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After a nearly dead-silent elevator ride back to the first floor, Cilan and Brock first took a walk to the infirmary to wrap up Cilan's scabby and still bleeding hand. Once that was taken care of, the duo had barely walked two steps before Georgia came running up to them.

"Ah, Cilan, there you are!" She exclaimed, "Why... are you with Brock and... covered in blood?! Oh Arceus, tell me you didn't-"

"I didn't," assured Cilan, "Even if I did, Monoteddi would have made its little announcement. Anyways, the training dummies in the 4th floor's dojo were filled with fake blood."

"Probably a new adjustment of Monoteddi's, I'm sure," added Brock. "Anyways, Cilan agreed to let me stick around him for a bit."

"Why?" asked Georgia .

"Between the three of us, Cilan hasn't really been dealing with Cress, Chili, and Iris' deaths very well and..." He then gestured towards the few fake blood stains on Cilan.

"Ah. Understood."

"So Georgia," Cilan spoke, "Why are you in such a hurry to see me?"

"Umm... err..." stuttered Georgia with a blush on her face, "I'd... rather not say it in front of anyone else. So Brock, if you could, y'know, go?"

"I can't leave, Georgia," objected Brock, "Cilan still needs my supervision."

"He's right, Georgia," agreed Cilan, "I'm sure whatever you have to say to me, you can say to Brock as well."

"NO, I can't," retorted an irritated Georgia. "I'm... not comfortable. Does Brock really have to come with you?"

"Georgia, it's okay," assured Brock, "If you tell me, I promise not to tell anyone."

"You promise?"

"Pokémon Breeder's honor," confirmed Brock, making an air "X" above his heart with his thumb.

"Alright... how about you two come with me to-"

Before Georgia could tell them the selected place, Cilan's stomach began to growl loudly. With a blush on his face, he quickly covered his stomach with his arm.

"S-Sorry..." He apologized, "I guess I never got anything to eat."

"Then we'll go to the cafeteria," Georgia decided, "You can get some lunch while we talk."

The now-trio walked down to the school's cafeteria, where Brock cooked up a nice lunch consisting of a deliciously gourmet sandwich, a small bowl of small berries, and a glass of Moomoo Milk.

"Brock... you really didn't have to make all of this," insisted Cilan as Brock placed the food and milk in front of Cilan on the table.

"You need to keep up your strength, Cilan," responded Brock, "Now eat."

"Alright..." sighed Cilan as he took a few bites of his sandwich. "So Georgia, what would you like to inquire?"

"Well..." gulped Georgia, blushing, "You guys promise not to tell anyone about this?"

"We already promised we wouldn't Georgia," confirmed Brock.

Due to his mouth being full of the final remains of his sandwich (which he had eaten in less than five minutes; signifying his voracious hunger) and a bit of fruit, Cilan nodded "yes" rather than speaking.

"So, go ahead and tell us," said Cilan after swallowing some of his food.

"Err... I think I might... like someone," confessed Georgia, still blushing.

"Really? Who is it?" asked Brock.

"Like hell I'd tell ya! I'll just say it's... someone I've known for some time, but I realized I like her- THEM, when I came to this school. From what I've heard Ash say, you two seem to know a lot about romance..."

"That's right, Georgia!" boasted Brock, proudly, "I'm very successful when it comes to women, so I'm sure I can help you woo the person of your dreams!"

"Successful?" wondered Cilan as he finished his bowl of fruit and half of his Moomoo Milk, "Strange, from what Ash has told me, you'd almost always flirt with almost every pretty woman you saw-"

"ANYWAYS," Brock interrupted, "I know a thing or two about romance."

"He's not alone, Georgia," added Cilan, "I'm not a Romance Connoisseur for nothing!"

"Ugh, whatever... Can you help me or not?"

"Gladly~! Whatever do you want to know?"

"I... wanna work up the nerve to tell 'em. Last time I saw them, they've already been through a lot with their previous love lives. I'm afraid that if I confess, I'll get rejected since they won't be ready for something as big as that."

As Cilan sipped the rest of his Moomoo Milk, he and Brock tried to come up with a solution for the lovelorn Dragon Buster.

"Well... it wouldn't hurt to try, right?" suggested Brock.

"Try what?" asked Georgia.

"Confessing. I mean, even if they don't like you back, at least you tried and told them how you felt."

"I agree with Brock," added Cilan, "You'll never know unless you try. Besides, in a school like this, you're automatically gonna regret never confessing your love."

"I... guess you two have a point," sighed Georgia.

"And who knows? This person might even return your feelings!" assured Brock.

"R-Really? You really think Bia- umm, my crush could like me?"

"It's possible!" said Brock and Cilan at the same time.

"Wow... thanks, guys," Georgia told them both with complete gratitude, "I'm gonna give it a shot! ...But before I go, promise me another thing."

"Sure, Georgia, anything!" said Cilan.

"If any of you two breathe a word of this conversation to anyone, I'll make sure Beartic has a say in it. GOT IT?!"

"Y-Yes, ma'am..." Cilan and Brock answered.

"Good. Well, see ya!"

Once Georgia exited the cafeteria, Cilan washed out his lunch's dishes and too left the cafeteria with Brock. Although the little "advice session" with Georgia had gone surprisingly well, the S-Class Connoisseur was still afraid of snapping and flying into a rage of insanity for a second time. Brock, noticing how wistful his other younger brother figure was looking, gave him an assuring pat and rub on the shoulder as they walked.

"Don't worry, Cilan," Brock told him, "I promise nothing's gonna happen as long as I'm on watch."

"That doesn't exactly help my case," sighed Cilan, "After all, what if I try to attack you again?"

"It's no big deal. I'll just try and calm you down before something irrational happens. But, if it really bothers you that much, why don't we do something to distract you from your grief and paranoia?"

"Like what?"

"Hmm... I know! How about we go to the bathhouse with the other guys?"

"Well... I already took a shower this morning, so how about we all go to the sauna room instead?"

"Even better! Let's go!"

Using the Student Message application on his PokéID, Cilan sent the words "Meet me and Brock in the bathhouse in a few minutes" to the respective PokéIDs of Ash and Trip. Although it was rather melancholic on how there were only two guys aside from him and Brock still living, Cilan decided not to let it bother him as he and Brock left for the bathhouse on the third floor of Tao Academy.

Ten minutes later, Brock and Cilan were standing outside of the sauna room door, wearing nothing but towels around their waists and showing their fairly well-toned bodies (Brock slightly more-so than Cilan). At that moment, Ash and Trip had come out of the boys' changing room wearing only towels as well. Their bodies were a bit skinnier than their seniors, but neither of them seemed to mind once all four guys stepped into the sauna and sat down.

"So, what's the occasion?" asked Ash, "Not that a refreshing sit in the sauna's a bad thing!"

"Oh, you know," explained Cilan with a smile, "Brock and I just thought that a little break from all the despair and trials is just the ingredient our recipes were missing!"

"Are you sure there's nothing wrong, Cilan?" questioned Trip as he poured some more water onto the rocks to create more steam, "It seems a little random to just want us all to sit in the sauna room together. While I do agree with Ash that this feels pretty good, something's a bit fishy."

"There's nothing wrong, Trip!" assured Cilan, a bit nervous, "I just wanted the four of us men to hang out together!"

"Y-Yeah! You should just learn to lighten up a little, okay, Trip?" added Brock.

"If you say so..." sighed a skeptical Trip.

"Umm... so, Brock," began Cilan, "Is what Ash said about you true?"

"What?" asked Brock.

"Y'know, about how you'd always flirt with every attractive girl you laid eyes on!" answered Cilan with a chuckle.

"Brock? A flirt?" wondered Trip, "Funny, here I am thinking he was the only non-idiot from that backwater Kanto region in this school."

"Actually, it's true, Trip!" retorted Ash through gritted teeth, trying to ignore Trip's offensive statement about his home region, "Brock was pretty flirty during our battles! Every time he did it, he was stopped by either Misty, May's little brother Max, or even a Poison Jab from his Toxicroak!"

"For your information!" objected Brock as he took a few gulps of his Fresh Water, "Two years is long enough to finally ask a girl out! The minute we all get out of here, I'll be able to finally see Lucy again!"

"Lucy?" asked Cilan, "Who's Lucy, Brock?"

"Now now, Cilan," began Brock with the utmost suaveness, "You of all people should know Pike Queen Lucy, aka, the most beautiful woman who ever lived~!"

"Wait, wait!" objected Trip, "Are you saying you're dating the Pike Queen Lucy of the Hoenn Region's Battle Frontier?!"

"Well... not exactly," admitted a sheepish Brock, "See, when I got accepted into Tao Academy, I told Lucy that as soon as I graduated, I'd make us official! So that's why I wanna try and make it out of this school alive and not kill any of my friends!"

"Y-Yeah..." gulped Cilan as he swallowed a bit of his own Fresh Water.

"Oh! Uhh... nonetheless, I have hopes that we'll all be okay as long as we keep our heads held high!" assured Brock.

"You said it!" exclaimed Ash as he chugged nearly half of his bottle of Fresh Water, "From here on out, no one's gonna die in this school! Right, Trip?"

"Agreed," sighed Trip; face red from either the sauna or his own blush, "What about you, Cilan? You're gonna live on and not kill anyone, right?"

While he did indeed agree wholeheartedly not to murder any of his friends at his own free will, Cilan was still paranoid about his own cracked sanity taking over and making him go against that promise. Shaking his head furiously, the Super High School Level Connoisseur snapped back to the steamy reality of the sauna.

"Th...That's right!" He declared with half-feigned confidence, "We can't let Monoteddi's game of despair overcome us! We all have to fight to the very end!"

"That's the spirit, Cilan!" encouraged Ash.

After an hour and a half of conversing, the four guys left the sauna and changed into their regular clothes. Once Cilan and Brock said goodbye to Ash and Trip, both pairs went in separate directions of the school. While the sauna trip did help Cilan calm down, it definitely wasn't enought to subside all of his paranoid thoughts altogether.

After half an hour of aimless walking, Cilan and Brock suddenly bumped into Bianca and May.

"Oh, there you guys are!" exclaimed May.

"You were looking for us?" asked Brock.

"That's right!" chirped Bianca, "May and I decided to have a little battle to train our Pokémon a bit! And, we figured you two would be awesome refs!"

"Us?" wonderd Cilan. His eyes then took a gander at the pink and purple bracelet on Bianca's wrist. "Say, where did you get that bracelet, Bianca?"

"Oh, this?" asked Bianca, "This is a Unity Bracelet I made! I specifically crafted it for me and Georgia since we've formed such a tight bond since we came to this school!"

"Well, they look pretty nice!" remaked Brock.

"Thank you! Georgia was pretty flustered when I gave it to her! She even said she liked it! Or... maybe she said it was me she liked? Umm... either way, I was still happy!"

"So, what kind of battle is it gonna be?" questioned Brock.

"We're gonna use two Pokémon each!" answered May, "I'm using Blaziken and Gary's Umbreon, and Bianca's gonna use her Emboar and Cheren's Stoutland!"

"Then it's settled!" declared Cilan, "It's Battling Time!"

The quartet made their way to the second floor and into the Battling Gym. As Bianca and May stood on opposite sides of the room, faces ready and Poké Balls growing in size in their hands, Cilan and Brock stood on the sidelines.

"Okay, here are the rules!" shouted Brock, "Both Trainers are to use a maximum of two Pokémon, only one may be used at a time, and the first Trainer to run out of usable Pokémon loses!"

"Ready... GO!" called Cilan.

While Bianca sent out her partner Emboar, May decided to use Gary's Umbreon as her first battler. Bianca had Emboar first attack by using Flame Charge, which knocked Umbreon across the room.

"Umbreon, use Confuse Ray!" commanded May.

Umbreon's eyes glowed yellow before it released yellow orbs of energy from its mouth. The yellow orbs circled around Emboar until he lost his balance and concentration.

"Oh no!" cried Bianca, "Emboar, focus and use Arm Thrust!"

Much to Bianca's misfortune, each of Emboar's attacks were clumsy and easily dodged by Umbreon. May then told Umbreon to attack the vulnerable Mega Fire Pig Pokémon with a super effective Psychic attack, which sent Emboar flying into a wall and eventually falling to the floor.

"Emboar! Please wake up!" exclaimed Bianca as she sprayed her Pokémon with a Full Restore.

The effects of the medicine acted quickly, for Emboar was no longer confused nor wounded. As he triumphantly stood strong, Bianca too stood strong as she was ready to give the next command.

"Alright, Emboar! Attack with Heat Crash!" She cried out.

At that moment, Emboar leaped high into the air as he became surrounded by a sphere of yellow and orange flames. Then, he flung himself flying through the air and into the ground where Umbreon was standing, causing everyone in the room to be sent backwards by the magnitude of the crash. When the dust of the area was cleared, Emboar stood proudly on top of an unconscious Umbreon.

"Umbreon is unable to battle!" announced Cilan, "That means the first victory goes to Bianca!"

"That was amazing, Emboar!" beamed Bianca as she hugged her Pokémon tightly before returning him to his Poké Ball, "Why don't you take a nice, long rest?"

"Not bad, Bianca!" remarked May as she returned Umbreon to its Poké Ball, "But, the battle's not over yet! You haven't seen the power of my partner yet!" May then tossed the other Poké Ball she had with her, "Blaziken, it's show time!"

However, once Blaziken had come out of its Poké Ball, Bianca's face immediately lit up and she proceeded to touch the Blaze Pokémon's leg muscles.

"Astounding!" She exclaimed, "Normally, I'd go for arm muscles, but Blaziken's leg muscles are just as neat!"

"Umm... does she normally do this?" Brock whispered to Cilan.

"Only on certain Pokémon..." sighed Cilan as a response.

"Ah- Ahem! Anyways, let's begin the battle!" stated Bianca as she tossed her second Poké Ball, "Stoutland, sweetie! Come on out!"

Once out of its Poké Ball, Stoutland gave a challenging bark of confidence. When Blaziken took a look into its opponent's fierce glare, it actually shuddered a bit, but quickly regained its focus.

"Blaziken, attack with Blaze Kick!" commanded May.

Blaziken's leg quickly ignited as Blaziken quickly swung it out and hit Stoutland. However, it hardly did very much damage on the Big-Hearted Pokémon.

"Hey! How come that barely worked?!" complained May.

"That's because Cheren once told me his Stoutland has the ability Intimidate!" said Bianca in a boastful tone, "Blaziken's physical attacks no longer work as well as before!"

"Damn it..." growled May, "What can I do?"

May pondered for a few minutes before finally getting a brilliant idea. Tightening her spring green bandana, she gave Blaziken the next command.

"Blaziken! Use Overheat!" May called out.

Now powered up with its Blaze ability from using Blaze Kick, Blaziken lept into the air surrounded by an aura of burning red flames. Once at a high enough altitude, it released a powerful and wide jet of flames down below.

Unbeknownst to May and Bianca, the sight of the powerful Overheat attack reawakened a horrible memory within Cilan, making him twitch and his eyes widen with horror. At that moment, every last bit of Iris' execution had begun playing over and over, for the Blaziken's impressive Overheat had reminded him of how the late Super High School Level Dragon Tamer had been burnt to a crisp before being devoured by the serpentine Kyurem-lookalike.

Breathing heavily, every psychotic and homicidal urge had come flowing back into Cilan. Without Brock looking, he went over to one side of the bleachers and broke open the emergency ax. In one hack, the mad Connoisseur smashed a fire alarm, which had triggered both a loud alarm and the water sprinklers. Once the flames had died down and everyone was now paying attention to Cilan, he let out a yell and swung the ax out at Bianca and May.

"Cilan! What's gotten into you?!" gasped May as she and Bianca dodged the attack.

"Iris is dead..." panted Cilan, still in his murderous trance, "I remembered how you guys refused to save her. So now... YOU'RE BOTH GONNA FUCKING PAY!"

"No! Cilan, snap out of it!" pleaded Bianca as she lept back with the ax cutting her cheek.

However, Cilan was too far gone to listen and continued to attack May and Bianca. Stoutland and Blaziken quickly acted and tried to block their loved ones from the wrathful Super High School Level Connoisseur. But, Cilan knocked them to the ground by swinging the blunt end of the ax into Blaziken's stomach and Stoutland's side.

"If I don't do something, the three of them are done for!" said Brock to himself with gritted teeth. He quickly tossed a Poké Ball of his own in front of him. "Toxicroak, use Poison Jab on Cilan and fast!"

Cilan loomed over a terrified and injured Bianca and May (who were holding each other in defense) with a murderous grin.

"This is for you, Iris..." He breathed to himself as he lifted the ax.

Before he could make his fatal hack, Cilan dropped the ax as he felt a sharp pain. Turning his head, he saw Toxicroak's glowing purple hand harshly jabbed into the side of his body. Coughing up a bit of blood onto the soaking wet floor, Cilan fell to his knees as he regained mental consciousness at the same time the sprinklers died down.

"Oh no..." He gasped as he looked at the ax and the terrified girls, "It happened again, didn't it?!"

"Cilan, are you alright?" asked Bianca as she tried to reach out to her green-haired friend.

Quickly backing away from Bianca, Cilan ignored the pain in his body and bolted out of the room with his tearful eyes of shame buried into his left forearm, leaving behind the worried hearts of three of his friends.

Students remaining: 9/15

Author's Note: My older sister actually helped a bit with this chapter by telling me which Pokémon Bianca and May should use, so props go to her! She also remarked on how Cilan was starting to turn into Light Yagami (neither one of us watch Death Note, but we do know they're both Mamoru Miyano in the Japanese dub). Stay tuned for Chapter 16, you bastards! Upupupupu~!