To Hijiri-san, Solie, Jazzy, Katie, Clary, I love this, and Guest I want to say I REALLY tried to write the 'new' characters in. I literally rewrote this four times! Four complete (3,000-5,000 word) chapters, and I could not make the other characters work while still being realistic and in character.

First the twins – why would they show up? They are at school, it's Monday. Let's say they were summoned by the smell of blood or something… ends up in a big fight. Poor Melissa's house and it did not end up going well for anybody. There was even an almost death, which I pulled off as almost due to fancy writing skills.

Second the argents – again, why would they be there? Maybe they are just checking on him? That would work except that Chris still kinda hates him, but let's push past that… he got over it during the whole almost dying thing or something. It just felt stilted and there was some major anger with the whole Deucalion thing… it was just not a good way to introduce Deucalion to the Argents without someone dying/being hospitalized.

Finally Scott's dad – Makes the most sense to show up (compared to the other options). He came to check on his son and get answers. Only to find a room full of blood and his son in bed with a strange man… Imagine how a federal agent who isn't indoctrinated to the supernatural is going to react? That's right… he ended up shooting Deucalion (seriously the only thing I could write) and Scott attacked him… it was just not good. Especially since while I do hate him (he is such a dick) we are only just meeting him and remember how super scary and mean Chris was in the beginning? There is no way teen wolf is going to let us stay in full on hate with Scott's dad!

Think to past bad guys. Matt – drowning victim trying to get back at his murders - sympathetic even if he was an asshat. Peter – do I really need to go there? You all love him, don't lie. Deucalion – again not going to even dignify with explanation. Even Jessica – she was trying to rid the world of a vicious pack of werewolves who was wiping out entire packs, their emissaries, and other humans who were more or less 'innocent'. Yeah she was an evil bitch who killed way too many people. But you know your heart broke a little for her when you saw Deucalion rip out her throat… it was just so painful to watch it happen to her all over again.

I want my fic to last a long while, even into season 3 part b where we will start liking Scott's dad and it will be harder to hate him.

So faced with three chapters all trying to cover the same material, stay in character, and not make an irreversible mistake… I had to go with the fourth non-exciting choice that ends with pack feels and stuff.

Don't hate me I TRIED so hard! But, the way I write, the charters have almost as much control over the story as I do and can be drama queens and kings! But on the positive side, now I have a good idea how everyone will be brought in… which is soon.

Fic timeline wise the Argents today (Monday) and Scott's dad tonight (still Monday). Then the twins a little tomorrow (Tuesday) and fully into the fic by tomorrow night (still Tuesday).

Anywho… sorry again.

Chapter Seven

"Scott?! SCOTT?!" The shouting was getting closer and Scott fought to sit up, still exhausted. Blood loss took longer to heal than anything else, except maybe an Alpha wound. Deucalion was definitely more alert, but Scott grabbed at his arm when he went to get out of bed. Despite his pack status and the apparent bonding between him and Isaac, it wouldn't do for the panicked Beta to come face to face with their former enemy while the scent of blood was so prominent in the air.

"I'm in your room." Scott tried to shout, but it came out a croak. He eventually gave up on actually getting up and just rested against the headboard for a moment. "We're fine. It was a misunderstanding."

Isaac burst in, his eyes yellow in his pale face. Stiles was right behind him, looking decidedly green. "I could smell the blood from downstairs, man." The human member of his pack complained.

"I could smell it from outside." Isaac's voice was shaky and Scott knew he must have imagined all sorts of horrible things in the moments it took him to find them safe.

"Wait," Scott frowned at both of his pack members. "What are you both doing here?"

"They let your mom and my dad out this morning after first rounds." Stiles walked further into the room, eyes scanning both shirtless werewolves for wounds. "Isaac said he smelled blood, so dad and your mom are waiting outside by the car."

"You convinced your dad to stay in the car?" Scott said, eyebrows rising in shock.

"He doesn't have his gun and I told him we might need a quick getaway." Isaac supplied, still looking hesitantly between the two werewolves still in bed. "What happened?"

"It was just a big mistake." Scott said; trying to convey with a look he didn't want to talk about it. Neither Stiles nor Isaac looked like they were going to let it drop.

"Are you into some kind of blood play?" Stiles asked bluntly. "Cause that is a lot of blood, and you don't look so good… all pale and stuff. No judgment dude, but… that just doesn't look healthy or safe."

"No! It wasn't anything like that." Scott felt like he should be blushing.

"No judgment." Stiles repeated, holding his hands up in the universal sign for surrender. "I just feel like if that's what you guys were doing it might have gone a little too far. Safe words are our friends you know?"

"Was it a nightmare?" Isaac asked; he wasn't looking at Scott but at Deucalion. Who so far couldn't meet anyone's eyes and was reeking of shame. "I never tried to actually fight back in my nightmares, but I still took a swipe at Derek once. When we were living in the abandoned subway station. He startled me and it was near the full moon. He was expecting it… we all had nightmares. Derek was the worse to wake up; you had to do it from across the room. Even then… it wasn't exactly safe." It was obviously hard for Isaac to talk about; he kept stopping and starting mid-sentence as though he was torn between getting it all out and making it coherent. He was also careful to avoid mentioning Boyd and Erica, leaving their names unsaid. Left safely to be dealt with in the future.

"I took a swing at my dad once." Stiles confessed to the wall, carefully not looking at anyone. "It was right after the whole Matt thing. I was having a nightmare about Gerard beating me up while the kanima drowned my mom… He heard me shouting. I just came up swinging."

The shared confessions should have made the room heavy, and it did for a moment, but the acceptance and understanding overpowered it and lifted the atmosphere in the room considerably. Scott looked at his pack in pride. They understood the problem and tried to make Deucalion feel less guilty. At the same time they shared something personal and painful to help their new pack mate. He let them all sit in silence for a moment, before using the lightened atmosphere to shift the conversation's direction away from painful memories.

"So how long do you think we have before the parents storm the house?" Scott asked lightly.

"I say we have seconds left." Isaac said; his head cocked to the side as he listened. "I just heard your mom's car door shut."

"What do you think the chances are we can keep it from them?" Scott asked, getting up unsteadily.

"My dad -the sheriff- and your mom -the nurse-… overlooking the smell of blood, your pale face, unsteady coordination, and forgetting all about the warning we said about something being off and to stay away?" Stiles looked at his best friend with a skeptical expression on his face. "I'd say good, but I try not to lie to you. Also, how to you expect to get all the bloody furniture out of here without them noticing? Let alone getting rid of it… that is like death amount of blood."

"It was a thought… Isaac stall them for a second? Stiles can you guard my bedroom door? I want to soften the shock as much as possible." Scott asked his pack mates. He was unaware of the mild command in each order; too distracted by trying to figure out the best way to tell his mom. He looked over at the still sitting Omega, who was definitely way too sexy to be reclining in a bed when his mom walked in. There was three mornings worth of stubble on his jaw, he had bed head, and he hadn't lost anywhere near the amount of blood Scott had, so his skin had a healthy glow.

"Can you like… stop looking so damn sexy for a moment?" Scott asked; his voice cracking. "My mom's about to come up here and there is no way she's going to be able to handle everything all at once."

Despite the weakness he had felt earlier he already felt stronger, able to stand and walk without any unsteadiness. Wolf's are stronger in packs. Apparently just being near his pack was enough for him to gain strength, an important tidbit he made sure to put away for later.

Deucalion rose with a lithe grace that Scott fought not to envy. While he was definitely stronger he wasn't anywhere near graceful at the moment. The Omega was smiling, he had that look on his face that made Scott want to kiss him.

"I said stop being so sexy… go stand in the corner." Scott moaned, trying to keep his voice down. He could hear his mom and Stile's dad talking to Isaac, and it didn't sound like the Beta was going to be able to calm them down until they had seen Scott. The Alpha made sure his Omega was out of the way, not immediately noticeable but not hidden either, before calling down to his mom. "I'm fine mom. There was just a little accident."

Stiles was standing across the hallway, firmly planted against the closed door to Scott's bedroom. He gestured the adults into the guestroom when they made to try and get around him. Scott felt a pang of guilt at he worried look on his mom's face.

"I really am fine. I promise." Perhaps he should have let them worry for a moment longer; the second both parents could see that Scott was unharmed their concern turned into confused irritation.

"Don't lie to me Scott." His mom commanded, her arms folding across her chest. She was wearing scrubs from her locker and still looked exhausted. "I can smell blood."

"I thought the time for lies was over." The sheriff glared. Scott could feel his uniform and badge, despite the fact the sheriff was wearing sweats from the hospital. His actual uniform had been taken at the hospital and put into evidence bags.

"I'm not lying. I'm a werewolf. We heal fast." Scott reminded them, trying not to sound defensive. "There was an accident, but I'm fine now. See?" He held his arms out and made a slow circle, letting them inspect him for damage.

"You're pale." His mom said, not in the least bit mollified.

"I lost some blood… okay a lot of blood. That takes time to replace." Scott confessed, trying to prepare them for the sight of his bedroom slowly.

"How much blood?" It seemed like Stiles' dad and his mom were taking turns asking questions. Working as a team to ferret out the whole truth. Both Stiles and Isaac watched from the hallway, not lending a hand as the adults interrogated him.

"A lot." Scott repeated, trying to stall and find a good way to break it to them.

"Why are you in Isaac's bedroom?" Scott took a moment to appreciate how she called it Isaac's. Even though she knew he really only kept his clothes in the mostly unused room, from the look on Isaac's face it was something he noticed too. The abused and abandoned teen needed something that was his, and Melissa knew it.

The warm fuzzies that thought gave him was enough to make him reveal too much too fast. "Cause my room is covered in blood."

Both his mom and Stiles' dad had to have known that the blood they could smell was coming from his room, but with conformation they suddenly sprang into action. They rounded on Stiles and Isaac who were surprised by the sudden confession and ill prepared to stop them. The sheriff shouldered his son aside quickly but gently, while Melissa used his body as a shield to keep the suddenly frantic teens from stopping her. She opened the door and walked into the room in one motion, then froze at the sight before her. With the cat out of the bag both Stiles and Isaac stopped trying to keep the door closed and that freed up the sheriff to look as well. A hardened cop with years of experience, he still looked sick.

In the light of day the room looked even worse, despite the fact that Deucalion had cleaned up some. Somehow blood had gotten on the ceiling, the drops indicting what Stiles had once informed him was high velocity blood splatter. The fact that some of the pools were thick enough to not have dried over night was bad. Most of the blood was off the floor, but there was still discoloration where the blood had been too thick and they had waited too long to try and clean it up. The bed was still the worse. The morning sunlight lit up the tears in the sheets, deep furrows that were definitely claw marks rent through the sheets into the mattress underneath and Scott could literally see the blood pooling to fill in the divots. Scott didn't remember which of them had done it but he guessed it really didn't matter at the moment.

"Holy shit." Scott winced when his mom cursed. "Scott? Is all this your blood?"

Scott was instantly torn between admitting it wasn't all his so his mom wouldn't sound quite so horrified, or lying to prevent the follow up questions. As she turned tear filled eyes from the mess that was his room and focused them on him, the need to reassure her won out over his discomfort. "Not all of it."

"Were you attacked? Did you get a good look at the attacker? Do you know who they are? Can you describe them?" The sheriff sounded furious, rattling off questions as he rounded on Scott again.

"I am to blame." Deucalion spoke up from behind Scott. There was no real emotion in his voice, despite the fact that Scott could actually feel his remorse through the pack bonds. "I attacked Scott."

Scott got between his mother and the Omega, prepared to actually hold her off if need be. He spoke fast, trying to keep his mom and Stiles' dad from going after Deucalion.

"It was an accident. And it was mostly my fault. He was having a nightmare and I startled him. Some of the blood in there is his too." Both adults were staring past Scott to look at Deucalion. The Alpha fought the urge to block their view and protect his vulnerable Omega. I never had this much trouble with my instincts before I became an Alpha. "Mom. It was an accident and there is no real harm done. Except to my bedroom furniture."

Melissa looked between Deucalion and Scott several times. "It was an accident?" She sounded incredulous, but something told Scott she was willing to listen.

"You know the old saying - Let sleeping dogs lie? - it goes double for werewolves." Stiles joked, trying to lighten the mood.

Isaac spoke up, trying to draw the attention his way. "We should have warned you… I have nightmares sometimes too. If you ever see me having one, don't wake me up. Get Scott."

Melissa looked between the two teens, both of whom were doing their best to look undisturbed by the idea of Deucalion attacking Scott.

"Is this a common occurrence?" The sheriff asked, trying to figure out if this was something he would have to deal with often.

"It's not common, but it's not rare." Isaac said, meeting the sheriff's eyes to convey his honesty. "We're werewolves. That means if we get upset we come equipped with sharp teeth and claws. All the furniture in Derek's dens was either liquid resistant for easy clean up or replaceable."

"It shouldn't be this bad if it ever happens again." Scott said when his mom suddenly got much paler. The idea of walking into this kind of scene again obviously forefront in her mind. "I wasn't thinking and I wasn't prepared. If I had known he was going to come up swinging I could have avoided getting swiped."

Scott saw his mom look over his shoulder her gaze searching, and he fought to avoid turning to look at Deucalion as well. Whatever she saw made her nod before she turned her laser like focus back on her son. "Okay… But I don't want you hiding these things from me Scott. No more lies, not by omission, not at all. Now, I don't expect you to tell me everything. But anything that could pose a danger, or leave blood all over the furniture… I think I deserve to know."

"That goes for me too." Stiles' dad spoke up. He had watched the whole exchange mostly silent, but it was obvious he had been paying close attention. It was also apparent that while he wasn't making a big deal out of it, he didn't think this incident was settled like Melissa did. "How are we going to dispose of all this blood? If you just dump it someone is going to be calling me about a possible murder."

"We could burn it." Isaac offered. "Just go into the woods put it in a big pile and set it on fire…"

The sheriff turned to look at the teen. "That is illegal. All trash fires have to be licensed and monitored so they don't spread."

"Dad." Stiles said gently. "Can you think of a better idea?"

"The crime-scene cleanup crew. They use a specialized furnace at the police station. We get everything into easy chunks and take it there to be disposed of. It has filters to prevent pollution and bio-hazardous material from entering the atmosphere." The sheriff gave each teen a look, carefully omitting Deucalion from his scolding. "You guys are supposed to be the green generation; do you have any idea the amount of pollution burning all this stuff will release?"

"The blood stains on the floor and ceiling have to be cleaned using the industrial strength stuff from the hospital too. I can go back in and grab it. Say I forgot something in my locker." Melissa volunteered. It was obvious she was avoiding thinking about it being Scott's blood, focusing instead on the act of covering it up. "If we leave the blood it can mold and cause all sorts of problems later on."

"Okay, sounds like a plan." Scott said cheerfully. Deucalion hadn't said much and Scott wanted to check on his Omega, in fact the urge to touch him for comfort was almost overwhelming. If it had been Isaac, or if either of them had on more clothes, he could have just gone over and stood near his Omega; lending strength and companionship. But he really didn't need to talk about his relationship with Deucalion with his mother and the sheriff right now, especially because he was still trying to figure out what kind of relationship they had.

"You all realize we would totally get away with murder right?" Stiles announced, sounding a little too gleeful. "Like Scott, Isaac, and Deucalion could kill someone. There would be no way to trace it to a human cause of the wolf DNA if we were caught, and we all have the skills and knowledge to hide the murder sight. We even have the sheriff on our side."

"Dude, shut up." Isaac grumped at the excitable teen. The look the sheriff was shooting at his only child warned there might be a murder in the offing anyways.

"So Stiles, can you go with mom and help her get the stuff from the hospital?" Scott prompted.

"I am perfectly capable of going to the hospital by myself." Melissa looked at her son in irritation. "Unless you think I need a babysitter?"

"What? No!" Scott backtracked waving his hands in surrender. He recognized dangerous territory when he saw it. "I was just thinking that all the cleaning stuff might be heavy. So mom's going to the hospital… how're we going to transport all the furniture?"

"I can get a van from the police lot." The sheriff announced. "I will take Stiles, so he can drive the jeep back."

"I know this sounds awful… But I am starving and I was totally looking forward to more Deucalion cooked food." Scott looked at his Beta when Isaac spoke, and noticed how his eyes were still ever so slightly yellow.

Something he had noticed the first time someone drew blood on the field, and anytime he went to the hospital, blood made him hungry. The only reason it wasn't really having an effect on him right now was because it was his; but the blood loss was definitely making him thirsty. Isaac had showed up hungry, and the scent of blood was definitely making it worse.

"Is anyone else hungry?" Stiles hand rose up automatically the second Scott mentioned food. "Really? Dude, you can't even eat popcorn during a horror movie."

"I know… but the food is so good… If Deucalion is the one making it, and anything to get the smell of blood out of the air." Stiles whined. "Please? I'm not hungry right this second but I know the moment I smell food I will be."

Finally Scott had a completely legitimate excuse to look at his Omega, who was still standing in the out-of-the-way corner that he had ordered him into. Deucalion's expression was blanker than Scott had ever seen it; it was obvious he was hiding his emotions from the humans in the room. There was no way he could really hide his emotions from the other werewolves. But at the mention of cooking he perked up a bit. Scott knew it was the prospect of being useful that had Deucalion perking up, not his own joy for cooking, and that made him want to growl.

This whole thing is so confusing. On one hand the fact that his newest – and to be honest, least accepted and trusted – pack mate was trying to ingratiate himself into the pack was good. But on the other hand Scott needed to know that Deucalion wasn't just operating on survival mode, pleasing the pack so they wouldn't kick him out. Pleasing me so I won't kick him out.

"Anything in particular you want cooked?" Deucalion asked quietly.

"Something smelly… but in a good way." Stiles announced walking into the room and clapping Deucalion on his bare shoulder and steering him out of the room. Scott fought off the envy he felt, he should be the one touching his Omega.

It was good that Stiles was the one now chatting with the Omega, giving his opinions on breakfast as he led him past the still wary parents. The fact that Stiles was showing no fear, he was even teasingly ordering Deucalion around, helped cement the overall feeling that Deucalion wasn't a bad guy and that he was trusted. If Isaac had been the one to approach Deucalion first there would have been a niggling thought that the werewolves were trying to buffer and protect the humans, and that would have bred uncertainty and fear.

I have become a master of psychology and behavior overnight. Scott mused. Everything they did was mostly instinct, but Scott was suddenly able to see the small moving pieces behind the scenes. There was no way he had noticed any of this before, and his sudden insights made him vaguely uncomfortable.

He was pulled out of his introspection by his mom, who was hugging him so hard his ribs might have broken if he were human. "I really am fine mom."

"I know." She said; pulling back and wiping at her face to try and hide the tears. "I was just so scared. Isaac said he smelled blood and the next thing I know they are running into the house and telling us to be ready to make a quick getaway… I have no idea where we are going to be able to get furniture that we can afford."

"Hey, Goodwill is usually stocked, and most of it can be salvaged." Scott tried to light hearted.

"There is no way you are getting a mattress from Goodwill." His mom said firmly. "Well, at least now we can get a bed that will actually fit all of you. Yesterday couldn't have been comfortable."

"We all fit on there sidewise, but there was no way Stiles was going to fit… or anyone else." Scott admitted. His mom accepted him sleeping in a big dog pile with two - sometimes three – other guys, with a nonchalance he appreciated. He wondered how she would react to the knowledge that he wasn't just sleeping with one of them. And the fact the guy he was sleeping with was a lot older.

"I am going to run to the hospital, it shouldn't take long. I'll also grab some surgical scrubs. Once we're done cleaning you can just bag them and I'll take them back to be cleaned."

"We really could get away with murder you know." Scott teased, slinging his arm around his mom as they started to head downstairs. Everyone else had disappeared, following Stiles and Deucalion and trying to give mother and son space.

"Don't give me any ideas." His mom kidded. "Now you go join Isaac and Deucalion in the kitchen, and drink some orange juice… you are really pale. I'm heading out now, and I just saw the Stilinskis' pull out in the jeep. There are probably going to grab the van while the cooking goes on, so they aren't roped into helping."

Scott remembered all the times the Stilinskis came over for dinner, how his mom cajoled them into helping with this and that; especially the dishes. She had a way of making people feel like family that he really appreciated. No matter how many times she 'locked' Stiles out of the house she had never kicked him out once he was in, and both the Stilinski men came over for dinner at least once a week… in fact they came over basically anytime his mom was home and cooking dinner. Without her they would have had to live entirely on take-out and fast food.

As soon as his mom left Scott felt the last of his tension leave, some niggling part of him had remained worried that she would suddenly declare that Deucalion couldn't stay or something. Alone with the werewolf members of his pack Scott felt his energy stores replenishing, and he walked into the kitchen. The semi-familiar sight of Deucalion cooking made him smile as he maneuvered around him to snag some orange juice from the fridge.

That could have gone a lot worse.