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Death City was still recovering from the battle against the Kishin Asura. It had been three months since the gothic city's very own students had brought down the Kishin, even so, everything seemed to be back to normal. The group that defeated the Kishin consisted of Maka Albarn, Soul 'Eater' Evans, Blackstar, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, and Liz and Patty Thompson. These students were well respected and pretty much the center of attention for almost every student. Their story of the Kishin's defeat was still wide spread and what a story it was!


The day had just ended and the students of Shibusen hung in the halls, saying their goodbyes to friends or talking about later plans, all taking their good old times. Well almost everyone...

"OUT OF THE WAY!"The shriek gave everyone a seconds warning before a blur of black and red shot down the hall, forcing them to hug the walls. The blur charged through the school, pushing past a team of meisters and their weapons, knocking a loud, blue haired boy to the ground, calling out a quick apology before leaping form the highest step of the stairs. A girl with long, black hair in a ponytail leaned forward slightly, a worried look on her face.

"Blackstar! Are you alright?" She asked as he sat up. He laughed flashing a big grin at his weapon.

"Of course I'm alright! I'll surpass God! A little thing like that can't hurt me, Tsubaki!" He exclaimed, standing and brushing himself off. "By the way, who was that?" An ash blonde girl turned back around, she had been staring at the spot the other had disappeared.

"I think that was Ryuukin Tsukashima, she's always so busy..." the girl stated. The others looked at her, slightly confused.

", Itachi Tsukashima?" This time a boy with black hair and three white stripes on the left side of his head spoke up. He had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Yeah, you know her Kid?" The girl asked.

"You could say that. She sits in front of me in class, she is a very good artist. I even asked her to draw something for me, something symmetrical of course." He laughed a little, shaking his head. "Why do you ask, Maka?"

"Just curious," she replied, smiling. A white haired boy groaned beside her.

"Maka, if you're going to ask, have a good reason. It's not cool to ask without a reason." He said, shrugging.

"You're being hypocritical, Soul." Maka said, eye twitching in annoyance. "Anyway, have you talked to Itachi other than about a picture?" Kid looked Maka, and nodded.

"A little. She's very quiet, but I found out she lives in the same apartment complex as you. She told me if she isn't in school and her sister isn't, then I should bring over the notes or homework." He explained, smiling."She also works at a restaurant at the other end of the city with her sister."

"That's really sweet Kid!" A girl with long, blonde hair said. She smiled, asking," Do you have her address?" Kid nodded, pulling out the slip of paper and handing it to her.

"Don't lose it, Liz. And don't give it to Patty."

"Fine, now, lets see..." the girl scanned the paper. "Oh! She lives right next to you Maka!" Kid snatched the paper back and looked at it.

"She's did I miss that?" He muttered, stuffing it back in his pocket.

"I guess Maka and I are going to visit her later how about we go play some basketball ?" The group wandered away, looking forward to their game.

Ryuukin ran through the streets, dodging the passersby. She glanced down at her watch," Ahh! I'M GONNA BE LATE! WHERE'S THAT SHORTCUT!" She looked around frantically, trying to find the way. "Oh! There it is!" She made a sharp right turn, leaping over a person and into the ally behind them. Still keeping up her initial speed, she maneuvered around pile of trash and toppled garbage cans. 'Okay...' she thought,'it was right, left, right, straight for two, left, straight for seven, right, and then there should be a fence...'

She sighed in relief, knowing she wasn't lost, at the sight of the wooden fence. In one leap she managed to grab the top of it, and swung herself over, landing on both feet. She went to run again, but her foot caught on something and she sprawled out onto the ground. "Owwww...What did I trip over?" Ryuukin whined. 'Probably some drunkard left his bottle laying around...' she thought. Sighing, she looked back, and promptly leapt to her feet. There was a boy, laying face down in front of her. He had shoulder length black hair, with white eye-like patterns at the ends. From what she could tell, he was very thin, she assumed it had been awhile since he'd eaten anything, and it looked like his outfit was made of bandages.

Against her better judgement she knelt next to him. She wasn't necessarily sure that he was unconscious, but her morals refused to let her leave him. Aside from that, she felt that she would always wonder what might have happened. Ryuukin reached out carefully, placing a hand gently on his shoulder. The boy shot upright, throwing himself against the fence, red eyes watching her suspiciously. She was slightly thrown off by the sudden movement , but recovered quickly, instantly taking an interest in the third eye in the middle of his forehead. It didn't take long for him to see what she was staring at, he hurriedly covered it with his hands.

"...Ah? Oh, hehe, sorry! I didn't mean to stare, it just...well, I've never met someone with three eyes before. That's so cool!" She smiled kindly, but it seemed to terrify him more. For a moment she thought he had said something, but it didn't look like he did. "Hm? Did you say something?"

"I said,'What do you want?'" He said in a low voice. The girl was terrifying to him, she was just sitting there, but he could tell she was from Shibusen. He wasn't sure if she was a meister or a weapon, but he didn't want to find out. Her appearance was sudden, he thought he was safe, tucked away in the corner, but no. Of course, he hadn't expected an attempt at a casual conversation, or for her to not scream and run. He studied her. She had waist-length black hair with red and purple streaks in it and was pulled up into a bun, a decorative headdress holding it up. Her eyes were neon purple. The kimono she wore was red, with gold trim, and a golden cherry tree embroidered on it. And...goddammit! She's still smiling!

"Well, I was on my way to work at this new multicultural restaurant that opened last month, when I tripped over you. I was afraid you were dead or sick or something." The smile remained as she looked at him. He was suprised, it really hurt when she tripped over him so she must have been in a hurry, yet she took the time to check on him.

"Ah, thank you. It was nice for you to do that when you have to get to work..." He said, trying to keep the suspicion out of his voice. Her face held obvious confusion at his words. "...Um..."


"Y-yes. You just mentioned it." She quickly looked at her watch, paling.

"OH MY GOD, I'M LATE FOR WORK!" She pulled a black satchel into her lap, digging through it. "WHERE'S MY CELLPHONE! I GOTTA CALL THE BOSS!" She didn't notice that her mini freak out frightened the boy, who was trying to flatten himself against the fence. "I'm gonna be in so much trouble with Itachi..." She groaned,"I can't believe I left it at home!" She glanced at the boy, who had returned to cowering. "Sorry...I'm really late for work...they're going to dock my pay now...I really should go, but..." she sighed, glancing at him.

"...W-what?..." he asked, no longer hiding his suspicion. Her mood changed much too quickly for his liking. What if she suddenly got mad at him?

"...I don't want to leave you here alone. You don't look very good, are you sick?"

"...I don't get sick..." He stated, trying to hide a slight cough. Ryuukin crossed her arms, eyebrow raised quizzicaly.

"Right, well, I don't know who you are," the boy's head snapped up, and he studied her face for any sign of deception,"but I can't just leave you here. Would you like to come live with me? At least until you're better." She shuffled closer, grabbing his wrists in one hand and using the other to lift his face up. The girl looked him in the eyes, saying,"I'll keep you safe until you're back on your feet. I promise." The strange boy shifted nervously a bit, before nodding his head. Ryuukin smiled, carefully pulling him to his feet and putting his arm around her neck, her arm around his waist. She was shocked by how little he actually weighed, but decided to wait until later to ask. Best not to scare him more. Carefully she led him back towards her appartment.

I am using OCs because I think that it would be hard for any Spartoi member to forgive Asura enough to actually help him, without turning him over first.