Title: Blind

Summary: Deucalion is broken; he'd never survive on his own. So can Scott accept him into his pack? And will Scott's pack accept Deucalion? And this new darkness in Scott, how can he possibly deal with it and stay himself? Scott/Deucalion slash, EXPLICIT

So this is all Sakurafox666's fault.

Yeah in the back of my head I thought that Scott and Deucalion would make an interesting couple, and after the midseason finale where Derek left I thought he would be a great mentor for Scott. But I'm not really into actually WRITING fan fiction that much, I'm more of a reader.

Then I read Sakurafox666's fan fiction titled "After the Fall" and I just couldn't get it out of my head. Combine that with the awesome drabbles she's doing ("Of Things Learned") and… well I really had no choice this must be written. Because Sakurafox666 is my inspiration there will probably be considerable parallels (especially in chapter one), but I also have my own writing styles and ideas of where things are headed and I've already spoken to and gotten a green light from Sakurafox666 (you're so great!). Hopefully they will be different enough, though in the beginning they are going to be pretty similar because she wrote such a great beginning for their relationship!

Now warnings: I'm a little darker than Sakurafox666, and I promise that eventually Scott and Deucalion's relationship should stabilize into a relatively 'healthy' one (unless my muses get really grumpy and murderie)… but Deucalion is seriously damaged and this is what he needs right now.

Also I've never written explicit material before so I hope ya'll will bear with me!

I listened to "One More Night" by Maroon 5 on repeat basically the whole time I wrote this.

Anywho! On with Chapter One!

-Chapter One-

Scott slouched in the hospital room chair and tried to get comfortable enough to sleep. He was used to the sounds of the hospital and Isaac was a comforting presence in the chair next to him. But the smells of the hospital were irritating, and he found he was much more attuned to his surroundings now that he was an Alpha. Each footstep outside the door perked at his senses and roused him until he could identify the intruder.

As a Beta Scott had been able to push his instincts down and ignore them almost completely if he wanted to; but now everything was much more vivid and alarming, Scott found himself constantly searching for a threat. His pack was injured, weak, and tired as a whole and the hospital didn't feel safe. To top it all off Scott could feel the darkness swirling around his heart and it made him want to lash out at everything around him until he was sure that the only survivors would be his pack. Scott wondered how Allison and Stiles were dealing with this new dark urge for violence, or if it was something he was feeling because he was now an Alpha.

Scott looked over at his mom; she was resting and looking pale. Small cuts littered her face and bandages covered her wrists where she had rubbed them raw. They were going to keep both her and Stiles' dad overnight at least. They both had suffered from dehydration and a slew of minor injuries when they were in the cave in. Allison's dad had escaped going to the hospital through sheer luck, the EMTs had been more worried about the two people they knew to realize there was a third patient slipping away. Allison had sent a text to let Scott know they were home and as far as they could tell Deucalion hadn't gone back to the penthouse above them.

Scoot took a moment to consider the once Alpha of all Alphas, and he got an uneasy feeling that something had been off with the other man when he and Derek had left him alone in the middle of nowhere after their battle. Isaac's eyes opened a fraction when Scott sighed, making Scott feel like he was keeping the other wolf up with his fidgeting. "Hey, you can go home if you want." Isaac offered, looking a little more awake.

"I'm fine." Scott said trying to relax.

"You're twitchy, Stiles is down the hall and I can keep watch and not fall sleep this time." Isaac said in a self-deprecating tone. "I can guard her and you need sleep."

Scott tried to avoid looking worried. It wasn't that he didn't think that Isaac could take care of his mom, it was just his instincts wanting him to stay and make sure everyone, Isaac included, was safe. Something in him whispered if he didn't show Isaac he trusted him with this it would cripple what little self-esteem the abused teen had left. "Okay. I'll check in on Stiles and his dad before I leave, and I'll be back as soon as I get enough sleep."

The look on Isaac's face was worth the unease Scott felt at leaving. He looked as though he were being given the most important task in the world and he would not fail, that purpose squared his shoulders and the confidence Scott was showing in him made him feel more confident as well. Not much had changed in their relationship now that Scott was truly an Alpha; it made him realize that he has always been Isaac's Alpha and that made his chest feel warm and it pushed at the darkness he could feel surrounding his heart.

As Scott slipped out in the hall he took a deep breath to check for danger; but the smell of antiseptic covered everything else. The first time Scott had met Deucalion the smell had completely camouflaged the older wolf, even when Scott was in an enclosed elevator with him and later when they were physically touching. The fact that one of his senses was so dulled in the hospital made him even twitchier and Scott knew that eventually his adrenaline was going to wear out and he needed to be ready if something else happened. He couldn't shake the feeling he was just waiting for the other shoe to drop, something was going to happen soon and he needed to be ready.

Scott looked in on Stiles across the hall to find the sheriff wide awake and Stiles asleep in the chair, his upper body thrown across the bed and his head in his arms. Stiles had a mild concussion from the car wreck and he was officially stuck at the hospital too. His bed was in the same room as his dad's but apparently that wasn't enough for him. The sheriff had been stabbed and lost a relatively large amount of blood since he was kidnapped and Stiles had donated as much as the doctors would let him, which left him even more tired. Neither of Scott nor Mr. Stilinski spoke but Scott met the sheriff's eyes for a moment in understanding before nodding and leaving, the sheriff would watch over his family and let Stiles know that Scott had gone home.

The hospital wasn't far from his house and Scott set off in what Stiles liked to call his 'lope' mode. It was around the pace of a jog but Scott could go all day without needing a break and his body moved in a fluid way that was soothing, Stiles likened it to how real wolves were able to travel.

Under the full moon Scott got some of his energy back and so he was relatively awake by the time he got home. The second he stepped up to his porch his adrenaline suddenly spiked and Scott stopped, his eyes flashing red for a moment as he tried to find what set his instincts off. A shadow further down the porch consolidated into a human shape under Scotts stare, and the wind brought the other man's scent a second later.

Deucalion. Scott wasn't conscious of the shift but suddenly he was fully wolfed out and ready for a fight. He faced Deucalion and a low growl rumbled in his chest. "I told you to leave."

Deucalion didn't move from where he stood in the shadow. "I... I came to talk."

Scott frowned, partially confused by Deucalion's tone; of all the attributes that the demon wolf had, being hesitant was never one of them. "Move where I can see you better." Scott growled taking a threatening step forward. Deucalion moved slowly taking a step back and to the side so that the full moon illuminated him.

Scott found that his animosity dropped considerably the moment he could see Deucalion's body posture and it took him a second to puzzle out why. Deucalion's eyes were downcast, not meeting Scott's, and he was hunched in on himself just a little, so that he was smaller and lower than Scott; he was being submissive. There was something deep in Scott that liked seeing Deucalion that way and he took a moment to savor the dominant feel.

"What do you want, Deucalion?" Scott asked, his claws and teeth retreating but his eyes remaining the Alpha red. Even though the human-half of him knew you could lie with body language the wolf-half of him was appeased by it.

"I'm alone. Omega." Deucalion said, talking to Scott's shoes more than anything; and Scott could sense it, something in him was saying prey, weak, and under that the sense that he was damaged. "When the druid healed me she stole my Alpha power from me. I've never been alone… We aren't meant to be alone."

'Don't you know the lone wolf never survives without a pack?' Scott remembered Allison's mom saying that once as she tried to kill him. 'I've heard the cry of an Omega, it's a miserable sound. The howl of a lone wolf.'

"I did everything I could to make myself strong, to avoid being weak. I even turned my blindness into strength." Deucalion didn't even sound proud of that, just defeated. "I was a man who wanted peace with my sight; and then I became a man of destruction after losing it. I don't know who I am anymore, who I will become with my sight restored. I want to join your pack."

Scott realized he should be surprised but he wasn't; something instinctual in him was already aware that this was why the new Omega had come. When he and Derek left Deucalion alone in the distillary he had glimpsed the lost look in his eyes, but that didn't mean that the other man wasn't trying to play him somehow. Scott took aggressive strides forward and Deucalion held his ground. His head tilted to the side to expose his jugular and chest through his ripped shirt, his body getting more submissive until he was kneeling with Scott standing over him. He looked down on the older man's exposed neck, feeling their bodies heating the air between them. Deucalion's shirt had blood on it from where Jennifer had tried to bash his brains in, the injury healed along with his sight but leaving a stain that traveled to the back of his head as well. His breath was ragged and Scott found that he liked that his nearness was affecting the older man, it pleased a deep Alpha need he didn't realize he had.

"Why should I let you join my pack? Why should I offer you my protection?" Scott whispered. Deucalion shuddered and Scott smelled his arousal.

Yet Deucalion didn't seem surprised that Scott didn't accept him right away. "The darkness in you, the one you took in your heart to find your mother. It'll need an outlet." Deucalion tilted his head up slightly, looking up into Scott's eyes, offering himself. Scott could detect no lie in his heartbeat or his body posture, just submission and underneath that a deep need.

"Stiles and Allison have the darkness too. We will figure it out together." Scott said frowning down at Deucalion whose eyes darted down again.

"They are not Alpha werewolves." Deucalion persisted then he sighed. "The first thing my new eyes looked upon was the monster I had created; a horrible sight that will haunt me. But the next thing I truly saw was you becoming a True Alpha, and that was beautiful. I can help you manage your darkness, so that it doesn't obscure who you truly are. I want to protect the brightness I saw in you, that was why I killed Jennifer instead of letting you do it. I want to help you. You are everything I was looking for when I sought peace, and I sought to disprove your existence when I lost my faith."

Scott remembered the older man's screams back in when Jennifer had restored Deucalion's sight. It had sounded like she was killing him for a moment, after that something seemed broken in Deucalion. As though instead of healing him she had taken away everything and left him with only the knowledge that he could never be what he once was, a man of peace. There was a kind of reverence in the older man's tone when he spoke to Scott, a sort of worship and Scott found he liked that as well.

Of their own accord his hands were suddenly gripping Deucalion's hair and dragging his head to the side exposing the muscular juncture between Deucalion's neck and shoulder, the demon wolf gasped and arousal spiked in the air between them. Scott slid down to his knees as well, so that one of his legs slid between Deucalion's muscular thighs until it hit his rock hard arousal. Kneeling intertwined like that Scott inhaled the sweet perfume that was Deucalion's need and felt the older man's body shudder against him in reaction.

Scott pulled back to look into Deucalion's blue eyes, still retaining control of his head through a hold on the older man's slightly longer hair, and growled eyes turning red. "Mine."

"Yours." Deucalion's affirmed, his voice ragged. "Please."

It was the please that sent Scott over the edge. With a feral snarl his teeth lengthened back into fangs and he bit the sensitive spot between neck and shoulder so hard he hit bone, Deucalion cried out and bucked against Scott, his arousal grinding against Scott's leg. The tangy taste of blood filled Scott's mouth as he clamped his teeth over his mark and he found his own arousal was almost as bad as Deucalion's. With a shove Scott sent Deucalion backwards and he followed him, blood still in his mouth and his eyes pure red. Crouched over the other man he bent down and licked the wound on his shoulder, not in apology but to savor the taste. Deucalion moaned again and ground his arousal against Scott's leg again.

Scott pulled back to look down at his newest pack member and found he was annoyed with how the man's shirt blocked his view; with a growl he ripped the already abused shirt the rest of the way down the middle exposing Deucalion's chest and, my god that must be an eight pack, his defined stomach. Deucalion moaned again, his hands clenched into fists at his side so he didn't grab onto Scott. Scott looked down at Deucalion's stomach and bent down to lick each muscle.

"Oh God Scott." Deucalion groaned his voice cracking. The stomach was a very sensitive spot for them; it was vulnerability, and there are so many nerve endings there. The muscles under Scott's tongue quivered and jumped as he lavished the area, scraping his teeth ever so lightly here and there. "Please, Scott."

There was the please again and now Scott was pulling the older man's pants down, freeing his swollen cock and exposing him to the night air. Deucalion's pupils were so wide that Scott wondered if he could focus on anything, even as he flipped the older man over grabbed his hips and slid him back to grind his clothed arousal against the other man's exposed ass. Whimpers of need rent the air and Scott was aware of his own growl in response.

Scott knew Deucalion would let him take him right then and there. On the porch where anyone could walk or drive by and see. Without lube. Without preparation. Completely exposed while Scott barely pulled his pants down enough to free his own straining arousal.

That pure submission and need to please made Scott want to make this good. They both needed the roughness of domination, but it didn't mean Scott had to hurt the other man like he would if he just plowed right in. Yet Deucalion didn't seem to mind or worry as he gasped, bracing himself on his elbows for Scott to do what he wanted with him. Scott ground against Deucalion one more time before flipping the other man on his back again.

Deucalion's erection bobbed straight up from his stomach and a look of confusion passed over his face as Scott backed up to stand over him. "Come." Deucalion rose shakily to his feet and the second he stood eye to eye with his Alpha Scott grabbed him by the back of his head and claimed him again, shoving him roughly against the side of the house with a pelvic thrust that sent shivers of pleasure running through them both. His actions reminded the other wolf who was the boss, as though he had forgotten.

"Inside." Scott growled pushing the other man away from the house and towards the front door. The door wasn't locked and Scott liked stalking Deucalion and crowding him into the house, as though the other man thought to escape. Without words Scott herded Deucalion into the kitchen.

Finally inside Scott backed him up against the island and shed his own shirt as Deucalion sunk to his knees as though he were reading his Alpha's mind. Scott placed both hands on the island over Deucalion's head as the other wolf reached up to undo his Alpha's zipper and slide his pants and boxer-shorts down. Scott stepped out of the last of his clothing and kicked them aside so that they were now both bare to each other.

Deucalion opened his mouth and engulfed Scott in his slick heat and it was now Scott's turn to moan in pleasure as the other man let out a growl of satisfaction. The growl rippled along Scott's length and his vision dimmed with pleasure. Grabbing hold of Deucalion's hair again he pulled the other man back and looked down at him.

The once proud demon wolf's lips were swollen from Scott's rough treatment and the bite marks that claimed him were oozing blood and already starting to bruise, his pupils were so dilated that his eyes seemed black; he was gorgeous. With his grip on Deucalion's hair Scott pulled him up and turned him around so that he was braced against the counter. Scott opened the drawer just to their right and pulled out some mineral oil he knew was lurking just in their depths, he had KY up in his room but he didn't know if he could have made it up the stairs before taking his newest pack member and that almost defeated the purpose of going inside.

He squirted a good size dollop onto his hand and rubbed it around before inserting two fingers in to Deucalion's hole. The other man's yelp turned into a moan of surprised pleasure, he had been expecting Scott to just drive right into him. Scott stretched the other man and added the third finger as he reached around to grab onto Deucalion's own neglected member. Scott stretched the older man until he couldn't take it anymore before he finally maneuvered his own saliva slicked cock into place.

Scott pushed Deucalion's thigh up and the other man opened himself up further just as Scott drove into him like he'd been waiting for. Neither of them lasted long with Scott driving into Deucalion's prostate with each thrust even as his hands pumped his cock. Deucalion went over the edge with a broken cry of Scott's name and Scott pulled out spilling his own orgasm all over Deucalion's back, claiming him once again in a very primal way.

With their frenzied mating finished Scott found he could think clearer, as though a haze had been lifted from his eyes and with that clarity exhaustion hit again. He leaned forward and rested his head in the middle of Deucalion's back, breathing in the mixture of his and his pack mate's scent. The other man didn't move beyond the rapid rise and fall of his chest as he panted, trying to catch his breath.

"Umm…" Scott found he had no idea what to say suddenly, it wasn't as though he had ever done anything like this before. He pulled back to give the other man space and while everything had seemed right a moment before it was suddenly awkward. Running on instinct Scott knew exactly what to do, but now that his own brain was in charge he had no idea what to do.

Deucalion turned around and in the darkened kitchen Scott couldn't read his expression without his Alpha vision. "Hold on one sec." Scott mumbled moving around his kitchen easily, a moment later he returned with paper towels and he set about cleaning up the mess they had made. It only took him a second to wipe everything down and throw away the paper towels and he grabbed his clothes off the floor before he turned to face Deucalion, who hadn't moved a muscle.

Scott looked around the kitchen trying to find a way to relieve the tension, but his own exhaustion was suddenly pushing at him. Finally Deucalion's unnatural stillness got Scott's full attention and he cocked his head and looked at the other man; but without a better light there was no way human eyes were going to be able to pierce the darkness, so without a thought he flipped to Alpha vision.

With his Alpha vision he could see the way Deucalion was watching him as though waiting for any indication of what he should do next, a lost look in his eyes. "It's getting late and I have to get up early to relieve Isaac at the hospital."

Deucalion looked up to meet Scott's eyes for a second before they darted down and away, and he nodded. "I'll… I'll find somewhere to go."

Scott frowned down at Deucalion before realizing two things. One Deucalion thought he was kicking him out; and two, he couldn't go back to the penthouse without the Argent's going after him.

Scott remembered when Isaac had shown up soaked and lost, without anywhere to go, yet not quite sure of his welcome. Derek had explained a long time ago that a pack needed a den, even when Erica and Boyd were still technically living with their parents they spent most nights in the abandoned train station rather than sleep alone in their own beds. They all needed the sense of protection sleeping together gave them; even Scott had spent some nights at the apartment in the city with Derek and Isaac, sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags so they could be near each other. Isaac now slept in Scott's bed more often than he slept on Scott's floor in the sleeping bag, or in the guest room that had been converted into his bedroom.

Peter wasn't welcome to stay at the apartment in the city; despite his pack member status none of them trusted him enough to let him near them when they were that vulnerable. Derek was always certain to kick Peter out before any of them got to tired and uncomfortable, and honestly Peter didn't come to the apartment that often anyways. Occasionally Derek would go and spend a few hours out and he always returned smelling of Peter, as though he were spending time with the crazed wolf so that he didn't come and bother the rest of the pack.

Scott had seen the look on Peter's face one night when they all sat around looking at maps while searching for Erica and Boyd, as the night wore on and they all got tired he got an almost hopeful look on his face; but at the end of the night when everyone was so exhausted they were practically falling asleep on their feet Derek looked up and flashed red eyes at Peter, 'leave'. Peter hadn't looked disappointed or sad, just resigned to being on the outskirts of the pack; as though thinking to himself that at least they let him near them.

Deucalion was wearing the same look on his face that Peter got whenever Derek kicked him out, resignation. He wouldn't blame Scott for driving him out. In fact he was expecting it; which is probably why he had frozen, something instinctual saying that if he didn't move maybe Scott wouldn't notice him and he could stay. Even now after he thought Scott was kicking him out he didn't move, pinned underneath Scott's Alpha stare.

All these thoughts skidded through Scott's mind in an instant.

"The bedroom's upstairs." Scott said, stepping back and nodding his head towards the stairs.

Deucalion's eyes snapped up to his for an instant, a look of desperation and hope on his face. "I… I can stay?"

Scott nodded and turned his back, making for the stairs so that Deucalion knew where to go. It surprised him that his instincts were silent even though Deucalion was walking behind him; then he remembered that in a pack Alpha's always go first, always lead so that if there was danger they could deal with it. Exhaustion weighted every one of Scott's footsteps as he made his way down the hall towards his bedroom, his newest pack mate right behind.

As soon as they entered Scott's bedroom Deucalion froze at the entrance, obviously unsure as to what he should do next. Scott dug through his pants and snagged his cell phone, checking for messages, before he set it on his end table. His shirt and boxer-shorts were tossed unceremoniously into the dirty clothes hamper, but his pants were left on the floor as 'wear again'. With everything more or less in its place Scott slid into his bed. Deucalion still hadn't moved.

Isaac's sleeping bag was on the floor right by the bed, but there was no way Deucalion was going to be able to sleep surrounded by Isaac's scent. So Scott sighed and lifted the covers up next to him. "Get in."

Finally with something to do Deucalion was able to enter Scott's domain completely and he slid into the bed next to Scott with a relieved sigh. Deucalion turned on his side so that his back was to Scott, though almost a foot was between them, and proceeded to curl up so that he could make himself as small as possible. Staying out of the way, something in Scott realized. The Deucalion Scott had known and fought had been nothing like this meek man beside him, but Scott realized he never would have been comfortable doing any of the things they had done tonight if he had still been like he used to be.

When Gerard had blinded Deucalion so brutally he had shattered into a million pieces; when his own pack had attacked him thinking him weak and blind, it forged him back into a whole person with sharp ragged edges all around him. But when Jennifer returned his sight and confronting him with everything he had wrought she broke him again, but this time Scott had no idea how he was going to piece himself back together, and what shape he would be in when his reforging was complete.

With that in mind Scott snaked his arm around Deucalion's waist and tugged him closer, knowing how werewolves in general craved touch. He left his hand splayed across Deucalion's stomach even as the other man fit his back against Scott so that they were flush against each other.

Finally comfortable with each other again Scott drifted to sleep, the full moon shinning down on both of them through Scott's window.