The Life Of Son Gohan

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Up in the 439 area there was a small house settled in a peaceful valley. This small house was home to 3 of the most powerful beings in the universe and the strongest woman on the planet. This was the home of Son Gohan and his family. The 3 males were sitting at the table waiting until Chi-Chi was finished cooking and let them eat. When the meal was on the table they started to inhale everything while Chi-Chi stood a bit to the side, afraid of loosing a limb if she tried to snag some rice for herself. Looking at the clock she realized her oldest son would be late getting to school if he didn't hurry.

"Gohan! Your going to be late for school! Your bag is by the door, your lunch capsule is inside your bag and don't forget to be careful around the others because they're weaker than you. Have a nice day dear!"

With that said Gohan was out the door in a flash and flying towards OSH. He was smiling slightly while he let his thoughts wander. * I finally have a normail life, Well as normal as it can be anyways. Now I even go to school, though they think im a nerd for some reason. Oh well, I have Erasa,Shapner and Videl. Videl....I wonder why she follows me around so much? hnnnn.*
Gohan had to stop his train of thought when he finally saw his school building. Landing on the roof he took off through the door and down to his locker to grab his books, then to his first period class. His friends were already there talking and in Sharpners case, flirting. He didn't know why the sight of Sharpners arm over Videl's shoulder made him want to rip it off, they were all friends weren't they?

"Hey Gohan!" Erasa squeled waving her arm excitedly. *She reminds me of Goten, endless energy*

"Hello Erasa, how are you this morning?" He inquired politely.

"No need to be polite nerd-boy, it's just us." Sharpner replied dryly.

"Yeah Gohan, were your friends, you can losen up a bit ya know." Videl put in.

"Uhhhh......ok then..." Gohan scratched the back of his neck sheepishly and blushed a bit.

Mr. Maloney walked into class and began the lesson of the day, which was the making of capsules. Knowing all this already because of being with Bulma most of his life Gohan started to doze off.

~Videls P.O.V~

Videl was listening intently while the teacher told them the history of capsules and the basics of how there made. looking to one side of her she saw Erasa doing the same and Sharpner showing off to a bunch of preppies, looking to her other side she saw a sleeping Gohan.
*Who could fall asleep learning about capsules!? They're facinating! Oh well, I'll ask him later. He looks sooooooo cute when he sleeps, and when he's awake, and when he blushes, an–WHAT AM I THINKING!? Gohan cute? Just where did that come from? Stop it Videl, stop thinkin about him right now.*

"And now class, I have a very important announcement to make!" The teacher sounded excited.

Videl kicked Gohan in the leg and it felt like kicking a fifty foot thick steel wall. He snapped awake and looked at her in a confused manner. She just pointed to the front of the room.

~Gohan's P.O.V~

After Videl had kicked him he looked at the teacher who seemed as happy as a kid on christmas passing out forms. Looking at his he saw it was a permission slip to get signed. As he was about to turn around again to ask Videl what it was for Mr. Maloney started to speak again.

"Class, I'm very pleased to announce that we have a special line up of activities for you this next week. I'll read the list to you and then post it by the door so you wont forget. Though I don't know how you could! Now listen up everyone while I read the activites:

• cooking contest
• pie eating contest
• carnival day
• feild trip to Capsule Corp's main building and tour of Bulma Breifs house.
• fighting tounament (everyone has to enter)
• bring your family to school day
• adult fighting tournament (everyone has to do it)
• Hercule special presintation and speech.
• dance

Sooooo there you go kids! Isn't this going to be great!? I think so."

A huge cheer swept through the class room from everyone, everyone except Gohan and Videl of course. Videl because she had to bring her father to school and Gohan because of just about everything. Gohan was horrified. *I can't bring my family! There will be absolute chaos, and those tournaments? Oh don't get me started on those. I'll will the junior because my damn pride wont allow me to lose and dad will win the adults compition cuz...well...he's just dad, Goten will let something slip and mom will embarrase the shit out of me! And the feild trip? I know the family personally and everyone will know, Trunks and Vegeta will make it there mission to end my school life and knowing Bulma she'll probably join in. I don't know if I can stand Hercule either. All he does is rave about being the strongest and how he 'beat cell' and 'saved the world'.Poor Videl, having to live with somebody like him.* Gohan was very cranky by the end of the day. Flying home he wondered how his family were going to take the news and hoped they would decline the offer to go to his school with him. No such luck.

"Really big bro? I get to go to school with you? Yes! This is so cool, wait till I tell Trunks!"

"This sounds like fun Gohan. A mini fighting tounament? Wow. Is it ok if I win?"

Gohan was shocked by his dad's question because he hadn't thought Goku would consider his social life like that.

"It's not a problem dad. Not a problem at all. I plan to win my tounament as well. And if you fight Hercule make sure to show everyone you beat him. No ringout's or anything so he can't tell people he did it on purpose ok?"

"Hercule? Is that the guy with the weird hair? And don't worry Gohan I'll make sure people know I beat him fairly. Aren't you worried about your reputation though? I thought that you didn't want anyone to know you could fight."

"Yeah thats him *sniggers*. I have to win because my pride demands I do and I guess I don't really care if they know."

"Do I get to fight to or is it just one parent allowed?" Chi-Chi asked gaining surprised looks from her family.

"You can fight aswell mom if you like. And if you face Hercule, make sure to beat him just like I told dad. His ego's getting bigger than his afro."

"I have a feeling I'll be facing your father in the finals. I'll be happy knowing I lost to him though, as opposed to some big haired fraud who stole my baby's credit!" She scowled.

"Ok, you guy's come with me on Thursday. I have a dance on Friday and all the other stuff is going on earlier in the week."

The Son's started to eat their dinner after the conversation ended and then Gohan,Goku and Goten went out to train while Chi-Chi went to the storage room and got a few peices of fabric, a needle and thread to start on her new fighting Gi. 4 hours later she was done and smiled at her results. It looked like her normal dresses in a way. It was a dark shade of purple with gold colour outlines. The pants were slightly lighter purple and were fitted to be loose for movement control. There were 2 slights on either side right up to the waist so she could move freely in it. The Gi had no sleeves and a higher neck than most. Putting it in a chest for Thursday she went and called her boys for bed, it was going to be a long day for all of them. Gohan especially.

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