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Here is chapter fourteen.

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Chapter 14 - Come On

Cephas POV

"Come on Stupid. We need to tell her," I yelled at my brother.

"Oh come on! If we tell her, we're dead," he yelled back.

We heard the door open. Desiree must be here. Knowing Clove, she called her as soon as she heard our bickering.

"I'm not kidding. We should tell her," I said.

"Tell her what?" Clove asked as she came into the kitchen.

Jett and I shut up. Clove grabbed the orange juice from the fridge and poured herself a glass of juice. Desiree came and hopped on top the counter. She sat cross-legged. Clove handed her a glass of orange juice. Clove poured a second for herself. She sat on the counter beside Desiree.

"So tell me what?" Clove repeated.

I looked away. Clove looked at the wall behind me. I glass of orange juice was throw past my head. It shattered against the wall and there was orange juice everywhere. I looked and Desiree was still drinking her orange juice. Clove threw her glass past my head. I looked at her.

"Tell me!" she screamed.

I took deep breaths.

"Please don't tell her," Jett sighed.

That set me off.

"Okay! If I tell you," I said gesturing to Clove before turning to Jett. "You'll be mad at me. And if I don't tell you," I said turning back to my little sister, "You'll be mad." I turned at Desiree, "And you're always mad at me. When do I get a say in what I tell my family without getting someone mad at me?" I barked.

"You should get a say. You are oldest," Desiree smiled.

That was a first. Desiree really doesn't like me so why stand up for me? I looked at her weirdly. She shrugged. Clove pulled her into her arms. The hugged onto of the counter.

"I really think you shouldn't tell her," Jett said.

I glared at Jett and turned to Clove.

"Clove, I'm going to be honest. I don't know if you are ready now for what I could tell you. I will tell you, but now isn't the time," I said to my little sister.

She frowned. She slapped the glass out of Desiree's hand and grabbed her hand. She dragged the girl away and up the stairs.

"Poor Desiree," I mumbled.

"It's Foxface!" Clove, Desiree, and Jett yelled at me.

I was taken back by the three of them yelling. Mainly because Clove and Desiree went into Clove's room. I step outside. I go to the trampoline in the backyard. I step on there and start jumping. I do a couple flips when Jett comes out. He hops on there and he looks pissed.

"What's the matter?" I asked my little brother.

"Cato's over here. And the girl who hurt Clove more than ever showed up to help a little girl scout sell cookies," he called over the springs snapping together.

"What was her name again? Glitter? Shimmer? Oh, I know. Shitter! (A/N o.0 I swear that was not planned.) That's right, right?" I smiled.

"Try the other combination bro," he frowned.

"Glimmer? That seems like a stupid name," I said.

"Stupider that Shitter?" he asked.

I frowned at my younger brother. I grabbed him and threw him onto his back. He bounced up and to his feet.

"We really need to tell mom to get a new trampoline or else we need to check the springs," I frowned.

Jett flipped off my trampoline onto him. His was squeaky too. I jumped to Clove's and hers was squeaky too. People wonder how we know which of the three giant rectangular trampolines is our own. Mine has blue pads covering the springs. Jett's has green pads and Clove's has purple. We jumped off the trampolines. I grabbed my phone of the bench outside. I texted our mom that we needed to either have the trampolines checked out or we need new ones. We walked to the house. We sit at the table and play Fun Run on our phones against each other. (A/N My cousins and brother play that game. It seems so stupid.)

"Man. Maybe would should tell Clove that Cato almost killed a person," Jett mumbled.

I nodded.

Little did we know, Clove was going to know in a matter of seconds.

Foxface POV

Whoa. What? Cato nearly killed a person? I ran upstairs silently. They call me Foxface for many reasons. One, they say my face sort of resembles a fox, two, someone glued a fox mask to my face, three, I am one on the sneakiest people you will ever meet. I burst into Clove's room. I grab Clove's wrist and pull her from Cato. I yank her into Jett's room and lock the door. She looks at me weirdly.

"You wanna know what your brother's were arguing about yelling you?" I ask.

Clove nods. "You know I do."

I took a deep breath.

"Cato nearly killed a person before," I told her.

Clove's eyes widened. She looked more pale than usual. The next thing I knew, she passed out. I suddenly understand why Jett and Cephas were iffy about telling her that Cato nearly killed a person. I grabbed a glass of water from Jett's nightstand and dumped it on Clove. She shot up.

This was not gonna end well.

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