Episode 2: Don't Rain On My Parade

"Last time on Total Drama: World's Revenge!" Chris began.


"Mt. Everest! The tallest mountain on them all! It's brutal! Haha! Our thirteen cast from Revenge of the Island returned for another round of pain, along with our three new contestants- Nick, Pajie, and Mikayla. Mikayla declared war on Zoey and Anne Maria to win Mike over, but Zoey vowed that just wasn't going to happen. Meanwhile, Cameron got hurt badly on Everest, causing his team to fail the climbing challenge. At the end, Mikayla tried to get her team to vote off Cameron, but they turned against her, voting for her instead. Unfortunately, Cameron voted himself off, feeling pressured and worried of what will be brought onto him even more if he stays longer in the game."


"We're now down to fifteen contestants! Who's next to fall out of the sky? Find out here and now! On Total...Drama...World's Revenge!"


Dear mom & dad, I'm doing fine...

You guys are on my mind...

You ask me what I wanna be, and now I think the answer's plain to see...


I wanna live close to the sun,

Well pack your bags, 'cuz I've already won

Everything to prove, nothing in my way

I'll get there one day...


NAH nah nah nah nah nah

Nah nah nah nah nah nah

Nah nah nah nah...

I wanna be

I wanna be

I wanna be FAMOUS!

I wanna be

I wanna be

I wanna be FAMOUS!


In the Total Drama Plane, in first class, all of the winners from the last challenge were just enjoying themselves, when suddenly, the stereo booms very loud, resulting in all of the Killer Tornados to scream as they fall out of their comfortable seats.

Getting up while covering their ears, they see who turned up the stereo up to high-blast. They all glared at the one who woke them up.


Angered, Anne Maria walks over towards him and sees that he's got ear buds in. She turns off the stereo, making Nick surprised as he turns at looks at his whole team. Scott forcefully pulls out Nick's ear buds, dangling them from his hand.

"Dude, you woke us up!" Scott snaps.

Nick sees the angered looks on their faces and suddenly realizes that he forgot to put in the ear buds. Laughing nervously, Nick takes his buds back, and puts them away.

"Hehe...oops. Sorry guys,"


Nick: I'm pretty forgetful at times. Hehe...

Pajie: Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to get the perfect amount of beauty sleep around here?! Damn-it! And I was having the most wonderful dream! Me, winning an Oscar for number one best actress on film! And that (yet very adorable) ginger ruined it for me! *BLUSHING IN REALIZATION* Wait...what did I just...

"Yay, you tots ruined our sleep with that large stereo!" Stacie exclaimed. "Which were invented by my-"

"Don't even finish that sentence!" Jo snapped.

Stacie glares at Jo.


Stacie: Seriously? Like, for realz? Why is Jo always such a bitch to me?

Jo: The reasoning for my...uh..."behavior" is because everyone here is a loser. Except for me, of course. I may have lost the past few seasons, but this time...I'm in it to win it! And that Stacie has GOT to go!

Back in loser class, Mikayla is making sounds of discuss as she's trying to scrap gum off of the bottom on her shoes. Zoey, Mike, Brick, and Dawn were talking about what they think the next challenge will be, and Dakota and Sam were taking goofy photos with each other on Dakota's cell phone.

Mikayla rolls her eyes while hearing Dakota and Sam's giggles. She turns to them and says bitterly, "Can you two at least TRYto keep it down? I'm trying to focus!"

"How can you focus on getting gum off your shoes?" Sam questions.

There was a long silence between the three. Mikayla groans in anger as she stands up and leaves, heading for the messing hall.

"J-Just...uh...whatever!" She yells.


"If we ever lose again, we should finish what we've started, by getting rid of Mikayla." Zoey says.

"Agreed," Mike remarks. "If anyone goes next, it's gotta be her."

Dawn shakes her head.

"Maybe...but also maybe not..."

"Huh" They all ask, looking at her.

Dawn sighed. This was going to be hard to explain. Sounding like a no-at-all, Dawn says sharply, "We can't just vote her off next. After the last elimination, when we all voted for her, she knew that we didn't like her already. She'll just keep expecting us to vote her off."

Mike and Brick looks at each other; confused. Zoey, on the other hand, beams with a grin.

"Oh! I get it! Fool her into an alliance, and when the time feels right, we'll take her out?" Zoey questions.

"That's right, Zoey." Dawn remarked, proud of her plan.

Mike, Brick, and Zoey clap for Dawn, proud of her plan as well.


Zoey: I had no idea that Dawn could be a little evil genius! *EYES OPEN IN SHOCK; GASPSING* Did that sound villainess? I mean, I know Mikayla is obviously trying to steal my boyfriend away from me, but I still can't...say anything mean about people. Well, okay, expect for Scott, Lightning, Jo, and Anne Maria. But Mikayla is different! In a way, I guess. Or am I just not making any sense here? *SIGHS IN ANGER* I guess I'm just going to have to play "nice" with Mikayla, until we can pull Dawn's plan into action.

Dawn: Okay, I think my plan could actually work! Now that I've got Mike, Zoey, and Brick on my side, I should probably get started on Mikayla first, just to be safe. It's for the good of this alliance.

Brick: Dawn's pretty smart...I'll give her that.

"Attention, my play toys of pain and misery!" Chris announces through the inner come. "We'll be landing at our next destination in about ten seconds, but hold onto something pretty tight, 'cause we may find ourselves in a crash-like landing..."

Both teams' eyes widen as they just now hear this in the mess hall.

"OH NO!" The teams' yell.

With a sudden jolt, the plan crashes through a ton of trees outside, causing the entire jet to shake violently. Both teams are scattered everywhere once the jet finally comes to a complete stop.


All of the contestants exit the jet, finding themselves at a jungle-like area; tropical themed. They look around, wondering where Chris and Chef were. Just then, a paintball hits Lighting in the face, sending him down. Everyone gasps, worried where that came from.

"Haha! Yes! Got one!" Chris exclaims, walking up to the cast from behind a large tree. Both he and Chef show grins of satisfaction. Everyone else, however, only show anger. Especially Lightning.

"Hey!" Lightning bellows, getting up while rubbing his now painted cheek. "What where you're sa-shooting that, fool!"

Chris rolls his eyes.

"Anyhow...don't think of this paintball gun as a weapon that I'm using on you, think of it as a weapon that you'll be using against each other. I'd like to call today's challenge: 'The Orangutan Hunt'! One team will be playing as the hunters- with paintball guns. And the other team will be dress up as orangutans." Chris explain.

Everyone looks uneasy. Anne Maria raises her hand.

"How are we gonna determine who'll be who?"

Chris grins.

"Glade you've asked, Anne Maria. Killer Tornados, since you've won the last challenge, you guys will be playing the role as the hunters," Chris turns to The Bald Eagles. "And you guys will be the orangutans. You each will be wearing monkey suites...literally!" Chris exclaims, as Chef holds up an orangutan costume.

The Bald Eagles gasps, showing embarrassment. The other team laughs, pointing at them.


Pajie: No way! I just can't WAIT to see them in those embarrassing costumes! *CONTINUES TO LAUGH REALLY HARD*

Mike: *GROANS IN DISAPOINTMENT* Oh! First Multiple Personality Disorder, and now THIS?! God, how this game is such an embarrassment to us all! *GASPS- TURNS INTO CHESTER*Yeah, and back in my day, we didn't give a damn about embarrassment! We just took it like real men! People these days are just pussies.

By now, all of the members of The Bald Eagles were wearing orange orangutan costumes. It may have been humoris to the othe team, wit all of their painball guns and stuff, but to the Eagles- not so much.

"Haha! Awesome!" Chris "complimented", referring to the Eagles. "Now, Bald Eagles, to make this...a little 'fair' for you guys, I'm going to give you all a one minute head start to hide in the jungle. And...go!"

And with that, the Bald Eagles makes a dash for it.


Lightning: Doesn't matter if they get a minute head start! Those orangutan losers are about to get struck down my Lightning!

Nick: I know these aren't actual animals...but I hate hunting sooo much! It's just not fair for the animals! Taking their lives, it just like taking another human's! And I shall not be a part of it! *REALIZES* But if I don't hit anyone, then I'm out...*SIGH*

Chris grins as he looks at his watch. Turning to The Killer Tornados, he announces, "Alright, Tornados, start hunting!"

The Killer Tornados take off, but stops when suddenly...


They look at Chris and Chef.

"How about a little song to get this orangutan hunting started, huh? Hit it!"

The Killer Tornados continue to race into the jungle, music is heard in the background...


Song #2- "Runaway Orangutan"

Type- Spoof/Parody

Spoofing- "Runaway Baby" By: "Bruno Mars"



Lightning: Sha-yes


(Zoey it hiding being a large tree. Scott finds her, making her jump.)

Scott: Well looky here looky here. Ah, what do we have?

(Zoey begins to run with Scott chasing after her.)

Zoey: Not another thang ready for you to grab!

(Just then, Lightning comes out of no where, and now the two are cornering Zoey to a large rock.)

Lighting & Scott: But little does you know that we're wolves 'n we're hutin'!

(Mike sneeks up from behind Scott and Lightning- knocking them out by hitting their heads together with his hands. He pulls Zoey in a protective hold and runs away with her.)

Mike: Don't worry, 'cause at the end of this challenge, it is you I'll be holding.

Zoey: I love you so.

(Cut to Nick, who still shows no desire into playing this "hunting challenge".)

Nick: Man, what a day! I ain't gonna do this thing, no way!

(Jo grips Nick by the collar of his green T-Shirt, making him look frightened.)

Jo: But if you don't, you'll never stay!

(The rest of 'The Killer Tornados' line up, now chasing 'The Bald Eagles' as a team.)

Killer Tornados (Except Nick): To every Eagle that we see here, this is what we say...

(The 'Killer Tornados' begin to shoot their paintballs out towards the 'Bald Eagles', so close to hit one of them with each shoot. The 'Bald Eagles' screams as they continue to run, trying to out-run the other team.)

Killer Tornados (Except Nick): Run, run, run, away, run away orangutan! Before we blast one of you! You better get, get, get away get away monkeys, 'cause everything you heard is true! Your poor little win will end up alone! 'Cause lord knows we are rolling stones! So you better run, run, run away, run away orangutan!

(The 'Bald Eagles' eventually loose the 'Killer Tornados'. The 'Tornados' spread out in the jungle, scanning the area.)

Anne Maria: Well let me think let me think. Ah, what should I do? So many eager young monkeys that I'd like to pursue!

Pajie: Now even now they eating out the palm of our hands.

Scott: There's more than one paintball, and they all gotta take it!

(Cut to 'The Bald Eagles'. They're sneaking through the jungle still, trying to not bring any attention.)

Zoey (To Mike): I love you so.

(Mike Smiles lovely at Zoey.)

Sam: Man, what a day! I ain't gonna do this thing, no way!

Brick: But if you don't, you'll never stay.

(The 'Killer Tornados' pop out of no where, scaring the 'Bald Eagles'. The 'Eagles' make another dash for it, with the other team behind them once more; hot on their trail.)

Killer Tornados (Except Nick): To every Eagle that we see here, this is what we say...

(The 'Killer Tornados' begin to fire their paintballs once more.)

Killer Tornados (Except Nick): Run, run, run, away, run away orangutan! Before we blast one of you! You better get, get, get away get away monkeys, 'cause everything you heard is true! Your poor little win will end up alone! 'Cause lord knows we are rolling stones! So you better run, run, run away, run away orangutan!

Jo: See, we ain't try to hurt you monkeys.

Bald Eagles: No, no, no you wanna hurt us, guys.

Scott: Yup, yup!

(Scott fires his paintball gun, and hits Sam, making him fall on the ground. The rest of the 'Bald Eagles' continues on with out him.)

Bald Eagles (Except Sam): See, you are trying to hurt us guys!

Anne Maria: No, no, no we just wanna injure you.

Killer Tornados: If you scared, you better run!

Bald Eagles:We better run!

Killer Tornados: You better run!

Bald Eagles:We better run!

Killer Tornados: You better!

Bald Eagles: We better!

Killer Tornados: You better!

(More rapid fire from the 'Killer Tornados'.)

Killer Tornados (Except Nick): Run, run, run, away, run away orangutan! Before we blast one of you! You better get, get, get away get away monkeys, 'cause everything you heard is true! Your poor little win will end up alone! 'Cause lord knows we are rolling stones! So you better run, run, run away, run away orangutan!


The 'Killer Tornados' continue to chase the 'Bald Eagles' deeper into the jungle. Scott shoots another paintball, but hits a tree instead. B fires his gun, and he hits Dawn, making her fall down onto the jungle grounds.

Zoey gasps, "Dawn!", as she turned around.

Mike quickly grabs onto her hand, remarking, "Zoey! We have to keep going! We've lost two of us, and we can't afford to loose more!"

"He's right; GO!" Mikayla screeches; still running away.

Zoey figured that they were right, and agrees to hurry up.

In the Total Drama Jet, Chris laughs as he watches the competitors struggle to survive and win. He turns to the camera.

"Two monkeys down! Five more to go! Will the Killer Tornados win it again? Or will Team Eagle out-smart the hunters? Find out, after this."

The camera fades out.



Zoey: I think it's time for me to let my war instincts take over once more. Another survival challenge? I'm pretty sure that Brick and I could lead us to victory.

The Bald Eagles, after FINALLY out-running the Killer Tornados, finds a good resting place in a cave. After catching their breathes, Zoey begins drawing a stech in the dirt with a stick that she found. Her team gathers around her, curious as to what she's doing.

"Is that...a battle plan?!" Gasped Brick.

Zoey beamed; proud.

"Yep! This is how we're going to win this: by setting up traps and take out the hunties!"

Dakota grinned.

"You've got a plan?"

"Oh yeah," Zoey grinned back. "Now...here's the plan..."


Mike: Zoey's, like, the most beautiful, smart, and wonderful girl that I've ever met! After the last two seasons, I've fallen in love with her all over again! Nice plan, Zoey.

The Killer Tornados were walking around the jungle, aiming their paintball guns high in the air and around every corner, not wanting to miss a shot. Jo stopped walking, getting a weird feeling. Everyone notices this, and stops as well, wondering why she'd stopped hunting like them.

"Hey, yo, Jo! Why'd ya stop?" Anne Maria hissed.

"Yeah! We've only got five more of them to take out." Scott remarked.

"It's not that," Jo says darkly. Looking around the jungle, with her clear vision, she started to notice something. During this entire challenge, they've been missing a certain player...or more. Jo's eyes widen in anger, finally realizing what it was. "Where the hell is Nick and Stacie?!" She roars.

The rest of the team looks around as well. Just now noticing what Jo had just announced, they too began to grow curious as to where chatty girl and ginger boy went to.


Nick groaned in annoyance as he covered his ears, trying to block out Stacie's continuous talking. She just wouldn't shut up about her 'family'. In fact, Nick was getting to the point of just taking her out right there.

"...And that's how my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle Newton invented, or came up, with the theory of gravity. Ya, before him, everyone just wondered how-"


Both are in complete shock. Nick gasps, and covers his mouth; wide-eyed.


Nick: Did THAT sound too mean? Oh, why the hell should I care? This girl just won't shut up! *SIGHS BY COOLING OFF* Okay, Okay...maybe I could try to at least be nice to her. I've seen season 4. Stacie just needs some sense to be put into her head, that's all.

Stacie: Seriously?! Now Nick?! Out of all the people to snap at me, it had to be new guy?!

Jo: When I get my hands on Nick and Stacie, I am going to personally murder them both! But, I'll kill Stacie first. Slowly. And. PAINFULLY!

Nick gives Stacie an apologetic look. Placing a hand on her shoulder, Nick says with a quick sigh, "Stacie...I'm sorry. It's just that...well, you know..." This was going to be harder than he thought. It was time to finally put some sense into Stacie's mind.

"The truth is, Stacie. You're family never really did all of the things that you claim they did. You don't need to come up with lies just to get people to like you. Just be yourself."

Stacie looks disappointed with herself.

"Wow...I...I guess...I guess I never really thought about it that way before." Stacie says sadly.

Nick, with a friendly smile, says, "If it makes you feel better, Stacie, I like you...sort of...in a way. So, how about you and I can be...um..."

"Friends?" Beamed Stacie.

"Um...yeah...friends..." Nick replied.


Nick: Whoa...never thought that saying the "F" word would be hard. I guess it's because I never really had or known a true friend. *BEGINS TO LAUGH* Hahahaha! Wait! Wait! I just said, "F" word! HAHAHAHA! XD

Stacie: Wow! My very first friend!

"Oh Nick," Stacie beams happily. "I'm so happy that you and I could be fr-"

Just then, rocks are thrown at Nick, causing him to scream as he backs away. Stepping onto a leaved platform, Nick finds himself getting lifted up in the air, trapped in a cage. Stacie gasps, and looks around.

The rest of the Killer Tornados eventually finds them, and sees that Nick is stuck in a cage, dangling from the air.

"Um...what?" Pajie questions, referring to the cage.

Jo glares at Stacie.

"What happened here? Why the hell is new boy in that cage?" She demanded to know.

"I...I...Ah..." Stacie stuttered.

"NOW" Bellows a voice.

Suddenly, the Bald Eagles pop out from behind a bunch of bushes, and fires some arrows at them. The Killer Tornados scream, ducking for cover. One of Dakota's arrows gets Scott in the butt, making him jump high in the air with a loud, roaring scream. Dropping his paintball, Scott runs, and crashes into a tree without looking where he was going; trying to focus on getting the arrow unstuck to his butt.

Zoey picks up Scott's paintball, and fires a paintball at him.

"Got one!" Zoey shouts. "Mikayla, shoot one of 'em!" Zoey throws Mikayla the paintball gun.

Once Mikayla catches the gun, she gives Zoey a highly questionable look.


Mikayla: Okay, what is she up to?

Zoey: Dawn said that we should earn Mikayla's trust before actually ganging up on her again. So, I for one, am taking advantage of that plan.

Mikayla shrugs her questions off of her mind, and begins to rapidly fire at the other members of the Killer Tornados. Eventually, they all got out...except for Stacie, who was the only left standing in the center.

"C'mon! Just shoot her already!" Jo shouts at her.

"Use your paintball gun, Stacie!" Nick yells rom above the cage.

Stacie beams once more.

"Ya, I shall win for us! Paintballs were invented by my-"

Before Stacie could finish, however, Mikayla had already fired her paintball gun at her, getting her out. The Killer Tornados gasps in disbelief. Jo even face-palms herself. Chris and Chef arrive at the scene, grinning.

"And the winners are...The Bald Eagles! For stepping up, and taking down their hunters!" Chris announces.

The Bald Eagles cheer, and they even cheer Mikayla on. The winning team parades themselves back to the Total Drama Jet, leaving Chris and Chef with the loser team.

With a chuckle, Chris says, "And as for you, Tornados, I'll be seeing you guys at elimination...for the very first time of this season."

Chris the turns around, leaving the loser team to glare at Stacie. Except for Nick, who was still stuck in the cage.

"Wait! Can somebody please cut me down?!" Nick pleads.

"Chef!" Chris yells.

Chef throws a sword at the rope that was supporting the cage, having both it and Nick to fall, and crash in the center of the jungle ground. Everyone gave Nick a concerned look.

"...I'm okay..." Nick reassures weakly.


Jo: Stacie was annoying as usual, but on the other hand, Nick refused to hunt. It was a tough decision.

In the elimination room, The Killer Tornados were seated at the benches, waiting for Chris.

Chris walks into the room, grinning.

"Alright, Tornados, ready to vote off your first loser? Haha..." Chris looks at Chef, who opens the plane door.

All of the Killer Tornado consistence gulp; not wanting to be pushed out of this plane.

"So, just like last time, each of you will stamp one pass-port. That pass-port will have the picture of the one you wish to eliminate from the competition. Now...go vote!"


Scott Stamps

Jo Stamps

Lightning Stamps

Anne Maria Stamps

Pajie Stamps

Nick Stamps

B Stamps

Stacie Stamps

"Okay, the votes are in!" Chris says, picking up and reading the pass-ports. "The first vote goes to...Jo. The second vote goes to...Jo. And one vote is for Lightning-"

"Sha-WHAT?!" Lightning exclaims.

"SHH!" Chris snaps.

Lightning sits back down, crossing his arms.

Chris rolls his eyes. Getting back to reading the votes, he looks directly at Stacie and Nick.

"Nick, you're on the chopping block for refusing to hunt. And Stacie, you're on the chopping block for annoying your team...again."

Nick and Stacie gets scarred.

"And tonight's loser...is..." Chris says slowly. "Stacie."

Nick and Stacie gasps. Nick gives her a sad look, and pats her shoulder. As Stacie gets up, she slowly walks towards Chris to get her parachute. Now looking down from the plane's open door, she turns to her team.

"Well, see ya..." Stacie says, before jumping out of the plane, screaming in pure terror as she does so.


Jo: Like I said- Tough call. But sense Nick kind of reminds me of Bubble-Boy, I could use him to my advantage.

"Well, that was...not surprising in any way." Chuckled Chris. "Who will be forced out of the plane next? Who will win? Who will loose? And what will become of Mikayla, now that her team is plotting behind her back? Find out, next time, on Total...Drama...World's Revenge!"

The camera fades from Chris, ending this episode.


Witches! Witches! And MORE WITCHES!

Chris- The Salem WITCH Trials!

They can run...

Zoey *In Confessional*- This is totally bonkers!

But they can't hide...

Scott *Holding Dakota*- To the Hanging Tree you go!

*Anne Maria punches Brick and Sam*

Mike *In Confessional*- Ouch.

Who Can survive it?!


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