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"Welcome one, welcome all!" cheered Monoteddi as it appeared on the chair behind the judge's bench. "It's time for my favorite event: The School Trial!"

"Oh shut it, will you?" said Trip, annoyed.

"My my, someone must be as excited to see this despair-ement commence! Alright, commence discussion at once!"

"The name of the victim's an easy one," stated Ash, "It was Misty!"

"What about the cause of death, though?" asked Bianca.

"Well... she was at the school pool with May, wasn't she?" wondered Georgia. "As far as I know, she probably drowned."

"That's incorrect, Georgia!" objected Cilan. "According to my list of evidence, Misty's cause of death was suffocation due to immense swelling of the throat!"

"If you had stayed put to investigate the crime scene a little bit longer, you would have noticed that," added Cress.

"Geez, sorry..." scoffed Georgia in a sarcastic tone.

"But wait, what time did she die at?" asked Brock.

"According to my Poké ID, she died at about 8:50 this morning at the school pool," answered Cilan.

"Which is exactly where May did her in," stated Trip.

"Oh, stop it already!" snapped Dawn, "Until I see some cold hard proof, May's as innocent as a Happiny!"

"Dawn... she was at the exact same place Misty was when she died," said Ash, agreeing with Trip.

"Ash, not you too!"

"Look, you might as well stop defending her! May betrayed us by killing Misty, and there's no other way around it!"

"Well, it's about time Ketchum finally got some brains..." added Georgia.

"Hold on..." thought Cilan, "Something just doesn't add up..."

Cilan was starting to believe that May was innocent, and his eyebrows furrowed as he tried to think of an explanation to said inquiry. He gathered all of his thoughts together and retraced the entire case from what he had seen. Once the major thought had been triggered, his emerald eyes widened with prodigious determination.

"So, my Lab Rattatas," Monoteddi spoke, "I assume we've reached an agreement, no?"

"No, indeed!" declared Cilan.

Everyone else let out a gasp of shock at the Super High School Level Connoisseur's objection. There were even a few nasty glares of scorn coming from Trip and Georgia.

"My friends, before you vote on the supposed killer," exclaimed Cilan, "I have but one small question for May."

"Okay," agreed May, "What is it, Cilan?"

"May, where were you yesterday afternoon at about... 3:30?"

"That's easy. I was working out with Blaziken in the salon's hidden Fitness Room. After that, I went back to my room to take a shower because I was starting to stink."

"And why the hell is this oh so important, Cilan?" scoffed Georgia.

"I'm glad you asked, Georgia!" answered Cilan, boldly. "You see, yesterday afternoon, Ash and Misty invited me to be their referee for a swimming race they had. When I left afterwards, I heard a strange crash coming from the Storage Room and saw someone running out of it with something in their arms. I couldn't catch a glimpse of whom it was, but it was without a doubt the culprit!"

"Exactly. And that culprit is none other than May!" retorted Georgia.

"Sorry, Georgia, but you've got that wrong!" exclaimed Cilan. "May said that at the time of the 3:30 Storage Room crash, she was in the shower! In other words, she's not the culprit!"

The majority of the students began murmuring amongst themselves, then looking at May with faces full of guilt. But, they also knew that there was still a murderer among them, and they needed to figure out who.

"Okay, now that that's clarified," said Bianca, "How exactly did Misty's throat swell up in the first place?"

"That's an easy one," answered Georgia, "The culprit must have slipped her something to ingest and it killed her."

"Hmm..." pondered May, "Oh, I've got it! The culprit must have spiked the food earlier this morning!"

"Not at all, May!" objected Cilan, "The food wasn't carrying any trace of poison at all!"

"In fact, it wasn't your average type of poison at all!" added Burgundy. "I discovered that when I investigated the Storage Room!"

"It wasn't poison?" wondered May, "Impossible. Then how could Misty's throat have swollen up?"

"Simple!" exclaimed a boisterous Cilan. "That's because the 'poison' Misty had ingested was none other than hydrofluoric acid!"

"What?!" gasped Bianca, "Oh no, that's such a terrible way to go!"

"Why's that, Bee?" asked Georgia, "What's hydrofluoric acid do?"

"Georgia, hydrofluoric acid is a dangerous dangerous chemical!" explained Bianca. "Due to it's high corrosion levels, it can burn through nearly any substance you can list! If one were to ingest even a tiny amount of it, death would occur in minutes due to the throat and inner lining of the stomach being painfully dissolved. This in turn can lead to vomiting blood, high fever, and even suffocation due to the swelling of the throat."

Bianca's scientific statement had left everybody in an amazed stupor (especially Georgia, who could only utter a mere "whoa" with an obvious blush on her face).

"...Trés incroyable..." breathed Burgundy.

"It's... pretty amazing how you know that stuff Bianca," stated a still-blushing Georgia as she twiddled her fingers. "I didn't think science was your type of game!"

"Umm, hello?" chuckled Bianca, "They don't call me the 'Super High School Level Lab Assistant' for nothing! Did you think I was some sort of dumb blonde?"

"I'd bet Georgia enjoyed every last word in that scientific statement," said Trip, "Especially since her girlfriend said it."

"Trip, I SWEAR TO ARCEUS-!" roared Georgia as Bianca stopped her from doing anything violent.

"Eh-hem," Monoteddi spoke as it cleared its throat, "Shall we carry on with the trial?"

"For once, my thoughts exactly," agreed Cress.

"Wait a minute!" objected Ash, "If this hydrofluoric acid stuff killed Misty, how was it brought to her? Didn't Bianca just say it can melt through anything?"

"Well... almost anything," answered Bianca. "The one thing hydrofluoric acid can't melt through is plastic."

"Which means, the poison was kept in some kind of plastic container to take to Madamoiselle Misty!" exclaimed Burgundy!

"But where exactly is that so-called container?" wondered Trip.

Upon hearing the question being asked, May brought out a large sealing bag labelled "Evidence" and took out a nearly empty plastic water bottle.

"May, where did you get that?" asked Cress.

"The girls' locker rooms at the pool," answered May. "Misty most likely dropped it as soon as she drank some of it.

"Who the hell would be stupid enough to drink poison?" questioned Georgia.

"Probably someone who just finished a major workout," answered Cilan. "After all, swimming does take a lot of energy, even for a Super High School Level Aquatics Master like Misty."

"Cilan's right, Georgia," agreed Cress, "Just because someone is 'Super High School Level' anything doesn't mean they're invincible. So, it's only natural that Misty would grab one of the two bottles from the fridge and mistake the one with hydrofluoric acid for water."

Cilan's eyes widened when his brother finished his sentence. Little did the Super High School Level Waiter know, he had just aided in finding the culprit sooner.

"Hold it right there!" exclaimed Cilan.

"Hmm? Is something wrong, little brother?" asked Cress.

"Indeed. Cress... how did you know there were two bottles in the kitchen fridge?"

"Furthermore," added Dawn, "How did you know there was a decoy bottle next to the poisoned one?"

It was now Cress' turn to widen his eyes. But, he then clasped a hand to his mouth and uttered a small "Uh-oh" under his breath.

"Th-That's because... I was making breakfast with Cilan this morning! Obviously, I need to get ingredients from the fridge!"

"Even so, how did you know one of the bottles had hydrofluoric acid in it?" questioned Ash.

"Isn't it obvious, Ash?" answered Trip. "That's because Cress is the one who filled it in the first place."

"Arrêter!" declared Burgundy, "Didn't Cress just say that Cilan was helping him make breakfast? If that's the case, wouldn't Cilan have helped him carry out this oh-so horrendous crime?"

Everyone's eyes were directed at Cilan, who hid his glum face by staring at the ground while clenching his trial stand.

"Cilan...?" asked a worried Ash.

"You... you couldn't have!" gasped Dawn.

"...I didn't," admitted Cilan without a hint of a smile on his face, "I didn't help kill Misty, so don't worry."

"But how?" wondered Bianca, "Georgia, Ash, Misty, May and I saw you in the kitchen this morning with Cress."

"...That's because..." explained Cilan, "Cress was already in the kitchen before I even got there!" Cilan's face then went from gloomy to sincere. "I wanted to get up early so I could make everybody breakfast to apologize for my rude behavior after the last trial, but Cress was already there before I was."

Seeing how Cress was no longer making a single effort to defend himself, Cilan gulped down the bile of guilt in his throat and summoned up enough strength to close the case for good.

"I believe we've gathered enough evidence," began Cilan, "Now let's go over the entire case. First, the culprit hurried into the Storage Room to retrieve the hydrofluoric acid and the two water bottles. Since they only needed one victim to carry out their nefarious plan, they emptied out only one of the water bottles and replaced the water inside with hydrofluoric acid. But, the shelf carrying the hydrofluoric acid was a bit rickety, so when they accidentally knocked it over, they made a loud ruckus. When they heard me walking towards the Storage Room to investigate the crash, they immediately fled the scene to their bedroom, where they hid the hydrofluoric acid. The next morning after the morning time-tone, the culprit stashed the two plastic bottles in the fridge. After breakfast, Misty and May took both bottles for their morning swimming exercises, unaware that Misty had taken the poisoned bottle. Almost immediately after ingesting the poison, our dear redheaded friend had met her untimely demise. Which is why, the culprit couldn't have been anybody but you... Cress!"

As Cilan concluded the inference, he pointed a finger at Cress, who's face slowly stretched into a small, yet somber smile.

"...There truly is no use in hiding anything from you, is there, Cilan?" sighed Cress. "Well, you got me. I am indeed Misty's murderer."

"B-But..." breathed Cilan as tears began to well up in his eyes, "Why? Why would you do such an awful thing, Cress? You knew that if we figured it out, you would die for sure!"

"Oh, that's an easy one!" chuckled Monoteddi. "You see, Mr. Cress over here felt oh so guilty about failing both of his brothers, that he just couldn't stand to remain alive any longer!"

"Both?" wondered Cilan, "Cress, you didn't fail me at all!"

"Au contraire, Mr. Cilan~!" objected Monoteddi, "You're actually the reason Mr. Cress committed this whole crime!"

"What?! No... no, that can't be!"

"So sorry, but it's true! It probably wasn't smart to tell yell at your own brother and tell him you hate him merely days after your other brother pushed up daisies! Pffft, aren't you just the best brother in the world, Mr. Cilan?"

The tears in the Super High School Level Connoisseur's emerald eyes didn't hesitate to start falling as he let out sobs filled with enough heartbreak to rival what he felt after Iris' death. Upon seeing Monoteddi crush his brother's heart into dust, Cress angrily marched up to the demonic Teddiursa with a look of hatred in the one ocean blue eye not covered by hair.

"What on Earth is the matter with you?!" yelled Cress, "Why can't you just execute me and leave my brother alone for once?"

"Touchy, aren't we, Mr. Cress?" asked Monoteddi, playfully. "Anyways, if it wasn't for that Panpour of yours sneaking out of her Poké Ball to pull the fire alarms and prolong the investigation, you probably would have gotten your wish sooner!"

"Panpour did that?!" gasped Cress.

"Mmm-hmm! I guess she just didn't want her pathetic trainer to die!" confirmed Monoteddi. "Pity really, a Pokémon with so much hidden strength and potential really deserves better! Anywho, students! It's time to cast your votes!"

Everyone (especially Cilan) looked at their voting screens with extreme hesitation and guilt; fingers shaking above the touch screen. "

It's okay, everyone," assured Cress with a single tear flowing down his cheek, "You shouldn't have to hesitate."

Taking a deep breath, everyone confirmed their selection. Immediately after, the familiar large screen in the background repeated a fanfare as the red "GUILTY" appeared underneath Cress' face.

"Ding ding ding, that's correct!" cheered Monoteddi. "The murderer of the Super High School Level Aquatics Master is none other than the Super High School Level Waiter, Cress! Unfortunately, it appears our dear Mr. Cilan has voted for the wrong person once again! Mr. Cilan, when are you going to start using your common sense?"

"What did I just get done saying, Bear?" sneered Cress, "Leave Cilan out of this! It's bad enough he had such a terrible brother anyways..."

"C-Cress..." sniffled Cilan.

"Don't worry about me, Cilan," assured Cress as tears flowed from his own eyes, "I've already failed you, so my death is probably for the best..."

Suddenly, an outraged Trip marched over and slapped Cress harshly across the face, earning the gasps of each of the students (with May having to hold a tearful, yet enraged Cilan back from harming Trip).

"What on Earth was that for, Trip?!" snapped Cress.

"...You idiot..." seethed Trip as tears began to well up in his eyes. "YOU SELFISH IDIOT! Why the hell would you do something so STUPID like that to your own brother?! Do you really think that taking your own life will really be better for him, just because you think you're a terrible older sibling?! Well guess what? You're fucking wrong! Ever since Chili got killed, you've been Cilan's only family left!" With every word Trip spoke, his sobs began taking over his speech. "He probably wouldn't have even cared that you thought you had failed because he loves you! He needed you, and what do you do for him? You take his last remaining family away because you put your own guilt before his needs! I don't even know if you do deserve to die... but you sure as hell don't deserve to call yourself his brother!"

Feelings of regret and horror flashed over Cress' face and simultaneously struck him in the heart. He looked back at Cilan, who was fighting back feelings of grief, shock, pain, and even anger, and then back at Monoteddi with a look of forlorn seriousness.

"Monoteddi..." sighed a despairing Cress, "Start the execution, and make sure my brother doesn't try and interfere..."

"I thought you'd never ask, Mr. Cress!" chirped Monoteddi as it pressed a button that made metal shackles appear and chain a struggling Cilan to his stand by the wrists. "Now, let's begin our third punishment~! And boy, do I have a special one planned for you, Mr. Cress!"

"No, wait! Don't do it!" screamed Cilan with the utmost pain in his voice, "No no no, please don't do it! DON'T KILL MY BROTHER!" More metal chains suddenly appeared from the ground and wrapped around the despair-wracked Cilan's mouth to silence his cries of grief.

"Ahem, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted," chuckled Monoteddi, "It's time for the third punishment!"

Monoteddi slammed its Metagross gavel onto the large candy-red button, and the large screen in the background showed an animation of Cress in pixel form being dragged off to his doom above the words "CRESS HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY; COMMENCING EXECUTION". Cress suddenly discovered that the Trial Room had been replaced with a restaurant-esque scenery, much like that of the Striaton City Gym. He also discovered that not only were his ankles braced to the conveyor belt below him to prevent any attempts of escaping, but that there was a heavy ball and chain clamped to his waist to lower the chances even more. Suddenly, the conveyor belt started to pick up speed and go in several directions towards tables taken up by Monoteddis dressed as different customers. With every table he went to, he quickly jotted down their furious orders onto a notepad and was handed random dishes topped with silver cloches. Not knowing which order was which, Cress nervously handed random dishes to the "customers", only to get angry shouts and the occasional table flips from the customers, who had all stormed out of the "restaurant". The conveyor belt then carried the doomed Super High School Level Waiter through a large door that read "Manager", where a giant Monoteddi (dressed in a cute little business suit coat and tie and fake mustache) was waiting in the wings. Once the conveyor belt stopped at the desk inside the large room, Monoteddi's face grew into a menacing smile as it pressed a large button that caused the words "YOU'RE FIRED" to glow red on the wall. A large jet of flames shot down in front of Cress, who was then dropped into a large vat of boiling water while the ball and chain clamped around his waist pulled him down rapidly as he met his demise.

When the Trial Room had returned to normal, an extremely grief-ridden and traumatized Cilan was released from all of his chains and dropped onto the floor in a tearful mess. The Super High School Level Connoisseur was far too broken to gather any words, so all he could do was choke out loud and heart-wrenching sobs while hyperventilating.

"He's dead... he's dead..." He choked as a few students tried comforting him, "Cress is dead... I want my brother back...!"

"Upupupupu! I love the sweet smell of despair in the afternoon!" cackled Monoteddi. "Oh, and before I let you all go, I think Mr. Cilan needs to see something important! Mr. Brock, you still have it, right?"

"I don't think Cilan needs to see this," retorted Brock, "His other brother just died! Don't you even care about what he's feeling?!"

"I am aware of how he's feeling, Mr. Brock!" responded Monoteddi, snatching the note from the Super High School Level Pokémon Breeder's hand. "But, since none of you can see the opportunity in one's despair, I think I'll save this little note for tomorrow! Class dismissed!"

After Monoteddi disappeared, the students all walked out of the Trial Room, hearts heavy with guilt at having to sentence yet another classmate to their death. The guilt grew heavier as they were all forced to watch Cilan bawl his eyes out as May and Brock carried him out and back to his bedroom.

Students remaining: 9/15

Author's Note: Now, wasn't that relaxing? Maybe instead of "School Trial 3", the name of this chapter should be "The Day Cilan's Life Gets Morbidly Screwed Over (Again)". Oh, and Cress' execution name is "Order Up! Now Serving: DEATH" (I'm running out of ideas, I am so sorry). Anyways, be sure to stay tuned for Chapter 14!