Prologue: Friends Forever?

Life is so much easier for a child. Disappointment, doubt, and distrust hardly has a chance to take over your mind. Pain and hurt are just words to describe a skinned knee or a small scratch. And love comes so much easier than hate.

For four young friends, this was true. Willow Rosenberg, Alexander Harris, Jesse McNally, and Tara Maclay all believed they'd be friends forever. None of them thought that life could interfere with their friendship or that death could come between it.

As the years passed, they're belief in the strength of their friendships became stronger. They stayed friends for years, throughout middle school, and even into high school. In 9th grade, Tara and Jesse began dating, but broke up the summer before sophomore years for reasons unknown to the rest of the world. Though their relationship ended, their friendship became stronger. Willow and Tara remained best friends, having grown up next door to each other and not remembering life before they had one another. Xander and Jesse were the same way.

The summer before freshmen year, Willow admitted to Tara that she liked Xander. At the beginning of sophomore year, Xander told Jesse he was interested in Tara and asked if he would be offended if Xander attempted to win her over.

Even with all this going on, their friendship remained strong. So strong that when a new member joined, they accepted her without problem. Buffy Summers was one of the people who could be popular if she wanted. She was pretty and transfered from Hemery High in Los Angeles which was big thing to Cordelia Chase, the local popular girl. Buffy was also a former cheerleader. So it didn't make sense that she'd want to go from top dog to lowly loser. At least not to Tara.

With Buffy in the group, the friends were curious about where their lives would take them next. Little did they know life would become more interesting.

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