoisseur, and my dear Iris is a Super High School Level Dragon Tamer~!" answered Cilan in a chipper tone.

"Exactly what I was going to say..." sighed Iris.

"Hey guys, I'd also like to introduce you to a few of my old friends!" Ash piped up as he brought Cilan and Iris over to four others. "Guys, I'd like you to meet Brock, Misty, May, and my old rival, Gary Oak."

"Oak?" repeated Cilan as he shook Gary's hand, "Perhaps that means your related to Professor Samuel Oak of Kanto?"

"So you've heard of Gramps?" said Gary as he returned the handshake, "Yep, that's me! Garrett B. Oak: Super High School Level Researcher!"

"And you must be Misty, right?" asked Iris as she looked at the orange-haired girl.

"That's right!" chirped Misty, proudly, "I'm also now a Super High School Level Aquatics Master!"

"You know, Misty," said Iris as she wiggled her eyebrows a little, "Back when Cilan and I were travelling with Ash, he's actually said quite a few good things about you~."

"R-Really?" wondered Misty as she began to blush, "Like what?"

"Well, he's actually said a lot of things, but I can't really remember them all. But, there was this one time that we saw him hug his pillow and say your name in his slee-MRPHM!"

"Okay, that's enough, Iris!" squeaked Ash as he put a hand over her mouth, "Now, I'd like to introduce you and Cilan to my other two friends Brock and May!"

"Very charmed to meet you, Brock," greeted Cilan as he held a palm out, "You're the Gym Leader of the Pewter City Gym in Kanto, right?"

"That's right!" answered Brock as he shook Cilan's hand, "I'm also a Super High School Level Pokémon Breeder!"

"Ah, so you're a Pokémon Breeder! You know, I heard you're quite a cook as well, right?"

"That's right, Cilan! Did you know that when zesting a dish, Grepa Berries are the best choice instead of Belue Berries since they have the right amount of sourness, whilst a Belue Berry has too much sourness and will spoil the dish's flavor?"

"Really?! That's marvelous! Did you know that when Figy Berries are ground correctly, they make a scrumptious curry sauce?"

"No way!"

"Way~!" chirped Cilan. He then turned his head to May, "And you must be May, correct?"

"That's me!" chimed May as she held up a peace sign, "I'm now a Super High School Level Coordinator from all of my travels to compete in different Pokémon Contests~! You're Ash's friend Cilan, right?"

"Indeed, and it is a pleasure to meet you, Miss May!" said Cilan as he kissed the top of May's hand.

"Aha! So you're here as well, Cilan!" a familiar female voice bellowed.

Before he knew it, Cilan was suddenly approached by his old one-sided rival, Burgundy. However, her expression seemed to be one of a friendly smirk rather than one of hate.

"Burgundy!" chirped Cilan, smiling, "What a surprise! How have you been doing over the past two years?"

"For your information, monsieur, I am no longer a meek C-Class Connoisseuse!" boasted Burgundy, "I am now a B-Class Connoisseuse, and this school has bestowed me with the title of 'Super High School Level Connoisseuse'!"

"B-Class? Wow, that's quite an achievement, Burgundy! Congratulations!"

"M-Merci..." muttered Burgundy with a slight blush on her face, "B-But, a simple 'congratulations' is not enough to make me regress! Just watch, garcon, I shall be the best of the best!"

"Same old Burgundy..." thought Cilan with a simple smile.

"Ash, Cilan, Iris~!" an energetic female voice chirped.

Their old friend Bianca came running over to the trio holding Cheren's wrist in her hand. Knowing what usually came next, Ash quickly jumped out of the way before Bianca could knock him down.

"That was close..." sighed Ash.

"Sheesh, Bianca," panted Cheren as he placed a hand on his chest, "Slow down a little! Ash, Cilan, Iris, it's nice to see you three again! Have you been well?"

"Yeah, we have!" exclaimed Ash with excitement, "So how do you know Bianca?"

"Is she your... girlfriend~?" teased Iris, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Gyuh-um- N-NO!" sputtered Cheren with an intense blush on his face,"A-At least not yet..." He mumbled under his breath. "E-Erm... anyways, Bianca is-"

"Cheren and I have known each other since we were little kids!" chirped Bianca, "We've been friends ever since we met!"

"Exactly!" confirmed Cheren, "Although, I do hope we can be more than just friends one day..." He said under his breath as he fumbled with a small black box in his pocket.

"Did you say something, Cheren?"

"N-No, I didn't say anything, Bianca. Oh, and also, I've been accepted into this school as a Super High School Level Teacher, and Bianca is a Super High School Level Lab Assistant."

"Lab Assistant?" wondered Ash.

"That's right!" cheered Bianca as she pushed her glasses up a little, "I'm Professor Juniper's assistant in Nuvema Town!"

"Wow! That's amazing!" shouted Ash.

Noticing his brothers on the other side of the gymnasium, Cilan rushed over to greet them.

"Cilan! So you got accepted after all!" exclaimed Cress.

"So, little bro, what's your title?" asked Chili.

"I am a Super High School Level Connoisseur~!" announced Cilan, "What about you and Cress?"

"Heh heh, I scored the title of Super High School Level Chef, and Cressy here's got Super High School Level Waiter!" remarked Chili passionately.

"Bro, please refrain from calling me 'Cressy'," groaned Cress, "But yes it is true, Cilan; those are our talent titles."

"It does make sense in a way, I suppose," said Cilan, "After all, Cress; out of the three of us, you're best at brewing the best tea water, while Chili has a tendency to 'kick up the heat' when he's the one cooking!"

"Which is the reason we agreed to never let him flambe anything on his own ever again..." added Cress in a slightly annoyed tone as he remembered the several firetrucks rushing to a nearly charcoaled version of the Striaton Gym that day.

"You said you'd never bring that up again..." pouted Chili as he pursed his lips.

"So, have you guys met anyone else?" inquired Cilan.

"As a matter of fact, we have," replied Cress. "Your old friend Dawn is a 'Super High School Level Contestant' on account of her being a Pokémon Coordinator. Then there's also another girl named Georgia, who's a 'Super High School Level Dragon Buster'."

"Oh, Iris won't be too happy about that one..." thought Cilan.

"And, I believe that there's a boy by the name of Trip. His title is 'Super High School Level Photographer', and he seems to know Ash pretty well..."

Suddenly, a booming microphone feedback echoed throughout the gym, causing everyone to cover their ears in pain. As soon as the sound died down, the same young voice Cilan had heard earlier began to cackle childishly.

"Hello, hello!" the voice shouted, "Are all of my test subjects present?"

From a square shaped opening in the gym floor, a Teddiursa stood on top of a rising podium. However, this was definitely no ordinary Teddiursa; this one was colored white on the right side of its face and black on the left with an eerie red eye.

"Greetings, my little Lab Rattatas!" it greeted, "I am your Headmaster, Monoteddi!"

"Oooh!" beamed Bianca as she ran up and gave the monochromatic Little Bear Pokémon a tight hug, "You are just the cutest thing~!"

"Ack, this is assault, this is assault!" cried Monoteddi as it squirmed.

A light in the bear's red eye began to blink as Monoteddi itself began to beep. Gary rushed over to Bianca as the beeping got faster.

"Bianca, watch out!" He cried as he yanked the bear from Bianca's grasp and tossed it into the air.

Everyone watched in shock as the bear exploded. Once Bianca looked away from the explosion, she then looked at Gary (who was still holding her wrists) with a look of slight wonder.

"You okay, Bianca?" asked Gary.

"Y-Yeah... I'm fine~!" chirped Bianca with a slight blush on her face, "Thank you so much, Gary!"

"...S-Sure..." responded Gary as he blushed a bit at Bianca's bright smile.

From another area in the gymnasium, Cheren was watching the whole scene as he began to seethe with a bit of jealousy. But, his face quickly matched everyone's surprise when another Monoteddi popped up from the podium.

"Eh-hem," coughed Monoteddi, "That was quite rude, Miss Bianca; please refrain from hugging me without permission again, or the consequences will be much more severe."

"Y-Yes, Mr. Teddiursa Bear sir!" quivered Bianca in a nervous tone.

"Wait, how the heck did you just appear again?!" asked Dawn, "We just saw you explode!"

"I'm a robotic Teddiursa, Miss Dawn," said Monoteddi flatly, "I can do whatever I please! Anyways, since you all are here, I can finally tell every one of you prisoners the school's guidelines~!"

"Prisoners?" asked Trip, "What do you mean?"

"Oh, don't you know, silly? You're all trapped within this school!"

"TRAPPED?!" Everyone exclaimed in shock.

"Upupupupu~!" chuckled Monoteddi, "That's right! Trapped like the lab Rattata you are~! Didn't you all notice the way the windows and main entrance are bolted shut?"

"That must explain the bolted windows in the classroom I woke up in!" exclaimed Cilan.

"Now that you mention it," said Georgia, "When I looked at the main entrance, it had some complex lock system on it!"

"That's right~!" shouted Monoteddi, "And have you all noticed something is missing off of all of you~? Other than your Xtransceivers of course!"

"Missing? What are you-" wondered Dawn, "Ahh! My Pokémon are gone!"

"Gyahh! Mine too!" screamed Iris, "Axew and the others are gone!"

"Upupupu~! I've taken the liberty of pilfering almost all of your Pokémon!" cackled Monoteddi as he pushed a cart with Pikachu, Axew, and thirteen Poké Balls labeled with their Trainer's name sitting on it. "But, since I'm a generous little Teddiursa, I've decided to leave you each with one Pokémon!"

After Ash and Iris were happily reunited with their partner Pokémon, the other trainers each took their respective Poké Balls. Cilan was reunited with "premium brand" Pokémon Pansage, Cress with Panpour, Chili with Pansear, Misty with Golduck, Brock with Toxicroak, May with Blaziken, Burgundy with Dewott, Trip with Serperior, Georgia with Beartic, Dawn with Piplup, Cheren with Stoutland, Bianca with Emboar, and lastly, Gary with Umbreon. However, everyone's happiness was interrupted by another cackle from Monoteddi.

"So, is everyone so so happy to see their partners again?" asked Monoteddi, "Good, because you all are going to be elated to hear that there is indeed a way to escape this school~!"

"Really?!" exclaimed Ash, "How do we do it?"

"It's quite simple, Mr. Ketchum," answered Monoteddi, "In order for someone to escape Tao Academy, they must take another student's life!"

"Take another student's life?!" repeated May in disbelief, "You... you don't mean?!"

"Upupupu! That's right, Miss May! The only way to escape is to murder one of your dearest human friends! But, you have to be successful in committing it; Because if the murderer gets found out, they will be executed in the cruelest way possible! Well, Happy Killing, my little test subjects~!"

Judging by the sadistic grin on Monoteddi's face and the way it sharpened its claws before it suddenly disappeared, it wasn't a lie. Everyone stood there paralyzed with shock (minus Bianca, who was being comforted by Gary and Cheren as she was on her knees sobbing) at the appalling thought of taking another's life.

"Commit murder...?" thought Cilan, still in disbelief, "Such an unruly taste... Th-There's just no way someone could do that...!"

Students remaining: 15/15

Author's Note: Monoteddi (or if I were to use a Japanese translation, Monoguma from Teddiursa's Japanese name) is supposed to be voiced by Tara Strong (using her Ping-Pong voice if you've watched Xiaolin Chronicles), BTW. And, here's a list of the students' ages (according to the age I thought they were in canon, just subtract two):

Ash- 13

Iris- 15

Cilan, Chili, and Cress- 17

Burgundy- 16

Georgia- 15

Trip- 14

Brock- 17

Misty- 14

Bianca- 16

Cheren- 16

May- 14

Gary- 14

Dawn- 13

So, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, and stay tuned for Chapter 2~!